{October 28, 2019}   A 3rd Job Again

It looks like I am going to have to pick up some kind of 3rd job again for a while. Although I was getting on top of things and had everything but the lights paid up and was making payments on the repair fee’s I was pretty much on top of things. I feel I was as everything I owed was going to be paid up to $0 balance and only have the repair fee’s I would be making payments on and then monthly bills that would be paid on time.

But with this $400 going out unexpected then my car insurance renewing this month and still owing on repair fee’s and needing to do Christmas for the kids. I am starting to sink and fast all in the blink of an eye. Even thought I was caught up for the most part I had not been able to get that savings or cushion to fall back on in times like this built up yet. That was next on the list. To start saving to have a little put away. That is tricky as well seeing as my son gets Ssi. Because I am not supposed to have over $2000 in assists. That includes vehicles, cash on hand and savings. How are you supposed to get ahead or put away for a crisis or emergency, unexpected things in that case? They tell you to have 4 to 6 months of bill money in the bank in case something happens. Even one to two months of money would put me over the limit alone much less having the second vehicle. So then that is going to take money out of the pot each month so then I will have to use out of my savings to make up for it there for not really getting ahead again because I will have to take out every month to make up for what is taken away. I would love to be able to get by without having that money at all and would be happy to just have 2 months of savings in the bank and be able to put so much away to make up if some had to be taken out. But right now that just isn’t the case and to start taking away right away I don’t see how to go about it all.

I am thinking of posting an add on craigslist again looking for a few offices to clean in the evening on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can clean them after the kids go to bed at night on the weekend and gives me leeway between doing them Saturday or Sunday. Whatever night I can get to them. If they are mid size office’s I can get around $75 to $100 and if I could do even one that would help a good deal right now. I don’t want to over load myself and try to do to many. I haven’t crunched numbers but I think if I pick one up at $100 a weekend I would be okay or close enough or get me by. Let me feel some relief and not feel so strapped.

I have thought about doing pizza’s again on Saturday night if she needs me. But that is a lot of wear and tear on my car that I don’t know I want to start putting on this one. I have put a bunch of miles on it already, I don’t need to put more than I have to on it because it is going to start breaking like my truck once I start doing them. The start and go, start and go a 100 miles or more a night is a lot of stress on a car.

If I did an office or two on the weekend I can hopefully find one or two close to home and I just drive there park and drive home. Not running it for hours all night like I would doing pizza’s. Even if I had to go a little further than I would like I hope to go less than 10 miles one way and 20 miles round trip is still better than miles on in all night.

I thought about doing coupons and making holiday baskets and selling them. But I don’t have the money to put out to make them and sell them. I don’t have the $15 or more to put out on newspapers and then buy product to do them and sit on them until they sell. I would need to be buying things now and making them to be able to have a bunch made for the holiday shopping rush right after Thanksgiving up until Christmas. I could put baskets, bags, stockings and things like that together for men, women, and kids. I use to make them for the teachers for the holidays. I would put body spray, lotion, body-wash and things like that in them. Toss in some kind of gloves, socks, towel, washcloth or towel for your hair or other little things for guys. You have a nice gift for a friend, co worker or someone you want to grab something nice for on a budget. Kids you can put one together with coloring books, puzzles, something to read a comic book, markers, crayons all kinds of things just dependent on the age. You can have orders where you put baskets together depending on theme or age.

I seen some nice drawstring bags on line for sale someone had made they were trying to sell that would be perfect that I would love to get but just don’t have the money to put into them. They have a couple 1000 or so and want to sell the lot. I would buy them because I know I would use them and sell them with no problem probably to make things like this. It stinks because there are so many things like this I could make money at but it cost so money to get started. I wish I had not dropped my credit score because I would go to the bank and try to get a lone. For a few grand. Pay the rest of the repair money off and the lights. Then I would buy a bunch of things and make a bunch of baskets and bags up and have them ready and start selling them. I would go ahead and buy Christmas for the kids so that it would be take care of and not have to worry about it.

I could take two grand pay things up spend less than $500 make a bunch of baskets and make back at least a grand or more probably depending on how many I make how big and nice they are and things. I thought about doing pizza’s for a few weeks and no mater what take it and buy supplies and do it. But I know I can’t do it that way I need to be able to get a bunch at one time and it would cost me money in gas and I’m not able to know I am going to make a good enough chunk to make it.

{May 24, 2017}   Sometimes More is Better

When I left work earlier he said he bring me some cash by later in case I needed money. I figured he pay me Friday or next week, not sure if they get paid every week or how, I didn’t even know if I was being put on the payroll or getting cash. I just needed the hours and the money I wasn’t going to complain either way. He said that I told him that would be great and thanks a lot. I left at 1230 and they were getting ready to go to lunch so he had to go to the bank and things.

This evening I was going to make dinner and his wife messaged me ask if I was home, I told her yes. I figured they didn’t see my truck in the driveway and thought I was gone. She said they were out and on their way over to bring me money. She came and gave me $50 cash. I was surprised because that is over $6.50 more than what I was told I would make. But he went and got it and was with her and gave it to her to give me so I know it was right. It helps, I can get gas, oil and maybe have a few dollars left over. But we will have what we need. I know he knows the situation is why he did it. It was nice of him.

That is one thing I miss about my old job doing bail bond, I use to get all kinds of bounces there in addition to my pay when business was doing good. I got a lot more bounce money than the owners mom who worked there even. They use to give it to me when she wasn’t there, have the other owners wife give it to me at church or give me an envelope when I was leaving ask me to mail it or do this or that with it. It would have money in it. One day we were about 5 or 6 months into the year and she was complaining that they never give us anything extra and all that WE did around there and things. She had a book she kept her stuff written down in because she had some jobs that were commission, I guess she wrote down any bounces she got too. She was having a fit that she only made $200 that year what they had given us. I was sitting back in my head thinking and figuring I had gotten money three times that years all added up to $600. But I also went in and really cleaned and deep cleaned the office, I cleaned the office and storage/file room out and got rid of tons of stuff that was all over. I wrote a lot of bonds and one very large bond for one of the guys that had been in prison for almost 30 years and then they found he had nothing to do with it. But they still made him post a bond until the formal paperwork and hearing could go through. It was over a $100,000 for one bond the people had called 3 or 4 other companies they told them to come in after lunch and things like that. He ask me if I was in the office if I was going to lunch soon. I told him yeah I was in the office if he was on his way I would wait to go to lunch and he then told me how much the bond was and that he would be there in a little bit.   Just different things I did over my normal job or what I had to do. When I did they were grateful and showed it.

I don’t expect it every time but it was nice tonight with things being so tight. It was nice at my last job to working for someone that cares and see’s you as more than a body to keep the door open and knows what you bring to the company. Treats you like a person and not as if your job is the first and only thing in your life.

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