{September 17, 2018}   To Heal

Found this interesting and has me rethinking my post from the other day, Maybe I Didn’t Forgive Both People I feel good about things until I start talking to someone and it starts to seem like its going somewhere. Maybe that has nothing to do with forgiving and is just me and something I need to work out.

{July 14, 2013}   Lets Talk Forgiveness

So me and ex went around and around again the other night over why we can’t just get back together and work things out. He says I haven’t forgiven him and that’s why. I have and am ok with not wanting to get back together. I know there was a few thing that were done that even if I forgive him they were done and it will always be there in the back of my mind. He says if I have truly forgiven him we should be able to find a point that we can start working and build upon and start our relationship over from here. I don’t feel that way at all.

I feel that you have to forgive someone if they have done something to you so that you yourself can have peace and move on. There are just some things that even if you forgive someone don’t make it alright or make you want to still be friends with them or whatever the case maybe.

Like I told him Joe down the street got mad at me and burnt my house down because I did something he didn’t like and he didn’t want me living next to him anymore. After a while I will have to forgive Joe for burning my house down so that I can move on and get pass that part of my life. But that don’t mean that I have to go back to being Joe’s friend. Or that if I forgive him and he decides he wants to be best friends later that I should be just because I forgave him for it.

He says that’s not the same I didn’t burn down your house. I said it is because your saying that it don’t matter what you done if I forgave you I should want to stay together. I am saying if Joe did something and that something being burn down my house should I be his best friend because now he changed his mind about me and wants to be my best friend? He didn’t know what to say then. He wanted to say no like anyone would but he knew if he did then that would just make my point.

He was going on how other couples have been through worse and got back together or stayed together and he didn’t see why we couldn’t like always. And how I act like he went out and cheated on me all the time and things. I said no I don’t I never said that but if you want to bring it up. If you had cheated on me you probably would have had a better chance of fixing things and us getting back together to start with and even now. You had a better chance of none of this ever happening and us just staying together and working things out. I said to me the things you done the way you treated me and the things you said to me over and over for a year or more is way worse than if you cheated on me. NO it isn’t he went off and started having a fit about how cheating is worse than what he did and I’m just a bitch and crazy if that’s how I felt and what I thought. How our divorce was my fault and he wasn’t taken the blame for it and he didn’t do anything wrong.

Then he is so stupid when I said something about the things that he had done and not being able to get back together. He says to me what about all the things you have done to me that I am supposed to forgive you for and get over? I said I’m not asking you to forgive me to like it approve of it or take me back so it really don’t matter. Besides if you can’t forgive forget and move past it how would we fix things any way if I wanted to? Again nothing silence. He you twist everything around and make it out to be something it isn’t. I said that was your words not mine. Well I am sure we can forgive and forget and move on and be back together if you weren’t being a bitch about it.

He just don’t get that what one would consider really bad and things someone else may not feel the same way about it just like anything else. Everyone has their own mind and own thoughts on what is considered to not be ok.

What are you all’s thoughts about it?


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