{March 4, 2017}   Wasted Trip

I wrote this Thursday but it didn’t publish so here it is now.

I been waiting to get insurance straight to go to the doctor it’s been weeks and I am still coughing like crazy. I tried to go yesterday and they only had a time I couldn’t get there for and said they can not get me in until next Tuesday. It is for my yearly physical that I have not had since I was pregnant with Little Bitty almost 4 years ago. We are supposed to go over getting my tubes tied and things like that. You only get a little bit of time and they don’t want to do it if you are sick.

I ended up going to the ER this morning when I dropped the kids off at school to see what they said. I still feel that it is  something that it isn’t going to go away with medications because my sons hasn’t went away yet and he is on steroids and antibiotics both and still coughing like I am. But I am also tired of hearing you need to go blah, blah from everyone and how horrible I sound. I went and they took me back. I laid there and coughed and coughed forever. Then the nurse came in and said they had to test for the flue and was going to order a chest x ray.

I don’t know how many of you have been tested for the flue before but if you haven’t let me tell you it SUCKS and that is an understatement. They take this long cotton swab and stick in your nose, they don’t just stick it right in side your nose they poke it back into your nose. No joke not exaggerating at all they stick it back past the bone in your nose and they do both sides. Once they get that far back there it hurts BAD, it seems to be more sensitive farther back than in the front. Much more in the back than the front. I can’t even say what it feels like or what it would be comparable to. I don’t know if I have ever felt a pain like that before. If you ever had a nat fly up your nose it’s about 10 times worse than that feeling. I didn’t flinch or move while she was doing it as bad as I wanted to but as soon as she took it out of the other side without thinking my hands with the blanket went up to my face. I had a ton of drainage and stuff come out of there and I sneezed and sneezed then coughed. One I finally got to where the pain was gone and all that stuff got down out of there I walked around and hardly coughed at all and didn’t feel any congestion or anything all day. I was shocked how much better I felt. Bu I am sure it will be back by tomorrow probably. I feel some now already.

The doctor came in told me that it was a virus. He said my lungs sound very clear and fine, he said he thinks it is all in my sinuses and that I don’t really need any medication the body just needs to fight it. He said I can give you medication for it but it isn’t going to work because it isn’t for what you have, there is no medication really for what you have other than something to help with the cough. He said even the flue stuff that they give yo when you test as having the flue don’t work. He said you can take it but most the time it don’t work. We have tons of people come back because they paid $250 for this medication and it isn’t working. He told me to just take the cough stuff and something for fever if needed.

When we went to therapy she said her son tested for the flue she took him to the doctor. The doctor said here if his insurance pays for this you can get it but if it don’t pay for it don’t rush out and buy it, just let him be. If he takes it and it helps at all it will only cut down him being sick by a day maybe and that again is if it helps at all. Its the medication everyone is paying $250 for Tamiflu. Two doctors both saying that it don’t work and only helps cut it down by a day if it does. They both even said the flue shot is not working even at killing 75% of the strains that are out there.

The kids are just finishing their medications and one is still sick and the other is catching this cold stuff the rest of us have even though she is on antibiotics for the last week. That right there tells me taking the same thing isn’t going to help me get over it when she has for a week and getting it now.

{October 14, 2012}   Sick Babies

The kids had a 3 day weekend this weekend and it has been spent sick for the most part. We had yesterday that we got out and done something for a little bit. Missed out on the stuff we were supposed to do Fri and church today. Thursday night Friday morning my big boy got up so sick and puking. He felt really bad I could tell it hit him harder than anything I have seen him have. Most the time he will get sick and when he is done getting sick he is up running around and playing until he gets sick again. He laid on the couch all day Friday watched tv and kind of whined. Really not like him.

Fever was gone and every one was good yesterday so we went to the birthday party we had been invited too. About 5 something this morning my girl woke up puking and feeling bad. I worry about her because it hits her worse than it hits the boys most the time to start with. Then seeing how bad my big boy was really worries me how it is going to hit her. We finally get that mess cleaned up and get her back in bed. Then in like 2o minutes I hear ex in there saying something and calling me. I go to see what is going on and my baby boy is up puking too. He was dry heaving and everything it was bad. He finally got to where he could go back to sleep and sleep for a while too.

They both got up a little while ago my girl is on the couch watching tv she says her head hurts and she got sick some. She don’t seem to be to bad. Not as bad as I thought she would be. My baby went back to bed hours ago. I went to check on him before I sat down here he looked up at me rolled over and went back to sleep. He just come in here a minute ago he seems happier and to be feeling better. He is finally drinking something hoping he holds it down and it don’t come back. I was so glad last night he wasn’t sleeping with me like he had most the week. I probably would have cried if I got puked on. I think he will be sleeping in the other room tonight too. I really hope that I don’t get this I really don’t need it being pregnant. Hope they are all feeling better tomorrow. I know my girl won’t be going to school. My boy probably will he has been ok the last few days now. I hope no one at the party gets it either. I wouldn’t have taken them if I had thought the others were going to get it. It had been two days and they were fine.  I would have sent them all to school if it had been a school day they were acting normal.

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