{September 18, 2018}   Trying Not To Stress

I am trying not to stress and trust that everything is going to work out. I have spent so much money that I shouldn’t of had to because of things getting mixed up. With my hours being cut at work i am starting to stress and get worried. I am looking and looking hard for jobs but not finding anything in my area. It really seems to come down to who you know not what you know. I am stressed over my mother still being here and not getting out. I am stressed because I just want to work so bad and make enough to be able to get ahead and no matter how hard I try I just can’t. I have to make $500 a week just to pay basic rent, lights, water, net and phone. That isn’t a bite to eat, drop of gas or anything extra for anything. That don’t let me get things caught up it don’t let me fix things that need fixed pay anyone back or nothing. I am trying so hard to just stay calm and keep looking and know that it will all work out if i keep trying. But i am starting to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. What was said the other day about always something don’t help. I am so tired of being looked down on and looked at like I am less than because I struggle. No one seems to see what I do just what I don’t that they don’t like.

{December 28, 2016}   Come on February

I can’t wait for February to get here so I will have a some money. I need a microwave and a headlight now. I hardly ever use a microwave but they come in handy for things like tonight when we are making tv dinners or to heat something up quick without dirtying a bunch of pots. As it is right now I already owe a bunch of it out but I have to stretch it to last until September when I take more classes. I don’t think I can take any this Summer since I am taking some here in the Spring.

I want to pay my rent up for about 6 months but now owing my Grandma money and having to fix the truck and catch all the bills up I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I will be paying it up for at least a few months and then still paying on it each month to keep it paid up if I can’t pay it up like I wanted. I wanted to pay it for 6 months then still pay it each month until it was paid for the year and I wouldn’t have to worry about it until February 2018. By then I hope to be moving but I don’t know.

I am still looking for a part time job so that I will have a little extra money coming in so that we don’t get in a jam again.

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