{October 28, 2019}   Back To School, Maybe

I am thinking about going back to school next year. I received mail obe day last week from the school talking about going back and different options there are. They had grade forgiveness and something else I thought I maybe able to get in and get my grant and things back. If I could do that I would just take two classes at a time. It will take a little longer but I think I could handle it and pass them with decent grades not just slide by with C’s and be happy with that. When I started and was able to put tine into them and before accident I was getting A’s and B’s.

A lot of it has to do with my accident because it now takes me more time to do the work than it did before. I have to read things over and over and really think about what it is saying and put it all together and make it make since. It takes me longer to do the work and projects as well.

Where as before when I didn’t have to take all the extra time to read it a dozen times and then to go over it and think about it forever and a day to make it make since I didn’t need as much time to get things done.

But now I can work on it in the day at work and at night as well. I can work on it in the evening on the weekends after the kids go to bed. I am going to have to miss a little work to take a few classes at the schools but I can’t help that I can’t take them on line. But I think both jobs will be alright with that of it is minimal. I think most will be in the mornings so just the day job. If I can work it good enough then I can get out of class and not be late or just be a few minutes late if I can get into an early morning 8 am class that is less than 2 hours.

I will worry about that latter first I have to see if I can make it to the meeting and if I can get back in without costing me over $2000 out of pocket to do it.

{January 27, 2017}   Watching for the Money to Move

On the school site when we log into our accounts we can do just about anything and everything we need to do from there. We can check our aid, grades, standing, go in to work on our online classes, set up to take test just everything. The best thing is we can see if our money we are getting back in aid and/or loans is moving and going to be put into our accounts soon. I was told it wasn’t going to go in until about the 13th of next month so I wasn’t looking for it before the 17th when I have to pay my books off. They are the ones that said it is the Friday after we get our money. I get it most times 30 or so days after I start classes. But I always figure a few days out. Last term we got it shortly after add/drop time for out classes so only about 2.5 or 3 weeks out. I was looking in a group I am in for the college and a bunch of people were talking about when we would get it back and a few said that they had talk to aid yesterday and they told them to expect it by the 2nd of next month so Thursday this week, I hope they are right and that they give it all to me not half of it. Up until last term I use to get half about 30 days after class started then another month or two I got the second half. Last time I got it early and got all of it. But then others were saying they always got all of it in one lump and only got half so you never know how they decide or what group you will fall into. If they only give me half then I am going to be in big trouble because my budget and bills count on all of it now. I don’t know if I can do everything I need to do like fix my truck and things if I don’t get it all now. I was going to use it and replace it with money I get every month that I can’t get any sooner. So I would still have it just kind of in savings. Now if they keep half and give me half I will not have enough to do what I need to do and will have it and my other money sitting in “savings” until they give it to me and by then I will have had to spend my money to pay other bills and things and then will have to use the other half to pay other bills. between house hold things, fixing the truck and money I owe. My taxes they say may not come before the 27th of March. I was counting on that to pay back all the money I borrowed and the money I owed on the washer and pay the guns I pawned off. I forgot about that until just now. I didn’t forget it is always there in the back of my mind and pops up at random times. Just pray they give in all to me and it comes this week not in a few like they said to start with. My oldest birthday is Monday and she is waiting on me to get my money to do something for her birthday as well.

This is how I have spent my day just waiting for my money to hit the bank. It zeroed out between 3:10 and 4:10 this afternoon and still hasn’t hit the bank. For the life of me I can’t remember how long it took before. I know last time it was just there before I expected it. I thought it would go in between 8 and midnight but still hasn’t hit. Now I am being told it will probably be between 4 and 8 pm tomorrow. I pray it is sometime between now and when I drop the kids off at school in a few hours. I go for a interview in a few hours and don’t have shoes to wear. I have a pair of slip on dress light shows, but I don’t like the way they are made and if it rains they will be soaked and like wearing nothing in just a few seconds.

I have needed dog food for two days now so they have eaten hot dogs the last two nights and whatever the little kids left on their plates. My lights are due tomorrow if they are not paid they will go off first thing Saturday morning. I also have another bill due that needed paid last Saturday and I put them off until tomorrow hoping to get the money to take care of it all.

I even went so far as to try to pawn some of the coins my dad left me and one of the guns. But they just changed the laws about pawn shops well not just pawn shops but anywhere that buys and sells jewelry coins fire arms and things like that. So no one is wanting to buy or loan on things anymore. One guy even told me he was thinking about closing up shop because he felt it went to far and over stepped and invaded his rights at this point and it would be hard to make money because you buy it at one price and then have to hold it so long before you can sell it and then price goes down. Plus other things they are going to make them do as well.

I was shocked, my friend J and my other friend that has been sick and in and out of the hospital went with me when I was trying to pawn it. I dropped them all off picked up the kids and went home. My friend that has been sick sent me a message and said her boyfriend was trying to get a hold of a guy has been wanting to buy his truck so he could sell it to him. I asked her why because they had money and he don’t have any other car or truck. He can’t drive it right now but he will need it later when he can. She said to get me the money I needed since I couldn’t get it. I was floored. I told her to tell him not to do that I would work it out and get it. I only needed $100 that day I knew the rest I had until tomorrow to figure out and get. I just knew if I was pawning stuff to get it I needed to do it all at once instead of doing two or three different pawns. I wanted to get all the money at one time. The $100 I didn’t end up needing that night any how because my truck started having problems and I wasn’t able to take the kids to their activities anyhow. She said just let him he couldn’t drive it anyway but I couldn’t do that. I would never let someone do that unless I just had no other options and could not do without it and I don’t think I could even let them do that then. I still kill myself trying to figure out how to get it without them doing something like that for me.

When I looked later my debt to the school had zeroed out so I figured I would have my money by this past Wednesday but I didn’t. I thought for sure today and still nothing, then when it all zeroed out I figured by now it would be there. I thought that when it zeroed out all together it went right in, but I guess not. I am surprised because they are not open tomorrow. I pray it isn’t held up somewhere until Monday.

{May 15, 2015}   No Test Yet

Again I try to write and see nothing on the screen I don’t know why it dose this when I try to do a post. The only way to get it to show up is to change it to a different color. I tried to close the post and open a new one a few times and it still dose the same thing. 

Anyway I didn’t go take my test yesterday my babysitter didn’t show up. She was busy at the school taking care of things. I had no one else to ask. This is how it is if I go to work, school the doctors or anything. I never know until time to go if I really have someone to watch the kids or not. 

Now I am set to take it Monday I’m supposed to be able to take it then and sign up for classes. I don’t know because with my phone being off I haven’t been able to call and talk to anyone since I missed it yesterday. I am hoping the kids aren’t going with father of the year until tomorrow that they will stay there Sunday night instead of coming home. Then I can just get up and go not have to worry about getting them up and dropping them off. If they don’t stay there I’m back at not knowing until right before if I have a sitter or not. It’s just a huge mess. Then everyone says well why don’t you do this or that. It’s hard when you really don’t have any help. People don’t believe me when I say I have no help it’s just me and them pretty much. 

I have decided as much as I really don’t want to do it and get back into the loan game again I am going to take out a loan to help pay my rent up. If I don’t I am going to be in a bigger mess. This will give me time to do my classes get things with father of the year and RC taken care of and hopefully find a job I can work from home at. If not one I can work from home then one that I can work around school and things. I won’t have to worry about missing if I have all my stuff with them two straight I will only have to take my test. Hopefully I can do them on my days off. 

I just have to decide if I want to go do it myself or go to the child support enforcement office. I think I can get it done faster if I go to the court myself so it maybe a option for father of the year. But with RC if am not able to find him then I may need to go with them and see if they can find where he is through his other son. And I know he is probably going to ask for a dna test, they will do it. I’m not to worried about the dna test I think he has to pay for it if he really wants it so even if I go through the court I shouldn’t have to cover it. I can’t pay for a dna test right now. It is going to be all I can do to pay for court cost if I have to pay them for the two cases.

need to do some research again and see if I can find any information out about RC. I can’t believe with all the stuff on line and everything else I can’t find where he is without paying for a report to tell me or getting a PI to find him. But 12 years ago I sat down found a address and phone number for someone I didn’t know and all her families names, but I can’t find him as much as I know about him and the ones he is with and everything. so crazy. 

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