{June 12, 2019}   Time For A Change

Who the hell do I call, write or visit to get some fucking changes with the way they handle these fucking deadbeat dads who don’t feel the need to pay child support? May 15 we went to court and he made the payment to catch up SOME of his back pay not even all of it. Then makes one full payment and not even half of another and has paid nothing since then. He is over $700 behind just since we went to court. Not counting the back pay he still has to take care of.

I messaged them the other day after getting part of a payment and they said we JUST went to court and we had to give him and/or his boss the time to get the payment in. This was three weeks after court one and a half payments down or behind. How much time does he need to make the payment and keep them going? The $2500 back pay did not come from his pocket at all. He got it from mommy probably I don’t know don’t care. Then that very Friday he misses a payment then makes one payment and the following week makes less than half a payment and again nothing last week. But he is walking around scott free nothing being done.

I called them today and asked them what was going on. She said they sent a paper telling his boss they need him to take money out every week or to know if he isn’t working there on the 11th and they are waiting to hear back. I said the 11th was before we went to court so nothing is being done since we have been and he is still basically not making payments? Well they have to be 90 days behind she tells me. I said he is already over $700 behind I thought it was a week or month? Well at the end of JUNE if he has not made a payment then they will take action and try to collect. I said so we will go back to court or what? Oh no you have already been to court. I said and he isn’t paying still so we need to go back or something. Well no it will depend there are other actions they can take. I asked what?

Suspend his license, I said already did that in February

suspend pursonal or state licenses I said he don’t have them

Go after his tax return, I said already doing that and he don’t file he works under the table

She like well we can only do so much. I said why can’t we just take him back to court and put him in jail or threaten him or what? Because that is the only way he is going to ever pay. Well at the end of the month we will send a letter to his employer to have them take it out again and to him to see why he isn’t paying and he will have so many days to comply and then those are the steps we go through. They may send it back to court in 90 days if he don’t comply.

Why don’t they take him the first payment he misses and send a letter telling him to pay it or show up in court? If he keeps missing payments and haven to have letters sent to him they should make him come in and he should have to pay so much in advance ahead that way if he misses then the kids are not going without why it takes them so long to get him in court.

I don’t know what the right answer is or the answer is at all but I know that something has to change and they have to do something and get these guys on the line and make them see that they are going to be in and out of court and or jail if they do not pay. I am sure they will say they don’t have the money to put them in there all the time or more than every 90 days or what. But you know what if they didn’t have 15 people sitting around doing nothing waiting on people to come in their office maybe they could. Or maybe if they had 12 of them people each take so many cases and make sure that the parties are paying or sending them letters and going to court they could. Because they have no less than 15 people sitting around in the office just waiting for people to walk in and I have been there an hour or so before closing and I have been there in the middle of the day and right at closing. All hours of the day and there has never been more than me and 3 other people in there at any given time.

I have to go this Friday for the DNA test and I am going to talk to them in office and see if I can get anywhere or any more help than what I am going. If not I am going to call the judge and if I get no where from there I am going to go to the court and file papers myself and get it in front of the judge or go to the court house and wait and tell them I need to talk to the judge.

I want to message him or call him and say look I am going to their office Friday morning if you don’t want me to sign the papers to have you picked up then you need to make sure you have a payment in tomorrow so they can get it to me by Monday. If it isn’t the full $719 I will sign anyway. Just see if that scares him into paying. I also feel like going and seeing his grandma and calling his parents and saying look I know that you all paid this for him why he told you all this time he has been paying it but that you are wasting your time because he is still not paying and this much behind here is the site here is the information if you don’t believe me. I am going down to do what I have to do to get him back in court and get it paid or him in jail. Even if he goes to jail and does anytime it is going to just be a circle because the money don’t go away and I will not sign for it to he is still going to have to pay and it is just going to keep adding up why he is in there. maybe they will get on his ass and make him pay. because the last thing they want is for one of their kids to be in jail. That looks bad on them. If he goes I am going to make sure everyone knows too.

But most of all I just want some things changed and them to do something about this before 90 days and for all these parents men and women to get the help they should be. Not stuglling to get by and doing without and their kids doing without because they are not doing anything. Because I can tell you if it comes down to going to jail or paying many, many, many of these guys would pay. And if they knew that after just one or two weeks of missing a payment they were going to be jerked back in there and have to pay anyway or go to jail they would. It would only take a few times of making them get there and paying a lump sum to get caught up or spending some time in the jail that they would make sure if they had to sell their ass on the corner they got their child support paid. But they know now they rack up all this they have to pay a little chunk then make no more payments for months or years and nothing is done until next time they pay a little chunk and walk off again. I think if we done this half or more would get their money in and their kids would be getting the money they need and not doing without.

I am going to spend the next few days figuring out who i need to call write and go see to get something done because this is not working. If someone don’t raise enough hell and let them get away with doing things the way they are then they are not going to change the way they go after these guys either.

Until then I am going to make his life hell as well because I now as of Monday have a lot of free time in the mornings I will be watching him and reporting him when he gets in the company truck and is driving, I will be letting his boss and family know like I said that he isn’t bothering to pay. I am so done and so over it all I don’t even care anymore, what anyone thinks or feels or says about it all.

{September 28, 2018}   Where Does Sleeping Beauty Live

This evening me and the girls went to the store. Out of no where Little Bitty ask where Sleeping Beauty lived. I told her kind of far but not to far. She kept wanting to know where. We have one pet store we use for just about everything. I told her he lived past that store it was probably about halfway. She still wasn’t sure. I thought of the meat market I like to go to. I told her he lived not far from there or up that way. She wanted to see his house. I told her I did not have his address or know right where it was I had not been there. She finally gave up on going there.

I ask her why she wanted to know what brought that up? She just said nothing. I said why do you want to see his house I thought you did not like him? She said I just do and I don’t.

In a bit walking in the store she brought him up again was saying something. I said your pretty interested to not like him. She said he is okay I just don’t like his rules I can’t play on the phone. He wanted to give rules. I told her they were my rules he was just helping enforce them. She said something about him being a friend he shouldn’t do that so she could like him. I just laughed. Told her that isn’t how it worked.

Thought it was odd no one has brought him up or talked about him lately and she did out of the blue. One of the boys did the other day too but she wasn’t here. They did like having him here and doing things with him.

{May 13, 2017}   Not Enough Behind

Thursday I thought I had a plan and was going to get all this mess for court taken care of pretty effortlessly. Boy what I was I thinking to believe that anything would be easy. I sat down yesterday morning to figure out what he has paid and what he has not paid. I ended up having to change the way I keep track of it because it was to spread out to really look at it and not adding it up correctly. I tried to fi it but it just wasn’t happening. I switched to a calendar I just marked how much he paid every week on it. I then went through and added up all that he has paid.

The way we set it up was that he would pay X amount every week if he missed that week then he was behind that week, if he paid the following week and paid extra the extra from that week went for what he was behind from the weeks before. Again stupid me for trying to be nice and get all this caught up and not being a bitch about it. We both agreed to it and that was life.

The courts say that he has not set day to pay any set amount on. He has to pay X amount sometime between the first day of the month and the last day of the month. He is not late until the end of the last day of the month or the first of the following month. It also does not matter if he paid so much for what was owed months before and so much for that month. Everything he paid that month is counted for that months support. Since some months have 5 weeks and some months he paid extra but then paid nothing for months all changes things around. The month there was 5 weeks he paid extra so that comes off what he owes. Right now the way we figure it he is a month behind. The way they figure he is just two over two weeks behind. I figured what he is already behind and then the two weeks into this month he hasn’t paid. But they say oh no he isn’t behind anything this month until the end of the month so I can’t file anything.

The only thing I can file right now is the paperwork to up the support and the contempt of court for not telling me and them his address and phone number, and not taking the kids on his days and times and not paying a sitter for them when he don’t. So now I am having to go about this in reverse from what I was going to. That means it will take longer to get anything as well because he will have 20 days to answer then I have to wait for our court date to come and everything get put in place. then in the middle of all that I have to file and take him for being behind and get a date for that. I am scared now that I am going to lose my house and everything before I get anything from him. If I can’t find a job and get to working. That’s another problem in its self.

I am going Monday to the court house to file all these papers that I need to file and have him served, god help me if they come off with I need a bunch of money to do it I am going to lose it on them right there in the court house I do not care. If they need that money they better go after him and get it, if he was doing what he is supposed to then I would’t need to be there opening this case, having him served and all that. If they serve him by Friday then the 20 days will be up by the 8th of next month. The first of next month I should be able to file the papers for him being behind, mail them out to him and by the 8 get a court date to handle both. I was just hoping that by the 1 I would be going to court not just getting a court date on the 8th that will probably be for a month away. I am going to have to figure out how to handle things here for the next few months and start looking everywhere for whatever I can do for side jobs or anything. I haven’t even been able to find any side stuff to do. I have been asking everyone and telling everyone to ask around give people my name and number. I will do just about anything at this point. I don’t know if there is anything I wouldn’t do at this point.

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