{November 1, 2019}   Happy Halloween

I’m a little late but it has been a crazy busy day. I worked about about 4.5 hours today. I was supposed to work until 3 but got off around 230. I posted I was leaving at 3 today to be with the kids a month ago. The Pops said he could work for me so he came in later today. Then the guys got back about 230 walked in and said bye. I said oh now I’m being thrown out and laughed. They said yeah get out of here. I laughed said okay thanks and left. My work was done I just finished sewing Little Bitty’s costume. I stopped got gas then came straight home and got everyone ready for tonight and picked up pizza for dinner.

We met my sister and her husband and kids went and trick or treated. They all had fun. I was a little bothered by the way people treated the older kids.

Yes my teens went trick or treating with us. We have always gone as a family from the time we started having kids. My sister was young still when I had my oldest we pushed her around in the stroller. Baby wasn’t even a year old no bag. We all just walked together get out do something. Did not expect candy for the baby.

We went the following years together and now that she has two kids we all go. My oldest went to a few houses when we started then started lagging back I tell her go have fun she go then lag back. As it got darker she went to more. I kept asking her what was wrong did someone say something or do something and she said no.

Walking out and back to the car we were talking because Little Bitty said her bag was to heavy and wanted someone to carry it. I looked and was shocked how much she had. My oldest said yeah people were giving the little kids handfuls then would look at her and drop one or two pieces in her bag. I was shocked.

I do not understand why people are so bent out of shape about the teens trick or treating. I say good for them they are not out egging houses, stealing little kids bags, drinking and driving or any number of other things they could be. They aren’t coming late at night, or being rude or mean or running over the little kids. They were being respectful, they were in costumes and most were with family and friends. Enjoying a nice evening out. So do people feel the need to treat them this way?

Trust me I have seen them where they are rude, loud, nasty, run over the little kids to be the first to the candy and everything else. I in that situation wouldn’t give candy either and say something. But they in no way were out of line.

People talk about teens not wanting to be with their family or spend time with them or families not doing things together this is part of the reason why everyone wants to exclude older kids from activities and things or make them feel uncomfortable if they do come. Not just trick or treating but other things the community puts on as well. Then hardly ever have things for the older ones at all and wonder why so many run the streets and are in trouble.

My sister said at least you got some I didn’t even get one peice. Not that we expected to or anything. But I thought and said oh yeah. We didn’t.

See when I was buying my house we would all go trick or treat from the front to the back of the neighborhood. Our aunt lived back there we would walk to her house and back. I bet half the houses we went to gave all the kids a bunch of candy all of them no matter how big or small. We would come home the baby would have a bag of candy. Even telling them no and that’s okay they can’t eat it. They say it’s Halloween they need to join in have fun too. Half of them would then hand the adults some too. Or when talking about the baby not being big enough they would say but mom and dad are and smile. The candy all was dumped in a big bag together when we got home everyone shared. The kids are most of it. We were just taking them to have fun not expecting anything. But it’s the point why are some that way but then you get a whole area that acts like it’s the end of the world if teens come by? I truly don’t understand people’s thinking sometimes.

It reminds me of when I deliver pizza’s. If I go to nicer area’s of town it can be pouring rain you just drove 10 miles (no joke we went pretty far away from shop to deliver) you walk up to a $500,000 home sitting right on the river. They hand you a $1 tip, a handful of change maybe $2 if your lucky.

I turn around drive a mile or two from the shop make my way through the trailer park pull up to the trailer I’m going to give them their pizza and they hand you $5, $8 up to $10 sometimes. Most was $5 to $8 tips in those area’s. Parts of town no one wanted to go they were scared to go to I was the one they sent I would get $4 to $6 and more for a tip.

To night we were in a “nicer” area they have tons of people every year come through there. That is how they do. But then the areas we tricker treat by my house and my sister aren’t the “nicer” area but not the trailer park or areas where people are scared to go. Just your average area and they are pushing candy into everyones hand and upset if they don’t take it.

Makes you really stop and think about what people you want to deal with and from what area when it comes down to it. I wouldn’t mind going by my old house but it didn’t look like many houses were doing anything and we were going to meet up with Bff up that way. Anyway end of my vent rant or whatever you want to call it. Guys if teens come to your door just give them the dam candy. I mean really think about it what is it going to hurt? You helped keep a kid from a party where who knows what could happen. You let a kid spend a fun night with their family and they didn’t feel out of place awkward or bored. How would you feel if it was your kid and someone treated them that way or said something?

Anyway I hope you all had a good night. If you dressed up share a picture in the comments.

I do not normally share pictures but we have mask. Me and my oldest son. He photo bombed me. I am glad he did because I really like the picture. He was a plague doctor. I just collected parts of others as they got tired of wearing them. Little Bitty’s hat kept falling off and she got tired of tripping over and dropping her broom. My niece got hot in her mask on the way back to the car. The head of the broom fell off. I told everyone I crashed my broom that’s why it was gone lol.


{October 31, 2018}   No Trick or Treating

We are not going this year. I am not into it and do not want to spend almost $150 on costumes. They are only going to be used a few hours to collect candy that is going to lay in the pantry until Christmas or New Years before it gets tossed out. The costumes will just be tossed around never seen or used again.

I am going to get paid from both jobs on Friday I think I should have enough left to take them to the fair Monday or Tuesday. I can’t afford to do both and the fair they will have way more fun at. We spend hours 3 or 4 there sometimes. Kids can run from one ride to the next with no lines. If they don’t want to get off they can stay and go again.

I was talking to Sleeping Beauty yesterday and he said something about trick or treating. I said we weren’t going. He said what no you got to take them come on now. I told him about taking them to the fair. He said oh and that was a good idea. He said he wanted to go but no one wanted to. I told him come go with us he said he was. We will see.

I hope I can swing it. I probably will not be playing games or buying a ton of food but they have fun just riding. It is nice because everyone pays to get in then ride all the rides you want and watch the shows for free.

We went the last two years, last year we went with BFF and her family. I did the bullriding lol. Lord I forgot about that, I will have to make sure to have enough for the kids to do that too. RC started it with oldest and now the other kids want to now they are older. She does it every fair we go to now. I will have to challenge Sleeping Beauty lol. This might get interesting ha ha.

{October 29, 2016}   Trunk or Treat

I took the kids to the little kids school for their trunk or treat last night and it was okay. They had a handful of cars, mostly teachers or their families and then a water slide and bounce house. They did’t have water on the water slide since everyone was in costumes.

It seemed really disorganized and a bit of a mess. I had them go to all the cars first to get that done then let them go to the slide. There was a lady at it keeping the kids in order and from running over each other, going up the slide backwards and things like that. She wanted someone to sit at the top to keep the kids from fighting and hanging out up there so my Big Boy went up to do it. In a little bit she left and some other lady was doing it but she left in just a minute or two. I thought she was someone from the school or helping the school out who was supped to be doing it but I guess she wasn’t. because we went to the bounce house and there was no one doing anything there and it was worse than the slide. I told my little ones to go back to the slide for a while and wait for the bounce house. We got back to it it was getting way out of hand. So I took over and started doing it. My Big Boy was still up there trying to make sure they did what they were supposed to do when they were at the top I ended up standing there for an hour watching all the kids on the slide and trying to make sure they didn’t kill each other and listened. There were very few parents around I know most were staff at the schools kids and they were hellions. There was a few little boys that just would not listen no matter how much you told them. Not once did a staff member come around to see if everything war alright at the slide or bounce house. At one point the lady who was there when we first came up had to make everyone get off because it came lose and was losing air. I guess one of the parents hooked it back up. Then if something happen their going to say they don’t know how that happen.

We stayed til the end to help clean up when we asked the lady she said she didn’t think they really needed anyone that they pretty much had it there was only a few tables and things to be taken in. My kids were not happy when I went to see what we needed to help clean up. They were like we ran the slide for an hour or more they should be happy with that. I felt the same way but I said we would help clean up and so I was going to do it. No one said we had to run the slide I just done it because my little ones were playing and having a blast going up and down. They love the high slides like that for some reason. They went up and down the one at the fair I can’t tell you how many times. If they weren’t doing that they be at home watching tv or running around the house. I been with the big kids at their school all day it wasn’t going to kill them to hand out with the little kids why they had some fun.

But it is over and not something I would sign up to do again next year I don’t think. The kids want to do a trunk and hand out candy next year, if we are still there I may do that but not sure about that either. Just not impressed with it. It was the first trunk or treat we had done. I expected a lot more cars and things when I see them most the time there. I guess maybe because it is a small school.

Over all I think it is just the school, they seem to do just what they have to do get by and stay open. They do not seem to have a lot of parent involvement either. But I think it is because they do just what they have to do to be open and it is kind of cliquish with the stay and things. The fact that they do not do much is one reason my older kids are not there. It’s a great school for the little kids but I think when it comes to the older kids and offering more and doing more they fall very short.

I know the older kids school do not offer a lot of extra and things like that but they do offer some things and they only have 13 kids not a school full from 3 years to 18 years like the other school. I am just glad it is all temporary. Just make it through this year for my little guy and he can go to the other school with the older kids and after that we should be moved.

{October 28, 2016}   Halloween Begins

It’s 1 am I have to be up and not only get the kids to school by 9 am but I have to stay there with them for the day. They are having their fall festival tomorrow and I am helping out. Once we leave there we have to pick the little kids up run home eat get them in their costumes and go back to their school for their fall party. Right now I am wide awake watching The Voice.

I want to go out Saturday, Father of the year is supposed to come do the birthday thing with the kids we will see if he does I guess. I want to dress up but have no idea of what because I don’t have the money to spend on a costume. I don’t even know if we are supposed to be dressing up tomorrow or not for the older kids school things. Oh well I have told them all week to ask and they didn’t. Maybe they don’t want me to. I have an idea I may do for a costume but it is not something I can do at either of their schools. Me and my friend that is supposed to go out with me Saturday are talking about going as Jack & Coke, my drank. jack-and-cokeI was looking for a Jack Daniels t-shirt it is as much as buying a costume, but I think I can get a white fabric pen for a couple dollars and a black t-shirt for a few dollars and do it. I have a red coke shirt already. We may or may not do it we haven’t decided. I just want to go out with it being Halloween it’s going to be odd sitting there with everyone all dressed up. Either way we are going out.

I have to stay up tomorrow night and get most of my school work done. I have a midterm and all my other work to get done. I think I got a little bit of it finished the other day when I was looking at it but I can’t remember what if I did. I wish I was as into it when I was taking all them classes I really didn’t care about taking or want to take. I am but like I said earlier I just can’t make myself do it as much as I want to.

{October 21, 2016}   Over Slept

I ended up with all the kids home with me today. I didn’t get to bed until 3 am, that would have been fine if I had set the alarm right. But the kids don’t have to be at school until half hour after the little kids, with less lunches to make and people to get ready I could set the alarm for later. I set it for later alright, I set it for pm instead of am. We woke up at time to leave when the dog woke me up yer again. They kept me up all night for some reason couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them. I told the kids to get ready so we could go and my oldest who was all worried about getting her report card said she was going back to bed. They haven’t missed any days this year but one when we left for the store so they should be fine. The other days they were off everyone was off so they weren’t missing anything then either.

We all slept a little while longer now we are eating lunch, going to take my friend to the hospital and costume shopping. The girls have their costumes, they are going as wolves. My Little Bitty has said she wants to be the big bad wolf for a month or more now. I found her a wolf mask and tail the other day and last night I got her a gray long sleeve shirt and gray leggings to go with it. My oldest just likes wolves and decided she wanted to be one too. She got leggings, shirt and tail like my little one but she got ears for her head since they can’t wear mask at school. I tried to get her to get one of the wolf costumes at the store but she didn’t like them. She didn’t like the little skirts and things with it. I tried to get her a different dress but she wanted the same as the little one. I had a gray dress here that would probably been really cute and not skimpy but I have tore my closet apart looking for it and can’t find it anywhere. Really makes me mad because it was one of the few that I have that I really liked.

Oh well, I better get off here go get dressed and ready. They are cleaning out the truck so that we can get out of here and get back.


{October 31, 2012}   Father of The Year Strikes Again

It started out as such a nice day. The school calls and says that my middle needs picked up at 12 there is no bus. I knew this already and had told ex that he had to be there at 12 no later to pick him up. I call to make sure he knows because the school said they would see him at the bus not thinking. I call work they tell me he is on the truck out of the county. I tell them he needs to call me right a way because when she is on the truck he never gets home before 2 or 3. Both kids get out early and he has my truck. He never even called to tell me he was going out or to bring my truck home before he did. He finally calls me back and tells me he don’t know and that he didn’t know. I told him we went threw this last night and this morning that they got off early and that if he took my truck then he had to be here to pick them up. I told him he better get my kids home or my truck to me with gas in it so I could get them.

He calls back at 10 and says one of the guys at work is going to take off early and go pick them up to call the school and tell them he was coming. I tell him that I don’t think my son will go with him because he don’t know him that well and the way he is he don’t like to be with people he isn’t use to being around. Then he says that he will have him pick me up and take me to pick them up. I don’t want to go anywhere with this guy. He isn’t a bad guy he is alright and everything. But he is one that to him this is all my fault that me and my ex isn’t together and all this. He hasn’t said 2 words to me since me and him split up. Then he is going to want to know what is going on why I don’t have the truck to get them and why he takes them to school and get all into stuff that is none of his business.

I had it and I finally told him to either have my truck back here by 1130 with gas in it or him and my son better show up here by 1230 in it. If he didn’t I would be reporting it stolen because he was supposed to have it here in time to get the kids and that if it wasn’t back by said time there for it was considered stolen. He started about us being married and half his and all this good BS. Normally it would be that way. But we are in the middle of a divorce and we have been to court once already and the judge already addressed the issue of the trucks and said that my two were my two he was not entitled to anything to do with them and his was his and I had nothing to do with it. There for it is not half his anymore and his is not half mine. He tells me go ahead he don’t care and he will just call DCF to pick the kids up since he can’t.

The only reason he has my truck is because he has no gas money and no gas. He already told me his wouldn’t make it to take the kids or pick them up. I borrowed gas money to have gas for the week. Told him to make sure that middle road the bus not to take him to school because we wouldn’t have enough gas for the week if he took him to the school not the bus. They have missed the bus every day this week. So now my truck is out of gas. I don’t have enough to make the trip if I had it. So he was supposed to borrow money for gas to get threw the next few days. Since he didn’t have gas for the week I had enough for the kids to get to school and him to work I didn’t have anywhere to go so he could take them and take my truck. This way he got to work and they got to school. But he missed the bus all week and didn’t have the gas to do what he was supposed too.

He tells me well I don’t know what to tell you I guess you need to figure something out. Um hello you have my truck and you were supposed to be back here in time to get the kids. Your the one not doing what you were supposed to do yet again. I told him he needed to figure it out and either get there to get them or get my truck here and that he needed to call me back in a little bit and let me know what was going to happen. Good thing I got a hold of my friend and had her come take me to get them. Because it was almost 1:00 and I still never heard from him. I told her if she could take me he would give her $20 in gas Friday when he got paid. He should pay her it is a 25 mile round trip. He has done this before and left me to walk to get them. Good thing there was they were at the local school. It was still about a mile a way and 100 degrees outside. My little one was just a few months old to be drug around in the heat. But he didn’t see anything wrong with that either. He makes me so mad. My friend drops us off at home and I relaize that his house key wasn’t on the key ring. He had taken all the house keys and we were locked out.  I called him again and asked him what about the kids. He said I will be there about 130 I guess I have to go get them then. I said he got out at 12 and she is getting out that isn’t going to work. Well I don’t know what to tell you to do. Like no big deal. I finally told him that I had someone to go get them and he owed them gas money and that we were locked out. He is telling me to pick one of the kids up about 4 foot or more off the ground and poke them threw this little window that has stuff all in front of it and my stomach and things are already hurting from picking up on the back door and trying to open it. I am not supposed to be picking stuff up. My heart is hurting from everything going on and won’t stop. He says well you will just have to wait I’ll be there in a little bit. We we sit locked out the kids have to go to the bathroom and need to eat lunch.

He has the nerve to say to me you act like I just don’t care. I said you don’t if you did you would have never got on that truck and went out of town knowing that the kids needed picked up and that you had my truck and I had no way to get them. I said you say you care and that your daddy and want to be husband but I sure don’t see it some daddy and “husband” you are to leave us like this yet again. He has been boo hoo I want to get back together and making comments to himself for weeks about wanting to get back together and about me. But then goes and does this shit. I really don’t think he cares at all or he would have never done what he done. It’s 2:20 and he just walked in the door. If I had not called him he would have never called back never known if the kids had gotten picked up or anything until he got here. That don’t bother him and he see’s no problem with that. I don’t get how you can be that way and not care about your kids and where they are, if they made if home from school when you left them stuck like that.

I was supposed to bring them get them all settled so that I could leave and go up find a job get us a place to live and then come back and get them. I am so glad that I didn’t leave them because he acts like he can’t even stand to have them around 9 times out of 10. They ask for something or need something and he throws a fit like he is 2 and makes nasty comments and talks to them like dirt like he always has but worse now. I guess he likes them not being with him all the time and has gotten use to being able to get up and do what he wants when he wants with out worrying 25 days a month out of 31. I say something when he does it and he says it’s fine blah blah they need to learn to do things for them self and all this. My kids are 2, 7 and 8. They do do a lot for their self and they do a lot to help. If they need something once in a while or need him once in a while then he should do it not complain and talk about how he has to do for them all the time and how he can’t have a life and things. It’s not like he really has one any way. He is mad because it takes him 2 seconds longer to text some tramp he is talking to off line back and she might not like it. Thats all he does is sit online and hunt for women to talk to or sit and text them 24/7. Then wants to complain because it goes no where with them or that he has no friends. Maybe if you got out went places and really met people you would have. Maybe the few times you meet in person they see what you really are and don’t want anything else to do with you. It isn’t the kids fault that you haven’t got friends or met someone. It isn’t there fault that the last one you wanted didn’t like it that you had kids and didn’t want to keep talking. He acts like it is and that they are in his way. But then at the same time he don’t want to to just go on and have nothing to do with them because they are all he has and then he treats them the way he dose. It makes me sick.

He is in the kitchen now why I am sitting her doing this slamming stuff around and talking shit to him self. Big deal don’t bother me none you are the one who screwed up and he is very lucky I didn’t call the police and report my truck stolon. He is also lucky I got the back door pried open because I was ready to knock the glass out and go in. I tried it once last time and it open. He went to my sister and borrowed $20 after work for gas for the next couple of days. My sister he can’t do nothing with out coming to me or my family to help him out. I haven’t told him yet because we have trick or treating in a little bit and I still really don’t feel good. My heart won’t stop hurting and I don’t want to get all worked up and mad again. But when we get home tonight I am going to tell him that my truck and take the kids to and from school and that is it. It will not ever again take him to work. He wants to do what he done he can keep his ass out of my truck it isn’t riding him around every where he needs to go anymore. If he needs money he better save enough out of his check for the next few weeks until he gets another one to get there. I’m telling him too that when I move he isn’t going with if he goes he better move a town or so over and he better get a place when we get there. If he don’t I will move again. I am not having him on top of me like I did when he first moved out and I am not living with him like we are now until he gets a place and a job. He even tried to tell me today because I got so mad about what he done to move and get out of the house. I said again you need to know the law my name is on it and I am staying here it is my house too and you can’t put me out or make me move. If you really want to go there take me to court and by the time it gets in court I will be moving any way because it will take a month or more to go to court and we have to move by the first of December. He really got mad then. I don’t care. I am done being done this way and when I am not even with him and I let him use my truck with my gas in it so he can get to work and he can’t bring it back on time or be there to get the kids like he is supposed too. I don’t think I am in the wrong at all.

I have to get off here and go to the doctor and get home so I can get the kids ready to go trick or treating tonight. Hope everyone has a safe and fun night. Please remember

{October 26, 2012}   pumpkins

We waited until today to get our pumpkins and carve them. The kids had fun we will roast the seeds tomorrow it has gotten to late to mess with them tonight.

This is my big girls vampire pumpkin she carved most of it herself.

This is my big boys robot he loves robots

My Baby boys cat

Before we got started putting their pumpkins in to soak for a while

et cetera
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