{May 14, 2020}   Feeling Loved

Theses are the flowers I got yesterday from JW.

I got there went in he was still sleeping. I went in laid down and woke him up. He looked at me like he was waiting on something.

I said what?

He said something about how I like them? Or didn’t I like them?

Now I am confused and I guess he could tell by the look on my face.

He said the flowers.

Even more confused look than before.

He smiled half laughed and said you haven’t even seen them have you.

Very confused look now. Thinking in my head what flowers? Where was I supposed to of seen them at? Was he dreaming?

He says go look on the stove.

I went and looked there they sat. He went to the store after I dropped him off the night before and got them. He had them all set up so I would see them when I walked in and I would have to walk right next to them to go into his room. Leave it to me to not see them.

When you walk in the front door the living room and kitchen is one area together he is in a 1 bedroom duplex. So to the right on the wall is kitchen to left and right ahead is living room. I went in the dog came out I pet him looked to the left laid my stuff on the couch as I walked into the room and past them. I kind of felt bad he wanted me to find them not tell me to go look for them of course. But we got a laugh out of it.

I took then to work and sat them on my desk since that is where I am most my time will see them most. I don’t have to worry about kids or dog getting to them.

This is what I came into work and found today.

I love how all the little white flowers are coming out in the purple today. They really are pretty.

{February 17, 2020}   Valentines Day 2020

This weekend has been a hard weekend for me. Valentines night after work I went to JW’s. I got him a box of candy, I didn’t know what else to get. He got me this big basket like thing. It had a big stuffed monkey in it, some perfumes, wine, flowers and candy. I think I am forgetting something. He said he knows I call Little Bitty Monkey he thought I would give it to her. He had a bear with candy and a rose i think for her the lady gave him when he bought the other.

I hung out there with him for a bit. He was so extremely tired he was trying not to fall a sleep, but he was. They got slammed at work almost as soon as they opened at 10 and it stayed that way until they closed at 8 that night. Normally we talk off and on through out the day I think I heard from him twice. He was making me food. I pulled up and seen how busy they were I told him not to even bother. He said it was already done he dropped it with other orders. He ran it out the back, handed it to me got back inside, before the boss lady seen he was gone.

I kept telling him let me go home so he could sleep. He kept saying no be wasn’t sleeping. He said come lay down with him for a bit first. We laid down for a short time. I finally told him I was leaving I would turn stuff off and lock up. He said no got up and walked me out.

Over all it was a nice night. I wish he hadn’t done what he did. I have it at his house still. Use it there. Im not going to drink wine by myself. I dont normally drink it at all so we will see how it is. The rest i will use there as well. He even said um i wasnt thinking you can’t really take it home right now. I said yeah i know. He like thats okay but I’m still going to get you stuff if it is a holiday. You will just have stuff here now too.

He loves to buy for the holidays. I’m not so much into it but hey. One things settle maybe i will be more into life again.

{April 7, 2019}   Terrarium Time

My 55 gallon tank has been sitting a dry mess for a bit now. All the fish died and the water evaporatedp. I wanted to fix it and put more fish in it just haven’t had time or money.

Today sitting here looking at it I had the thought of why not make a Terrarium out of it? I have wanted to make one for years and just haven’t. I think this would be great to make one out of. I have little garden gnomes and things to set up in it. I have soil and charcoal, I just need plants and a few other things. I can make a really nice one.

I looked up what kind of plants you could put in one. Dolphin plant and Starfish plant both popped up. They both are very neat looking. I thought wouldn’t it be cool to get them and others like them if they have them and put in it. Since it is a fish tank. I will have to see if or what others there are.

These are the three I found so far. I would of moved them put them in better but its hard to do from this phone. I seen a few others somewhere I have to look them back up see if they can live closed in like that or not.


{May 11, 2015}   Working Hard For The Money

I found a job for the weekend. Don’t know if I talked about this in another post or not. But I went to a local flower shop and delivered flowers Friday and Saturday. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. I ended up spending about $70 and making $182. I had to use my truck and pay for my gas. I figured they would let you take a good size load or what you had room for in your vehicle. Boy was I wrong. They wouldn’t let you take over 8 to 9 at a time. Then want you run 50 miles or more a just to start delivering them. Then you have that 50 mile drive back to pick up more. They sent me Friday I pushed them to give me two more so that I was taking at least 10 that is still nothing really. And it was 50 cent less a delivery than I was told it was to start with, so that cut a big chunk out off the top. I made three runs both day.

Saturday they kept me closer I told them I have a big truck you see that I can’t go 50 miles or more away before I even start to deliver. If you want to let me take 20 or something then it make it worth it. He still said he couldn’t even after asking over and over if I knew anyone who wanted to drive. Last night I went in figured if they wanted to give me a bunch to drop in my area on the way home I would do one more but they were done for the night. My gas is gone. He asked me to come today I told him I couldn’t my gas money was gone and I was out. That I was going to spend it with the kids. I really wanted to work today but I had to borrow money from father of the year to work Friday and then money from my friends hubby to work Saturday. Plus in order for me to come out ahead I have to work 1 to 13 hours. I had no time with the kids.

Father of the year was supposed to give me gas money to work all weekend. Then he informs me Friday when I got off he didn’t have any money. He had taken a loan and had to pay it back he was short and didn’t have that after I got gas and diaper s. I didn’t know he gave me his card said put it on that before I went to work that morning because he wouldn’t see me to give me money he had to work. Well he over drew his bank account by I don’t know how much. Then they have been taking that $100 out of each check because of the accident he was in last year. Well after he hit the poll at the gas pump messed up tool box and things they snatched $200 out for that plus the $100 that I think should have stopped already. My mom had $100 she loaned him to pay the loan back. He is going to have to get another loan tonight because he has to pay her back and the bills he didn’t pay last time. He supposed to give my friends husband back the money I had to borrow there. Like I told him if he had been helping with the kids like he is supposed to then I would have my money that I had to use for gas and things I need. I used my money to take care of the kids. I needed to work to get this money. I didn’t make what I planed but it didn’t work like I thought they would either. But I did more than double what I spent in gas so I did come out ahead.

I made enough to pay the money for school. I have a couple dollars for things here. Now I have until Friday to get everything done. I won’t get paid until Saturday after 12. My mom said she will give me the $100 to pay the school then I can give it back to her when I get paid. I have to do orientation and my test before I can sign up for classes.

I talk to a friend who dose the flower thing all the time I think I am going to talk to her more next time holidays come up. See if I can work for the shop she works for. The way she talked they let you take pretty much what you have room for and for whatever areas you are willing to go in a trip. She did 3 trips like I did and delivered twice as many as me. I’m sure my friend will tell her she knows me that I will do it and things. I expected between around $200 but knew it may be less. I figured at least $150. I would have made more if they hadn’t taken the 50 cent off and if I had been able to do closer loads and do a few more in a day like I had thought. I also got lost on a on a couple and had a really hard time finding places since I was in areas I didn’t know I had to turn around and back track because a lot of the streets were dead ends or areas where you couldn’t just go around the block get where you needed to go. There was one way in one way out. Where as the areas I know if I make wrong turn I know I can go her or there and still get there or I know the gps is saying go this way but if I go this way it is faster and cuts 10 minutes and some miles off my trip. Other places I have to go right by the gps because I have no idea where I am. A few of them I already drove 10 to 20 miles out to start delivering. Then find I have one that has to go another 10 or 15 or more miles out from where all the rest have to go. That used a lot of extra time because that extra time and miles I could be back picking up another load. Instead I am running one thing of flowers to someone.

It also took a bunch of time if people weren’t home you had to go try to find someone next to them to leave them with if not call the shop let them know you couldn’t leave it and ask if you can leave it at the door. Then you have to tell them what all is in it if there is a shady place to leave it and everything. I had one I even went to twice because I didn’t think it should be left outside the people weren’t there. I ended up leaving it out there. But they don’t just let us use our judgement of rather it should or could be left at the door and just do it. We have to take the time to call in wait for them to get to us and then tell us. Everyone I called about they said just leave. Then I had two I could not deliver. One had the wrong address. I went to the one I thought it was for she said no then she said she didn’t know if it was for the lady next to her. I went there it wasn’t the other lady wouldn’t take it because she didn’t want to be responsible for it. Not knowing who it was really for couldn’t leave it anyhow. I had to call in tell them everything. They are telling me there has to be this address. There wasn’t. Then wait for them to try and call the people and why they helped others before they did anything for about 10 minutes. The other I had it was a gated development with a person at the gate he wouldn’t let me in. He asked where I was going and who I was going to see. When I gave him the address and told him the name he said it was the office and they were gone until Monday. Nothing to do but bring it back to the shop. Nope had to pull over call the shop tell them all this wait for them to call the lady to make sure or see if she could meet me somewhere. They couldn’t get a hold of her so they said bring it back after being on the phone for about 15 minutes. Then when I get back they try to tell me that I should have went in there isn’t a office and all this. I said would you like to go down there and see or call them Monday and ask this is where it is the guy was right there. I couldn’t get in so I have no idea if they have a office unless he told me. But if I don’t call before I bring them back to the shop or I don’t call before I leave them at the door then they don’t pay you. Between those two and a few others I had to call about I lost an hour or so. Then about another hour with a few I couldn’t find.

It’s not even that it is that hard it is just the hassle they put you through for such a little bit of money and your time they waste with having to call in before you leave one or bring it back to the shop. But I know they do it because people would just get rid of them say they delivered them no one was home and really got rid of them. The people call who never got it. Then it is there word against the driver and they pretty much have to give them one because they can’t prove they left it. And a lot of people don’t know to much about flowers and so they may leave some that shouldn’t be outside or in the heat or what and they wilt and things. But still they should ask you briefer you and let you go. If you been there a day or two not getting calls or complaints then they should trust you to do the job. When I was calling in before lunch he was already telling them not to give people any more they did nothing but screw up had a ton of complaints already that day and everything else.

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