A couple weeks ago I took Little Bitty to the doctor because she wasn’t able to go to the bathroom. She has been for it before but what they gave her wasn’t working. While we were there I thought about it and told the doctor how she likes to try and eat hair, and lotion among other things. And she licks things that aren’t food.

She said Pica right away, and said it could be from a deficiency. She ordered blood work. Well that is when the breaks when out on my truck so we just got the blood work done last week. When we got to the lab they said that it was an extensive amount of blood work. They weren’t even sure they could get it all in one day. They said we would need to come back for part of it in a few days probably.

She sat really still and did really good when they stuck her. She didn’t try to pull away or fight them. She started to cry a little and I think she would have stopped and been ok just as quick if they had gotten the vain right away. But they had to poke around and look for the vain once they stuck her, we all know how much that hurts. So she cried but still didn’t pull or fight. Once they got the vain the blood flowed really good and they were able to get it all since she didn’t fight and it was coming out so good.

When we got to the doctor yesterday she went over it all with us. She did do a lot of test probably just about any one you could do. She did a bunch of liver test, mono test, mono antibody test, iron she really checked everything.

She said that the liver test came back negative nothing to worry about there. She said a few other things came back high or low but that was normal for her age and that they were only points in being high or low nothing major it could just be her normal because they were well in the normal range.

She said she had mono antibodies but did not show having mono or ever having mono. She seemed a little confused by that but wasn’t worried about it antibodies are good to have to things. I had mono just a few months before getting pregnant with her I may not have even been 100% over it when I got pregnant with her it was that close. So maybe she picked them up that way some how I don’t know.

She said her immune systom was a little low but she said for her age was normal. She hasn’t had any major illness to make it really kick in. She said it shows a little lower in kids who are not vaccinated as well but that it was still in the normal range nothing to worry about only a little low.

The only thing she is worried about is her iron level. It was 101 they 114/115 is bad. We can no pin point where she is getting so much iron from since she don’t eat a lot of meat and things like that. She drinks a lot of milk and she said in kids who drink a lot of milk it is low most the time. We have to keep track of what she is eating so we can figure it out. We have to go back in three months for more testing. I am worried it may to high in that three months since we can’t say oh she eats a lot of X and that is probably where it is coming from or she gets vitamins with it in it we can stop that. We got back in October I think I am going to ask her to do the test and check it again then. I am going to keep a list of the things she eats and drinks for a couple weeks and take it in and go over it with her also.

Other than that she wants us to actively start trying to get her to gain weight. She said she is healthy but she isn’t gaining like she would like she wants us to start giving her things that are high calorie. She said it isn’t effecting her right now but she don’t want it to if she don’t start putting on more on her own. My first go to would be Mighty Milk but she can’t have a lot of milk since she is having problems going to the bathroom. I am putting together other things she can eat that will help but have to make sure it also don’t have to much iron in it since she can’t have iron to much right now. I’m not horribly worried about her weight. I think she is just a little bitty and will catch up or at least grow and be ok.

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