{August 25, 2015}   Week From Hell

Ok maybe it wasn’t that bad buy pretty close to it. My 4 classes started on the 17 and most had things we had to do and turn in with in the first three days. Some how I got locked out of my email and had to wait 4 days or more for the school to fix it because we aren’t allowed to reset our passwords ourself any more. My aid pages have been messed up, one I can’t see, one says I have holds, one says I don’t. Some how I ended up locked out of the school system over all trying to get them to fix everything else. The email said it was sending something to the person who is supposed to fix it. I emailed aid and they said to get in touch with IT they didn’t know what to tell me about why the aid page was messed up. I decide to send IT a ticket about the aid page and tell them I need my email and the school site fixed at well. I tell them I am locked out of everything even though I never changed passwords they they have to email me at a different email. I call and talk to them they don’t fix the email problem then I tell them about the aid page they say use another browser we don’t know. I have had to email them again about it I have tried 3 different ones it is the same in all of them. I guess the IT people are deaf and blind, because they email me back and say try a different browser firefox should do it. Hello I told them on the phone I tried that one and I told them in the email I tried that one and the other two I have tried . We are still going around bout the aid page. I finally get into the school site and my email, low and behold I have like 20 email from IT telling me I am not responding to them. UM HELLO I told you I am locked out of my email why I am emailing from a different one.

As if that wasn’t bad enough my internet went down for a day and a half. I called them and they are telling me they are telling me oh yeah there is a problem we can’t send anything or get anything from your router. I tell her I have 4 classes of work to be turned in two of that has to be turned in by the next evening. She says oh we can send someone Monday. This on Saturday after noon. I said Monday won’t work I need my internet to work I have called yall about this before and you still haven’t fixed it most time it is out a few minutes comes back this has been a day and a half just about I need it fixed now. I know they can send people I know people who have called because they their cable went out or their internet went out they send them right out. They sent someone to my moms house three times in one day. She says let me see if I can get it to work and messes it with it more. I tell her I have unplugged it plugged it back in I have left it unplugged for the night plugged it in. Her solution is unplug it and I will tell you when to plug it in. I humoured her and done it. She then says oh no we have to come out there oh look your lucky we have something between 4-6 pm tonight we can come. Then when we are about to hang up she says if you want try unplugging it for an hour or so and it may come back up. I didn’t mess with it. I left it so it be just like it has been I didn’t want them to say it’s working now if it did come back for a few minutes and not want to try figure out what was wrong or fix it. The guy came in messed with it and went outside. He came back in a while he said he replaced the line from the poll to the house and the line inside and replaced the modem and all the wires. I don’t know how or why but he said he lost my old network so he had to set up a new network.

I finally got on line then had to go in and download the office prgram and this lab program that I had already done twice before. The first time I loaded it all on my lap top to find out that it won’t work on my lap top. I had to down load a free trial of the office program because I couldn’t get into my email to download it. The lab i had downloaded a trial because I wasn’t sure I was going to keep the class or drop it I didn’t want to use the code if I was going to drop it because I couldn’t return the it. By the time I got from being locked out of everything and able to try it all I had to go put in the code and down load the other because it was on a new computer and the time had ran out to return the code.

I have two classes due on Sunday by 11:58 and then one Monday and one Tuesday. I got my last things turned in about 2 am for all my class. I’m just glad it all got in on time because I had done nothing but the first 3 day stuff before Saturday night with everything going on. I am so tired I just want to go pass out but everyone went to bed really late and for whatever reason was up early today. I am hoping they will not take a nap and go to bed early tonight because they have been way off on their sleeping. I have to drag myself in there and make something quick for dinner. Keep them up for at least another 3 1/2 hours then send them to bed. Of course by then I will have gotten my second wind and be ready to go the rest of the night.

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