As you all know from my other post I feel this whole shut down was uncalled for. If they had not done it there would be no need for these checks. But it is only right that if the government is going to randomly shut everything down or close to everything down for no good reason they should have to do something to help the people out. And really this isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to how much people are really losing over all this. But it is better than nothing.

But they should not tell people one thing and do something else. When they first signed everything and said it was going to happen they said that everyone would get them no matter what as long as you met the income limit. They brought up people who owed back taxes, student loans, child support and other things they normally take tax money for. They said no this was not affected by that. They were not taking them you would get them.

Because I said to J.W. that they would probably take his for back support he owes. He said no they said they said we would get it because of what is going on they are trying to make sure everyone gets what they need. He was planing on trying to get a car with it. Or at least pay and fix his license and put the rest up for a car. He was excited because it would help him get ahead some. Not have to borrow money or save forever to do it. I told him I would pay to get his license if he wanted to put it toward a car and just pay me back weekly or monthly. Because I was taking a chunk of mine putting in savings for rent. His boss will let him borrow money but she charges him all this interest on it. This way he isn’t paying that and wasting money and can get it paid off quicker. He wants to buy his cousin who pasted away last years truck from his aunt. But she won’t take payments because one of the other kids did that and never paid her for the car. I can understand that. But there is not point in having the thing if he can’t drive it and it don’t need to sit for to long either. It isn’t a lot to get his license back either. It would help him, he has helped me and others have helped me as well. I am in a spot I can help someone then I will. Just a lot more careful about it than before.

Anyway today I went over and seen him before he had to go to work. He went Easter shopping with me. We stopped at the little store to get coffee and some how checks came up because they should be coming out this week. He said that he isn’t getting one now, they have decided to take them for back support owed. He wasn’t happy I don’t blame him.

We went on finished getting our coffee and got in line and I thought of it. If they are doing that then I will get $1200 extra because Father of the Year owes almost $6000 in back support. I looked at him and said that means I will get extra. I was kind of excited about it but not that he wasn’t getting any but that father of the year is sitting there thinking he is going to get this check for doing nothing after he has everything else handed to him and now he isn’t getting it.

J.W. didn’t like that, he got a little aggravated I think. I don’t blame him I really wasn’t trying to sound excited or rub it in. It was just one of those things where you think of something and it is like oh yeah wow or duh I’m just thinking of that. He said I’m getting nothing and your getting it or getting extra. I said hey now I am not getting yours, I have nothing to do with why you are not getting yours. He said I know that isn’t what I mean. I said my situation and yours are two different things. I feel he should get his, should Father of the Year get his no.

Out of 4 cases mine and three others I know about personally who involve child support they do not handle any of it like they should. They let people like Father of the Year skate by and do nothing to him and then ones who are paying or trying to pay do right they make it harder on. You all see how they have done my case and how it has taken them 7 years to even order a dna test on RC.

Then there is J.W case who had an agreement with his ex and was paying who they stepped in and decided that wasn’t good enough or what. Changed it up he wasn’t able to make the payments they wanted him to make so now he is behind. They went to his house and picked him up on his way out the door to go to work and arrested him until someone paid to get him out. He owes no more current child support, just what he is behind and they are still taking his taxes every year and now his check like this.

Then there is my boss who is over paid in support his ex owes him and they keep taking money every pay day out of his check and sending in. They told him they won’t stop taking it out they will just hold it and send him a refund every 3 or 4 months. That is his money that is money he don’t owe and could use but they are going to take it and hold it for no good reason until they decide to give it back to him. He has been to court and everything else over it. The judge ordered it stopped. They did for like a month or two and started again. Because they didn’t like the wording the judge used. Even though they can see that he is paid ahead for x amount of time and the order says it is and that it needs to stop. He was still going around about it a few moths ago. I seen the order and things because he was using the computer at work to type a letter up and send them trying to get it stopped again.

Then there is Bff’s he pays when he wants and what he feels like paying. He is behind now and the only reason he is paying at all now is because it got to the point they were going to take his drivers license away and he would lose his CDL. He don’t want to lose that because he will lose his job. He is an over the road truck driver. So he pays just enough to keep his license and that is it. They don’t care and do nothing to him over it. Let him get away with it.

I know that Father of the Year did not file taxes in years so he will get a paper check so I don’t know how long it will take for them to send it and for me to get it. But I don’t care, it will help whenever it comes. I forgot until I talked to Bff that she owes back support as well so they aren’t going to get anything at all.

I guess it isn’t so much the checks as again the child support office who picks and chooses who to do what to and don’t go after the real deadbeats.

{April 15, 2019}   Little Bitty’s Birthday

I just noticed that I hadn’t posted about Little Bitty’s birthday or the days around it. Other than about not being motivated to write and things. I thought I had written about it and just went to see if I had posted something else and seen I hadn’t posted either.

The 4th was her birthday I took off from my night job and took the kids all to the fair that was in town. We were all supposed to go, my the kids, Bff and her kids and her Aunt and her son and Sleeping Beauty. We made plans made sure we were all going to be able to make it and everything.

Then as I was running to the store and talking to Bff about heading her way and when they would be ready she got a phone call. It was Sleeping Beauty and he just got a phone call saying his aunt only had a few hours to live. He needed to go to where she was at. She said he was stuck south of us and was trying to get home, she was going to have to take him because his mom was already gone. I told her it was alright not to worry about it I would get her kids and take them do what they had to do and we would make it work.

I told Little Bitty that she wasn’t going to go what was going on. She said well Bff better go fast and get him there because she drives slow and he needs to get there fast she can’t drive slow she needs to make sure he gets there fast. She understood and was more worried about him getting there before something happen to his aunt than them not being there. She is so caring and loving.

Bff’s daughter ended up bringing her kids to the fair and meeting us there and I picked up her aunt and son and brought them with me. We all had a good time. The kids left about an hour or so earlier than we did. I don’t know why but her oldest decided to go ahead and take them home.

Little Bitty still had a good time and enjoyed her birthday.

They ended up coming home later that evening, she came around an was asking to eat and things. They headed home. I told her that they will do things like that right before it happens sometimes. That if they thought that was a good sign it probably wasn’t. She said no they knew and that someone there had said that too. But that for now she was okay and they were coming back.

That was Thursday, Friday she took him to his moms and dropped him off and he went up with her to go back and see her. She is about 2 hours from where we are maybe more. His mom is a lot closer so that worked out. She messaged me about 4 that afternoon said that she just passed.

This past Wednesday when we were all out he was sitting there next to me in the booth and he said oh yeah he said we are supposed to go to my aunts service this weekend but we aren’t going. He said his mom was over all his aunts affairs and that her kids and her had been into it. Said they were mad that she shut her credit cards down and wouldn’t let them use them and things. He said they have said and done all kinds of things to his mom and they decided they just weren’t going to go.

I said I didn’t blame them and that I understood. Isn’t it wonderful how death brings out the worse in people. I said I have seen it so much. Even my grandpa’s funeral and passing was a mess because of my aunt. He said yeah it was messed up and that it wouldn’t end good if they ended up going and things. So they were just staying home.

{November 9, 2018}   Fun With Friends

Tuesday night I took the kids to the fair like me and Sleeping Beauty were supposed to do. We ended up meeting Bff there with her kids and my old boss from the shop. The older kids all took off on their own and went on rides. Her younger three and 3 of mine stayed with us. My oldest Big Boy don’t like to ride most the the rides so he just walks around and watches some of the shows.

My younger son the dare devil wants to go on all  the rides no matter what they do or how fast they go or how high. Then there is my Little Bitty she wants to go on a lot of them but a lot she wont go on and some they wouldn’t let her go on. Lucky for Dare Devil one of Bff’s kids who stayed with us likes to go on all those same rides he likes.

We first go there I took my three and one of hers on the horses and we rode those. They went in a few of the fun houses and things like that. Then we made out way over to the rock n roller the three boys were going to go on together and my and the two girls were going to ride together. Well they stopped the boys and wouldn’t let BFF’s son go on with my two boys. They told him he was to short. I was right behind them and told the guy I would take him on with my and Little Bitty and he said that was fine. So her daughter rode by herself because she was big enough so that everyone could ride.

Then we were by the Zipper and her daughter wanted to go on but they wouldn’t let her because she was by herself. So Dare Devil said he would go on with her. I figured they were going to say no because he wasn’t an adult and younger than her but they let him on. I guess they have some rule that they have to have two people in the car so she was alone everyone else was with someone they didn’t have anyone to put her with so they told her she couldn’t go. But let him go on with her since he was big enough and wanted to go. From there they got off and went on the boat thing that swings back and forth then right over to the Ring of Fire.

Dare Devil got off the ring of fire and the look on his face said it all. All of a sudden he dropped to his knees and it was over from there he puked everywhere. I reach down and snatched him up. I was trying to keep him from puking in the middle of where everyone walks and all over himself. I got him over out of the way a little more but not much and he puked again. After that he didn’t go on anymore rides for a while. He went with Big Boy and watched some shows then he went on a few of the kidder rides.

On the way home he said little kids go on these rides thinking they are going to be so much fun and then they get on them and they are terrifying. I said but then you go get on the next one and the next one after that it don’t stop you from getting on. He said yeah I know but I don’t think I am ever riding the Ring of Fire again in my life. I don’t want to puke no more. Little

Bitty had a blast even though they wouldn’t let her get on some of the rides she wanted to go on. Some she probably could of went on but I wasn’t willing to get on them with her.

I did take them on the ferris wheel I wasn’t feeling that at all. Sometimes I am okay with them sometimes I am not. They didn’t have the one I like. I don’t like any but I can go on it better than the other.

The one above is the ones I like to ride if I am going to.

These are what they had. Something about everyone being spread out around it and the way your down in it bothers me. Sends my anxiety through the roof. But my babies wanted to ride so I took them. Suck it up and adult.

{October 31, 2018}   No Trick or Treating

We are not going this year. I am not into it and do not want to spend almost $150 on costumes. They are only going to be used a few hours to collect candy that is going to lay in the pantry until Christmas or New Years before it gets tossed out. The costumes will just be tossed around never seen or used again.

I am going to get paid from both jobs on Friday I think I should have enough left to take them to the fair Monday or Tuesday. I can’t afford to do both and the fair they will have way more fun at. We spend hours 3 or 4 there sometimes. Kids can run from one ride to the next with no lines. If they don’t want to get off they can stay and go again.

I was talking to Sleeping Beauty yesterday and he said something about trick or treating. I said we weren’t going. He said what no you got to take them come on now. I told him about taking them to the fair. He said oh and that was a good idea. He said he wanted to go but no one wanted to. I told him come go with us he said he was. We will see.

I hope I can swing it. I probably will not be playing games or buying a ton of food but they have fun just riding. It is nice because everyone pays to get in then ride all the rides you want and watch the shows for free.

We went the last two years, last year we went with BFF and her family. I did the bullriding lol. Lord I forgot about that, I will have to make sure to have enough for the kids to do that too. RC started it with oldest and now the other kids want to now they are older. She does it every fair we go to now. I will have to challenge Sleeping Beauty lol. This might get interesting ha ha.

{November 5, 2017}   Two Nights At The Fair

Thursday night me and the kids met up with friends and went to the fair. I had talked to her about going a while back when I heard it was coming. I told her we should go during the week because there is almost no one there at all. We don’t wait in lines to go on the rides or anything. She called me last weekend and said it was here when did we want to go. We decided to go Thursday because of kids activities and ticker treating that week. We had 4 adults and 12 kids go that night. The teens all gathered up and went off on their own and me my friend and her husband all took the little ones and rode rides with them. My Little Guy the dare devil went on just about everything there. He rode the fire Ball and decided that wasn’t a good idea he didn’t want to do that again for a while.

They have the mechanical bull there as well and it is something that my oldest daughter has to do at any fair we go to that has it. R.C. started her on that when she was younger and she has every since. I tried to talk my friend into doing it but she would’t I decided to do it. I don’t know why but I did, it was fun but my oldest beat me by two seconds. The little boys done it as well, my little guy won over his friend.

The adults were talking about going back Saturday night to watch the real bull riding but then we never decided to. Then last night my friend calls me while I am in the middle of the store and says she is on her way to meet another friend of ours at the fair to see the show and walk around. I wasn’t going to go I was trying to get dinner for the kids and needed to do school work. I thought it was going to start soon. My oldest wanted to go she had been wanting to go and she heard us talking about it and got all mad. But I couldn’t take her because the other kids wanted to go and I didn’t have anyone to watch little bitty if I went. I finally told my friend I wasn’t going I wouldn’t have time to go home feed the kids and get ready and that I had one having a fit because she couldn’t go after all that we had done with them the last few weeks and things. I didn’t have $100 to walk in there for every one to just watch a show. I ended up spending over that the first night we went and I took everyone. I told her I was mad because if I ever want to walk out of the house a night this is what I get from everyone and everyone acts like I am so horrible for leaving them home or not staying home with them. I told her I am here doing it every day 24/7. I am working two jobs, going to school, trying to work in this internship, doing everything that has to be done for them as far as school, school meetings, doctors, home if they are sick and everything else. I take them places when I have the money and can or figure out how to do things with them and take them places this is how they act. I said but the other one is out running every day doing whatever they want spending their money that they should be getting for the things they need or to do the things they want if there is extra, has nothing to do with them and probably don’t ever think twice if they have what they need if they are okay or anything else. It isn’t like I go out every night, every weekend, or dragging new people home all the time and parting. But once in a while it is nice to get out and get a break from it all and to just have time to myself. Then I get attitude from everyone about it. She had to go and I was on my way to check out and go home so we hung up.

After I got off the phone and we were going to check out my oldest got back from getting her stuff and she said mom it’s okay I will watch Little Bitty for you if you want to go tonight. She said it’s alright I know we went the other day. We got home and looked up what time the show started it was later than I thought so I got them dinner took a shower and went and meet up with them. We watched the show and then walked around with their kids why they went on the rides. They didn’t get to do very much at all because the lines were so long we spend most the time in line waiting for them to get on. Then We get up there and they would split our group up, half would go this round the other half the next. I am so glad we went during the week with the kids and just showed me that going the weekend was still a bad idea. Even my friend was like this is crazy this is so different than the other night. I said I know why I said I will go with the kids during the week no way I am going fight this mad house on the weekend with 4 kids. The lines would be back up past three other rides people waiting to ride one ride.

They had midget wrestling, my and my friends older daughter were talking about it and decided to walk over and try to see it but there was so many people around you couldn’t get close and see anything. We walked up I said I will tell you how to get up closer, just start grabbing random guys butts and when they turn around say oh excuse me and walk by. I said just make sure they don’t have some women with them or we may walk out with a black eye. We started laughing we got back over by my friend, she was like what is so funny. Her daughter said oh nothing. I said I just was telling her how to get through the crowd and upfront faster. Her daughter said yes she said you say excuse me sir could I please go through and…. her mom cut her off and said yeah I know better there is more to it than that. We were busting up laughing even more. I told her what I told her she was like oh boy I knew you were up to something. I said we didn’t really do it but.


{April 3, 2017}   Feeling Behind

I feel that I am so far behind on posting and reading on here. I just posted stuff that happen last Wednesday I guess yesterday because it is now after midnight. I have just been so tired lately and then with everything that has been going on for the last week or more. I have a challenge that I haven’t done yet I am going to get to it I promise. Today I thought about a couple post I started writing back in February and didn’t finish and it is already April. I don’t know if or when I will get to them, maybe when the right mood hits.

I am still sore and swollen from the last three days. I thought it would go down some since I slept almost 12 hours straight and everyone else in the house slept 12 or more hours straight last night. I woke up at 1030 and everyone was still sleeping. I went to bed at 11 or a little before and was out in no time. The girls where in bed before that and the boys went to bed when I did. They slept another 20 or so minutes and then started getting up. Little Bitty had came in and got in my bed again sometime in the night or this morning I don’t even know when because I didn’t hear or feel her. I did feel her get up a few times get a drink from her cup by the bed and get back in bed and go to sleep. I was surprised because most time once she wakes up and it is day light forget it she isn’t laying back down.

Father of the year decided to show up tonight, he showed up at 950 PM!, go figure. I wanted to tell him to go home it was to late but I needed to go pay the rent so I let him stay since the kids had slept so late today and were watching a movie. I took his truck and paid the rent since I still need a light for mine.

When I got home I maid everyone go to bed about 11, he finally left. He asked me why my legs and feet where so swollen. I told him from what happen at the school Thursday, going hiking with the school on Friday and standing/walking around the 4h fair all day yesterday. He just said oh your at the school a lot now aren’t you? I said when they need me and I can be. Not like I have anywhere else to be or place to go.

I haven’t talk to my poor friend in days I have been so busy she is probably wondering if I am mad at her. I am going to have to go see her tomorrow when I get out of school. I have to go food shopping too. I am going to be so tired because it is 2 am and I am still not sleepy. I have class tomorrow. Guess I will get caught up on some post.

{September 18, 2016}   4-H

The older three kids have joined 4-H. It started last Sunday with dog club. The two older ones are working with out dogs and my Little Guy is working with a dog they let him borrow. I was surprised they had a bunch of people who came just to let the kids borrow their dogs to learn with. It is good for him because the dog has, had some training unlike ours who haven’t.

I wasn’t sure my Big Boy would get to do it or not because I didn’t know how our younger dog was going to act out there. But she was very good compared to what I expected. The way she barks and freaks out at everyone who walks by buy I guess it’s just because it’s “her” yard and she wants to make sure everyone knows. She barked at the other couple dogs at first but then once she was able to get close and they were able to smell each other then she was fine. When they stood in a line she just laid down and waited. Now getting her to do what she is supposed to do and when is a different story but she is new an this is for the kids to learn to train them so that will come.

Then they joined the poultry club, so as of Thursday they are the proud owners of a dozen Dominique chicks. They are only a few days old when they came in I guess.

All three are doing it as well and they each need three chickens to show at the 4-H fair in spring. They said we should buy extra chickens in case any end up being roosters or something happens to one. So I bought each one four. I figure out of a dozen they should each get 3. Once they show them they will auction them off. The extras they can sell to the packer or whatever they call him for about $15 a chicken maybe a little more. He buys them because they are laying hens and are just coming of age to lay. He don’t have to raise them and put in the extra work.

We wanted to keep them at our house but since it is not  my house if someone complains they will go to the own and not me. If that happens then I will be in trouble so we are keeping them in the 4-H coop. We are lucky they are only about 5 minutes away from the house so it helps since we have to go out twice a week and every third weekend to feed and take care of them. We can go out other days we have time and want to as well.

The kids are excited about it all. It’s extra running for me but it is something fun and we want to do so it isn’t to bad. We go to the dog club on Sunday and that is my homework day so I will have to work stuff around to get them there. It is to far for me to drop them and come back so I have to wait and there is no internet so I can’t take it with me either. The chicken club we go to meetings every Tuesday night and then go feed the chickens the two days. I am sure we will be out there other days as well as excited as the kids are. I wish we could keep the chickens at home.

I think it will be something they get more into once we get moved and are able to keep them at home and they can really watch them and see the changes vs just seeing them a few times a week or when we can get out there.

I am kind of wishing we had done the rabbit club instead but I did’t find out about it until I had already ordered the chickens and got them. I don’t know that I want to deal with three rabbits right now either. I would have to set up pins for them and things I don’t know what one I would rather do really. It just seems easier having it here at the house than somewhere else and having to depend on other people to go out and take care of them and making sure they are getting what they need. Worrying that something might happen to them. If they do not have three each to show at fair they will be very upset. If we could have them at home I could have gotten more to make sure and we would probably keep them once we were done.

That is a problem and that is where I am with one of my 5 classes I am taking. I don’t know why it seems so easy but I can’t wrap my mind around it and get the work done right. I got like 70% for the first week and he gave me points on that because it should have been lower. He said he was going easy the first week until we get things figured out. But this week I am sol if I don’t figure it out and get it right. We do not have papers and things due for this class like research papers so that is great, so I thought. But that means our board post have to be longer and a little more involved than most. That was fine as well, because they are easy to do, so I thought. Well he wants it done by the FAIR guide. I response has to be done by a guide to but that isn’t that hard I can get that. I do not know why I am having such a hard time figuring out how to write my responses in FAIR guidelines. It makes since but it don’t to me. I don’t know why. Last week we had two responses that needed to be done that way in one post. I did one but not the other because I ran out of time and because I was having such a hard time with it. He said my work was very lose and not very good basically I know it wasn’t I won’t deny that because I didn’t know what I was doing and I was just trying to get something turned in and do the best I could working around what I was supposed to be doing. It does not help that the work is due by 8 pm Friday night instead of 11 pm. I know it shouldn’t matter but I need those last few evening hours to work a lot of times. I am trying to transition over to doing it in the morning why the kids are at school it just don’t seem to work that way. I just work so much better at night when I get them to bed. I end up working most the night sleeping for a little bit, taking them to school then napping in the morning. I am really working on changing it and trying hard to. I went to be early last night then laid there for hours before I fell a sleep.

But the biggest problem is Figuring out how to write all my stuff in this FAIR format I can get stuff in when ever it is due rather I like it or not. But I can’t get it in if I do not understand it and it is not making since to me. I have researched it and read over it and looked at what he did and the examples. I thought about asking him but I don’t know what more he can tell me to get me to understand it. It’s just not how my mind does things or works when it comes to writing and I don’t know how to get it to break it down like that and make since too. At this point I would almost rather write a paper or two for the class and be done with it than doing the boards. I figure he is going to say your in college you should know how to write, it’s simple enough or whatever. I feel so stupid that I can’t figure out something this simple. Well it looks simple and I am sure it is to most but like I said it isn’t something I have ever seen or use to doing and can’t really figure it out.

I guess I got to go get the kids from school run to the store for my mom and then get home make dinner and get kids to bed so I can figure it out. Anyone use FAIR and can explain it to me in a way I may understand?

{April 12, 2015}   Family Fun Day

It has been such a nice few days with father of the year gone. Me and the kids have been getting out and doing things, we been doing things together more at home. I have been wanting to be out of my room and to sit in the living room with them play their game on the computer they like to play.

Yesterday we went shopping for a while. We got them all new swim suits and towels. The older kids needed new suits for camp. I got to try on clothes and get a outfit. The two little ones sat in the cart and where so good. My little guy slept a lot of the time we were there. My little bitty laid down with him and played.

After we left the store we had to go to my sisters for a birthday party. It was my nieces birthday. I really didn’t want to go but I did because it was for her and no one else was going but a friend of ours and her kids. I didn’t want her to feel bad that no one showed up. Most the time my sister and other niece comes. Not sure why they didn’t.

Once we finally got done with the party me and the kids went to the fair just the 5 of us. Father of the year kept calling and saying he wanted to come over there but he had calls and things. Then he called and said he finished his call. Then they called and gave him a call out of town. It was going about hour and half two hours away.

We walked around checked things out decided what rides they wanted to do and how many tickets we needed. We were trying to decide if it was better to buy wrist bands or tickets. I got enough tickets to be able to take little bitty on one of the rides the kids wanted to go on. I figured she would have fun but she had to have a adult to go on with her she was to small to go with them by herself. Then she went on a few with just my little guy. She seem to have fun but not understand what was going on really of course.

I let the kids play a few games the church itself had set up. Then I let them do the game to try and win a goldfish. They didn’t have as many games and things set up as they normally have I was rather surprised really. It was kind of odd how little games they did have. After they were done with rides and games I decided to go over and try the plant wheel just for kicks. I let the kids pick a few numbers and my oldest had her own change she started playing with she let them pick a few. She won a plant, my little guy was upset and the lady running the game gave him a quarter to play with he still didn’t win. I had some left I told all the kids to pick a number and gave them a quarter none of us won. We were the only ones playing at this point. The lady said let them ride again and spoon again. My little guys number came up. He was so happy and excited.

He went around behind the booth and picked his plant. My little bitty was running around there in the open area around us I turned to get her so I didn’t see what he picked or anything. I turned around he came walking back up with his plant so proud. I said oh you won me plant. He looked at me said no I won me a plant its mine. The people at the plant wheel laughed and laughed. I was just playing with him and normally he will share and say ok here you go or it can be both of ours or yes and give it to me. He waited to long for that wheel to hit is number and he didn’t win his fish he tried so hard with them 10 balls to get he wasn’t giving that plant to no one or sharing it either.

we ended up going back into the rides why standing at the plant wheel someone walked by and gave my oldest son 4 tickets as they were leaving. He hadn’t won a plant he wasn’t really upset about it but I told the other kids since he didn’t and my little bitty had her tickets left we may as well go back let him ride one more ride and her to ride one more. He rode his I ended up giving her 3 tickets a way. It started to rain a little and she wasn’t interested on riding anything she just wanted to be done run and was getting crabby it was past her bedtime.

We got in the truck and home just in time. We didn’t even get to take the dogs out before it started to pour really hard out. We washed some loads of clothes and went to bed. Now we are up getting ready for church. I’m tired I just want to go back to bed but they are excited and ready to go. Maybe after going to bed so late getting up early they will come home and take a nap. Yeah right who am I kidding. As long as my little bitty dose I can and she always down for a nap.

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