First Day of School

Of all days they decide the first day of school should be tomorrow, a Friday. A early releases day at that. What were they thinking? Really? I wonder how many kids will show up?

I can tell you now mine won’t be there. Only one of mine is supposed to start tomorrow and I am not ready. I did not make it to the school like I was supposed to in order to get everything set up. We decided that we are going to start Monday fresh and new after one last weekend.

I still need to get school supplies as well. My kids hardly ever miss school they are good students and make good drades. I really do not think he is going to miss a lot not being there for 4 hours the first day.

You Didn’t Pick the Right, Right Answer

I am a little ticked off about my mid term I took for my basic counseling skills class the week before last. We just now got them back because one girl didn’t show up to take hers so we had to wait until she took it before he would grade them and let us see them. I don’t understand his thinking either because he grades it gives it back so we can look at it then takes them again. Not just test but all our papers. Seems odd but whatever.

Anyway it was a 50 question mid term and worth 100 points. I get mine back and it says 92 and it is crossed out and says 94. I figured that was because he skipped a question and forgot to add the points for that one in to make it 100. I glance over the first page and see I got number one wrong. I looked at the answer and was like oh okay yeah got that wrong why did I pick that answer, I did’t read the question or look at all the marks on it. I went on flipping through the rest to see what others I missed. He was asking if anyone had questions if they wanted him to go over all of it or what. They decided to go over all of it. I was looking through because something seemed off about my grade. I was trying to make sure he hadn’t marked any wrong that were right as he went through them and figure out if my grade really was off and why. Then one girl stopped him on one and was asking him about it. It was one I had gotten wrong as well and we had put the same answer she was asking why it was marked wrong. So they went back and forth over it and me and her were the only ones that spoke up and said anything. Because I said yes I got that wrong to and reading it felt this was the right answer for the same reason. They went back and forth over it and he pulled up some notes and things.

In the mean time I figured out that he had went back and marked number one right because he had messed up when he was grading them but figured it out before he handed it back. After I had read it I was about to question him about it until I figured out what he had done.

They were still on the other question and why it was right or wrong, when I got done figuring out my papers. The question was…………..

What are ways to show empathy when in a session with a client?

A) there are many different channels or ways

B) warm vocal tones, vocal pitch, tacking

C) some off the wall answer that made no since

D) another answer that you knew was wrong even if you had never taken the class.


Well we have been learning about the 3 V’s and B and the BLS in class and this is what he has drilled in us pretty much from day one. The three V’s and B are Visual, Vocal, Verbal and body language. There are other ways to show empathy and these are not to just show empathy but this is the spring board we were using. Plus there are other ways to show it, but this what we have talked about in class. To me it seem like a trick question since it didn’t have all three V’s and the B listed. They wanted you to think it was B but the answer was really A. Since B was not a complete answer I put A figuring that if I put B and got it wrong that was what he was going to say it isn’t a complete answer there for it would be A because……. The other girl who questioned him about it had looked at it the same way and answered A as well.

Well he tells us nope the best answer for that question is B and that he wasn’t asking about the three V’s plus B just what are ways to show empathy. But the answer kind of lead into that. He said he was going to look at his notes he had at home for that question but he didn’t think he would be giving us anymore points we were just wrong and B is the best answer. He will let us know Monday when we go back in. After class I was talking with a few other girls in the calls and I ask them what they got for that question as well and they said the same thing me and the other girl said and put B. Mind you there are only 9 people in this class and that is 4 out of 9 of us that I know for a fact that put B. I think the girl sitting in front of me said she had too but not 100% sure because I was looking over my paper at the time. I am not sure how many others also put A but I am thinking probably most if 4 of us had. So it ticks me off that the half the class or almost half the class that I know of interpreted the question one way and he is looking at it another then to me the question wasn’t clear enough in what it was asking. He even said yeah technically we were right too because there are many ways but says his answer was the best out of the 4 so it is right even though it was kind of half and answer compared to what we have been learning in class. I feel if that many of us got it wrong and we picked the other “right” answer we should get credit for it. Who is to say that A is the best the best comes down to a matter of opinion when there is two answers that can be right. Just because he thinks his answer is the best we felt ours was the best since the other was not complete. If he is saying they are both right then he should have to give anyone who picked A or B credit. Not like we picked C or D that are in left field and have nothing to do with what we are talking about and trying to get him to give us credit. We would have nothing to stand on to even explain why we should get credit but when he says both are right and most the class felt it was this we should all get credit if we picked A or B. I know it is only two points but that two points could mean the difference between a C and, an A or a B and A at the end of the term. To say you can’t have them two points and have that letter grade higher because you didn’t pick the right, right answer just don’t seem right to me.

I don’t know why this is bothering me so much I guess maybe just because I’m still not in a very good mood and haven’t been for a few days now or what. Most times I probably just said screw it and forgot it but for some reason I am a little ticked off about it. I guess too probably the common they are both right but.

My Big Project Grade and Feedback

I am so excited I got my grade and feedback on My Big Project tonight and I couldn’t believe it. I got full credit for both parts and this is the feedback I got from my teacher about it……………

“absolutely excellent job on your Genogram assignment! Your Genogram by far was one of the most comprehensive, clear and organized that I have seen. I really enjoyed reading your family story and for not being close to your entire family you definitely had a lot of information that you have acquired and gathered. I think that you discovered some very interesting patterns within your family. It sounds like your Grandma’s passing was a catalyst for a lot of developing dynamics. And I am sorry for the loss of your father, it sounds like you and your kids were very close with him. I hope that that project gave you some deeper insight into your family and helps you continue to develop your family dynamics in a healthy and balanced way!”

I was shocked, I expected to get a passing grade but not a very high grade maybe a high C or low B for effort because I did have a lot of information but not a lot of dates and things. Plus I did the diagram with word just kind of free drawing it all the best I could and adding information the best way I could figure out how. I then wrote all that I could think of and knew about my family and who all was involved even though I didn’t have dates for a lot of it. When I checked my grades and seen I had full credit I was happy but when I read the note that was left with the grade I was blown away. Never did I expect that at all. At least there was something positive to end my night on.

Forgotten Homework

yesterday I went up the street and did the little bit of work I needed to and turned in what needed turned in for the day. Between getting sick and keeping up with the kids I forgot all about what was due today. I thought of it a few hours ago and had to hurry and do it so I could get it in on time. No late work is taken and the work being turned in counts as you being in class since you don’t have to go to class. If you miss work it not only counts against your grade but can get you kicked out of class.

I wasn’t sure what was due because I get two of the classes mixed up. I am still trying to figure out how to keep them figured out. They are the last two domestic violence classes I have to take for my degree. There was three and I took the other one a few terms back. Boy was I happy to see that it was the one that I just had to take a quiz in. Only thing is I had to read a chapter first and it was a few pages shy of 40 pages. I looked over the chapter in the table of contents to see what it was about and just took the test. Thank God for the first class I took a few terms ago from looking at the contents it would have just been a review of the things I have already learned. I got 9 out of 10 right. The one didn’t make since in what it was asking, I wasn’t sure what it wanted to know so I put what i thought it was asking and I was wrong. But I was happy with the grade anyway considering.

Now I have to get on the ball and get the work for Wednesday’s class done before I have to go there and get started on this weeks work for my other classes. I have two due Sunday and one due Monday. I better get off here look my classes over quick and get off line I don’t want to use to much of my hotspot the first day. All though I think I should be okay as long as I don’t fall asleep with it on leave it on while I am not on line. Last month I was only at 85% used a week before my bill was due and ran out 4 days before. But I fell a sleep with it on a few times during the month and left it on while doing other stuff. I didn’t know it could run out.

First Day of School

Today was my older kids first day at their new school and their first day of school in three years, since we homeschooled the last two. Their school is small they only have 12 kids enrolled 4 of will not be starting until Friday. They said they didn’t do any work today just did some about me pages and got to know each other and make friends. Tomorrow they will start their testing on each subject to see what grade level they are on for each one. They said it will last 2 or 3 days maybe a week, it depends on each child and how long it takes them. I figure my oldest will probably finish in a day or two, my other one will probably take a little longer but probably not a week. They will just have to keep him on track and he should have no problems.

My big boy got in the truck and started talking about his new best friend he met today and how they sat together and talked all day. He said they sat with my oldest and some kids she had met for a little while too. I love that it is all the kids all different grades and ages together. It’s like the old little one room school house kind of school. I like them to be somewhere a little bigger with more kids and who do sports and things but at the same time I don’t miss all that comes along with that in the form of bulling, being left out, lice, not getting the help they need or being stuck in a grade that your board in and not being able to move ahead. My oldest needs to be able to work on her own independent at her pace so she can just keep moving instead of having to wait for the rest of the calls to catch up or having to stay on grade level because by age that is the grade she is supposed to be working in. Most things she is testing above grade level. Everything she test above grade level in they will move her up to the level she is testing in instead of making her to 7th grade work because that is the grade she should be in because of her age and birthday. When I pulled her from school two years ago she was so board and hated it because they would give them a book to read with 200 to 300 pages and tell them to read a chapter for homework. She have the book done by the time she went back and the other kids hadn’t even read the chapter then she was waiting for them.

My next one needs that redirection to help him stay focused on what he is doing and some extra help once in a while. They want to throw him in a mainstream class when he is in public school. He would sink and drawn in a mainstream class because he wouldn’t be able to focused and finish his stuff as fast as the other kids. They wouldn’t do much to help him. If I put him in a special needs class he is ahead of a lot of the kids in them. They put more of the nonverbal kids and kids who are below grade level in them. My guy is all over the chart, in math he is below grade level other things he is at level and then others he is above. So he needs that tailored to him kind of work inviroment as well.  He ended up in a class where he was ahead of a lot of the kids and he regressed in some ways because the teachers had so much to do with the other kids he wasn’t getting the help he really needed.

The schools can only do so much with the number of kids they have, the number of staff they have, and the range of levels, disabilities and things kids are on. I know they can’t teach every kid on their level or their pace and that some kids who are slower or more behind need the extra help and separate classes. I think it is great they have it set up to help the kids. But I do feel that there is a better way to do things than the way they do it with so many kids falling through the cracks and so many kids not getting the help they need. Even when I was in school things were different and the kids were split up my by their levels than they are now. Now they want to include everyone and all help each other but that don’t really work. When so many parents complain you would think they would listen.

I also think that the over all this is how old you are and this is when your birthday is so you are in x grade regardless is not the way to go. If we changed that I feel it would help a lot with the kids not getting the help they need and falling through the cracks. I think that this is your age so this is your grade is ok for kids in grades k through maybe 2nd. Let them get the basics down and a good understanding how things are. But after that they should all go through testing to see what grade they are testing at and then be put in a grade accordingly.

Private schools can do it and it works for the kids, why couldn’t the public schools do it. You still hire your teachers that are able to teach 6 th grade English, math and all the rest of the subjects and let them teach that subject. The only difference would be instead of just having “6th” grade aged students she may have 4th through 8 th grade aged kids in her class. Regardless of the age of the child the subject is still the same and still taught the same. It wouldn’t be much different than high school. If you fail a class it don’t hold you back a grade you move up and repeat that class. You may be a junior or senior taking a freshmen class if you failed it freshmen year. The teacher isn’t teaching any different because she has a junior and senior mixed in the class. Electives are the same in jr high and high school it is a mix of different ages and grades. It could be the same for core subjects as well, because just because the age isn’t “grade” level does not mean the child isn’t on that grade level for the subject.

I think a lot less kids would fail or be held back, oh I forgot they get moved up regardless because no child left behind. I think that they wouldn’t have to worry about a child being left behind if they did it this way. Now if they didn’t pass a class they just repeat that class instead of repeating the whole grade or getting moved up and being lost later in that subject. There should be one big school that goes from k-12th or the k-12 schools should be all beside each other on one big campus like a college or something. This way the kids can walk back and forth between them for each class if they have a class since they may have classes in the jr high and high school buildings or the jr high and elementary school.

You may still have the bulling and things for the first several years or so because all the kids starting out are use to being with kids their age, grade or whatever. But I think that the kids coming out who start out in the system and work their way through from the be gaining up you would have less bulling because of them all being together and getting to know each other. Lot of times kids get picked on because they are ahead or behind and don’t relate to the other kids. It will not do away with bulling all together but I think it would put a dent in it.

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