{May 21, 2017}   An ER Trip

Thought I was going to have to go to the ER last night Little Bitty was playing and sat down in the floor, when she did she screamed and started to cry. I thought she hit her back in the ottoman because she was close too it, I told her come let me see. She got up on my lap and laid her head on me I ran my hand down her back to rub it. When I did I felt wet all over my hand. I rubbed again as I was trying to get her up thinking she just had something on her back or my hand was wet, but knowing it wasn’t. Sure enough it was wet all over, I got her up and turned her around there was blood all over my hand and all over her back. I could’t even figure out where it was coming from. Then I seen a lump on her spine pop up and blood running from the bottom of it down her back. Big Boy panicked with the autism he don’t handle blood or anyone getting hurt well. It scares him he thinks they are going to die or something. It scared me the way it was bleeding and it was like dark red and just running like you turned the water on at the sink and the lump that came up so fast right on the spine. I never had one hurt their self like that before. I had them find me a rag and had my oldest get my phone look up the number for the doctor and call. I finally got the bleeding to stop but the lump was bigger. She got the doctor on the phone and I talked to her. She said as long as she was moving around okay her legs and things were fine and the bleeding has stopped to just watch her close the next 48 hours or so. If she started having any problems with her legs, back or hurting anything to take her in right away to be seen. I know the face, mouth, head and things like that bleed a lot and fast but I did not know the back would bleed like that and for it to be so dark red not like if you get cut somewhere else.

I am just happy she is okay and didn’t need to go, I figure at this point she will probably not need too, but still watching her to be sure. But we still have to go because my oldest was sick and in bed all day yesterday, last night she had blisters and things in her throat and last night she was puking. I told her we would go to the doctor tomorrow she is begging to go to the ER today. She says she feels really bad and like it is getting worse and that she thinks she needs to be seen today. So we are all getting ready to go take her today. I will probably go ahead and get Little Bitty seen as well because when Big Girl was up puking she got up crying with her ear hurting and needed something for it to help her go back to sleep because all she did was roll around and cry after that. They are all getting ready to go so we can all 5 go sit in the hospital and be exposed to whatever everyone comes in with and probably catch it too. Then they can all be sick not just the two. Since I have no one to call to watch the other two or three why we go. I am not even sure I would take Little Bitty with me if I had someone to watch them and take her tomorrow to not expose her to even more. Been keeping them all a way from each other at home to keep them all from getting it. Normally I just call father of the year and have him come watch the ones that didn’t need to go but I can’t even get a hold of him to tell him that she is sick enough to want to go to the ER much less have him watch the others. He want to bring her with him and that isn’t going to happen either so. For her to ask to go to the ER you know she is sick because she never even wants to go to the doctor most the time. She ends up going because I take the rest and she is there.

I guess I should get a shower and get out of here so that maybe we won’t spend the day there waiting to be seen. But who knows it’s Sunday and there aren’t any doctors open so we may be there awhile today as well. I really hope not I don’t feel good either and just want to be at home.

{November 12, 2016}   About to Lose It

My Little Bitty is sick, she has been sick since last weekend and been to the doctor three times since last Saturday. Last weekend she had  high fever in the night so I took her to the weekend clinic for kids and they said she was fine. Her ears weren’t infected like I was worried about. Virus or flue thing that is going around.

That was Saturday Monday she still wasn’t better and I had to take my Little Guy for a physical so I took her in to be checked by her doctor and she said the same as the other. We get to Thursday and she is rolling on the floor crying that her ear was hurting. After a miserable night with a cranky 3 year old we went back to the doctor yesterday and now she has an ear infection. The last three days have been hell with her. I love her to death but she is making everyone miserable. She is whining about everything and whining is a huge pet peeve of mine.

We had meltdown about sharing popsicles with her brothers because they are Elsa and Elsa is for girls not boys. It don’t matter that they shared the ice cream they got with her. As I write this she is having a fit for me to open bubbles for her to blow in the house. Whatever she thinks of or bothers her next she finds a reason to melt down over it.

I have somethings to do outside I am going to take her out and hope she finds something to do without melting down for a little bit. I am about ready to run away.

I get all the kids up and take them to school today, since my Little Guy was fine by Wednesday evening and had no complaints, fever or puking Thursday. My little ones have to be there at 8:20 and 8:30 while the big ones don’t have to be there until 9. I get my Little guy there by 8:20 and then hang out until my Little Bitty’s teacher gets there at 8:30. I could put her in before care but she always wants me to wait with her until her teacher comes. She says she don’t like it in there in the mornings. Today she said it was to much in the mornings. So dramatic at 3. But there is a lot going on kids going in and out parents going in and out and I am not thrilled the way the daycare is ran. My friend is the head teacher over after care and she just came back after being a way for a while. She even said it is way different and she wasn’t crazy about it either. I am hoping she changes somethings since she is the head teacher. I like that she is there in the after noon when they go she keeps an eye on them better. But she isn’t there in the mornings. I don’t mind staying with her in the mornings it lets us have a few minutes together. If I wasn’t standing there with her I would just be sitting outside the older kids school waiting for them to be able to get dropped off. I still have some time with them waiting after I drop her off and get them there so they get a little time as well. I don’t think her teacher likes it that I stand out there and wait for her to get there since she don’t come in until the last minute and then has to go get her class from before care and bring them around. She always seems a little bothered that I am standing there waiting on her. I’m really not rushing her I wouldn’t be there that early if it wasn’t for having to have my other one dropped off by 8:20. I a few of the staff have told me I could drop her off in before care. I just told them she likes me to wait with her. I told her teacher this morning when we went in that I try to get her to go play with the other kids but she says it’s to much over there and she rather me wait with her by the door.

Anyway I took the other two to school after I got her settled in class this morning and came home. I laid back down for a little bit it was only 9 when I got here. I figured I would lay down an hour and get up. About 10:15 my phone rang and I didn’t answer it. I thought it was someone else. I fell back to sleep and woke up about 20 minutes later. Something said check the message so I did and it was the school. They said they had Little Guy in the office he said his throat hurt and that he had two white places in his mouth if I could come and get him. I sat down to print something out I needed to take with me since we were going to go to the doctors when I picked him up and the computer was taking forever. The school called again, I answered told them I didn’t have my phone but just got their message and was on my way out the door to get him. I got up there they had him in the office. I took him straight to the doctor to get a note because I knew at this point they weren’t going to let him back in school without one. She checked him out said nothing wrong in the mouth throat looked red but no thrush like the school though. She checked his ears and said he had a double ear infection and they were going to do the strep test. So he was home the rest of the day. He was so funny he kept asking me whats this and whats that how to say your abc’s and different things. He was board I could tell. Hopefully we will make through the weekend and next week with no sick kids. We better anyway. I do not want anymore puking kids that is for sure.  I also had her give me a note for all the days he missed this week and for today and the school said all those would be excused since he was able to get a doctors note. I told her he was sick Wednesday with the puking kept him home make sure it was all gone yesterday and then he got sent home today. She said not a problem. She is really a great doctor. Most the time I say I think they have this or that or they have been doing this and this so we figure it’s this and she will look at them and go yep your right do this or that for it. If I ask for any kind of testing she will do it and add others she things would be good to go along with them or other things we should look at while we are doing them as well. She don’t like to give tons of medications for no reason or just because to make mom and dad happy.

Just like when I called last Friday evening about Little Bitty, I said she is saying her head hurts really bad, she has a fever of 101.7. She stopped said fever I’m not worried about. I said well I’m not worried about the fever and that isn’t why I called. I told her how she would be fine one minute then almost passing out the next and crying in pain. Not able to do anything. She that I am worried about take her to the hospital and get her checked. I said ok I said I wasn’t worried about fever but was worried about that and that is why I called. I said just fever it will go down it isn’t that high, she said yes but the other needs to be checked. So we sent most the night in the er to get checked out.

I sit here writing this at 2:45 am with a baby on my shoulder sleeping. Yes it is late and she should be in her bed and normally would be. Tonight she is sick and can’t get comfortable and sleep. She is needing to feel extra close right now. It is so nice to be able to sit and snuggle with her and love on her for sure. These time are getting fewer and farther between as she is getting more independent. I hate that it has to be this way that we get to snuggle so much and it is exhausting as well. Just 12 hours ago we were in the ER with a fever that would not go down or stabilize with meds. It just kept going up and up even after 3 rounds of something to bring it down. When they got us in a room over an hour after being there it was a few degrees from being 104. They did a flue swab and strep swab. I was more worried she had a ear infection and didn’t want her to have to wait until tomorrow to get seen and start treatment. I was right after being there for hours they said that her right ear is read and infected. We finally got to leave about 3:30 and go home. She went right to bed and slept for a few hours and was up again upset and not feeling good. I gave her some meds for pain as the fever broke why we were in the hospital. She went back to sleep for a while. When she got up she seemed to be happy and feeling better but that was short lived for my little bitty. It wasn’t long she was upset and fever trying to come back on here. So we have pretty much spent the day in bed and snuggling. I had her a sleep tonight and she was doing good until the kids started fighting. Now she is back to being up and down again. I am tired but not like I need to go to sleep and rest tired as we did that a lot today. But as in my body is hurting so bad from holding her and carrying her around last night and today. I sat in the chair and held her for hours at the ER and have laid, sat or walked around and held her most of the day since we have gotten up. It is times like this that it would be nice to have her dad around. To have that extra help to have that other person to comfort her and help her feel better. He was always good with the kids when they were sick. Any of them were sick he was right there sitting with them talking to them helping them with what they needed.

Even the dog would get up and lay down with them and watch over them. If one of them was sick and you would let him he would get up in the bed and get as close to them as they would let him and lay down. That is where he would stay until they were feeling better and got up or told him to get down. One time my son got sick and way laying on the couch he got up and layed right across his legs and his lap and stayed all day with him. My poor little bitty one of the things she has wanted to do so bad today is just lay down with our dog and snuggle and every time she dose she gets up and leaves. She is really good with the kids and has even been laying under her crib when she is in it. But little bitty has been ruff with her the last couple weeks and I have to keep reminding her that we have to be nice and easy with the dog. she wants to play with her like a stuffed toy and just roll on her sit on her and squeeze her. She isn’t trying to hurt her or be ruff she just really loves her and trying to show her love. The dog is just scared that she is going to get ruff so she gets up and leaves before she gets to.

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