{December 7, 2020}   A Day Trip With Sleeping Beauty

Me and Sleeping Beauty have been talking again for a little bit now. Two weeks before Thanksgiving that saturday, I dropped JW off at work and decided to go to some yard sales and things. I had a few I was going to go to then just make my way around to whatever I seen after that. Some how I ended up on the other side of the county than where they were. I was going to go up that way to check something first. Don’t even remember what. I went to some sales up there and didn’t see much really.
Sleeping Beauty messaged me we started talking. He asked what I was up to i told him, and really just looking for something to do. He said yeah he wad bored. He said the flea market in a town or two over was open was pretty busy when he was up there few weeks before. I said maybe I would che k it out. He ask who all was with me? I told him I was alone. He said he would go with me if I wanted. I told him okay I would be there in a bit. I was about 20 to 25 minutes away from him the place was about that from him. I figured maybe we would find something else going on once we got there.
I had the rental car a little Elantra. I pulled up he was looking funny trying to figure out who it was at first. He got in we talk about the car why i had it. We were on our way. We just kind of talked about anything and everything. Wouldn’t you know it started to rain. We got to the flea market there was almost no one there. We walked through and checked out some cars in the parking lot and went to leave. I was waiting to pull out trying to decide what to do now because with rain there would be no sales anymore either.

I thought about it I looked at him and said you want to go to Daytona? He looked at me for a minute said really? I said yeah I have all day and no where to be or anything to do. We are only an hour away or less.

He said yeah why not he had nothing to do. So we were off to the flea market in Daytona. We knew rain or shine they would be open it is all inside for the most part. Some in side in mall like area. We must of walked around the place 5 times. We think we were dome and see ares we hadn’t been and then tried to find our was back to a booth where we seen some stuff we wanted. We finally said okay I think we have seen everything at least twice now if not we don’t even know we are missing anything lets go.

I said something about something why we were looking for the car. He jokingly said you want to go to Bass Pro Shop. I said okay why not. I was thinking of the one at home on the other other end of the county but hey nothing to do waste some time why not. We finally found our way through the maze of a parking lot and got on the street. He started telling me what way to go. It hit me duh they have one here too. We got there and seen a sign for Skip’s Western store so we decided to go there too. Then by one they had all these tents and things set up and music playing. We decided to walk over see what that was. It was a art show there were a few people with crafts, food and drinks. So we walked around and checked that all out. When we were done there we headed home. We were going to stop by the leather shop but I missed the exit and we were not 100% sure where it was. He didn’t know what I was talking about and I just remembered seeing it between his house and where we were almost two hours away. He messaged me a few days later and told me he found it not far from his house. I guess it is new up there we went one way there and part of the way back we went a different way.

We were on the way there or back and JW messaged me. We were talking i said something about it being him. He said don’t tell him I am with you. I said why? He said you don’t need him pissed off at you or us. I said no he won’t care. I already told him where I was and you were with me. He ask what he said. I told him nothing just be careful or what with wet roads and just being off away from home that far alone or what. That i told him he was with me he said oh okay.

Sleeping Beauty said he done get mad you talk to other guys or hang out with them? I said no he has met most my guy friends or knows them from when we were in school. He knows they all message me we talk and things. He knows I’m not out “running around”. I am just out with a friend just like if BFF was with me instead. He was kind of surprised.

But it is true he knows I am not looking to get with anyone else I am not like that. Even though he don’t like him he knows we are friends and we talk. I give him a ride once in awhile and things. That was the first time we have hung out in years other than when the group would get together and he would come. He isn’t the type to say I don’t like him you can’t talk to him or I would rather you not talk to him. He wouldn’t unless he really did something wrong or something happen he didn’t like.

After I got home I thought of the boardwalk. I messaged him and said we should of went. I was home by 330 didn’t have to be until 730 really. I didn’t have to be then JW would of gotten a ride home. But for me that is were I feel it is kind of crossing a line that shouldn’t be. I am doing what I want to all day be it whoever I am with, I feel I should at least be there to pick him up and spend time with him. But That is me. He tells me all the time do what you want to do don’t rush home because of me I can get a ride it isn’t a big deal. If I don’t have to work and I am there if I don’t wake up when he gets up or why he is getting ready for work sometimes he won’t wake me up. He will call his buddy to pick him up on his way in. Once I didn’t feel good and ask him too he rode his bike. I told him i would take him if he couldn’t he didn’t wake me and say he didn’t call him back. He knows I don’t go off like that all the time I always take him unless i have somewhere to be early. Like I said it isn’t like he says you better be here when I get off or gets all bent out of shape i am out or doing something. It is just how I feel about it.

With Father of the Year he would of been mad I went, he would of been mad who sent with me, and that he couldn’t go. Oh if i said I am going to be home later we are doing this or that or even hey accident we got stuck in traffic caused us not to get back he would be going through the roof. It is nice not having to be in someone’s ass 24/7 and them not think twice about and tell you don’t rush don’t worry about it i can get a ride. Oh you got out of the house today did something with a friend thats great glade you had fun. Wish I didn’t have to work but glad you were able to do something. Not someone who thinks you should sit in the house and wait for them to get home like the dog. All just because they have to work can do something too. It didn’t matter if i was going alone taking the kids somewhere or me and my sister doing stuff with the kids. I just flat shouldn’t be doing anything. But sitting waiting until he could go and until he wanted too.

The longer I am away from him, the longer me and JW are together and things happen even as simple as this. I realize more and more how bad it really was with him.

Now that I have rambled on off topic i really need to get off of here. It is 4 am I have to be up at 645/7. It is now just a blink away I should get some sleep for work in the morning. I fell a sleep for a short time and was woke up couldn’t get back to sleep. Hopefully I can now. I will try to catch you up more later today. Until then good night, or should that be good morning?

{August 30, 2020}   Disappointing Trip to Kissimmee

I wanted to do something fun just me and JW and get away for the night/day this weekend before I go home. I looked up things to do around us and found a car show in Old Town/Kissimmee area. I wanted to go over last night when he got off and get a room get up go to the show and walk around. But we didn’t have anyone to stay with the dog and he gets off so late, we decided to just go to bed early and get up early to drive over. We figured we would be getting there about the time the cat show started.

I wanted to see what Old Town was like since I hadn’t been there before I took the kids. Then it said there was 2 or three flea markets right by there as well. I figured it would be a nice day out together. I know he likes to look at the old cars and I do too and I love to go to flea markets yard sales and thrift stores.

Let me tell you we got over there and it was about a half hour before the show started. When I finally found the place. It wasn’t where or what I thought at all. We pull in and there is no one around. No cars set up no one setting up and not even area it looked like anything like that would be going on. No other people around like they were coming to see them and no one around getting shops open or ready to open even. We drove all around and through the place and seen one person the whole time. KW got out went and ask when the show was and where. He told him the car shows were Friday and Saturday. He told them their site said a special one today and the guy said no he didn’t know what he was talking about.

I tried to pull it up on their site and it had been taken down. JW knows it was there as well because me and him both were looking at it and reading about it last night. They could of said this or that happen we aren’t doing it or what. We left I was disappointed I plan this for him now they are not having it. We decided to go to the flea markets. They had 3 right close there. The first one no one was around it was still closed even though it said open at 10. It looked like a store for tourist not a flea market so we left.

I go down the street we stop at this other one it was a big in door place but more like a flea market. One lady doing hair was set up and open. Everything else was blocked off and closed. The office was right there the door was open. I said what time is everything open. He said oh we open at 10 but venders and the booth people start trickling in between 1030 and 11 sometimes later just whenever. We decided to try the other building we seen a few people around. The door to it was locked and we left. We found another one a mile or so up the road and stopped. There was a handful of places open but still way more closes than open. It was closer to 11 at this point. We left stopped went to the bathroom got a drink and headed home. It was so bad we stopped all those places drove the trip there and back in 3 hours. 120 mile drive.

We were going to go to Daytona it was an hour from where we were. But that was taking the major roads and tolls and all that. I was not in the mood for all that. We decided to head home then figure out from there.

We ended up just coming home and going to lunch. His aunt called wanted to know if he wanted to come for dinner tonight so we are going over there. We finished lunch and went to do laundry. Now we are back at the house. Dropping everything off getting ready to go over there.

I’m still not happy about our day out getting messed up.

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