{April 12, 2020}   Blew Up My Car

On the 5th of March on my way to my night job I blew up my car. I was able to get off the off ramp of the interstate and it died on me. I was blocking traffic and everyone was having a fit and honking. It was 5 something in the evening time everyone was getting off work. Do you know how many so called “guys” honked and yelled at me and never offered to help? Mostly the ones who were was guys. One lady in scrubs pulled over and helped me push it out of the road. Good thing it was my little car. I was mad and done at that point. I couldn’t find anyone to help me. I called bff she was working no to far away so she came and picked me up. But my car was still stuck there.

I had been talking back and fourth to J.W and he called his best friend to see if he could come get me and it off the side of the road. He was all worried about the transmission and messing it up. He said your not supposed to tow cars like that with a rope. I told him I was not worried about that it was probably shot any way and I just needed it off the side of the road. I told him to tell him I didn’t care if it messed it up and would not hold him responsiable or want him to fix it. I just wanted him to get it off the side of the road. He said he would do it but he was out on the boat fishing he wasn’t sure when he would be back. I figured he was saying it because he still didn’t want to do it but didn’t want to tell J.W no. I called my Good Friend and asked him about it and why we shouldn’t tow it like that. He said really you shouldn’t tow any car like that it has always been said not to. But that if you weren’t flying and took it easy it should be fine. I said oh well hell I have towed so many cars like that it isn’t even funny. I even towed my one truck that way it was 4 wheel drive. That I found out later you are not supposed to tow like that at all. I didn’t know that at the time.

I called Mr. Responsible I wanted to see if his friend with the truck would come tow it for me. His old roommate. He couldn’t because he was already having transmission problems and couldn’t even work because he couldn’t tow his trailer with it.

J.W called and messaged around and was trying to find someone else but couldn’t find anyone either. I went with Bff and headed back toward home with her. By the time we were getting close to my area J.W called and asked where I was at and said he found someone to come get it for me. I told him I was almost back home. I asked him if I should get dropped off at his job or his house then? He said go ahead to his house the guy was on his way to his job to get him they would stop and pick me up. That is what we did.

We got there he hooked it up with a chain and we got turned around and back on the road. I thought we were going to go down the other road or other main road that would not have much traffic. We got back out on 95. Well he had me chained really close to him. I felt like I was against the tailgate of his truck and then he had his flashers on and they were reflecting off my car and his tailgate blinding me. Something else was wrong. I started to tell J.W to call him and tell him to stop I couldn’t do this we needed to fix somethings. Oh the fact he used a chain not a strap or rope was really bothering me as well. I don’t like to use chains to tow things and as close as I was to the back of the truck being on a chain bothered me. And the fact that I was chained so close behind him I could not see around him to see what was going on or what was coming up. It was a huge mess.

J.W did not have his phone number and couldn’t call him to get him to stop, turn his flashers off or anything else. We were coming off the on ramp as he is telling me this and I have semi trucks and everything else flying around me and by me. I started to go into full blown panic attack. I could’t help it everything was so wrong and I couldn’t get him to stop. It was like being on a fair ride that you couldn’t get them to stop and let you off of. But you were responsible for stopping both of you but only when the time came and they were ready. But you can’t see what is going on to know when you need to start stopping everything.

Poor J.W, was trying to help and calm me down and telling me this and that. I yelled at him, I can’t, you don’t understand. He tried to say something else and I yelled at him to just stop and not say or do anything. He just looked at me like he didn’t know what to do or say and started to say sorry. I just said I can’t you have to stop. He just sat there. All this is happening with in seconds or minutes as I am being drug down the on ramp and snatched out onto the road.

Once we got out there everything was past us, I was able to calm myself down and come to terms with it all and figure out how to work with what was happening. I am shocked I was able to calm myself down enough so fast to be able to do what I needed to do. I was able then to talk to J.W the rest of the way and he helped me some once I figured out what I needed. My friend was at work I couldn’t take it to his shop. I didn’t want it at my house because I didn’t know what I was going to do with it or who was going to work on it or what. I didn’t want it done here. I have enough issues with the people complaining and starting about whatever they can around here. We took it to JW’s house and I got a ride home from there.

I dropped the kids at school and started walking over to his house to get some things and to either walk to work or go catch the bus and get to work. My Good Friend messaged asked where I was at. I told him walking and where. He said he would be there in a bit he was on his way to the car to look at it. A few minutes or less later JW’s friend pulls up and picked me up. I guess he was on his way to go somewhere before work and seen me. He took me over and dropped me off and my friend met me there. He said he was pretty sure it was to far gone to make it worth fixing. But they would come get it take it to the shop and figure it out from there. I told him just leave it there i didn’t know what I was going to do I wasn’t fixing it if it was that big of a problem. JW’s friend picked him up for work. He dropped us of there and went to do some other things and then came and took me to work. I think I called in to my night job that night.

I called around to scrap yard and junkyards and found a place that said they would come pick it up and give me $300 for it. That was twice what anywhere around me wanted to give me. Good Friends said his brother would maybe buy it from me but he only wanted to give me scrap price and said that he called the junk yard and they said $125 to $150. I told him I found the place for $300 he said if I could get that to jump on it and take it because that was really good right now and twice what others wanted to give. I told him I knew I had been calling and that they were supposed to come get it the next day at 12.

I don’t know if I got a ride or walked to J.W’s house but I got over there and they came and gave me the money and took it. I cleaned it all out before they got there so it was ready to go. My friend drove me to Melbourne to look at one Mr. Responsible friend had but then the friend wasn’t there when we got there. It was getting late I just went home. I got up the next day and rented a truck for the week so that I could get to and from work and not lose a job or hours. Then Saturday I took it and went to find something Saturday. I came home with one too. I got a good deal and a really nice truck.

It is the same as my other just different motor and it isn’t 4 wheel drive. But the guy who bought it new was Ford mechanic and the guy I bought it from had money to keep it up and make sure it had no problems. New tires less than 10,000 miles on them, new a/c newer front end a year or two old and other things. Anything known to be a problem or go out has been fixed. The heat even works on in it. I haven’t had heat in a car in 10 years probably. I am so much happier with it than my little car. I really need the extra room. The kids are so much happier too.

I can’t right now but I want to have it painted. I am thinking about this color green……

I want to fix it up nice. It is in great shape, no rust two tiny dents thats it really. Few little things inside i want changed thats it really. I want to fix it because it is in such good shape. I don’t want it to be something that in a few years from now is a mess because the little things were let go not taken care of. I want to finally take one and do it just how I want it done. Paint seats everything. My project. Do little things when i have extra to spend on me. It has rims the grill guard. I want to paint it, get my seat covers for it. Maybe a few other things here and there as i go.

All J.W friends are like oh wow, we knew she wanted an suv. We thought she was getting a little Mountaineer or something small like that. Not something big and tuff badass like that. He just laughs says no she wanted something big with room. She had one before her car wanted another one. They can not believe what I paid for it. They blown away I gave so little for it.

J.W teases me all time about wanting a big truck. Me and big trucks. Then I told him I found something and pulled up in it. He just laughed was talking about how nice it was and then looked worried. He said how much did you pay for it? I told him he was like what? Really? That’s all or a down payment? You’re not making payments are you? I said yes that is all no payments. The title is right there. Not that it really mattered if I was making payments. But he knows it would be a stretch for me and not give me any wiggle room with hours. And i would be stressed out until it was paid off. That if i had to make payments i would end up way over paying for it.

We did some repo’s i parked them at his house to make it easier for them to be picked up. I needed my truck moved so i could park the repo. I gave him the key asked him to move it. He backed up and turned pulled around the yard and parked. I parked the repo got out to go inside he got out. He said wow I really like driving that. I want a big truck now. I busted out laughing. He said what? I said you drove it a few feet through the yard and listen to you. Your hooked already. He just smiled said what i like it.

I told him he can take it in his trip at Christmas tine if he wants to. He wants to state hope and pick up his kids. All go see his mom. He laughs. I mean it. I had already told him before he could.

Okay for now that is one of the big changes since this stay home lockdown, might be locked down mess started. Stay turned more big adventurers to come soon.

{October 18, 2018}   Keeping It

I have decided for now I am just going to keep my truck. Running wise I need the speed things other than that I need the front end fixed. So probably a little over $300 in parts then someone to put them in.

Once I have some money coming in I want to get it painted. I don’t care for the color and it could use a paint job. It isn’t bad but has some chipped spots. I am going to paint it the color of my old truck I think. I like that color. Or maybe the blue on the one I have been seeing around town that I like so much. We will see. I will have to check that one out and see what color blue that is. I think they had it painted because I have not seen that color on one before.

I will just drive it until it won’t go anymore or I have money and find one I want. In the meantime I will work on getting a little Ranger.

I love my truck but it is a lot to drive all the time when I am alone or just me and a few kids. Its a lot of truck but I need the room when we all want to go or have to go. If I get something smaller I will save on gas when I am by myself.

Once I fix it paint it, it will be like a new truck really. I am not worried about the motor because they go forever. I would not be worried about driving it to anywhere I wanted to move at that point no matter how far we decided to go.

{October 11, 2018}   To Sell or Not To Sell

I have been checking out trucks from one end of the state to the other, one side to the other and everything in between. I can not find anything under like $6000. If I do they are not in good shape.

I found one for $4280 what an odd price, but anyway it was a few miles from my house so I went to look at it. Me and oldest went, and checked it out. We pulled up there it sat we looked at it in it around it. It was nice for the price. No one ever came out to help us so we walked inside. There was an old guy and younger guy at a desk together. I ask him about it and the old guy started right away. Telling me it was his sons truck, how great it was, all the places he had been and how it wasn’t 4wd but it still hauled a boat like it was nothing. I heard boat and I almost left but I didn’t, but I should of. I had not gotten under to look for rust or anything like that yet but had decided I wanted to hear it run, so we went in then he said that. We took the key he said feel free to test drive it, so we did.

Thank god we were on back streets but they are still pretty busy and a lot of big trucks around. I went to stop and the break peddle sunk to the floor all the way and we were still going zoom down the street a few blocks. I stepped down it moved a tiny bit more but not much. By now i am standing on it and it feels like i am going to push it thorough the floorboard. But we stopped. But when we did there was a metal ripping away from metal sound. Not even a grinding like it needs breaks and the metal is grinding on the rotors. This was like metal ripping from metal. We easied it back to the old man’s lot and parked it. Oh and the check engine light was on and it had a miss like maybe a coil pak or something.

We walked back inside, I gave him his key back and ask him why the check engine light was on and what was the miss? He had no idea what I was talking about. Yeah right, wanted to know what I meant. Then I said and it has no breaks. What yes it does good ones I just checked it out a few days ago thats my sons truck or was I know its in top shape and breaks are good. I said look it has none, when I touch the peddle it slams to the floor in about half a second and I am still saling down the road. If I stand on it and almost push it through the truck it finally stops. But then it sounds like metal ripping away from metal not even like grinding like the rotors would sound. He got mad but was trying not to lose his cool you could tell. The younger guy sitting across the desk from him looked like he could not believe I just called him out on all this went into detail what it sounded like and didn’t sound like and that I knew what it all was. He look at the floor and me and look like he was trying not to laugh at the old guy getting called out by a women. Old guy said come back in a few days I am going to have it looked at there was nothing wrong with it a couple days ago. I laughed said bye.

We got outside oldest said he seem like he got mad. I said yeah because he seen women easy target money maker. When a women came back told him all the problems he did not like it. His easy target wasn’t so easy now she knows her stuff. I said you notice he said come back in a few days he have it looked at? I said he don’t want me to come back and he isn’t going to have it looked at. If he did and was and there were truely no problems and it ran so good he been all over about how sorry he was we were out there with no breaks and things and saying he was going to get it looked at right away. He would of wanted to take my number and let me know as soon as they figured out the problem and fixed it in hopes I would come back and buy it.

I knew something was up it says in his add it is worth over $6000 but selling for $4280 what a great deal just don’t need it anymore. If you know it is worth that much more and your a lot then why would you not try to get at least that for it then have room to haggle when people come but still make some money. Needles to say we won’t be going back. Other than that they are all a lot.

I am going to turn my application in then message the guy who wants mine tell him after looking I can’t find privet owner under $6000 and dealer most are more. See what he says.

If I could find a decent one for around $3000 to $3500 and I could get the ranger for $500 to $900, I would say give me $5000 call it even. The guy has had the ranger for about 2 weeks. If he still has it I bet he would take $500 for it. I have a feeling it must have something wrong with it or someone would jump on it for that price. But maybe because we are going into holidays people just aren’t buying. And right now things are up there in price. Most the time this time of the year things are cheap because people aren’t buying because of holidays. But at $900 I would think someone would jump on it that is looking and need something. I don’t know.

I am going to also ask him if he has anything for me to do for work tomorrow so I can make some money to pay my phone bill and car insurance.


{October 10, 2018}   Truck For Sale

He finally showed up to the diner right at 9 like he had said. I did not know it was him at first a big gold pick-up pulled up next to me facing the other way. He got out and walked around I got out and walked around to the other side of the truck. I was going to open doors and things for him to check it out. Then he ask what I was doing today if I was in a hurry to get to work? I toldnhim no I didn’t have to work until 2 I was free until then. He ask if I had someone with me. I told him no. The he ask if I would join him for breakfast. I said sure, I wanted to talk to him about work and things anyway.

We walked inside boy if looks could kill. There was an elderly couple sitting out front they had been watching me since I parked and then didn’t get out. Then he pulled up got out we talked and then went inside together. Felt like I had daggers sticking through me. Made me kind of mad but I didn’t say anything he goes there they know him and I would like to use this to make a little extra money here and there.

We sat down and they brought us drinks and we ordered. Wasn’t but a few minutes he was on the subject of Starfish and what was up with him and what was between us and what had or had anything been. I said nope we are just friends I tried to help him let him rent that room and things told him what happen. I said I never told him he had to leave even then I just said I can’t have this at my house you said x,y,z you can’t be doing this we need to sit down and talk. I said he disappear for days came back and left.

He said I don’t know about Starfish he just Starfish. I said yep what I say. I said he left I didn’t hear from him for month or two then out of the blue middle of the night I get message he needs to talk and we will for days week or more then I don’t hear from him again for weeks a month then I get a message again. I said Bff said she thinks I’m the only one who hasn’t turned my back on him even with what happen that I am that one consistent person he can turn to. He said again there is nothing between yall haven’t been? I said no I scare him and laughed. He said what, why, how? I said because I have my stuff together, I have a place a car and things like that. He knows I won’t and don’t put up with crap. He said I keep telling him he needs to at least have his own place and car and things. I said don’t get me wrong if I didn’t have kids and I was single I would live with someone be a roommate. I said I struggle and its all I can do to keep rent paid and toss a little money at bills here and there when I can. So I can see staying with someone or being roommates if your single. For him I think being at his moms is good because there really aren’t that many decent people around. I didn’t say that part to him but I do.

He ask me if I was still working for Bff’s husband and how close I was to him. I said I’m not. He said you worked there a while didn’t you? I said yes but I haven’t for a while. I said me and his wife are best friends but I don’t see him much. He wanted to know about their truck it is up to go on the repo list and things. I said I am not surprised. We talked a little. He said just don’t say anything I am trying to figure out how to handle it. I was told it was in the shop. I said I know it was too but she had to go out of town last night so he thinks it is out of town for now.

When we were talking about the truck and things, I said I wouldn’t think twice about getting in it going anywhere with my kids. He said that was going to be next question. He said would you go to GA in it? I said I was going to like last week. I said I was going to go to NC no problem. He said to visite or move? I said move he ask why I didn’t. I told him I was about to be homeless if I had to start over I may as well do it somewhere else cheaper with family. He said where is your husband or what? Where you ever married? I said yes he is about 5 miles away but don’t see his kids or pay a dime for them. I said if it gets paid or bought I do it all. I said my little ones dad seen her one time. He said thats not right. I said nope but its life.

Something was said about where I lived. He said so you must live close to here. I said you know where you stopped me the other day? He said yeah. I said I live right at the end of that street. He said where what house? I said go to the end the two across on the corner I live in the one here across from the spanish guy who has the trailer of yard stuff. He said oh I know where that is. How did I not know that was your truck all this time. I go by there all the time I have friends that live right on this street my son knows people. They are on the street that goes down the side of my house.

He paid for breakfasts and we walked outside he was taking pictures of the truck and things. i open it up showed him inside and things. He walked around the back was taking pictures of the side. He said I can not believe you deliver pizza’s in this big thing. I was kind of behind and beside him. I said I do what I have to do to make the money and get the bills paid. He cocked his head toward me and said no no don’t say that. I said its true or something at same time he said something as he was walking away. I laughed, I said not like that! Legally I do whatever I have to that is legal to make sire the bills are paid. He laughed. He said I know but you got be careful what you say or how you say things to people. I said yeah I guess.

I open the hood and things showed him we talked about the motor and things. He said something about jobs. He said his friend was quiting his job at the little store the other guy he thought was leaving. I said really. He said I will talk to him you go see him. I said okay. Then he said what are you doing now? I said nothing, he said why don’t you follow me up there I am headed there now we can talk to them. So I followed him to the store we went in and I talk to the guy he said he give my name and number to the boss. He said he worked 6am to 2pm. 6 days a week. I told him I could do that it would work out great for me. He said he would let his boss know. It is on the books and everything so I will get paid at least $8.25 hope more and over time. Oldest would have to get kids to school but I would be here to pick them up, here all after noon for homework and things, here for dinner and bed time. Even if I work Saturday if I am off by 2pm we have the rest of the day. A lot of times we don’t go out before lunch.

We left there he was asking again about bff’s truck if I was going by the shop. If I could stop in there without it seeming funny. I told him not it would seem odd and how they had taken it from there she had to go out of town. He said oh thats right. He said I think I am going to call her chat see if she can help us. I said she will. She dont want to be caught out in it and them take it and she is stuck. He said no and i don’t want to do that. I have to talk to her now get her in the loop and what to expect. She knows how her husband is and that it is what it is.

He said he was going to pick up the car he been telling me about he would get a hold of me in about 30 minutes. I figured it be longer. It was around an ho u r he wanted to know if I had a number for him. We talked he said he have to research it some. I told him that was fine let me know.

When we were eating he said he had a ranger at the lot. I remember back when Starfish saying he had one. Maybe a different one but don’t know. But I thought about it text him ask him if he still had it or had? He didn’t answer for a while then called me said he had but it sold. He said it was still there but being ship overseas it should of already been gone. I said oh well okay. Told him I was going to come look at it and crunch numbers. He said you can come look at if you want. I said now what good would that do me if I can’t buy it? I am looking for something to buy not just look at. He said well true but if you want to come by see it you can. I said okay. He said you have to go to work soon don’t you? I said I just pulled in figured I would get an extra hour or so if I can. He said oh okay i be in touch soon and we can talk about some work too.

He keeps calling me if I just text ask a question he won’t just answer he calls me. Then just hangs there. It’s akward to get off the phone. It isn’t like he is my bff or even someone I know well to chit chat with. Just like when I ask about him having a truck. He could of just said no sold it. In a text. Instead he calls then goes into all the details and says I can still stop and look at it. Then just nothing like he trying think of something to say. Then starts asking me shouldn’t I be going to work soon and things. It was like pulling teeth trying to get off the phone. 2 second text would of taken care of it.

I haven’t come up with a number yet they are hard to find a decent one at a good price. The ones I am finding are up there in price right now. So I do not know if this is going to work. But that just means mine is worth more if those are going for more. My head still feels like it is going to explode, I have had horrible headache since yesterday.  I am going to try and rest an hour or two before I start running for the day.

{July 13, 2018}   2005 Chevy Trailblazer

Last night I posted about not having a ride and needing to do things. A friend commented and then boss from the shop did. He said he told bff to tell me he would traid an 05 Trailblazer with 3rd row seat for my truck.

That from what I can remember is about the size of a Ford Explorer. Hardly any room with 2 seats and now they added a 3rd. It’s 2 steps down than what I have now and a Chevy. I had an explorer when my older two were little it was ok but cramped then. I can not see putting 4 kids in one. Plus dogs and things. I know it is worth about half of what my truck is right now as it sits and a quarter of what its worth or less if it was fixed.

Now I see why he hasn’t offered to help fix it. Any other time he tell me bring it in he get the parts help me fix it. Pay him when I could and things. But now he wants it and figures I am in a jam I will trade him. He has been buying a bunch of suv’s the last few months to fix and sell. Thinking about opening a lot instead of the shop. He figures he get my truck for nothing fix it for next to nothing because it don’t need that much in parts and he don’t pay the guys labor pay he pays them next to nothing and the same if they are working or not so he losing nothing that way. He only paid a few $100 for the one he is trying to give me. So he would walk away with all most all profit.

Thats pretty sorry but not surprising where it is coming from. When he knows I’m working my ass off and need a ride. Explains why he got mad at bff for giving me rides too. He never before and we are together all the time go everywhere. Since my truck broke down he been giving her shit for being with me giving me rides. And i been giving her gas money if we go anywhere unplanned like taking me to from work, the bank or something. That explains it right there. If I am stuck and desperate I am more likely to jump on the trade.

It sucks if I could turn the tag in and drop the insurence for a month and get to and from work for that month I could buy the parts. I could use the $200 I pay on it every month to buy the parts. My “friend” could put them in for me. Then I could use next months payment and start it again. But i can’t park it with no tag at my house. If I drop insurance don’t turn tag in they can take my license. Its due any day so I have to do it fast.

I haven’t said anything to boss. If he says anything I am just going to tell him I need something bigger than that. I’m going tell him also that I would be giving my truck away and it make more since for me to fix it than do that. I know he bought a bunch that are a step down from mine i may have considered one of them. But I don’t know that I trust him to of fixed it not just rigged whatever was wrong with them. Be stuck walking again.

{March 27, 2017}   Still No Bumper

Father of the year go to the junkyard and called to tell me that he found the two or three trucks they had there that would work with mind and they have no bumpers or brackets. He went to ask the guy if they had it and if there were more trucks somewhere else, the guy told him no they only had a few of those trucks they had been there a while and what he was looking for was sure to be gone long a go if it was any good but he could go look. I said ask him what happen to the one the lady told me she had? He told him they do not keep track of inventory of parts just vehicles. I was mad because I knew the person on the phone told me she had it all and told me all about it and all about the truck that was like mine that didn’t have the part.

She told me the truck that was like mine didn’t have any front end or motor it was pretty much stripped already. I ask her if she had any trucks that would interchange with mine that would have it? She said they do not have a list to show what trucks would interchange with mine. I then asked her if she had any 99-2004 F-250 Super Duty trucks with bumper and brackets. She said she had the bumper I ask about brackets and she said it was everything in good shape and the bumper was white. No problem with me because I can just get a few cans of bumper paint and paint it. When the guy told him they did not keep a list of parts for each I called the number back and asked for any F-250 Super Duty trucks she said she had a few 2001’s. I asked if they had bumpers and brackets and she told me I can’t tell you that you just have to go out and check it and see, we don’t keep a list of parts just what kind of vehicles we have. I was so mad because I just wasted gas money going up there for nothing.

I love my truck but I hate that it or any that interchange with it are hardly ever found in the junkyard unless they are just damaged beyond usage. The one like mine he said looked like it had been rolled a few times and the front end tore off it. I have no idea what they did to roll it and do that kind of damage because they are huge and weigh just below 8000 lbs. I am going to call the other junkyard that is here local that I deal with all the time back and ask them about other trucks that match up to mine. I thought they all had that in their computers and it would pull any matches when they check but if the one today don’t I bet they don’t either. The one today is a huge company that is all over the country and the little local one I deal with is one little yard here in town. I am starting to think that I am going to have to suck it up and go back and get the one I tried to get Friday where the guy wouldn’t let me go back and look at it because I didn’t have shoes on just flip flops even though I was signing a release to not hold him responsible. I got a little angry and said some things as I left because I called him on the phone and talk to him told him I would be in a little bit to look at it. Where we are almost everyone wears flip flops year round he should have just said hey put some shoes on or what. Then got nasty with me when I didn’t have any on. I guess we will see he already told me it was damaged so I don’t even know if it is worth it, even for the bracket’s because I can get them for the same price he wants on line brand new. I hope the yard I call tomorrow has something for me. We have one other one close that father of the Year worked for when he was doing towing but I have dealt with them in the past. They charged me for stuff then refused to give me everything they said. Then told me it was my fault I knew it wouldn’t work when I asked for it. I told them when I asked for it if they could give me everything I was asking for then it would work but if they couldn’t then I didn’t need any of it they a sure me they could give me everything I was asking for and glad I spent the time to make sure everything I needed before just buying stuff not knowing if it was going to work or needing to return stuff. I had been there three different days then to make sure they had what I needed once I knew what I wanted to do would work once I found out if i would work. Then they pulled that crap because they didn’t want to cut brackets out of the floor of the truck after telling me no problem.

I better get some sleep before I am falling a sleep in class tomorrow.

{December 26, 2016}   Just Something Else to Take Care Of

Yesterday on the way to my sisters to meet the kids for dinner I had an accident. Yes another one in a year and half or so. I can not believe this. I have been driving for 22 years and never had an accident and now this.

I have no idea where he came from I did not see him at all but turned into him. We pulled over but then this lady from the house he left came down there started yelling at me and jumping on me. I thought he was calling police he was on the phone then I she is yelling just call the police, call the police. He just stood there not saying anything or doing anything she started again. I said I’m not fighting with you, you all aren’t calling them I will. Pulled my phone out said we had an accident we need the police and hung up.

Next thing I know there is another women down there she was the owner of the car. she was not in it when it happen it was a guy by himself. Well then the cop came I was looking for the paperwork he wanted and she started talking to the police. I didn’t know it she told him she was driving so the cop never took the guys name checked his license or anything else. Then I called and reported to my insurance and it was all wrong and messed up because they asked for owner of the car then hung up when we they were done getting the information. They thought she was driving. She asked to talk to them so I let her then when they got back on the phone the lady hung up before I could talk to her again.

I started thinking about it all later and got the report and seen he was not listed and that they listed her as the driver. I called the cop back and told him this was not right he said she told him she was the driver but he wasn’t really worried about it or getting me the information for the other person who was driving or to see if he was even legal to drive. Told me well it wouldn’t make a difference who was driving although it would if he wasn’t legal. I just said ok and hung up I wasn’t fighting with him it was late I was tired and knew I was going to get no where with him. He told me if my insurance company wanted the information then they needed to get it from her.

Today I called talk to dispatch again and told them I had an accident the cops came the paperwork was filled out wrong. I told them I wanted to talk to whoever was in charge. Well then she wasn’t there so they said she would call me back after she got in and they had their meeting. An hour or so after their meeting I was getting a call. The cop was calling me back. He wasn’t happy he was like I thought everything was fine when we hung up last night I told you I would get you the information as soon as I could. I said no you told me it didn’t matter and that if my company wanted it they could get it from her. I said now i have someone not even in the car saying they were driving and in the car and they can sue me for injuries or whatever. I have some man I do not even know who he is wondering around out there who could sue me as well or anyone else who decided to since we don’t know who he is. I said they have been in trouble for fraud and drugs and everything else already so I can’t assume they aren’t going to try something they already are or they wouldn’t have said she was driving.

He said well she still says she was driving and I told her you had no reason to lie about it and that she wasn’t, but she is still saying she was in the car. He said he told her he wasn’t going to take her or him to jail and whatever but he needed the information. But he just called her didn’t see the guy so he don’t know if this is the right guy and right information I am sure. He started about I could have given you a ticket and things blah blah about the insurance and the laws and this or that. I said well I have the information I needed I will be talking to the insurance offices tomorrow about this all and letting them know that she was not in the car and that he was driving.

She was so worried about her insurance finding out and dropping her and had just left my company and went with this new one in October so something isn’t right. I am going to call both and let them know she was not in the car she was not driving the car, she was not even outside and seen what happen. That she lied to the cop and had it put on the report she was. I see this being a long drug out process and being a fight because I am not going to be hit to pay for injuries and things when she was not in the car and he said he was fine. They didn’t even send a fire truck ambulance tow truck nothing out. I wish the cop had impounded the car now until we got to the bottom of all this. But I am sure if she don’t give the insurance company what they want they are not going to pay out and she wants to get it settled fast so she may just give them the information and get it over with. I think that what I have should cover the damage but I don’t know.

I called the insurance company back last night told them what was going on they said I had to call when the office was open they just collect information and that was it. I have to talk to them about if this all matters and what to do. Over the weekend and yesterday it said they were closed for the holiday or something. When I call today it says push this push that push this over here now and then hold for the next person to talk to. I help twice forever until I had to hang up and no one answered so I gave up figured they must me closed and I will call tomorrow.

I don’t know how I feel it just seems so serial and like a dream. I still can’t figure out how I hit him or where he came from. It dented my bumper in on the driver side knocked the lights on that side all out and bent the fender again. I will probably have to replace it all. nothing I can do until February. I have to get the lights of course but that is all I can do really and I can’t afford to do that even, but I have to.

Her car it broke the mirror off on the passenger side and it and my light I guess smacked the window on that side and broke it out. Then went down the side and dented the doors and scuffed the paint up. It was still drive able they can’t get them doors open probably. I don’t think it bent the frame or caused enough damage to total it. It was a 2011 impala.



{February 24, 2015}   I Finally Got It










It looks a little ruff in the picture, but really it looks a lot nicer outside in the light.

Well I went back the next night and brought the truck I went and looked at. Father of the year called the husband and told him how much he had and could pay asked if he could do that. He said sure and set it up with his wife to pick it up since he had went out of town. I told the lady when I got there that I was sorry about the night before. I told her the truth that my dad had most always been rode a long with me when I bought my trucks and things. That I am not handling the loss very well, that this was the first major thing I had to do or deal with since he passed then him not with me on top of it. That it just really hit me when we got there the night before and I couldn’t do anything. She was really nice and understood.

Me and the kids drove it home. The next day I went and got tags and things for it. It did need a tire so we went and grabbed that before we went anywhere. So glad I did it rode so much smoother once i got the tire put on it. My sister said a few days a latter when she was riding with me, it feels like your floating on a cloud.

my mom looked out and looked at it when I got to her house but didn’t come out and look. Of course she started as soon as I got in. You paid how much for a 14 year old truck. I said yes but blue book it almost $7000 on it and if you look on line and try to buy them they go for $5000 to $10,000 and sometimes more depending on the motor and things in it. She said I bet they don’t or something like that, as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. I said they do I have looked them up I looked this one up and I have been researching and watching them for a few years. I said they are not only hard to find a lot of times but also wanted by a lot of people and hold their value. She just said oh and didn’t say anything else.

Later she came outside and she open it all up and looked at it and things. She said it’s big, it sits higher than mine. Then she walked around in front of it and was going to go back inside. She turned and was talking to me and looked at it sitting there by hers. She said it makes mine look like a dwarf I’m going to have to get me one of them. She likes big cars/trucks. She drives a Suburban I got a Excursion.

She had been trying to get me to get a Suburban a few nights before. She was looking them up and telling me about them. Different ones to go look at. She has had three that I can think of over the years. She seems to always have a lot of problems with them. This one she has gotten I don’t know how much money into parts and things. She called me tonight and wanted me to come follower her home because she was worried she wasn’t going to make it because it isn’t running right yet again. The parts seem to cost a lot more for hers than mine too.

I am happy with mine just getting use to driving it and parking it. It isn’t much bigger than my other truck but its enough I’m not 100% comfortable with it yet. But I haven’t drove it a lot and I still feel like I’m walking around in a haze. That of course don’t help things none. I haven’t gotten to take it out and test the 4 wheel drive either but soon enough I will find someone to go with.


I’m going this weekend I hope to get the decals I want for it. I can’t get the seat covers I want right now they just cost to much to do after buying the truck paying up rent and things. If I hadn’t paid the rent up I could of went ahead and got them. But the rent is more important and it is better to be paid ahead. Hope to be able to keep it a couple months ahead we shall see.

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