{February 6, 2020}   He Looks Like……..

My car has been acting up again so my Good Friend told me to take it over to his shop so his brother could check it out again. Of course it was fine when I got up yesterday. I picked up JW and we went over there for him to scan it and do a few things to it to see if he could figure it out. He did a few things drove it and everything else and it didn’t do anything.

In a bit my Good Friend showed up and we took it to drive it and again it hardly done anything. Nothing like what it does to me. We traded places and I drove him around it didn’t do it. I drive my car a little different that they do. I am a little hard on vehicles. It still did nothing. We were talking about it and I said it is way warmer now than it has been since it started messing up. I think that has to be something to do with it because it hardly wants to get out of it’s own way more often than not. He said it could be that and that they pulled a couple new codes that also would point to why my lights flash and it started when it got cold. They reset everything and I am going to take it back when it is cold again.

But why me and My Good Friend was out driving around he said something about JW. He came up some how. He says I hate to say it but I’m not the only one who thought it. But he looks like Father of the Year. I said no he don’t and he is nothing like him at all. Nothing at all like him. He said I don’t know him so I don’t know but I hope not. But he dose look like him. He said my old lady said when we seen you all in the pawn shop right before Christmas is that Father of The Year? What is she doing with him? He said but I knew it wasn’t.

I guess I can kind of see it and honestly had the same thought. But just this look they both get. Really father of the year has changed a lot and really don’t look anything like he use to at all. You know how some people get older and still look the same as they did 10 or more years ago and others age and it’s like wow what happen to them? He is on the wow what happen to him side of things. He has not aged well. It has been so long since I have been around that father of the year that I don’t really see it or notice it if that makes since.

I didn’t tell JW what he said. I don’t know how he would take that or react to that. I wounder if the kids thought that or think that when they see him? None of them said anything. But again it has been a while since he looked that way and so long since they seen him I don’t know if they would notice or not. Hell the other week me him and oldest were in the store and oldest went to find something or do something in a different part of the store on her own. In a few minutes she came back and said I didn’t find what I was looking for but I think I seen my dad over there. But it has been so long and he looks so different I am not sure if it is him or not. I went and looked it wasn’t him. I wasn’t sure at first and had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t. I had seen the guy when he came in the door and thought it was him then and turned back around and looked. Because I didn’t want to let oldest wonder around by herself if he was there and I wanted to let her know he was in there before she did just run into him so she would be prepared if she did. I told her when she said it I told her I seen a guy a little bit ago that I thought was him but want’s. But I still went and looked to make sure he didn’t come in I didn’t see him or what. It was the same guy I seen.

So I don’t think they probably think the two look a like really probably.

{December 31, 2019}   Good Girls

If you have not watched this show you need to watch it. I watched the first season months back. Binge-watched the first season in a matter of days. It is funny I just looked yesterday to see if there was any new ones and there wasn’t. Then when I pulled up netflix today it was the first thing that popped up. It’s a really funny show. Check it out and let me know what you think.

{March 22, 2019}   The Red Light District

This is the front of our office at my new job. I pull up and park right in front of this door and light and park and go in. Like the first or second night I came out to go home I noticed the light out there. It is daylight still when I get there so I didn’t see it. All I could do was laugh and take a picture. I sent it to Bff and her aunt. I said I am not sure what to think or how I feel about this light outside my door I go in and out of. I thought of it and said I haven’t looked to see what kind of light is hanging outside the back door where all the guys come and go all the time.

Wednesday night we were talking about it and laughing. I said oh I looked tonight when I was out there in the back where the guys all go in and out it has a normal light. I said so I guess that is good it’s only at the front door and not the back door to. Her aunt busted up laughing and said something about not messing with the back door. I said oh lord only you, I wasn’t even thinking about it that way. She laughed.

I do want to know now what is up with the red light, I am going to have to ask them one night. I don’t know if it is there for a reason, if it is just all they had for some reason, if it is there as a joke or what. Why is it red and not some other color if it is a color for a reason. Why not blue or black or something like that?

{October 21, 2018}   Adulthood, Not For The Weak

{September 10, 2018}   What Guys are Really Like

I seen this a little bit ago, all I could think was omg how very true it is. Sadly it seems to be how every guy out there is. I know there are some decent ones, but they seem to be few and far between.

{June 6, 2018}   Don’t Forget Your Water

{May 30, 2018}   Borrowing The Car

Boy gets his permit and ask dad if he can have the keys to the car. Father said you have to get your grades up read your bible more and cut your hair. Then you can use the car. few weeks later the boy comes back and says I did what you said can i use the car? Fathers says you pulled your grades up and you are reading your bible more but you still haven’t cut your hair. Son says well dad I been thinking about it and moses, samson and even Jesus all had long hair in the bible father says to the son yes son they sure did and they walked every where they went too.

{October 10, 2016}   The Things Kids Say

When we were first talking about leaving for the storm was one night while making dinner.

My Big Boy out of the blue says: We have to take grandpa with us. If he gets left here and something happens and he gets blown all around in the storm I’m sure he will come back to haunt us.

I laughed and laughed, I had not even thought about my dad or taking him with us when we went. I decided we had to take grandpa and I took his guns and coin collection with us as well. I packed things as if we were not going to have a house to come back to. But I didn’t go crazy either. I just took those things my computer and important papers. The kids picked a few things and their clothes. Whatever they could fit in their bags after their clothes were packed they could take.

Anyway after Father of the Year loaded the truck and left I unloaded it to repack. I had stuck my dad down in a drill box and stuck his roll of knifes down beside him to keep it from falling over. I took the box out and sat it on the driveway then unloaded the rest. I walked around my truck and was putting stuff in and arranging it. I had Big Boy get up in the back and was handing him stuff to put back where I couldn’t reach. We finished and I walked around the truck to decide what to pack next. Well I tripped over the box with my dad in it, almost knocking it over and falling over it onto my face. About that time My Big Boy had gotten out and was coming around the truck asked what happen. I told him

He said, it’s a good thing you didn’t fall you would have to go to the hospital for face surgery and I would have to call daddy to come and sweep grandpa up off the driveway and put him back in his jar. Then he says I like your face the way it is, I don’t want you to have to get face surgery and I don’t think grandpa would be happy about being swept up with the dirt and put back in his jar with it.

He says this stuff with a straight face and he is serious about it not joking at all when he says it.

On our way home most places had no power and others could not use the water. We were all hungry and wanting to eat after eating sandwiches for two and a half days. My niece said to them, there should be a taco truck on every corner so that when something happens people can still get something to eat.

{August 30, 2016}   Your Probably A….

If you have went through the little store grabbing things to pack your kids lunch, and trying to make it look healthy and not snatched up in a mad rush at the little store….Your probably a college mom

If you have sat 14.5 hours straight doing school work that is due that night and the next morning, because you had, puking, shitting, feverish kids all week…….Your probably a college mom

If you over sleep and your kids are a half hour and a hour late for school because you were doing homework for 14.5 hours……Your probably a college mom

Oh and if your texting your best friend at 12 am praying that they are working so they can bring you a cold 2 liter of Coke because not only have you been doing homework for hours straight but also drinking kool–aid for the last two days……You might be a college mom

{August 18, 2016}   Got To Watch This to The End

Ok I seen this online yesterday and I laughed so hard I cried the first time through. I know I have watched it way to many times and laughed since. Warning you may want to watch without your kids in the room I know everyone is different on things like that so I am just putting it out there. My kids watched it but they were more watching the lady than listening to what the song was saying.

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