{October 28, 2016}   Baby Killer

Disclaimer: This is nothing to do with who you are or are not voting for, why you are voting for them or anything like that. It is not about if you are for or against abortion even. I really do not care what your views are on either of the subjects.

This is about a teacher of a class of 5 and 6 year old’s talking to kids about things that she has no business bring up to kids in a class at school and not to kids this age at all.


I pick my 6 year old up at school and as I am helping him buckle in the truck he says to me…. My teacher said that voting Third Party is the same as voting for the lady who say says (and he whispers at this point) it’s ok for mommies to kill their babies and she is evil.

I ask him what all did she tell him about trump and what he says or does. He said nothing just that he is the one to vote for.

Now if you are going to talk about the election that is fine, if you are going to talk about how one picks what party to vote for or not to vote for that is great. But if this is the case then why not tell them about both and bring up that their is a third party?

Then tonight he comes in and tells me, mommy I am just going to vote for Trump since he is the good guy. I said honey you can’t vote your to little. He said we are going to have a vote in class. Now I want to know what is this voting is for? Why has she only told them about one party and what they are for and not both? What happens of the kids do not vote for Trump since this is the only person she is pushing? Why hasn’t she told them any of the things Trump is for that some may not like as she did with Hillary? If you want to tell them what each is for or against you can leave some things out or change them it isn’t real election and the kids are not going to know the difference but still get the point this is how we pick who we want to vote for and things.

Killing babies should not be brought up to kids this small. Anyone who has kids knows how kids can get fixed on something and how this could to turn bad. Add to that, my son already has anxiety over death and don’r fully understand it.

{October 26, 2016}   Third Party
So My Little Guy just ask me who I was going to vote for the lady who kills babies in mommies tummy or trump? I guess this is what the teacher decided to talk about at school today.
I just don’t know how I feel about this conversation with 5 and 6 year old’s.
I told him to go to school tomorrow tell her he thought about it and he don’t think either one is qualified he would vote 3rd party.
I have no clue who I am voting for but if they are going to talk about this at school they should let them know that there is more than the two to pick from. 

About the election this year? I haven’t said anything for or against anyone or about it all this time why everyone has been going back and forth over who should or shouldn’t win. I have had to much going on to think about it or research it and try to figure out who I thought was best for the job. Nor did I really feel that my vote would really make a difference in who did or didn’t win. There for all the time and energy I put into researching deciding and then voting if I had done it would be a waste. So gasp hang me throw stones at me or whatever you feel the need to do. But no I did not vote nor did I care to this year.

I have said that Obama would win this year from the time everyone started talking about the election and who was going to win. Just like with Bush everyone complained about him for years and they said so many people weren’t going to vote for him and everyone was so sure that he wasn’t going to serve another 4 years. Then all of a sudden things happened and all of a sudden they needed to recount votes and this and that was wrong when it looked as if he had lost or was losing. Recount a few votes here and there and all of a sudden he has went from losing to wining. Pretty much anymore if you can win and get in for the first 4 years your pretty much guaranteed the next 4 no matter what you do or don’t do no matter how much you screw up or don’t screw up. They already said an hour or two ago that there are already votes in Ohio that can’t be counted for 10 days because of something that is wrong.

I am sure that my view of things are way different than everyone else’s but it’s just that it is my view and how I feel. I most of  the time keep my thought on this kind of thing to myself but I just find it funny how surprised and upset people are that Obama has won. I also find it funny how excited and happy the others are that he won. It’s like hello did you really think that anyone else was going to get it besides him?

How can they even say that anyone has won when some of the polls haven’t even closed yet. I remember 4 years ago when they were saying he had won them showing people in line waiting to vote. Proves my point again that does your vote really count?

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