{November 11, 2018}   Work Ramblings

I have tomorrow off from my new job because they are closed for the holiday and I am off from my other job because I only work Thursday through Sunday there. Why it is nice to have the day off with the kids all I can think about is losing that days pay. The fact that we have Thanksgiving next week and I will be losing a days pay there as well. We ware going to work Black Friday at both jobs I am okay with that because I don’t really shop that day anyway. If I really need anything I will probably go late after I get off work from my Beach Job Thanksgiving night and get it. With missing work I don’t think I am going to have money to shop anyway. I will have all my bills paid I think and should have some money to the good once the first rolls around. But it is just balancing everything between checks until I get things caught up and I get that one lump sum the first of the month. I have some money left from this check but it is only Sunday. I need to get a few things at the store. I need to pay car insurance and water I think I will be caught up. it will have to come out of my check next week.

I was a day short this check at my one job and two hours short at my new job. I didn’t get a bounce at my new job. I am not sure if they are upset about something or what. They keep telling me how great I am doing the dad keeps saying how happy they are with me and things. Bff said probably with everything going on with the mom and things and them being so busy. I know one was there and put my pay in the other wasn’t there yet so maybe he was going to get with him and see how much they were going to give me and give it to me later. Because most the time I get there first and I go in the back. When I got there Friday I didn’t even bother to walk around and see if they were there and had open the front door I just stopped and went in the back. The one owner was there he came out of the shop to see what was going on. He said oh I didn’t know if we would be here when you got here or if we would be back so your pay is in the top desk draw there. I said oh okay and thanks. When the other got there I don’t even think I seen him or talked to him he came in the other said something and they left. I just seen it was him that came in on the camera but he never made it back to the office they were running late just left.

It’t three big areas one my office is in the back the shop where they sharpen is in the middle between me and the lobby/store front. So we have a loud alarm on the door and camera’s up. We can see the camera’s on a tv that is on the wall across from my desk so that we aren’t jumping up and running in there every time one of us goes in and out or comes in we can see if it is a customer and we need to go up there.

I want to move my desk but I don’t know if they are going to be to open to that. They talk about how hot his mom kept it in there and I heard the one say to the other she keeps it hot in here like your mom. They were in the shop working. He wasn’t being mean or anything, just it gets hot in there where they are when they are in there moving and things going and all. They are guys and hot anyway. I told them before keep it at whatever you want to keep it at I am always colder than most and that is why I have my jacket with me it won’t bother me any. But when they are not there all day and it is just me I keep it turned up to around 75/76. But I noticed the other day it is not wonder she kept it so warm and why I keep turning it up even when I have my jacket on. The air vent is a big square one and it is right over my chair where I sit not even my desk but my chair and blows right down on me. It did her too and I am sure that is why she probably kept it so warm as well. Because as soon as it comes on and is on for a couple minutes it is cold blowing right on you like that.

I want to move the desk to a different spot in the room so it isn’t blowing right on me and I could keep it cooler because I find even at 75/76 I am kicking it up when it comes on to keep it from blowing on me. But we have two of the long tables that go with the desk set up behind it for the printers and things. We have limited space to work with between them the desk and the chair that is in there and then the bathroom and the door for it. I was thinking I could move the desk to face sideways where I would be looking into the shop and the bathroom off to the side of it. Then move Pop’s chair over by where my desk was but I don’t think it is going to work the more I think about it. There is a long strip with all the outlets on it for everything right beside my desk, it don’t look to be to many other outlets in the room. But we have a guy coming to put one in sometime this week I think so we could get another one if we need it and figure it out soon. He is a friend of the boss so it isn’t really costing him anything and they were already talking about getting another one in the shop so I don’t think they would have a problem with getting one in the office too.

I think I am going to bring it up to them the next time the three of us are there. I’m just going to say hey I noticed something and not sure if there is a way to fix it or not. It isn’t a big deal to me but, you all say me and your mom keep it hot in here or really warm. Have you noticed that our chair sits right under the vent and it is blowing on us all day every-time it comes on. We just reach over and flip it higher without even thinking about it. See what they say and just say maybe we could move things around a little bit so we aren’t sitting under it and it will be cooler in the shop and store.

Right now I am sitting here at my escape room job been here just over and hour and not had one phone call and not one room is booked for the day. I am so board and have way to much time to sit here and think about everything.

Like the new lady here at this job that I don’t care for. She don’t like it here so she isn’t into it and not doing what she should be or trying like she should putting the effort in I guess is what I am looking for. Last night we had all three new people come in and take over for me at 5 when I was getting off. I understand let them get use to things and have each other to help out. The one Lynn that is supposed to know all of it but one room does nothing. None of them know the one room that I had here starting at 5 so I ended up staying an extra hour and half to run the room and then get the birthday party after started. Well I got the room done and out and the birthday party showed up early. I got them checked in, and our one new girl said she didn’t know a lot she was just starting and still trying to really learn it all I said okay that is fine understandable thanks for telling me so I can work with that. I ask the other younger new girl. She said she thought she could give the rules and back story and get them started but there was a few things she has questions about and it would be her first time she was worried about missing something or not doing something right. I asked Lynn if she knew it and she said yes. I said okay I have to get out of here, She will do it you just go in with her listen in and if she misses anything then you can go over it at the end and if she has any questions she can ask you without having to come up front and leave the group. I said since you don’t know it at all and still learning to the other girl I am going to have you watch the front counter and the room that is going. I said you know how to run that room and you can greet customers if they come in or answer the phone and they will be out in just a few minutes you will be good. I said we will get you back there and trained some more soon. I said but once she can do that part on her own after a time or two then we can start sending you in with one of them to learn and let one of them stay at the counter. The next thing I know I look and Lynn is up here hanging out with her energy drink in her hand watching what is going on up here and just hanging out not doing anything to help anything up here. Then the girl that is doing the rules and back story on the room is calling from the room needing help. I looked at her and said you may want to take that since you were supposed to be back there helping her I am clocked out and have to get out of here, my kids are waiting and I already been here and hour and half past my time to get off. She didn’t like it but she got on there and and answered her. I already told the boss how she skipped outside and stayed for over and hour the night before when she was supposed to of left then came in and sat for another 30 minutes when I said we can go lets get out of here she said oh I am going to wait for the last 7 minutes. She should of went home at 10 and it was now 11:30. How she wasn’t interested really in learning the room and how to run it. I think he thinks I am just complaining because she is new but I’m not or because I don’t like her and that isn’t it either. I am complaining because she isn’t doing her job and really don’t want to. She has no plan of staying so we are wasting our time training her and she is halfassing the job and doing no more than she has to in order to get by because she don’t like it and don’t want to be here. Just like when I ask her the other night the first time we really have worked together how she is liking it so far she said it’s a job that is about it. I ask her last night something she said I am a massage therapist and I just came here from such and such I am waiting to get everything switched over to here so I can get back to work doing that. Then she says I got to find something besides here I can’t live on 20 hours a week. Every few minutes she is in the bathroom when we have customers and she should be up here helping and doing things. Or the other night outside when I think she is gone and she is supposed to be clocked out. Then sit here longer and say I am waiting right up until x time to clock out. She made the comment that if I wanted to leave early the nights we work together I can she will close. I told her no I need my hours and it isn’t worth it for me to come over here and then leave early I may as well not come at all. So she knew I was staying and that we were dead and didn’t need two people here. It is fine to be outside sitting at the tables for a few minutes here or there. Me and the other girls would once in a while when it was dead or they would go out and sit smoke and come back in but not when your supposed to be clocked out and going home and not when we have customers and things. I don’t know I know the boss isn’t going to get rid of her because she is the only one that is just about 100% trained and can run things other than me and him but he needs to get these other girls trained up and if we need that 3rd person get rid of this one and get someone who wants to work in here and trained so that when we really need them we have them. Because she isn’t going to be here long and probably be leaving right when we are going to need her the most and I am not giving up my hours and days and can’t pick up more right now. With the three girls here I shouldn’t have to this place should run smooth with the 4 of us and him if he gets someone else who wants to work not just looks at it as a job. I look at a lot of my jobs as it’s a job but I still bust my ass and get it done get it done right and treat it like any other job that I want to keep if they are treating me good. She just seems very flip it and not really caring. It isn’t fair or right to these two other new girls that are here like the job want the job hours and want to work. Now they are tossed in with her and she isn’t working with them and giving them the help and support they need. I am not in charge in no way shape or form so I couldn’t really say anything about what she did last night and not staying or going in there with her. She can say I shouldn’t of told her to go or done it that way but I can do that kind of thing to help everyone out and make things run as smooth as possible for them since they are going to be by their self and they are in training and she is the one here to help them and train them. It is more of a this is how things need to be done and how boss would want them and what he is looking for. I am sure he will be fine with it as well he always says make it run smooth and keep it going without stressing yourself or having unhappy customers. I most the time end up stressing myself to keep customers happy and have the business but i am pulling back and starting to do things better and trying to help them be able to come in and take control and not let customers rule things and know how to do their job.

Guess I better get off here and go find something to look somewhat busy. I been sitting here doing nothing for hours now. But they know everything is pretty much done that can be done if we have no customers I can’t help that. But the owner still gets a little snippy if we are just sitting at times. He knows it is just stress of not making the money.

{January 30, 2016}   Three Weeks Later

Three weeks after telling us they were going to tell us next week we finally have answers about what is going on at work. Today was most peoples last day to work because the project closes tomorrow and very few people work tomorrow. They started calling us in around 10 in groups of about 20 to tell us what was going on. We were the first group in, I was surprised by that we are normally the last ones for everything. They told us they had not told us anything because they didn’t know anything and basically they still really don’t. They have a bunch of letters for work signed and people calling but not contracts. They are waiting for the lawyers to go over the contracts and that one contract the company was sold to another company so it was on hold. They said that there was on client there at the time I know they were there yesterday as well looking around and going over things. I think it is for brookdale. They have about 30 computers set up for them on the floor and he said they were asking how many more they could set up for them like that. I was told they already picked up 20 more people to work than they had asked for to start with. My boss says they have not started training for those 20 and don’t know who the 20 are going to be but she was putting my name back on the list or going to tell them again.

They said that one company wants 700 people so it would have to be given to other centers not just ours because we do not have room for 700 computers and people by any means. But it would be work and keep everyone who is there on. They told us to check for work from home stuff with them to hold us over and that if we wanted to transfer to another center in another state we could. They said they are supposed to know something by Wednesday of next week but I will not hold my breath and expect that. I think we are going to have a two week break at least before training and things start for something else. The large project decided they didn’t need as many people so this one is good because even it wasn’t as large as this one. If all the others dropped this would still keep everyone there.

The week or two off is kind of a welcome but at the same time it really sucks right now, I would have had every bill paid in full and not owed anything at all and had money in my pocket if I had been able to work all month like I was supposed to. Now I am juggling stuff around and just trying to stay a float right now. I did get all but two hours this week and I have about $355 in bounce money. Only thing that sucks about that is they tax it at 33% so they will keep $100 of it. But it is better than nothing.

They also told everyone that if they clocked out and went home early or did not go by their hours or didn’t come in tomorrow if they were supposed to that they would not get their $300 bounce. We were wondering how they were going to get people to stay if they called them in and tell them all this. But then they also came around and started asking if anyone wanted to take VTO, volunteer time off. They said it wouldn’t effect our bounce. I put my name on the list I was feeling sick and hurting. I think the pills and things I am having to take are really messing with my stomach. I was just so tired of sitting there we been sitting there doing nothing for months now it is really starting to get to everyone. I thought they were going to let us go earlier than they did but they never let us go until around 2. I had just about decided to stay there but decided I needed to go and call doctors and things. Then my friend got off too so we went to lunch. I had a call earlier in the day but didn’t know the number. I was on the floor so I couldn’t check it. We are not allowed to have our phones out or anything like that. I keep mine in my jacket pocket, the way it is made I can glance in and see who called or if someone text to make sure it isn’t about the kids.

I called on the way to lunch and it was the surgeons office that I found yesterday. They said they were able to get the paperwork they needed from my doctor and the rest of my test and things. They said it was being reviewed and it cut her off. I am going to call them Monday if I don’t hear from them and see if they can see my sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. If they do I am going to see if they can do the surgery Friday. If not then by Tuesday at least. I want to get it done and healed so that if they call me back to work and so that I can apply at a few places I know of and get back to work a fast as I can.

I wish it was done but the doctor they gave me at the er who said she would do it wouldn’t take the insurance when I called the next day. Then I tried to go to another one I found and got into it with the office lady for being so rude and nasty. This is a group of three doctors they work out of the hospital I don’t want to go to but they are the only ones I can find. I figure if I feel the doctor knows what he is doing then I am not going to stress about the hospital I will be in and out in the same day so not to bad to deal with if the doctor is good.

I told them today too that I was working on getting it done and they said it wasn’t a problem they would work with me.

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