I finally got it, I got a court date this morning, I will be going to court July 29 at 10:30 am. They said there is a 15 day wait to get a date once it had been sent to them in case me, father of the year or they want to have the case sent back to the judge. My paperwork says 10 but whatever whats five more days when I have waited this long right?

They are making me file a notice of appearance, I have to make sure he gets one and they get one. I have to go down that way today since the girls go to the dentist right next to there anyway. I am going to go there first file it and take one upstairs and drop it off at their court room. I told her he is right here he isn’t even coming for the date she said it still has to be done or they won’t hear it. I never filed one last time either just told him show up.

Then I get a call back in a few minutes and I’m glad I answered because it was the lady from the courthouse. She was telling me I filed the answer and wavier not him. I know for sure he did and I did not. She said that he was the petitioner I was the respondent. I said no I am the the petitioner and he is the respondent, I am the one who filed all the first paperwork and I am the one who filed the new paperwork to get this all taken care of. She says it is showing here he is the one that is filing and asking for everything. She said the paperwork we got was wrong. I am thinking no it is not I filled all this out I made sure who to put where I didn’t want something like that to happen. I told her I seen it was that way on the letter but it was wrong. She looked into it more and said yes she seen where I am the petitioner I guess that the judges office didn’t look at anything and just sent the letters out with all the wrong information on them. She ask if the paperwork was correct that I wanted my maiden name back I told her yes. She ask how to spell it and everything. She was really nice not like the judges JA and their help. She takes the time to explain things and makes sure everything is right.

I wanted to ask her about my Little Bitty and if I needed anything special for that but I didn’t want her to find a reason to stop it. I guess I will ask when I get there so that I can talk to them about it more than what I could on the phone. I just need them to put in the final judgement that she is not his child. This way when I try to get child support they do not make me go after Father of The Year first. They said they couldn’t do anything until I was divorced and it said she wasn’t his, then they would go after RC. I am really not worried about it but like child care and wants to know all about it so if I don’t go they probably won’t help me. I guess if they don’t put it in there then worse case if or when I have to go they will call Father of The Year in and they will have to do a test to see. When it comes back no then they will have to go after who I tell them. But I am telling them I don’t have the money to pay for test so if they want Father of The Year tested they  are going to have to pay for it. Once they call RC in if he wants to fight it then he can pay for it.

I do not need a test on any of my children I know with out a doubt who each of their fathers are. The older three are Father of The Year and Little Bitty is RC’s. If they make father of the year pay for the test then that is just to bad, if he had not stopped the divorce to start with and had fixed it like he was supposed to then we would not have been married when I got pregnant with her much less had her. So if it cost him I guess it will be a small price to pay compared to paying for a child that isn’t yours for 18 years.

I wonder if they will make RC pay back support since I have told them from the time she was a few weeks old that she was his gave them all his information? I wonder if they can’t if I could make them since the refused to go after him to start with? I could really use that since I have paid everything myself the last three and a half years. I like to just forget it and not even go after him at all. But then part of me says why should I when he wanted a baby so bad and wanted her so bad then done what he did. Why should we sit here and just get by or what and not ask him to do his part? Things are tight but we make it but who’s to say that we are going to keep getting by if something happens even small we could end up homeless again. Even if it is just a few dollars that they make him give me that few could be the difference in staying or going if something happens. It could buy other things she needs instead of her having to wait until I have the little extra to put out to get them. I am going to have to think about this. Even if I get nothing for back it may be worth it to still get it.

I am just so tired fighting and running around and having to make all these people happy and jump through their hoops t get stuff done. Look at everything to get the divorce done, now a second application and more paperwork to turn in to get help with childcare and turn in the same papers in again. If I get the divorce and childcare stuff done I should be done with all the outside hoop jumping and things. I should then just be able to focused on my schooling and the kids and having enjoying life. Not always stressing if everyone has what they need or running around trying to get everything everyone wants and get it all turned in on time. Things will be a different kind of crazy and stress easier to handle stress.

But then if I go start everything to go after him I am going to have that to deal with and I don’t know if I am up to that right now or not.

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