{March 11, 2020}   H1N1 Or Swine Flu Has Struck

Friday Little Bitty got home from school and went straight to bed. They called said she as rolling around crying and upset saying her head, belly and throat hurt. I ended up taking off early and taking her to get checked. They said she did not test positive for the flu or strep just keep an eye on her. She spent all day Saturday in bed and all day Sunday. Sunday night, Monday morning she woke me up about every half hour to hour telling me to stop talking she was trying to sleep and didn’t feel good or other things that I could not even understand. Finally she woke me up about 7 something I felt her and she was hot. I took her temperature and it was 103. I gave her a drink and some Motrin and we finally went back to sleep and slept for about 4 hours straight. Her fever was back down and stayed around 100. By a bout 3 or so she was feeling really bad and asking to go back to the doctor. We got ready and I checked her temp again, it was still around 100 so I didn’t give her anything.

We get to the doctor about an hour away with evening traffic and things. We waited probably another hour to be seen they were so busy. We got back there they took her temp and it was 104. They were worried about it got her something to bring it back down again. They tested her again for the flu and it came back positive. There is really nothing they can do but give something for fever get her to drink and give her something to keep her from getting sick. Because I was having to give her something to keep her from puking about twice a day but only like in the evening and at night. By that point I had done gave it to her in the morning and then again in the early afternoon.

She is out of school until Monday and that is our Spring break so she is out for two weeks before she can go back. I feel so bad for her she is so miserable and just cries she don’t feel good and can’t breath because her nose is stopped up and she feels sick and going to puke. Yesterday she refused the medication to keep her from puking and said she thought it would be better if she just puked than taking something to keep it from happening. But she couldn’t even because she has hardly eaten anything since Thursday night. She finally took the medication so she wasn’t dry heaving all after noon and could rest.

The doctor said she wasn’t worried about if she was eating or not but she needs to make sure she drinks. She said she wants her to have three 16 oz bottles a day but she may not get that in. That rule of thumb with her being sick is she has to go to the bathroom once every 6 hours or she has to go straight to the er and get iv fluids to keep her from getting dehydrated.

{December 30, 2019}   Let’s Get This Day Started

Well the work part of it anyway. Truth is my day stated over 6 hours ago with a lovely mommy, mommy wake up I don’t feel good, my belly hurts really bad. Then Little Bitty doubled over in pain and crying. Followed by three rounds of puking in 45 minutes or less. Poor baby girl was scared to death the first time. I gave her a bucket thing we had there so she didn’t have to have her face all in the toilet and she could sit she was hurting so bad. She got sick and there was something red in it. She freaked out started crying there’s blood, there’s blood. I was half a sleep didn’t know what she was talking about or saying at first then figured it out. It wasn’t but she was panicked because she thought it was.

After she was sick she said her stomach felt a lot better. She laid back down to try and go to sleep. She said maybe like the other week when you were sick I’m just going to get sick once and will be okay now. But in no time she was back up and sick again. After the 2nd time I started getting her ready to go to the hospital. We got almost to the hospital and she started getting sick in the car. We just threw the bucket away when we got there. We went in and there was a lady with her little boy that just got there as we did and got in before we did. She had a little boy that was sick coughing and things. They got him straight back and said they would come to get her in a few minutes.

Why we were sitting there she started crying in pain again and doubled over. They finally took her back. They said they were going to probably swab her for flu and get blood and things. I heard them talking to the lady with the little boy in the room over from us. They were telling her right away that he wasn’t going home they would be keeping him. They were going to do test and things on him there and send him out to one of the children’s hospitals. I was worried because he was getting sick in the waiting room.

The doctor finally came in and checked her out, he pushed all over her stomach and she didn’t even flinch. But said it was hurting. she didn’t even want me to touch her back she said it hurt so bad and was telling me to ask them not to push on her belly because she hurt so bad. Then laid there like nothing. The doctor told her he was going to get her to give him a urine sample before he did any other test and traumatize her. He said with little girls that little, They don’t always clean their self like they should and will cause UTI. He told her he was going to give her something so she didn’t get sick anymore and then some juice and crackers. The nurse came and got the sample and gave her the medication. About 730 they gave her crackers and juice and she held it down. They let us go home. he called her in medication to take to keep her from getting sick anymore. He said give it to her at lunch time and wait 20 or 30 minutes then let her have soup, crackers, things like that the next 24 hours.

I didn’t get to work until 11, I had to go home and get a shower, I went to bed early laid there awake until after 12 then was up with her at 530. I had plan to take one this morning but wasn’t going to take one before I took her because she got sick so much and I figured I would probably end up with puke on me as well before it was over. But I felt to gross not to take one before i came to work. I ran in took a shower why oldest got ready then we ran to the store and I came to work.

My friend I have been talking to messaged and asked if we were okay if she was alright. He told me to stop by his job on my way to work. I messaged and asked if he needed or wanted anything from the little store. He said a Mt. Dew. I took him that and stopped in he gave me a carton full of fried shrimp, I had said I was hungry. Oh my goodness it was so good. I have already eaten most of it.

I told Little Bitty to relax in bed today so that she hopefully don’t give it to anyone else. I told her she could play her tablet, light bright and stable there on the bed. She has more than enough room. We would watch our show together if she was still awake when I get there tonight. I hope that she is fine and feeling better tomorrow.

I wanted to stay home with her but I am missing my night job tomorrow because I am working my day job and they are working in the morning tomorrow. Then I am missing both jobs Thursday. So that would leave me missing 4 days of work basically if I was to miss today too. That is almost my full paycheck from my day job this week. I figure as long as she don’t puke anymore then she should be okay, not a lot I could do even if I was there other than just sitting there with her. I want to be but we need the money right now. With all the holidays and missed time already.

{November 12, 2019}   Pregnant Again

This was last Thursday, I have just been busy and not able to finish it until now. So here you go.

Last night was a long night ended up at the Er. at like 3a.m only to have nothing done and sent home. Complete waste of time. If I had known I wouldn’t of even went.

My sister called me and said she done something to her foot and was in tears from the pain. I could tell when she answered she was crying or had been. We talked for a bit and she hung up. She was waiting for her husband to get home.

About the time I crawled into bed and got comfortable she called and asked me to take her. Her husband don’t get off until late like me and then had to get home because she couldn’t get him. He only works a couple blocks so he could walk. She didnt seem like she was going to go when I talked to her.

I go get her and take her all the way over there. I pulled up to the front to get her a wheelchair because she can’t walk on it step down on it. I go to get out and she says I have to tell you something your going to find out in here anyway.

I’m looking at her like what? What is there to tell then I am thinking she is sick something is wrong maybe this is why her foot did this just sitting on the bed or what. She says I’m pregnant but no one knows yet. I was like oh okay. Still not thinking.

We went in they took her right back and the doctor came right in. He said they would call and get an x ray on it and go from there to make sure something wasn’t broke or fractured. She refused because she is pregnant. The doctor got rude and kind of nasty. We were in and out in less than an hour.

Had it been me I would of done it. It was just her foot and they put the led over you. I had one done of my foot and ankle when I was 8 months pregnant with my first because I fell down the stairs.

Then when I was about 24 weeks with my last I had to have a CT scan with the dye they put in the IV. They felt it was more of a risk to me not to do it than to the baby.

If I had known she was pregnant before I picked her up I would of told her they were not going to do anything and not wasted the two\two and half hours.



{March 2, 2019}   An ER Trip

It’s 7:30 am and me and Little Bitty are sitting in a room at the hospital Er waiting to be seen. We have been here since 6 and just now seeing a nurse. Says they have about 15 people in front of us. And of course once we get here she seems fine so we are bumped to the bottom of the list.

The doctor just came in said they are doing bloodwork, x ray, urine and strep test. So we will be here hours more probably. I am supposed to be at work tomorrow to do my 10 hour day there. They are not going to be happy with me. I will tell them i can come in this afternoon and close if they need me to but I need to take care of her and get some sleep. I can hardly hold my eyes open. I just want to pick her up and go home. She is upset she is going to need bloodwork wants to go home.


{February 15, 2019}   A Long Two Days

Yesterday I started the day off taking the little kids to the doctor and being an hour and half late for work. The little kids have had a cold for a little over a week now. I keep telling them it is just a cold or vires everyone at the lot has had it and it just has to run it’s course. They act fine other than a cough. Well Monday night we were going to bed and big boy said it hurt to breath and he really didn’t feel good. I decided I would get up and take them to the doctor then drop them at school and go to work.

We got to the doctor at 8:45 and didn’t leave until after 10. By then they were already having lunch at school, I would of had to take them get them lunch or take them home get them lunch then go and I would of been later to work. They would of gotten to school with not much time left. Not really been worth it. I took them dropped them off at home and went to work.

When I got to the doctor they hit me with a $90 bill that had to be paid. Father of the Year said he was going to pay it. I know I am stupid for thinking he was or did. I really didn’t think he was but thought maybe something that big he might and I have so much other stuff to deal with I forgot to follow up on it and he hasn’t had to go so. I paid that and missed work. Over $100 gone that was for other things that needed to be taken care of. It just never ends

They finally see the doctor and they have double ear infections. At no time has either of them said they can’t hear or their ears hurt or anything like that. Mom of the year over here. Well she said little bitty had double infection and that Little guy was on his way any day he was full of fluid and clogged up. So she was treated them both.

Then this morning I go get in the truck and I am waiting for Oldest to come out so we can go to the store before I go to work. She runs out to the truck and says I need to come inside something was wrong with the dog. I go in she got up from being a sleep all night stood up pooped in the floor and fell down. Had her foot in the poop and wasn’t moving. I sat down in front of her and talked to her and tried to get her to get up and things and she would. finally I got her up and into the truck but she was still walking around like she was drunk or something. She got in laid her head on the back of the seat and just sat there wouldn’t move or look at us nothing. I took her to this Vet place that is supposed to help when you don’t have the money to pay and let you make small payments until you get it paid off. They said they were operating they wouldn’t see her or help me.

I ended up taking her to our vet and they said they were getting ready to go into surgery but they would fit us in. We waited an hour or more it was like 9 when we got there. I had to tell them at work I was going to be late again. They just said no problem. I said I am going to be late when it rains it pours.

We finally got in to see the vet and she checked her all out and said she thinks she had a seizures. They said they could do blood work that would be $150 in addition to the office visit. They agreed that it would be okay to just watch her for a bit and see if she did it anymore and decide from there. They said the type of dog she is, are known to have them and them to just come on out of the blue. I am just watching her and seeing what happens from here because I don’t have $150 to spend to be told she is fine and we really think she is even the vet said she thinks she is okay. The blood work is just the first step in looking for anything that maybe wrong.

last night I get home and little bitty is in tears telling me her leg hurts. I look at it and move it around and see nothing wrong with it and she says she has not hurt it in anyway at home or school. I take her and lay down I can see she is tired and figure she is over sensitive because she is. We prop it up and she falls asleep in a little bit. About 1 in the morning she wakes up hysterical crying it hurts and can’t stand or walk on it. I look at it again and still see nothing at all wrong. Where she says it hurts is really weird as well, she says it hurts on the top of her leg mid way down her shin. Right on the top it is the bone there. When I say Little Bitty she is tiny so you can feel the bone very easily and if there was a broken I think you could see or feel something off. She is only like 32lbs at almost 6. I get her dressed and take her to get it looked at. I figure if she is still this way today or I wait until today I am going to take her to he doctor she is going to send us to the hospital for x rays because she can’t do them in office. I am going to have to wait there for hours and who knows how long at the hospital then for the test. Miss most today of work if not all day and be late if I didn’t miss. I have been late the last two days. I can’t do this. I decide to cut the middle man and all the running around. Take her to the ER hope they are not busy and let them xray it and see if something is wrong.

We got there and they were not busy at all hardly. They got us right back ordered the xray and sent us on our way. We were in a room 35 minutes I think is all and in the waiting room maybe 20 I think it was more like 10. We were back home again. they said nothing wrong broken, fractured or sprang, she should be fine with in a few day. If not then to take her to the bone doctor and let them check her out and see what they want to do from there.

I am at work now and I am so tired I could just put my head down on the desk and go to sleep. I am really fighting not to. The guys were already gone on the road when I got her this morning and Pop’s called and said he had the tv guy coming out this morning he was going to be there between 11 and 12 so he wasn’t sure how long it would take him or when he would be in. Its not a big deal it is slow we have not had anyone come in yet today and everything from yesterday is dome. There wouldn’t be anything for him to do if he did come in. I am about to take everything off my desk and clean it. There are stacks of papers all over. Some mine some theirs and some for the shop. There is a little bit of everything from everywhere and the dust or what from them working is thick. I didn’t realize how bad it was on my desk until right before I was going home yesterday. They have this thin rubber like film over the keyboard on the computer and I seen something on it, I went to get it off and noticed it was where something scratched it like. It was a mark in the dust stuff. I am going to take it off wash it and put it back and organize all these papers and everything else and find a home for it all. My desk is the collect all for everything from mail to paperwork and things the guys need to take care of. Since we have the one computer we all use everything collects around it.

That has been my week from Wednesday to this morning so far. I just want to hit the pause button on the world for a few hours so I can sleep and get caught back up. in the last 48 hours I have worked 20 and spent about 6 at the doctors and only about 8 sleeping. It is no wonder I am so tired. Little Bitty has been hell on wheels and I been in tears a couple times dealing with her. I need a vacation away from everything.

You know I am use to only getting a few hours sleep each night or what. But it is different when I am laying in bed and can’t sleep than when I am going, going, going and can’t relax at least. Lately I am going to bed with a couple hours left to sleep and crashing but it isn’t good sleep because I am not relaxing I am just crash up and go again until I crash again. where a lot of nights I will lay there for hours before I fall a sleep but I will do things on line or talk to a friend or with the kids or something. Not stressing.

{June 9, 2018}   ER With Little Bitty Again

Sitting in the ER again with Little Bitty. She woke me up at 3:45/4am rolling in pain telling me her stomach hurt really bad something was wrong. She tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t. Then she started puking. It wasn’t like I ever seen before, it was very thick and no water or anything. She was having a hard time getting it out. She still laid down tried to sleep again had to get up in no time to be sick. We decided to come to the hospital because this is the 2nd time in a month or so that she has been in pain and sick like this. She was sick on the way here and again since we got here. They just finally gave her something to keep her from getting sick again and did an x ray.

They seem to act as if it is just no big deal or a stomach bug. But something isn’t right, she shouldn’t keep doing this and now when she is getting sick its dinner from last night still coming back and its been about 12 hours since she had dinner. Never has she been sick in the night like that and it be like that. That late this early in the morning it is just liquid. I told the nurse she seem think it was a little off but said some peoples is just slower. But not her she is never that way.

I am so tired of being ran around not getting amswers.

We are both so tired and just want to sleep. I am supposed to be at work in 6 hours and I have a sick kid and a few hours of sleep. By the time we get to go home it will be time to get things done to go to work. If she isn’t puking and resting I am okay to go to work. But if she is still in pain or puking I can’t. I am so tired I don’t know if I will make it by noon.  I am waiting for it to get a little later I am going to get a hold of the other girl who goes in at 5 and see if she can go in at 12 and I can go at 5, just trade shifts. It is about the same hours. I am switching with her next week so she can be with her dad for fathers day. I pray she does or that they will be slow enough that the girl who comes at 1 can cover on her own. Then I can go in later and take over for her and let her go home early if she wants. She is supposed to close. But may like to go early then I could still get some hours at least. The boss don’t care as long as everything is covered and we have enough people if it is busy. I need a few more hours of sleep that is for sure.

{March 4, 2017}   Wasted Trip

I wrote this Thursday but it didn’t publish so here it is now.

I been waiting to get insurance straight to go to the doctor it’s been weeks and I am still coughing like crazy. I tried to go yesterday and they only had a time I couldn’t get there for and said they can not get me in until next Tuesday. It is for my yearly physical that I have not had since I was pregnant with Little Bitty almost 4 years ago. We are supposed to go over getting my tubes tied and things like that. You only get a little bit of time and they don’t want to do it if you are sick.

I ended up going to the ER this morning when I dropped the kids off at school to see what they said. I still feel that it is  something that it isn’t going to go away with medications because my sons hasn’t went away yet and he is on steroids and antibiotics both and still coughing like I am. But I am also tired of hearing you need to go blah, blah from everyone and how horrible I sound. I went and they took me back. I laid there and coughed and coughed forever. Then the nurse came in and said they had to test for the flue and was going to order a chest x ray.

I don’t know how many of you have been tested for the flue before but if you haven’t let me tell you it SUCKS and that is an understatement. They take this long cotton swab and stick in your nose, they don’t just stick it right in side your nose they poke it back into your nose. No joke not exaggerating at all they stick it back past the bone in your nose and they do both sides. Once they get that far back there it hurts BAD, it seems to be more sensitive farther back than in the front. Much more in the back than the front. I can’t even say what it feels like or what it would be comparable to. I don’t know if I have ever felt a pain like that before. If you ever had a nat fly up your nose it’s about 10 times worse than that feeling. I didn’t flinch or move while she was doing it as bad as I wanted to but as soon as she took it out of the other side without thinking my hands with the blanket went up to my face. I had a ton of drainage and stuff come out of there and I sneezed and sneezed then coughed. One I finally got to where the pain was gone and all that stuff got down out of there I walked around and hardly coughed at all and didn’t feel any congestion or anything all day. I was shocked how much better I felt. Bu I am sure it will be back by tomorrow probably. I feel some now already.

The doctor came in told me that it was a virus. He said my lungs sound very clear and fine, he said he thinks it is all in my sinuses and that I don’t really need any medication the body just needs to fight it. He said I can give you medication for it but it isn’t going to work because it isn’t for what you have, there is no medication really for what you have other than something to help with the cough. He said even the flue stuff that they give yo when you test as having the flue don’t work. He said you can take it but most the time it don’t work. We have tons of people come back because they paid $250 for this medication and it isn’t working. He told me to just take the cough stuff and something for fever if needed.

When we went to therapy she said her son tested for the flue she took him to the doctor. The doctor said here if his insurance pays for this you can get it but if it don’t pay for it don’t rush out and buy it, just let him be. If he takes it and it helps at all it will only cut down him being sick by a day maybe and that again is if it helps at all. Its the medication everyone is paying $250 for Tamiflu. Two doctors both saying that it don’t work and only helps cut it down by a day if it does. They both even said the flue shot is not working even at killing 75% of the strains that are out there.

The kids are just finishing their medications and one is still sick and the other is catching this cold stuff the rest of us have even though she is on antibiotics for the last week. That right there tells me taking the same thing isn’t going to help me get over it when she has for a week and getting it now.

{January 22, 2016}   Surgery Next Week, Why Not

I ended up in the er yet again this week over whatever is going on in my face and neck on the right side. I have tried to follow-up with doctors or urgent care and no one will see me or help me. They tell me the end of March or just don’t call me back at all. I was in a lot of pain again Wednesday and the place under my jaw on my neck has not went down any after being on everything for a week. I know this is not an infection there is more to it and something going on. They just don’t listen. I finally got father of the year to come over here about 9 or 10 and took myself over there. I started to go somewhere else but really didn’t want to drive all that far and don’t like the one that is closest so the place I use is already a drive. It probably about ten miles so not really a huge drive but when you don’t feel good and your pain and it’s late 2 miles feels like 20.

I got there and they took me back in just a bit. They didn’t look that busy from the waiting area but they had a lot of people in rooms but it was quite and not a lot going on. The triage woman did what she needed to do once she got me to a room and then the nurse came in and talk to me. They were all different from when I was there the last two times. Then a physicians assistant came in to talk to me said she would be taking care of me and wanted to know what all was going on. I explained to her what was going on and told her I been there three times in three weeks and that I couldn’t get in to see anyone and this is really bad. She started saying so your throat hurts and you have pain…

I stopped her and said no this is the problem they are not listening to me my throat does not hurt I’m not congested. I told her this is outside of my mouth, in my neck, up the side of my face around my ear, all around my eye and above it and it is only on the right side not on the left side at all. That it is in my cheek it is in the skin or under the skin but not in my throat inside my mouth. That the only thing in my mouth that bothers me is my tongue hurts sometimes or the rough of my mouth. that even that isn’t like when you have a sore throat it’s like bruised. She looked in my mouth and then pushed around on my teeth. I didn’t even flinch. I told her I know my teeth are not good and need to come out but that I know this is not from my teeth, I have had problems in my teeth and this is not the same they don’t even hurt. She said a virus wouldn’t go away with the meds it would take it a little while. I said but how long? She said weeks. I said how many? She said if that is what it is then it should go down in about two weeks. I said this has been this way for over three. I said I come in here and they act like I am just here because my throat hurts and I can’t take the pain or something and that isn’t how it is or what is wrong at all. I said I don’t come in here because I have a cold or sore throat if it was just a sore throat I would be at home waiting it out and going about my day as normal. I said I don’t run in here because I stubbed my toe or something. I said if you look at anytime before the last three weeks that I have been here and it isn’t that often you will see in your records that when I have come in, in the past it isn’t for something small you all find two or three things that are pretty significant things wrong. When I told her that and this has been weeks she said it normally goes down in two weeks unless there is some underlying something going on. I think we need to look into this further and do some testing. She said she was going to go run it by the doctor and see what she wanted to do.

In a bit the nurse came back in and said they needed me to take everything from the waste up off and put a gown on. He said they want to do a CT scan of the head and that he needed to start an iv and get blood they ordered a big blood work up. I got the gown on and he came back in to do the iv and blood. I told him they get it out of the hand. He said but they want to do contrast I need to get it in the arm. I said ok and he looked and looked at my left arm. He then went to the right and looked all over. He said what if I start it in your hand to get the blood work going and I will check with them in CT to see if they can use the one in the hand and do the contrast or if we have to try to go higher up? I said that’s fine and told him that the last time they did contrast they did it with one in the hand because they couldn’t get the arm then either. But that I also had to drink a cup of contrast stuff and they put some in the iv. He said I didn’t have to drink the cup of stuff just the iv. I said oh that may, make a difference. While we were talking someone came by with someone from the room by me and he stopped her and called her in. She came around the curtain and he told her he couldn’t find a spot in the arm but my hand was good and if they could use that for the contrast? She asked what they were looking at and things and if it was something and he said no he thought it was just something else. She said yes the one in the hand would be fine.

He got it right in and got all the blood they wanted, I laid there forever waiting to go for the test. About and hour or two later he came and said they were ready for me in CT and took me over. I got in there she said my blood work has come back and they could do the test. I guess they were looking for something in it before they did the test. She hooked the iv up and did the test and took me back to my room. I asked the nurse how my blood work looked when he came in and he said it looked really good what all of it he saw.

Finally after another few hours the doctor came in and talk to me, she said the one who talk to me when I got there had went home. She said that they did the test and that it shows the lymph nod is very in enlarged. The way she talked it is larger than it should be even if I was just sick and fighting some infection. She said she thinks it is pressing on a nerve going up through my face and that is why I am in so much pain. She said my thyroid also looked enlarged and that I needed to follow-up and get test on it. But she said the lymph nod needs to come out and be biopsied right away. They are worried how big it was and how long it has been this way. I told them I had been sick since the week before Christmas and it was that way then but I thought it would just go away but after I got over being sick it hadn’t and then started causing me pain and things and that is when I came in the first time so it has been this way a month not just three weeks I been coming there. She said they seen that.

They wanted to keep me that night and do it the next day and get it out and tested. She had already called the surgeon and talk to her about doing it before she came in to talk to me at like 3 am. She said they told her that my insurance would not pay for it if they kept me and done it. They said I needed to go to my doctor and get sent to the surgeon and it had to be done as an out-patient or in the office. I think she said out-patient. They gave me information for somewhere I could go and get seen and get the paperwork to go to the surgeon. She told me to get up and get a hold of every one in the morning and get in to see them and get the paperwork to see the surgeon and call her. I got into see the doctor yesterday afternoon by the time I got out it was too late to get with the surgeon. I called them today and waiting on them to call me back. I told them they said it was critical that I follow-up with her in 2 to 3 days and that I have all the paperwork. She said they had to get information from the hospital and would call me back in a few minutes. I am figuring they will get my in right away sometime next week. The doctor at the er said when she talk to the surgeon she said to get all my paperwork and get right in to see her and they would set this up to be done right away. I will probably have to go in for an office visit next week then have it set up unless she will just look over all the test and set it up from that. I am just waiting to hear back what is next.

I just want it done and over I am walking around in so much pain every day and not able to take the pain meds and things. I told my sister and a friend of ours I would cut it out myself and give it to them if I wasn’t worried about bleeding too much at this point I am in so much pain. If they said they wanted to take my right toe off and it would make the pain stop they could have it. I can’t do pain in my face and head this way. I don’t know how I am going to get through the weekend I have to go to work and work all day tomorrow 12 hours shift and again Sunday because if I don’t I am going to have no pay check. With all this going on I have had to take care of it and been in so much pain. I am hoping that it being the weekend and so slow there won’t be to many people there and I can get away with not having to have the headset on my head all day. I can hold it and put it on if I need to or they can find something else for me to do or something. I don’t know what to do but I got to work and I got to make money. I have nothing coming in but my paycheck to pay bills with. Father of the year is working but I am sure he isn’t going to offer to pay anything knowing that I have missed work and going to miss work having to have this done. I pray that the pain goes away when they take it out everything goes smooth and I can go back to work as normal the next day. I am not worried about anything else as long as the pain has stopped I can keep it bandaged until it heals and go to work. I have never in my life missed so much work at one job in all the time I have been at one.


{December 2, 2014}   The Dating Game Er Version

Last night I had to take Little Bitty to the er. She got a Christmas ball broke it and was trying to eat it. I am not sure if she swallowed any before I seen her. I am not sure how she even done it, it happen so fast. I was standing at the stove cooking dinner the kitchen dinning area are all one area she was like two feet a way from me. She was sitting at the table talking to me I turned to the stove to take care of stuff for a minute. When I turned around she was gone. I thought she went to the other room as my other oldest was sitting there too. Guess she was watching something on her tablet. In a second I heard something crunching and looked down. She was under the table with it broken and a bunch in her mouth. I made her spit it out and wiped her mouth out. I couldn’t believe she didn’t cut her hands or her mouth. The good thing is after 3 1/2 hours in the er they said they don’t think she swallowed any of it. Looking at the x-ray I don’t see anything either. They had one from April and it looked the same. Can’t even remember why we were there in April.

I had to take all 4 kids with us because father of the year was on 1st out and on calls. Just as all this happen he got a call 50 miles or more a way. He could have passed it but he claims it was to late into the call. He showed up right before they did the x-ray and let us go home so he was there a few minutes.

The place was packed when we got there and the back was full they had people in the hall on beds. A lot of people left after they had waited for hours and still had hour or two to wait. The nurses kept coming out and calling people and they wouldn’t be there, some they would call and they wouldn’t say anything and they would call the first name the people would be there they just messed name up. The girls came out to get us and she said some last name that sounded nothing like my daughters but it was hard to hear so I couldn’t hear clear either. I was waiting for her to call the first name. She just called the last a gain and it wasn’t anything close to us so I didn’t turn around or say anything. Then I heard her ask someone if there had been anyone in there with a baby if we went to the bathroom outside or something. The others hadn’t done that but I guess since it was for a baby and her eating glass. Someone said she has a small kid or baby over there. I was sitting with my back to everything. She came over asked her name I told her. She said oh I messed that all up. She looked at the rest of the kids and asked if they were all mine. I said yeah they are all mine. She was surprised.

We start walking back to the room my my big boy says yeah I am the one who likes science, robots, the color green, side boards and wants to be a science teacher. My little guy not to be out done I guess why he is still talking grabs her hand and tells her his name and he likes the color blue and dinosaur.

I laughed I said wow it sounds like yall are on the dating game and trying to convince her who to go on a date with. She laughed she said they don’t beat around the bush they just jump right in and get to the point. They just looked at us they didn’t really have a clue what we were talking about.

My kids are very social and love to talk. My little guy is in this phase where he likes to hug everyone. The bell ringers are in front of the stores. We went to get some stuff the day before Thanksgiving and gave them each a $1 to put in. They all ran up and put it in. I go to walk a way and my little guy walks over and gave the man sitting there ringing the bell a big hug. The guy smiled so big and said that just made my dad I sure needed that. Last night the lady came to take me and the baby down to x-ray and he hugged her. He’s got such a big heart.


I sit here writing this at 2:45 am with a baby on my shoulder sleeping. Yes it is late and she should be in her bed and normally would be. Tonight she is sick and can’t get comfortable and sleep. She is needing to feel extra close right now. It is so nice to be able to sit and snuggle with her and love on her for sure. These time are getting fewer and farther between as she is getting more independent. I hate that it has to be this way that we get to snuggle so much and it is exhausting as well. Just 12 hours ago we were in the ER with a fever that would not go down or stabilize with meds. It just kept going up and up even after 3 rounds of something to bring it down. When they got us in a room over an hour after being there it was a few degrees from being 104. They did a flue swab and strep swab. I was more worried she had a ear infection and didn’t want her to have to wait until tomorrow to get seen and start treatment. I was right after being there for hours they said that her right ear is read and infected. We finally got to leave about 3:30 and go home. She went right to bed and slept for a few hours and was up again upset and not feeling good. I gave her some meds for pain as the fever broke why we were in the hospital. She went back to sleep for a while. When she got up she seemed to be happy and feeling better but that was short lived for my little bitty. It wasn’t long she was upset and fever trying to come back on here. So we have pretty much spent the day in bed and snuggling. I had her a sleep tonight and she was doing good until the kids started fighting. Now she is back to being up and down again. I am tired but not like I need to go to sleep and rest tired as we did that a lot today. But as in my body is hurting so bad from holding her and carrying her around last night and today. I sat in the chair and held her for hours at the ER and have laid, sat or walked around and held her most of the day since we have gotten up. It is times like this that it would be nice to have her dad around. To have that extra help to have that other person to comfort her and help her feel better. He was always good with the kids when they were sick. Any of them were sick he was right there sitting with them talking to them helping them with what they needed.

Even the dog would get up and lay down with them and watch over them. If one of them was sick and you would let him he would get up in the bed and get as close to them as they would let him and lay down. That is where he would stay until they were feeling better and got up or told him to get down. One time my son got sick and way laying on the couch he got up and layed right across his legs and his lap and stayed all day with him. My poor little bitty one of the things she has wanted to do so bad today is just lay down with our dog and snuggle and every time she dose she gets up and leaves. She is really good with the kids and has even been laying under her crib when she is in it. But little bitty has been ruff with her the last couple weeks and I have to keep reminding her that we have to be nice and easy with the dog. she wants to play with her like a stuffed toy and just roll on her sit on her and squeeze her. She isn’t trying to hurt her or be ruff she just really loves her and trying to show her love. The dog is just scared that she is going to get ruff so she gets up and leaves before she gets to.

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