{September 10, 2020}   Shouldn’t Have But……..

Tried to post this yesterday 9/9 but couldn’t get it to.

I kind of done something yesterday I shouldn’t have but I did. I went and bought a dresser, night stand and mirror. It has the bed frame but it is damaged. I it isn’t a hard fix but I don’t know if I want to mess with it. I don’t need it right this minute so I wasn’t worried about it.

I stopped by the rental store that I go to when I need stuff or I am thinking about changing things. The possibility of getting this house we are going to need stuff for it. We have been some places already. We couldn’t go there because it is Sunday when we get to go and they are closed. Since we were off Monday we stopped in.

They had some cash and carry deals on the board. A few were bedroom sets. I asked him and looked at them. I really liked the one it is black. He said he could do all 3 pieces for $125. I didn’t do it. I wanted to think about it. But yesterday I went back and got it.

I wanted to talk to JW about it first as well. He said he really liked it too and thought it was a good deal. We could order the chest and extra nightstand when we needed it. I have everything that I just bought already. I am not in the mood to unload the dresser, move everything off and around it or moving it. I have to find two people to move it and then get the new in and everything put back. I am not doing it. Hell I’m not even home yet.

I told him if I bought it I would have them bring it to his house and he could use it. He don’t have a dresser or nightstand. He has his clothes on a shelf. Until we got together he really had no way to go look for one or get it home. Then a lot of places are closed Sunday his only day off. He was saving for his trip and things so no interested really in looking. So it was perfect because they could walk in sit it down and be done. Not all the hassle like my house. He said that was fine. Then when we get a place together we will just move it over there. Right now we both have something to use. Because honestly if it went to my house the one that I brought out would be brought over here. So why go through all that for one to end up here anyway. I don’t care what one I use. He don’t either.

They brought it out and I am glad I bought it. I really do like it.

Not great pictures but we didn’t put the mirror on since the back of it would face the bed. We need to be able to sit the tv up there and be able to see it. We faced it to the wall and put it behind the headboard until we move. I was thinking today I can get $125 maybe more for the set I have. So then I’m really not out any money.

{December 12, 2016}   All Gone

They came Froday and took my new furniture. The couch, loveseat, coffee table and endtables. So far I have gotten my old love seat in the house but haven’t had help getting the couch in.

Have not figured what else to put in here to put what on. I took the little fish tankdown. I don’t have a lot to put on tables really. I liked having the one for my computer the coffee table for the tv. I guess it really don’t really matter because I haven’t been spending much time at all out here sonce they took the furiture and turned off the internet. I can not get comfrable on the old couch why I got rid of it to start with.

I liked my new one having a place we all could sit spend time together and I could sit and write without hurting. It sucks Ican’t get the couch in to figure out how to put everything. We are going to put the tree up tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope to find a way to get it in by then. I am not sure why I want it in I guess to make it look more like a livingroom/home than someone just moving in/out. If nothing else for the kids. I sit on the floor most the time I am out there. I sit on it but then find myself on the floor leaning against the front. Just better support on my back.

Number 2 and 4 were very upset when I told them they were coming to get it. When they did you could tell they really were then. I told them we would try to get it back or some thing else later. They just said they did not like the old one they loved our new one and it was so much nicer and better to sit on. I told them we would find another just as nice that we liked to sit on. They just walked away. I felt so bad, I didn’t relize how much they cared really about what set we had. When I was looking they had hardly anything to say about the ones I looked at and asked about. I got the its okay.

I think it really was starting to feel like home and like everything was falling into place for once for them as well. Father of the year has not been coming around much, its just been me them our friends, we have been setting things up replacing things with what we want not what make do with. We been getting out spending time with friends going places even if small and on the cheap. Losing inter net then the couches and being told Christmas will probably only be one gift of what I can get on a small budget was a blow for them. I try not to let them know how tight our budget really is. I will not lie to them, they do get told I don’t have money for this or that or to wait until it fits in my budget better. I don’t let them know I am just getting by. But lately I’m not even getting buy and I have not been able to hide it. Hints the internet going off, everything going back and Christmas. Even when we were homless things didn’t go off we were able to keep it all on until we moved. I was able to buy Christmas for them. I have told them I have rent covered so we do not lose the house and working on keeping lights and water on is why things went back or off and Christmad may be small this year. They say they understand and Christmas is not about the gifts but I know it still hurts. They really are super good kids and it just kills me the way things are and to have to tell them about Christmas. But I would rather tell them than to have them get up excited that morning and have one thing. Hopefully things will come through for them and there will be more. I would rather see the excitement on their face of getting more than expected.

I think that I will get them each one nice thing if I have the money when my school money comes. Or do some sort of nice little trip for them. Just close by for the day or something. I guess we shall see how things turn arpund for us.


I have no idea how this post is going to look because of writing it on my phone. Its hard to see somethings threw the cracks and on tiny space on top of that. But just thought I would give a little update on whats going on.


{September 29, 2016}   The Danger OF New Furniture

Now that I have a couch that I like and can get comfortable on I have found way to many t.v shows to get into and start watching. I have spent to much time on this couch watching t.v. Last night me and the kids go pizza came home put on or pajama’s and ate and curled up on the couch to watch a movie. We were all in bed by 9:30. The tw6o nights before and today I have been sitting here doing stuff on my computer and watching t.v.

I found three shows I have started watching but one I am hooked on already and binge watching. It’s called The Mysteries of Laura. I sat here and watched 5 episodes of it the other night and then watched 3 or 4 dateline episodes. But the Laura show is so funny and her ex reminds me of father of the year so much. He is always trying to dump the kids on her no matter what she has to do, refused to sign the divorce papers and thinks he is going to get her back. Just everything reminds me of him. I just say here and watched 5 more episodes when I should be doing other stuff. Now I have an hour and half to get dressed go get a birthday gift for my Big Boy who turns 11 today.

When you make your house a home you start to enjoy it and can become a little to comfortable. So just be careful when you start putting your house in order and getting new furniture. You may find you spend more time doing things you enjoy and lose track of the time.

You can’t say you have not been warned of the dangers of buying new furniture you like and not just making do.

{September 26, 2016}   Coming Together

Everything is finally coming together and getting done. Father of the year finally showed up I went to my training. He put the blinds up and I had him get the furniture out of the house and out of the way so that they could bring the new stuff. I am sitting here enjoying my new couch and writing my post. oh my gosh it is so much nicer than my other couch. I knew mine wasn’t that great but it was bad I almost feel bad to sell it to someone else it is so bad. But there is nothing wrong with it, it is in nice shape it is just very uncomfortable. That could just be me as well since my back and things are messed up, others may like them and find them very comfortable. I see a ton of them for sale new so they must be selling.

Father of the year has had some attitude today, not sure what his problem is, other than the fact he can’t stand it I got a new living room set. I came home and looking for a set of coffee tables that had a matching sofa table because the set I wanted didn’t have one and I want one. I have my t.v. sitting on a high top dining room table. It’s now very long or wide just big enough for two people. I like it and it works great for that. I was thinking if I could find a table set with a sofa table that matched I could sit the t.v. on the sofa table and it would all match. But I couldn’t find one. Talking about it he just made face and then just acted like an ass as always. Then my little one asked about the couches and what they were like I pulled up a picture to try and show him. I found one and it showed the couch middle folded down to make a little table. I said I know the love seat has a con soul I didn’t know the middle of the couch folded down like that I didn’t think it did. I said that will be nice I can fold it down put my lap top on it and sit do my school work or what and put my feet up so my legs don’t swell and hurt all the time like they do now. He just gave me a dirty look. He got up walked away and mumbled something about new set. I ask what he said nothing I didn’t say anything. I said why don’t you say it if you have something to say? He just gave me more dirty looks. I said well I am the one that pays for it and I have hardly used my t.v. or the living room set since I got it because it is horrible I should be able to have something that I can use. He just went on.

He don’t like it because even if he had his own place right now he would have nothing to put in it and he would have who knows what and in god only knows what kind of shape because he don’t budget his money and try to have anything nice. I don’t have a lot but I budget and figure out ways to get the things we want. Just like selling my old stuff to get new. He don’t like it that I’m just living life and moving on and doing good for me and the kids. He hasn’t been coming around as much since the divorce and I haven’t been talking to him much at all either. He don’t like it I’m not sitting around boo hoo because the divorce is over. Just like he said the other week about getting over me and he can’t. Just like the other week he is Still Trying to get back together or get me to have something to do with him. Since that night he really hasn’t been around much.

I just sat here why I had a free minute and was thinking about it and typed up a thing documenting how he has not taken the kids at all since the divorce, how he don’t let me know he isn’t taking them or ask if he needs a sitter, don’t come to see them during the week at all. How he thinks that if he takes them for the weekend I should be telling him everything I am doing or who I am talking to. That I have to ask and ask him to give me the child support that he owes and is supposed to be paying. That half the time I don’t get it until Wednesday or Thursday the following week and then have to wait on that weeks, for days or week at a time. I put how if he does have time with them he can’t at his house he has to come to mine and do it. I put it all in there. Just documenting so that when I go to move away he can’t fight it and if he does he isn’t going to have a leg to stand on. He will hang himself like he always does.

I read in my developmental psychology class last night that fathers who are on a every other weekend time share plan and a day during the week plan move on with life and don’t come around as much after the first two years. It would be nice if he just stopped coming around but I know it isn’t going to happen. The only way it might happen is if he moves to his own place or at least somewhere other than where he is living and meets someone new. I think that if he found someone knew he wouldn’t have a second thought about anything over here.

Once we move I don’t think we will hear from him much other. He will swear he has no money to come see the kids that he can’t bring them to his house if they come here or something. Mostly that he don’t have the money to get them back and forth and that he can’t get off work I am sure. But if you hear him tell it he will tell everyone I moved the kids away and won’t let him see them. But I don’t really care and if us moving was going to make it so bad then why didn’t he take it to the judge and tell her he didn’t want us to go? If he did they let us go? Probably because he wasn’t seeing them when they were right here a few miles away right. People aren’t stupid they are going to know when he starts his boohoo poor him bullshit.

But other than that everything is coming together here and going along pretty good. Me and the kids have the house almost refurnished with stuff that works for us and not just full of junk that we are making due with. The kids are loving school and their clubs. We are getting out and doing things more again than we have in years. Eve just going to the store, I have seen my friend in the store a lot lately she even said why your getting out more I never see you in the store. Because I feel like doing stuff going places and getting out. I just feel a lot more relaxed since I have everything done and not dealing with him around all the time. I’m not having to keep the peace and keep my mouth shut.

I am doing the volunteer thing I want to do and going to school now. I am about half way or more done with school once I finish these classes. I will only have two terms to go hopefully and will be done with that. I am getting my house back in order so I can have people over. We like to have people over for dinner, parties or just to hang out. The house has been in such chaos with trying to keep the peace and him always around I haven’t felt like doing it even though I wanted too. The house has just had minimum done to keep it up some things really need to be taken care of and put back together.

{August 30, 2016}   Decisions Decisions

I still have a backroom full of furniture, you may remember I post awhile back talking about how my back room looked like a Furniture Store. Well it still does. I have not been able to get the stuff moved so that I can show it and every time I try to have a yard sale someone gets sick or something happens. This weekend it rained and I had tons of work to do for school since everyone was sick. I sat here for 14 hours straight Sunday doing school work trying to get it all done.

Now I am trying to decide what to do with the money. I was going to put it back in the pot to pay things, but have done without it this long and will be getting money again in about a week and I should be okay. I was thinking about selling my couch and love seat and putting like $100 from the money I have coming in a week or two with it to get a new one. I don’t need a brand new one but the new to me ones are just as much as a brand new one and they are nasty.

I was thinking about taking the money from the stuff I sell and getting me the bedroom set I have been wanting. I would probably get enough to pay for most of it. If I just get what I can now then the rest later would be ok. I just want the dresser, mirror, chest of draw and two night stands. I do not like the bed most places have with it so I would wait to get the bed that I want to go with it later or find a cheaper one later. Right now I have a basic black headboard so it would look find with it. Even if I just got the dresser, mirror and one night stand and got the other one and chest later would be ok. Then like me and my oldest were talking earlier when we finally move in a year or so we will all take our bedroom stuff with us because we will have nice new stuff, we won’t get there and have to sleep on the floor and worry about finding decent mattresses. We can still get rid of the couches, table, desk and the rest of the furniture in the house so we aren’t paying to haul extra stuff we don’t need. If we all have our beds to sit and sleep on we can take a little time to look for a couch. I could even take one of the beds and set up in the living room to sit on for a little bit until we found one if I needed to. We have two sets of bunks so we could put one of the single beds out there. They agreed it as long as we don’t have to sleep on the floor we aren’t worried about living room stuff. I would sell my couch and things before I left so I should have enough to get one when we get there no problem. It’s just finding some thing that we like.

Then I thought of doing something else with it the other day but I can’t even remember what it was now. Not surprising really.

Tonight I have been thinking about trying to sign my three older kids up for 4 H. I seen they had a meeting the other day when I had sick kids and could not have went anyway. I am going to call tomorrow and see what all they are offering and how much it is. From my understanding I think there are a few fee’s when you get in but after that it is mostly free. I could be 100% wrong because again it wasn’t something I was allowed to do when I was a kid. I would put all three in it but they only take kids ages 5 to 18. She has another year and a half or so to wait. But I want her to do something as well, so I thought maybe I could put her in a dance class if it was cheap enough. I looked at my friends studio tonight and emailed her to see what they had for her age and if it was to late for her to start since they started about three weeks ago when school started. I wasn’t planing to do anything then just thought of this today when I seen the 4 h thing. I had looked into 4 h before but then forgot about them. She said they have ballet and jazz and acro/jazz. I think she would like the acro/jazz because she likes to tumble and flip and things like that. She said we could stop by this week or next and she could try both classes out for free and see what one she liked. It is $50 a month for 2 hours. I guess that isn’t to horrible but it’s a lot when I am on such a tight budget. I know they have scholarships or use to so I am going to ask them about that and see if there is one she can get or if we can try when they come up. Because we have costume fee’s and things as well.

So now I am thinking maybe I should just put that money away and use it to do stuff like this for the kids. I could pay her dance stuff out of it and their fee’s for 4h or stuff at school if they needed something. Or if they wanted to take something else that didn’t cost to much then maybe I could pay for classes for them as well. Now I have to decide and see what is out there if 4 h don’t work and see what the studio has to offer. I may see if my Little Guy wants to do dance as well but I don’t think he will. I know my oldest don’t and my Big Boy will probably tell me it is for girls. Thing is if they all take something that cost all that much a month then the money won’t last long at all. I am trying to come up with a happy balance where they all can do something. Oh I could even pay and get our gym member ship back and we all could take karate plus use the gym when we wanted to for about $45 a month. But I really want to get them into a club of some kind that hey will do something they really like.

I know my oldest wants to ride and work with the horses again. I know 4 h does a lot with horses but I don’t know if she would need her own horse or if they have some, some way that they can use. She would love to do the horse shows but I know she would probably need her own for that for sure. I am just going to have to look into it more tomorrow then decide.

Oh I was thinking about using the money and doing a couple weekend trips away with just me and them the next few months. There is a little town about 75 miles north of us we would like to check out and they do a lot of stuff at Christmas time it’s supposed to be really pretty. There are a few other places we may decide to go or even decide to drive to Georgia for the weekend and check some places out see if they are anywhere we may want to move to. I have a friend in South Carolina we could drive up and see. Check some places out around her. I would probably go on a three day weekend or take them out of school for Friday. Do our driving on Thursday nights so we would be in town by Friday to look around. I could sleep why they were at school they could sleep in the truck on the way. Their schools are so easy and flexible. I will have to look into triple A if I do that too.

It’s so hard to decide. I really don’t have to get a bedroom set, I have a dresser with the mirror now and a night stand that matches. I have a headboard but it don’t match and I don’t have the other night stand or the chest that I want. It’s just the dresser and stand the people across the street gave me a while back. I could sell that and put toward the stuff for my room. But I could do without and just wait since I did buy a new to me mattress that was like new a while back. That is the main thing that I could not do without mine was beyond shot and had o be replaced.

My living room set the couch and love seat I HATE I am almost to the point of I would rather get rid of it and have none than keep this one. It was a temporary fix because we had none had people coming to the house and needed somewhere they could sit. I just never took the time to sell it or get anything different. The back are a bunch of pillows that come off and with 4 kids that just don’t work. They are always in the floor or tossed all over the couches and laying around on it. It isn’t comfortable to sit on because of the way it is made either really. I figure I can sell it get $250 to $300 out of it easy. The stuff I am looking at on there for that price and more looks like the people have had it for about 10 years and two or three other families have had it besides them for about 5 or so years before they have decided to sell it. It isn’t out dated that isn’t the problem at all. The problem with it is it is dirty and wore out. The leather and fake leather ones the stuff is peeling off or it’s rubbed off in places. The fabric ones are faded and look like they have dirt and who knows what grown into them. They look like they have never been cleaned and like they didn’t even try to clean it to sell it. Some of them have holes in them. Mine has a spot on the front arm that was tore when I got it but that is really it other than that it is nice, it is clean and it isn’t faded. I don’t let the dogs up there and for a while now I have had a blanket folded up on it and we have been sitting on it because I don’t want to get anything on it now that I know I want rid of it for sure. I took it apart and cleaned the couch tonight going to clean the love seat tomorrow. But we have a place here about 30 minutes away that I can get a brand new set for $400. If I get $300 for mine then I just need $128 to put with it to get a new one. I found a few at the rental stores for cash and carry between $300 and $400. But I figured if I was going to pay that I may as well buy it new rather than used. The rental places probably has better quality than the ones I am looking at new but they don’t have anything I really like that is in much better shape than what I see other places used. I stopped at one and they had a camo set for $400 said it would probably be cheaper if I come back over the weekend for their big holiday sale. Then they will probably drop it down another $100 or more. I told the kids and Father of the Year tonight when he was here if they dropped under $300 I would probably buy it just to get rid of mine and not spend a ton. They looked at me like I was crazy but that is how bad I want rid of mine. I just want something that is going to last me until we move then I am going to sell it and get something else. I keep telling myself just live with what I have not to spend the time or money on something else if I am going to get rid of it anyway. But I really hate this one and hate it more and more every day. If I can sell it for the $300 and that will pretty much pay for something else in there why not. I paid less than $280 for it when I bought it almost 3 years ago. So I am not out any money there.

The other thought I had was to sell everything I have in the back and my living room set, take all the money I get from it all and buy me a nice set that will last me a while. A set that will last me at least the next 5 years or more. Most of the time if I buy a living room set I expect to get 5 years out of it. I figure by then I will be ready for something new and even if I can’t resell it or I don’t get much for it I have gotten my money’s worth out of it. But then if I do that I have to keep it and move it with me when I go and have the cost of moving it and hoping it don’t get damaged in the move. But I would then go to where ever we decide to go with everything ready to set up house. because I have seen some really nice well made sets that I like. But they were more than I wanted to pay to just get rid of it in a year. I wouldn’t get close to my money back for it probably so I would lose money on it. The sets I am looking at for $400 I don’t feel I would be out any money really since I am selling my other set to get it and I already don’t expect to make much back on it since I am buying it so cheap and it probably isn’t as good of quality I buy most the time. That is one reason I go to the rental places is because I know where their stuff comes from and I know it is better quality, I also know that it has been cleaned really good and I can get good deals. Like the set I have now was brand new the people got it had paid it way all most paid off and then turned it in for some reason. They wanted more for it but I have bought a lot of stuff there and my friend runs the place so he gave me an even better deal on it than what they were asking. He knows most the time I buy new I don’t want used because I want it in good shape and clean. He knew the people who had it before and things like he said it wasn’t like a lot of places they have to pick stuff up from it was a clean decent nice house. I have seen them get so much back and have to just toss it in the dumpster it was so bad. He is like me if it is to bad he will find a way to get rid of it instead of selling it. He wants to keep a good rep and don’t want to be known as the store that has trash all the time. There is another store by a different name in the plaza they are in and they look like they are selling trash a lot of times.

I had one set I really liked when I had my Little Bitty that I wasn’t able to keep when Father of The Year pulled his stuff and we lost our house. The store I got it from said when I got it they had it and one more like it but they would not be getting anymore. I wanted them to order me a new set then. But tonight I looked the set up online and found the company that made it. They have it on their site for sell. I am going to call them in the morning and see how much it is from them. I am not even sure if they sell to the public but I think they do. I may just take my money and get it. It isn’t a huge set so it wouldn’t take up a lot of room on a truck. I guess I will wait and see how much it is and then decide what to do about everything. I may pay the extra if it isn’t way to much since I really like it. It most likely won’t be more than $500 or $600 so it would still leave me a good chunk of money to do something else with.

{June 20, 2016}   Furniture Store

My house looks like a furniture store right now. My Little Bitty told me a while back she needed a bigger bed. She has been sleeping between my bed and hers until I was able to figure out and get her one. I was going to sell my oldest bedroom set and get them a new one but it wasn’t selling. I know because I wasn’t able to set it up and really get good pictures of it all and things. Because it is a nice set and I see other sets going for a lot when I looking. I also figured out I would have to order their beds and wait for them to come leaving them with none until they came. I decided just to wait until I got my money get them and then sell the set.

I ordered the bed and new mattresses and it all came last Thursday. We had decided to keep the dresser, desk and hutch and just sell the bed out of the oldest’s set so we didn’t have to find dressers. I wasn’t crazy about the idea but figured it would work. So we ordered a bed in the color that would match it the best. Well Wednesday evening I found a dresser, chest, night stand, and headboard someone had for sale that was nice and all matched. They only wanted $200 for it all. I messaged them and they said come that night to see it and get it. I didn’t think they would because it was almost 8 then. I dropped the two older kids off with my sister so I could take the back seat out. Then I got father of the year to go with me and to get it. We got there it was up stairs and had to be brought down and through this ladies house to get it. The way the stairs were made it a pain to get it out. Then she told me it was the mattress, box spring, frame, and all the blankets sheets for the bed as well. well. I was able to get everything but the the mattress and box spring. I hated to and never haul stuff like that but I ended up tying it to the top of the truck to get it home. It was way to late and to far to go home and come back. I sold father of the year the headboard and he maybe getting the nightstand as well if it don’t end up fitting in the room once we get everything and can set it up. I made $20 of my money back there on the headboard. Yes I made him buy it from me, he still isn’t paying anything to help with the kids or spent a penny on anything they need as far as clothes or the beds for their rooms or anything else.

The bed came and it was to dark to go with the dressers, I called the store said they had one in the color I needed so we took it back. I get there and they don’t they never did, after calling all over the county to find one I was told they don’t sell that color in the store. I went other places and tried other ideas and could not find what I needed. I ordered a new one thinking it would be here by today or tomorrow. The other took 4/5 days. This one will not be here until this Friday. It’s taking over a week to get here.

I have a large sold wood chest of drew that was my Little Guys when he was a baby that has been passed around since. I was going to put it in the boys room because theirs have been needing replaced for a while. But they got a new bed instead because they needed it more. I wanted another chest to go with it and put in there, that is what they have now instead of a chest and dresser and it works better for them. I have been looking for something I could paint and put in there so I could paint them the colors they like and things but hadn’t found anything. Then we decided to use the one we have already and get another. I have been looking and I can not believe the price of used dressers and chest. Nothing I have found is under $150 most are over that. Then they need refinished, hardware and they are really small or really ugly or old. It is not like oh this is not that old and in really good shape so I want this much for it. Or this is in really good shape and sold so I want more for it. Last night I found another taller sold wood chest the the same color as the one I have just about for $50 it was missing two little knobs off of it. Easy and cheap to fix. I couldn’t believe they only wanted $50 for it, I figured it would be gone or it would be a mess when we went to get it. I sent a message and they had it and said I could come tonight to pick it up. I send father of the year to get it since I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids and couldn’t pick it up. He brought it to us and it is really nice. So we moved the dressers out of their room and put these in. They are happy with them.

Now in my back room I have a desk I am storing for a friend, three chest of draws, a desk with hutch, mattress set, and another mattress out there. I had Little Bitty’s bed because it had to come down to put the dressers in her room but we had to put it back up in the boys rooms until hers comes and we can put it up. She got very upset because she didn’t have her own bed like everyone else even though she sleeps in my bed most the time. By the weekend it will be back out there along with the other bed from their room. I hope to have a yard sale in a couple weeks and sell it all. I want to get it on the carport take good pictures of it all and list it online as well. If it works out like it should when it is all here and everything else is sold I should make back most my money that I spent to get it. I will make over what I spent on the boys chest when I sell their old two. I just can’t wait to get all the new/new to them stuff here and set up so I can get the rest of my house in order because it is a mess right now with moving everything around.

I wish right now I had money to open a store because I have a good amount of stuff to put in it and stock it that is worth something so it would sell quick too. I am thinking about taking the money I make and buying other stuff I find cheap and resale it just do it out of my house for a little bit until I save enough money to rent a place or going and renting a small storage unit to keep stuff in and sell from there.

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