{February 17, 2017}   Found A Guinea Pig

Tonight I am sitting here looking through my feed and these two pictures of little guinea pigs pops up and it says they are looking for a home for them all they have to many. It says that they got two were told they were females and guess what? Yep you guessed it one wasn’t. So now they have 6 or 7 instead of two. She said she posted it weeks ago trying to get rid of them all over the place and no one was looking. I said I sure wish I had known because I would have taken three of them no problem but I already have two and don’t have room for anymore. The cage was build for 3 to have enough room. She said she is giving them away she just wants them to have a good home. This after they just spent their money on two. But that is okay everything happens for a reason. She is about 40 miles or more away from me I was going to ask her if she could meet me part of the way because I know she goes all over or see if father of the year could meet her before work one day and bring it to us after work. She said she had to go to come up this way one or two days this week so she would just hold on to one of them and bring it up and meet me when she comes. My oldest just told her to pick on and bring her to pick the friendliest one and give her. She said they all are pretty friendly and that she was going to take some picture of them and send her and she can pick the one she wants. They all in the picture we seen pretty much look the same. They are white with little block patches and a small spot of brown. But it is kind of hard to tell because they are all together.

I am glad I found them because my oldest was talking about maybe getting a hamster instead and I am not into having yet another animal and another cage in the house. She seemed happy that we found one.

{February 6, 2017}   Time To Suck It Up Buttercup

Unfortunately I am the Buttercup that has to suck it up this time. I have really been going back and forth with the guinea pig thing with the little kids the last week or so. As I told you all in my post A Trip to Disney, my little ones saved enough money to get guinea pigs way sooner than I expected them to. I had been trying to think of other things to get them to spend their money on and one of them was going to Disney. I really haven’t felt right about trying to get them to spend their money one something else and not holding up my end of the deal with them. We agreed that they could save their money again after that and get them once they had enough then. But who knows if they would be able to or how long it would take them. They saved so much as so fast this time because Father of the Years parents send them amazon gift cards for their birthdays and Christmas for $25. They may have the last two years but who knows if they will keep doing it. My dad use to give them money and I know they are trying to save so I gave them a couple dollars on their birthdays to put in their bank and save. But other than that no one else ever gives them money and they never get money from anywhere else. So they may not be able to save enough again for an extremely long time. I would feel bad for not holding my end of the deal up so I decided to just go ahead and let them get them if they have enough. If they don’t they probably will after Little Bitty’s birthday.

Friday I took them to the pet store and they spent a while taking to the man about all that they need and how to take care of them and how much it would be to start off. He gave them all the information and gave them a price of $115 without a cage. But that included two pigs and everything else they would need. He said most of that would last a few months other than the food bowls, house, water bottles and things like that to put in the cage. He showed us some cages but told them to check on line and other places for a used cage and save some of their money because they could find some nice ones used pretty cheap most the time. He told them that it would be best to get two females if they wanted two because they wouldn’t fight to be the domineer one as much as two males. He had two males and one female. He said he put in a order for more females but not males but he never knew what they would really send but he would have more come in if they had them Thursday. So he told them to look for a cage and get it ready then come back Thursday to pick two out.

I have been looking for a good size cage but haven’t found anything that would work very well. My oldest decided she wants one too now, so we need something that will hold three. They need about 10 sq ft of room for three. I don’t know what we are going to get to put them in at this point. I wanted to get one of the big Ferret Nation Cages but they said it isn’t good for them to go up and down the ramps and that if they fall or anything they can hurt their-self. I thought it would give them room all through the cage since it had different levels and it would keep them safe from the dogs. They ferrets were pretty safe in theirs when we had them and the dogs. I found one that is a little smaller I have thought about going to look at it see if I can lay it on it’s back with the door on the top and put a bottom inside so it is a smooth sefice for them to walk on not the bars. A lot of the cages for them have the door on top not the side. I am not sure if it would give them the room they need or if it would take up to much space then. I am also looking at a rabbit hutch for them that I can put a bottom into. The boys have room in their bedroom for one that they could fit in. They have one full wall empty if I take the desk out of there and put it back in the back room. I just have to find one cheap enough.

I know a lot of people will say I am cray for doing it but I can’t go back on my side of the deal and tell them no. It isn’t right and one of my biggest pet peeves. I get so mad when people do it to me or tell me something and don’t do it or they do something different. I think it might be good for them too having something that is just there to take care of. They were so careful with them at the store and their little faces just lit up looking at them and talking to the guy about them, when he let them hold them they were just thrilled and talking being able to have them and take care of them and making sure they have what they need and playing with them. They are their babies. We have therapy Thursday I may take them after to get them or maybe pick them up early and take them to get them. Maybe I will check them out early and take them to get them before I pick up the older kids. I don’t know that wouldn’t work because my oldest wants to get one too. I will have to see if she still wants to get one or not by then or if she changes her mind. She wanted me to let her get a rat and I just can’t let them have a rat in my house it just creeps me out to much. That is when she decided she wanted one but that she didn’t have enough money to buy it and help pay for the cage and things. She told the little kids she would help them take care of theirs if she could put hers in with them since they are going to have a cage already. They said okay. I ask her if she knew what she was getting herself into she said if they would feed and water them she would change and clean their cage. I am sure they will help change the stuff and clean it as well. I know they will love feeding and watering them. That shouldn’t be to hard for them because they just fill the bottle with water put it back on and put the food in the bowls. They feed and water the dogs sometimes. It will differently be a new adventure for them.

{January 31, 2017}   A Day at School

I had therapy today I was surprised when I got the reminder call yesterday because I normally only go every two weeks, but I figured maybe because I had moved to a new therapist or something so I just went. I had’t answered the phone either and just checked the message later. I figured it be good and get me out of the house anyway because I am just kind of in limbo how I feel right now, some days are ok others aren’t this week with the accident and coming up on the anniversary of losing my dad. They were going to set me up to come in next week I asked for something two weeks out this time and they said ok. I noticed after I left that is the week I was hoping to work and make a little money so I may call and make it for next week then start back to two weeks out from there. It put me back on the rotation I have been on. Who knows I have to decide. I already have to go to school before I can work two days and can’t work Tuesday because of stuff at the kids school.

I took the little kids to school then took the older kids to school and went into talk to them about the two events coming up and the help they needed. The other parent that is there helping a lot of the times was there talking with the principle Mrs. D. I hung out talked to them and piddled around for an hour and half before I had to go to my appointment, then after I stopped grabbed something to drink and eat and went back. The kids got out at 3 and we didn’t leave until 4. We were talking and things then about the time I was going to leave the other parent’s kid had a math thing she was trying to figure out we sat there trying to figure it out and show her how to do it.

It was nice just hanging out and goofing off with them and getting out of the house. It drives me crazy I jst want to go in there and organzie everything seems like such a cluttered mess and tons of crap that is never used. But the school is changing hands and changing names this Summer and a lot of stuff is going to be leaving once the owner is informed. She will have to come and get her stuff or send someone to get it and pack it up for her. She is across the country and just calls to find out if checks have come in and how soon they are going to be put in the bank and that is it. She isn’t bothering to get help or supply the things that are needed to really do what needs to be done.

Mrs. D has started the process of setting everything up to open her own school and just going to change all the kids over to the new school and enroll everyone this Summer. This way she has the budget and the money and can hire extra help and things that need to be done. She can get things up to standards better than what they are now too. She is putting together a board to over see things and to be accountable to and help decide how things should be done. She was talking today that a group of us that are going to be the board and things need to get together and have a meeting and go over everything that is going on and needs to go on and things like that. I am not sure if that was directed at me or the other parent or what it seemed as if she was talking to both of us but I don’t know. I am not sure who she is thinking will be on this board if they want so many parents on it. Not sure what she is doing or where she is going with that. I wouldn’t mind doing it if she wants. I am going to talk to her some more about it another time or when it comes up again. The student came in and needed help and we went back to help her, we didn’t finish talking about it really.

Over all it was a good day. My money zeroed out at the school so it should be in my bank anytime now. I have been waiting all day for it and it hasn’t come in yet. It zeroed out last night and this morning and all of it did not just part of it so I should be getting all of it. I always get it with in 24 hours of it going to zero so I hope by morning it will be there. Normally it is just a few hours. I was hoping it would be in by this evening I was going to take the kids to dinner but it wasn’t. We still went and got pizza with the little bit of money I do have since I know that it will be there by Friday. I have until then to pay the rent.

Oh and the kids are back to wanting guinea pigs again instead of anything else. They been telling me everything they need for them and what all they want to buy for them. I think they would make better pets than the crabs turned out to be. I can not see how anyone can get so excited over the crabs who bury theirself and you don’t see them for months at a time. I like the fiddler crabs but at least them you can put in a fish tank if you have dry area for them to get into. So you can see them more and things. I just have to figure out what kind of cage to get for the pigs so they have the room they need but the dogs can’t get into. Biggest worry.

{January 30, 2017}   A Trip To Disney

Me and the kids were talking about it today and we are going to see how much one day tickets to Disney would be. I know they have three day passes for $140 right now but that is more than I have to spend. I don’t have money for one day tickets really either but we talked about it and all the kids even Mr. 6 and Little Bitty agreed that if they had enough or close to enough they would pay for their tickets out with their money instead of buying a guinea pig. They said they would start over saving for them and get them next time if they could go to Disney.

I feel bad because my oldest wants to go to a big Country music weekend they are having for her birthday but it is close to $200 a ticket, then we have to have a room for three nights, food all day for three days and gas. It would cost as more for me and her to go there than it would for us all to go to Disney even with me paying for her ticket since she hasn’t gotten any money saved. She was upset and cried earlier when we were talking about it but I just explained to her that I can’t spend all that money on a weekend for just me and her and do nothing for the rest of the kids and that I don’t spend that kind of money on birthdays on the rest I can’t really for her and not the others. Little Bitty’s birthday is in April I have to do something for it as well. I am trying to plan a sleepover for my oldest with two of her best friends but I don’t know if that will work or not because they are so busy with things for school and then things they are in other than school. I really hate it because it seems like the last few years her birthday has been a mess, my dad being sick and passing then last year I didn’t have money and we did it late again. I had planed for this years was going to do something with her and her friends then Father of the Year is doing the way he is over money and I don’t have it to do right now. I am praying that what everyone is saying on line is true and we get our money Thursday this week and not the 13. If it comes anytime this week I will be so happy I will be able to do something for her and get my truck fixed. It won’t be late really since we do them the weekend after or before their birthday most the time. I will just do cake and things with family then surprise her with the party. I was trying already to set it up the weekend of the 17 but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. If I get my money this week I can give an option of a couple weekends and hope one works.

I hate it she don’t talk to more people and things like that and that she don’t have more friend but she has made a lot of new friends at school and seems happy. The only thing is they are all mostly older than her and they are all guys. There are only the her and the one other girl in her class. So that kind of puts a damper on things like sleepovers.

I would love to do this trip to Disney with the kids my older two have been a few times the little two never have. I think it would be nice for me and the kids to just get a way and do something fun together. We had fun when we took our trip to the light house, aquarium and things a couple years ago. This past year we have not done anything. I use to take them to one of the theme parks or get them something nice that they normally wouldn’t get every year for a while. Then things happen with me and father of the year and I am lucky to have money to do anything for them hardly. It’s been tight the last few years I want to do something for them nice even if they are helping pay for their tickets. Just getting to go and spend the time together will be great.

I plan to work the week of Valentines day and Mothers day to make some extra money. I hope that he will be paying his part and that will be money to go into savings. I also budgeted for $50 a month to go into savings for us to use to do things we want or something we want. Even if it is something as simple as going out to eat one night or to a move we have $50 a month there to do it with. They like to do other little things that don’t cost as much either so we may get to do a few things some months depending on what we do. Whatever is left we will just roll over to the following month. I think I will take a few months and put toward out Disney trip for them to have a little spending money. Maybe like half from each month for a few months so that we will still have a little there to do something that month as well. If I work those two weeks and I make as much as I did when I worked the two days a few years ago I should do really good. I made right at $300 for two days. You can work the week before for both of them most the time as well. I figure I will work Monday and Wednesday from the time I get out of school until I have to pick the little kids up from daycare at 6. The other three days I will go straight there after I drop the older two at school and work until I have to pick the little kids up. I can pick the older kids up and take them with me when they get out. If they really want to and I have a phone for the house by then they may even just stay home. It will just depend on where I have to work and things like that. But if I can make that much in a few days I didn’t even work as long as I could have then I should make decent. I could make close to $900 in a week. Take off maybe $200 for gas probably not even is still really good. I am also going to take my computer with me so I can jump on line punch in all my delivers and map out a route so that I know right where I am going and go in order so I am not driving around in circles or backtracking like I did last time. I wish I could find somewhere that I could just deliver local for that I could to it everyday. It would give me the little extra that I need and work with the kids and school. Because most of it would be done why they are in school and if I had to I can take the older ones with me. I am going to start looking and see what I can find.

{January 27, 2017}   What Have I Done

I am sure I have talked about the rule in my house of no pets in cages until your old enough to take care of them clean the cage on your own along with feed water them and whatever else they need on your own. Well my little’s 3.5 and 6 yo want guinea pigs and I told them the same no pets in cages unless you can take care of it on your own. Then my oldest saved her money and bought herself birds. They had the wonderful idea of if we save our money can we get guinea pigs? Sure if you can save enough to get them, their cage, water, food, bedding and everything else they need then you can get them. I figure no way will they be able to save that much for a while. At least until Mr.6 is a little older and that would make her a little older as well. Maybe not as old as I would like but old enough if they do it then they should between the two be able to handle them. Wishful thinking there, between the two of them they have saved $189 it will be $214 by the time she has her birthday in April if not more depending on who all gives her money. My 3.5 yo old has right now $100 and Mr.6 has $89 he spent some of his before he decided this idea.

Father of The Years parents send them $25 gift cards for their birthday and Christmas. Little Bitty has hers from the last two years just sitting her saved because she really didn’t need anything and has more than enough toys. She heard me telling the other kids how much they had and she wanted to know if how much money she had. I told her and she asked if that was a lot? Then her brother said we have a lot and we have even more together we can get our guinea pigs. Since they are very social animals and should be in pairs or more they decided to each get one and split the cost of everything. I asked Little Bitty who was going to clean the cage she said she would get toilet paper and clean the poop out of it and feed him lots of yummy food.

I am now left to research more about them and figure out the easiest and best way to care for them. They need a really good sturdy cage so the dogs can’t get to them. I found one that would probably work perfect for that on craigslist for about $100. I figured if they still had it when I got my money I would ask them if they still had it and try to get it for a little less for them. It has two stores and on wheels should be plenty of room for them to roam around in and play. I am going to try to put a little box in and see if they can litter train them. I have read where you can. That should keep the cleaning process a lot easier if we can do that. With them being so little I will probably just take a cardboard flat and put in there so all they have to do is take it and throw it away instead of messing with keeping a little pan clean and not spelling. I think I am going to make room in our very back room for them and the birds so they are not taking up my living room and maybe the fish too. I want to put the frogs in my big tank but I am not sue as big as my sucker fish has gotten . I am thinking about making it into a area for the kids to go play but not a play room for say. I still have all my books cases out there and have no where for them so they have to stay out there. But we have taken a desk out of there and some other things could come out. If they do then I can put the animals back there and make a area for them to sit and read or do school work or play. I will need a rug for back there and I don’t know what else.

Big boy is still saving for a Tortoise and has about $80 but he still has a little ways to go for all that he is going to need between a heat light, house and cage for the yard and other things. He wants to have it inside at first and that is fine but he needs to know how long he is going to be able to keep it inside before it has to go outside because it gets to big. They told us they double in size every few months for so many years. Even if he can keep it inside for a while he needs to figure out how big it is going to get the first year to two years and have a cage big enough for it to grow into so he has time to save for what it needs next. He wants this thing so that he can have a pet for years to come. It could out live him. He said he was going to leave it to his older sister if it does so she could take care of it since she wants to be a vet. Then he said he would will it to his grand kids if they promise to take care of it and keep it. I just hope that when he gets it that it really does live to be pretty old and nothing happens to it right away he will be devastated he has wanted it for so long.

I am just having a little anxiety attack that my little ones maybe getting pets so soon. I even asked Mr.6 if he would rather take his money and go to Down Town Disney and spend the day instead of getting a pet and he said no. He said that would be fun for a little bit but then his money would be gone and he wouldn’t have anymore fun. But if he got his pet he would have them for a long time and could play with them and love them and have fun with them all the time.

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