{January 16, 2017}   Going to have a good one

I am laying here on my bed typing my blog post and my Little Guy comes in and starts rubbing my feet. I ask him if he is going to rub his wife’s feet for her? He says yes, because I am going to have a good loving wife and she is going to be a Christian. He then asks me if I would find him a good wife when he gets older and decides he wants to get married. I said what if you don’t like the one I pick out for you. He said you will meet them and bring them home and I will decide if I like her or not. If I don’t then you can bring home a different one. I don’t know where this kid comes up with some of this stuff. At least he is only 6 we have time to work on this. He still says him, his wife, kids and all their animals are going to live with me. Maybe I should pick his wife if I am going to have to live with her too.

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