when I headed to work on Wednesday my truck seem to run a little sluggish. I thought things just needed to even out maybe get air pushed out or what. Then I went to get on 95 it seem to run better. Thursday I had a few issues and chalked it up to a coil pack. But something just didn’t seem right.

Friday rolls around I jump in fire it up start to put my seatbelt on and it spits and dies. I start it and it just sputtered. I backed out it just didn’t want to go. I get going it seem to do a little better. I stop at the light and when it was time to go it did me like it did Monday night. It wouldn’t go. I started to get over all of a sudden it just took off and went.

I got to JW’s house 3 minutes away it sat in the yard ran great. I messaged the one guy and told him something was really wrong this wasn’t right. He called me right away and we talked about it. He said let him call his brother talk to him they come to me figure it out. I told him I thought I could get it to him since it would be easier. He said he would call me back in a few.

He called me and said if I could get it to them that would be great they would meet me there and take care of it. They thought it was the fuel filter. They could get it taken care of pretty fast. Great no problem. I ask JW if he wanted to ride with me it wouldn’t take long. I didn’t want to be alone if I broke down and may need to get it out of the road or something. He said yes of course.

My thought was get it to 95 get it on there and once I got up to speed it would run halfway decent. Then I would have to baby it through town and hopefully get it there. Because it seemed once I got up to 40+ it wasn’t bad like I said.

Boy was my thinking wrong. Very very wrong. I got out there and it just didn’t want to go. Few times it got up to a decent speed and then it would just drop. I ended up pulling over I don’t know how many times. Was driving down the side of the road way to far. But I had to get it there and off 95 before it just wouldn’t go at all like Monday.

I finally get there they get there and they pull the fuel filter out and it was nasty. So me and the one ran up and got a new one. Go back put it in and start it. It still didn’t sound 100% but pretty normal. I figured because one of the coil packs or all need replaced.

They said take it out run it see how it done. The one went up to let us out of the gate. I turned out to go up the street and nothing hardly move sounded horrible. I turned around pulled right back in. The one who let us out was in disbelief. We took it back into the shop. The younger one that has the same truck kept saying he thought the pump was bad. The older one was saying it needed bled some more there was still air in the line. That is what I couldn’t decide was if it just wasn’t getting fuel or if it was sucking air. The younger one said he could hear it all the way back in the shop when I tried to test drive it and it was the pump.

I asked where this one dinner was compared to where we were. If it was close enough to walk to? The older one said he was going to his dad’s to get a tester he would drop us off. So he did he said as soon as we were done call him he would come pick us up.

I had not had a drink yet and hadn’t had my coffee. JW hadn’t either. I was going to pick him up then we go get our coffee. Until the trucked started messing up. I told him we would stop on the way to the shop but when it was so bad I wasn’t stopping no where. As long as it was rolling and going I wasn’t stopping. I was going to get something when we went to get the filter and there cooler was broke. He was getting hungry not feeling good. I was so thirsty and just wanted to sit down for a bit. I felt like I was pushing them to hurry up and figure it out and I wasn’t. I figured give them some time to check it over.

We got lunch and talked for a bit. We left JW wanted to go to the little store. I thought there was one on the corner across from us but it was something else now. I said there is one back the way we came not to far I think. We started walking. It was a lot further than I thought. But I was going to walk back to the shop and we had to pass it to get there. We were about to the store when the older one called.

He said it was the fuel pump they sold us a bad one. He ask if I had the paperwork from where we bought it. I told him where it should be and reminded him we bought it on his dad’s shop account so they should have a record of it. We talked he said everyone was giving him a hard time about taking it back and no one had it in stock. It isn’t something most places have in stock so that was another issue. I couldn’t go to another store because the first one would only trade not refund because of the type of part. He said he found one but it was about 15\20 miles away and the women wasn’t giving him a hard time she was going to just trade it. So they were leaving to get it. Later the younger one said they ask if the gas gage was working and it wasn’t. He told them no it didn’t once they put new one in. They said by that they knew it was a bad pump.

When we were talking he said we needed to find a ride home or somewhere to go because it was going to take them awhile to go get it and get it in and everything done. He said he would bring it to me when they got it done. I had no idea how we were going to get home. He called the guy he works with ask him if I gave him gas money if he could pick us up. Surprisingly he was down where we were at families house. He said he would call us when they were done and pick us up. We were not near any stores of any kind and had past the turn off for the shop so we just kept walking. We could not get in at the shop because the guys were not there it is a gated area. It would be a while before they got back. So we just walked. I kept telling JW at intersections we needed to go east or west to get back to an area where there would be stores and maybe a fast food place or somewhere to get a drink sit and wait. He say we may as well keep going the way we are. It didn’t matter to me much, but I was a little tired of just seeing woods and houses. We finally came up on this one area I said I think the big park is up here. By then he needed to use the bathroom and we still were just around houses. I mapped it in my phone it said it was a mile to the west. He wasn’t sure. I said if we keep going a mile the direction we are or we go a mile this way we are still going the same distance if he don’t call and pick us up first. If we get there you can use the bathroom and we can just sit in one spot and wait. Because at this point we didn’t know if we were walking toward the ones picking us up or away. I just felt we needed to just sit and wait. He said yeah true so we headed to the park.

We finally got there I went to the pavilion and sat down he went to the bathroom. He came out we were talking. And his friend called him said he was on his way asked where we were. He told him he said meet him out front. So we did it is a huge park a bunch of pavilions, camp site’s, rv sites and other stuff. But we were by the front so we walked up to the road. He was there in just a few minutes.

We had walked 3 miles by the time we got to the park. It had only taken us an hour with the stop at the store. We could of gotten further but JW is a extremely slow walker. I would be walking along and relies he was way back behind me. I stop and wait on him to catch up. But in a bit he would be behind again. I try to slow down not leave him. I wasn’t like in a hurry walking fast. I just naturally walk fast. I would wait for him to catch up then hold his hand for a bit to so I didn’t leave him everything else.

They dropped us off at his house. I hung out with him it was about 5 something I think when we got dropped off. I they should be there in an hour or two. I couldn’t find a ride now it is 7 or after. JW said he would give me money for a cab to go home they could bring my truck to my house. I said as soon as I get a ride or call a cab they will call. They should of been done. Something was wrong.

I finally called a cab to go home because it was 7 something. And then he calls and said it was ready his brother (younger) one was bringing it if I could give him a ride home. I told him yes. I was talking to him asked JW to cancel the cab. But he pulled up about that time. I ran out told him so sorry my truck was done I was just calling to cancel. He was nice about it didn’t get mad. I gave him $5 for coming. The ride its self would of probably only been about $8 if that most likely less. Then he would of only got a small amount of that so I thought $5 was fair for him coming out there. No one knew he got it he got to keep it all.

In a little bit he called about my truck again. He said you been through so much with this truck I am just going to follow him to you and take him home. We talked about pay and things. He said $150 should cover what he had into parts and time.

They got there he said everything is brand new. Everything to do with the fuel system should last you as long as you have the truck and then some. You shouldn’t have to ever replace anything to do with it. They replaced lines, clamps, anything you can think of. I gave them another $200 they spent their whole day taking care of it getting it going for me. If it had been a shop they probably wouldn’t of even been open til Monday and then who knows when they would of gotten to it. Days later. They would of charged labor again and they would not of replaced anything. If I had them to it would of been more labor and more for parts. They wanted $600 4 years ago and $200 was the part. I am sure price has went up for labor. They put a mark up on the parts as well. These guess gave them to me for their discounted price they get through their dads shop and charged me very little for doing the job over and the extra work replacing everything else. So for just about $300 maybe a little more they did the first job twice and replaced everything else. That saved me so much money even giving them the extra $50 last night.

They said they would let me know as soon as they can replace the motor mounts to look for them and get them. They are going to try and do it on a Saturday while I work. I may just rent a car for that so they don’t have to rush. My motor is sitting on my oil pan and cracked it.

Sleeping Beauty is going to try to find decent ones at the junk yard. They are dealer parts and $500. I don’t have that and labor to pay right now and it needs done asap.

I could not believe they sold me a bad pump. The younger one told me same happen to him he had to do his twice too. We went to two different stores and it has been awhile since he did his. But a few people with shops have told me they are getting a lot of bad parts lately. I wonder if it is because of covid and so many places closing having less employees or maybe even employees out sick over this. They get bad stuff but not like they did this last year.

I am just so glad they got it done and thankful they did what they did.

So Monday I worked my 8 hours and decided to go home. Since I still had about an hour and half until JW was off I decided to take the long way home. There are like 3 different ways I take home depending on my mood and how much time I have. Most nights I go straight up 95 because I leave about 30 minutes before he gets off. It only takes me like 20 minutes or so to get to his job.

Monday night I leave and decide to go the long way around just to waste time. It takes 45 minutes to an hour. I get a few miles from work stop at the light. It turns I go through the intersection. My truck has no power won’t change gear and is hardly rolling. I turned my flashers on and coasted until I could pull off the road. I was in the left lane couldn’t get over. I didn’t even know if I was going to get out of the road. I finally got over in the grass. My passenger side wheels were right on the yellow line. Everytime a car went by my truck would rock. I was scared they were going to hit me.

My truck was still running but sounded horrible and wouldn’t move. Then it shut off. I tried to start it all it would do was turn over. I got out checked the water, oil and transmission fluid. They were fine and I had half tank of gas. But it seemed as if it wasn’t getting gas to the motor. I killed the battery trying to get it started. I called my friend who said to check and see if the shut off for the fuel pump got tripped some how.

I hung up and tried to do that but it is behind the kick panel on the drivers side. I had to open the door on that side and then get tools and take it off. Had I done that my door would of been in the road and I would have as well. I talk to him again and decided it wasn’t that. Because I hadn’t had anyone in there since that morning to of hit it and I had not hit any bumps or anything hard enough to trip it I didn’t feel.

I was talking back and forth with JW and trying to find someone to come help me get it out of the road and check it more see if we could figure it out. I could not get a hold of anyone. So I call AAA and they say they will pick my truck up but not me. I am 25 miles away from home. I can’t get anyone to come help me who is going to come get me. I am in the street there are houses on one side and a pound on the other. It is blocks up a main road then across it and another main road. I hung up and called JW he said they would come get me but they wouldn’t be off for an hour. I figured it would take that long or longer for the tow truck. I hung up called and told them to send the truck.

I was in the truck it was dark the lights were off. I had the hood up and been there an hour. I was looking down talking on the phone and someone starts knocking on my window. I look down this guy is standing there. He started asking what was wrong and stuff. I was talking to the lady he got under the hood started looking. I tried to turn it over show him it was dead. He said is that a tow truck? Hang up cancel it I can fix it get you going. The guy with him told him hush let me finish.

I hung up he said I have the same truck same motor everything for 10 years. I have done all the work rebuilt it everything. Whatever it is I can fix it. He said your ground wire was really lose I could pull it off with my hand. I turned it over tightened it up. We will jump it you will be on your way. I was telling him no I killed it after I got stopped it wasn’t getting fuel. He was saying if it is not grounded it isn’t being charged nothing is going to work right. I said I know but you aren’t understanding. I said jump it we can’t tell anything if you can’t hear what it is doing. So they did. It turns over but don’t start. I said see it isn’t getting fuel and I have half a tank. He climbed up under the hood and started messing with something. He told me get in turn key on and off. He said your right there isn’t any pressure from the fuel pump. He said he couldn’t fix it there on the road like that. He said it is your pump and I can do it in 45 minutes for $200 and you get the part. I checked about getting the pump done in my other truck and they waned $700. He said he could do it the next day after work.

They other guy said if you want to tow it around the corner leave it in my yard you can. He said lock it up and bring the key back when we get home tomorrow. It will save you a bunch on your tow bill. We will fix it as soon as we get off.

I said look I have to go home and see if I can borrow the money because I do not have it. But I have to get it going so I don’t miss work. He said okay we will come to you. Get a hold of us tomorrow let us know.

They were still in front of my truck with cables hooked up when the tow truck got there. They moved and went to leave. I thought about being stuck once they took my truck. I ran over and stop them. I ask if they would take me up the street to the restaurant. I was going to get a drink and wait for JW to get there. It was dark and cool out and I would be off the road. They ask why. I told them because I had to wait for my ride. They said I could go with my truck.

I told him no they said because of covid they were not taking passenger. He said yeah I went over to get my things and wait for the guy to get the truck picked up.

I thought I am going to go get in this van with these two guys I just met. Sure we are only going to the end of the street a few blocks but what if they decide to go somewhere else or do something? I thought of my knife in the door of my truck. I got it and stuck it in my back pocket and covered it with my shirt and jacket. They were in a big work van with the cage and closed up no windows. I thought if I get separated from my purse it is going to do me no good or if I can’t get into it. This way I could just pull it out. Let me just say I did not really think I had anything at all to worry about or I would of never asked or thought about getting in the van with them. But you never know what may happen. I got out of the truck he came over said hunny he will take you with your truck. I said what? He said I talked to him he said they aren’t supposed to but he will. I said okay thank you. He said call him and let him know and made sure i had his number. I put my knife in my purse when no one was around. I figured in the tow truck there is more space between me and him and there was only one of him not two and he was driving too. I could get to it if I needed to. Before I figured if I road to the corner with them or 25 miles with him I didn’t know any of them so not any different really.

The one guy said I would of never stopped but I seen it was an excursion I told him stop turn around we have to go back. He was saying no, no,no. I said go back we have to stop. So he finally turned around. He said I love these trucks. I said me too it is my 2nd one. He said he got his 10 years ago for $10k and it only had 30 some thousand miles on it he is 2nd owner I think he said. 10 years ago with no more miles than that on it they gave him that truck. Just gave it away. He said if it was anything else I would of never stopped. They left and I walked back over to the tow truck. They guy was taking forever. Then he went to pull it up there and i called JW to tell him I was going to ride home with the truck. So he didn’t have to worry about coming all the way down there to pick me up.

I walk back to the front of the truck my truck is still not loaded. The guy has been here while now. He finally says he broke the wench on his truck he has to send another truck. He picks his stuff up and leaves. I am sitting back in the truck waiting and called the part store to see if they had the part and how much it was. They guy ask how my night was?

I said I am sitting on the side of the road because my fuel pump went out. I been here over an hour. The tow truck just left because he broke the truck trying to load mine. He was like damn not a good night.

All of a sudden I see red and blue lights behind me. They looked further away. Then I thought they were right behind me. Before I thought I said oh no it’s the cop’s. He said where? I said right behind me. He said you’re legal right it’s fine.

I said my birthday was Saturday and I forgot to get my tag. I gave him the info he needed got off the phone and out of the truck. The cop was walking up. I told him I was stuck I called AAA what happened when they got there that he just pulled away was sending someone else. Showed him on my phone text AAA sent me. He said call them back ask if I was okay and left. I called them back and sat on hold for what seemed like forever. The other truck came up before they ever came back to the phone. He hooked it up set it all up and we were on our way in no time. I figured out later the other guy tried to pull it up there with out putting it in gear so the wheels would roll. That is why his wench broke. I told you I can’t make this shit up. Who has luck like that?

I ask this guy if he would give me a ride and told him the other driver said he was going to tell him to. That he was going to. He said yes he would. He wasn’t supposed to but he wasn’t going to leave me stuck there on the side of the road. I had him take me to JW house. I stayed there that night. I was going to rent a car and they had none where I normally go. I checked the other place they wanted almost $90. I wouldn’t of even made 90 for the few hours I would of been at work. I had to leave early to get the truck fixed. I ended up calling in. The guys came about 5 the one took me to get the part why the other started on the truck. It took him about 2.5 hours but he got it done. He also replace the battery terminal for me too. I told him I had an oil leak asked if he seen it why he was under there? He said no got under it and looked. In just a second got up and said my motor mounts are wore out it is sitting on the oil pan. He said it is cracked. He said it would take most the day to do it. You have to lift the motor fix the pan replace the mounts put it back together. They said I would need to bring it to their dads shop so they could put it on the lift and could do it easier. I told him that was fine I had no problem doing that. He said let him know when I was ready. We would set something up.

JW said when I broke down his friend had a guy that would fix it. Said he done the breaks and something else for him. Small stuff and that he worked at one of the tow companies before. I said I don’t know about that. I don’t like just anyone messing with my truck. He may be able to do breaks but fuel pump is a lot more involved and can be dangerous if he does something wrong.

He said you are going to let this guy you don’t know do it? I said I know but talking to him watching him messing with it on the side of the road. He knows what he is talking about. What he is doing. He has the same truck done this stuff already to his. He knows what to expect what he needs and all that. I just felt it was ok and there was a reason he came by and stopped when he seen me.

I am waiting for the new year to start so I am not getting short checks. And I can get overtime. I am going to have do the mounts, and a few other things to it for me.

{March 8, 2017}   On My Own

The other day I had a problem with the truck and it needed 3 quarts of oil. I know this isn’t good at all and happy I caught it before it messed anything up. But it’s worse because I just had to put 3 in it about a month ago as well. Maybe a little longer but not much. When I had to put it in a month or so I didn’t see a leak so I figured it was like my other truck where it would need oil every so often but never could find a oil leak. I had read about it and there was something you could do to try and fix it but I had never tired it. It didn’t need oil all that often so it wasn’t a big deal and the fix was kind of a pain and a home done thing because there is no real fix you can buy and do. I figured I watch this one and see if it seemed bad enough to need to try and fix it or just keep and eye on it like my other truck. Well I didn’t need that much oil in such a short time. I could run it a while and not have to put some in it. It needing 3 quarts in a months time is bad.

Anyway yesterday I was out with my friend Wanda and we left the store and headed back to my house, we seen something in the parking lot so we turned into the store across the street and was going to go back. We decided not to and I went through the neighborhood behind the stores and was going to take the long way around. We got to the end of the street and I went to move the steering-wheel a and it wouldn’t move. I couldn’t figure out why then all of a sudden I looked down and all the lights were on, on the dashboard. I said shit the truck died. I thought the alternator but then said no it couldn’t be because the radio, lights and everything were still working and when it goes it won’t work most the time. Then I thought maybe the fuel pump because when I tried to start it it came on but acted as if it wasn’t getting enough fuel or something and would go off. I tried to call my friend that lived a few blocks over to come look at it his phone was turned off. I tried to call my other friend and her husband and didn’t get them. As a last resort I tried to call father of the year because he is the only one with a truck that I can tow mine with. I figured me and her could drive his and he could steer mine and we could at least get it home and the kids from school before he went to work. Nope he didn’t answer.

I got in it and was messing with it some more trying to figure out how to at least get it out of the road and where to park it. I figured out if I kept my foot on the gas it would stay running. I told her to get in and we took off. I went straight to my friends house who lived close. I figured even if he wasn’t home I could leave it parked there he would know it was mine and get a hold of me if I couldn’t him and wouldn’t have it towed. Him and his brothers were there doing stuff outside. I told him what was wrong he said he didn’t think it was the fuel pump and looked at it. He said some of the hoses were lose under the hood. I may have done that when I was reving it up trying to see if it would stay running and things. He then said that everything was covered in oil and that it was blowing oil somewhere and bad. But he didn’t now where. He cleaned something I forget what now I think the intake filter and things and it started running. He said that the CVP valve and elbow needed replaced. He said the elbow was flat and that may be where it was blowing oil from. He said they were about $10 each and he would put them on if I got them that I had some time to replace them. I got the kids from school picked up the part and it started smoking from under the hood again. I got back to his house and he was in side he couldn’t help me because his wife is really sick and he had 3 little ones to take care of and her. He said if I picked the little kids up and took it home it should be fine he would try to get a hold of me and fix it as soon as he could. He just came out for a minute to get something for his brothers earlier. I picked the little kids up and went home. I had Wanda with me because I was on my way to take her home but was scared to drive it anywhere else. It looked like oil was all under the truck on the ground. Well there was and we didn’t know from where. We got home I checked the oil and it had the same in it that it did when we broke down because I checked it to make sure that wasn’t the problem then. All the oil on his driveway mine would have showed low no way around it. I think it must have been from his brother that was parked there before me.

I decided I was just going to change the valve and elbow myself and get it done with because I didn’t have time to wait for someone else to do it whenever they could. I wasn’t driving it anymore risking blowing it up. I started looking under the hood on the passenger side and my friend was saying it was on the drivers side because that was were he was working. I don’t remember him saying where it was but I knew at the time when he was talking about it he was talking about the passenger side. I was just looking for the flat hose I figured it be easy to find. I couldn’t see it. So then I went and looked on the driver side. I tried to google it to see if I could find a picture or video and all I could find was for different motor or different truck. It was showing it in a different spot than I thought it should be from what he was saying and it said I needed all these tools and stuff. I called Father of the Year to see where he said it was and he was making no since and saying the same thing Wanda was saying on the driver side. I got up there and was looking again ( must have looked good standing on a chair to even be able to reach up in there.) on driver side. I guess I was in just the right spot because when I looked across the motor I seen this little hose with a dimple in it right on the passenger side. I moved over there and checked it out and sure enough it was that way on both sides. I knew that was what I was looking for. It was such a small piece of hose and the way it sits I couldn’t see the dimple from the passenger side. the dimple was back against the fire wall that area on that side and on the side of the hose facing the driver side. I pulled it right off no tools needed and the valve came right out with it. I open the new parts and went to put them on and the new elbow wouldn’t fit the valve it was to big. I tried to get it to work and it wouldn’t I put it on and in and then the valve was stuck in there because the hose wouldn’t stay on to pull it off. I was so mad I called the place I got it from and she said bring it back. I was surprised because it was open and had oil all on it. But she had trouble deciding what one it was and then said that was it so she knew they messed up. I thought they were about to close because they use to close really early, so I asked her because the only way I had to get there was walk. If they were I was going to see if they could have one of the drivers bring it to me. She said they closed in two hours so I walked up there. I took the old valve and hose with me to make sure I got the right one because I had to have it running that night.

I got back cut the hose and stuck it all right on and started it up. It ran great and hasn’t smoked or anything since then. I took my friend home the kids to school and picked them up and everything. I am just happy to have it fixed and to have saved myself $20 because I was going to give my friend $20 for doing it for me.

I have been joking with my friend for a few months about changing the fuel pump myself and she keeps saying no we can’t do it. I told her sure we could. She said her ex who was a mechanic had a hard time fixing the one on her truck we couldn’t do it. I said ok fine you come over take care of the kids and I will do it myself. I told her I don’t have money for all this crap I never have put a car in shop but twice and now I have no one to do it for me I guess I have to start learning to do it myself. If I take it down and do all that then I can put it back up. After I did that yesterday I said see I told you today this, this weekend the fuel pump! She said I was crazy, I told her maybe. I am not messing with the fuel pump right now I have to get other stuff done and it is fine. I don’t think it is going to go anytime soon. I am not sure I am keeping it yet so it be crazy to fix it if I am selling it. I know I won’t get any difference out of it probably if it is or isn’t fixed really. If I did it be not much to make it worth it. I am still going to talk to a few people about selling it. I just have been so sick I haven’t bother with anything hardly. I am still sick.

I need to replace the breaks soon it is coming up on time for that and I joked about that but I have to have someone put them on because that is not something I will try myself it risky if it don’t work. But one day.

I find I need a man for less and less the longer I am on my own and have to take care of stuff. And friends huh I find it funny that anytime any of them call me they have no trouble getting a hold of me and if they need something I am right there but when I call them I don’t even rank answering the phone. My good friend who fixed it when I got it to his house I understand and he has and will help me as much as he can when he can. I know he has three small sick kids and his wife is sick. I have this stuff going on a month now so I know how that is and dealing with sick kids. But everyone of the rest are always coming to me for help with this that or the other or money but I need help and they never answer their phones or have an excuse why they can’t. Over that too. I am going to be less help to more and more people again.

I was so tired and sore when I got done. When I got the new hose I had to get up under the hood of the truck to get the hose on the valve to get it out and then twist the hose onto the other part it went on then put the valve back in. I got stuck up there because I was trying not to knock the hood down on me and see where the ledge I stepped on was but it was back under the truck I had to get turned around just so I could get done. I hurt so bad, I was an oily mess, sweaty from walking. I came in took a shower and finished dinner feed the kids and made everyone go to bed. I fell a sleep at 9 woke up to the dogs at 3 something took them out and went right back to sleep until the clock went off at 7. I woke the kids up and sleep another house and half. I forgot all about my midterm I had at school today I didn’t study or anything for it. I was only at the school for twenty minutes total and had finished it and back in my truck. It was 50 questions and a lot he made way to easy the answer couldn’t have been but the one the rest made no since and weren’t even about what we were talking about. I am sure I did pretty good on that. I have felt better today than I have in a long time when it comes to being rested. But now tonight it is 11 pm and I am wide awake so who knows how the night will go.

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