We all went out last, well me Bff and Sleeping Beauty and Bff’s oldest daughter drove them. Her aunt didn’t come said she didn’t feel good. I think she didn’t come because she isn’t happy with what BFF is doing. Her husband told her to stay out of it and not to say anything.

Old boss, Bff;s husband called she want outside and talked to him he asked where she was and was asking who was there. Then he wanted to know how Sleeping Beauty got there. She told him that they had picked him up. That I was coming from so far away south of where they all were it made more since for them to pick him up than meet me and that they picked him up over by my house somewhere at a friends house. I was not happy when she came back in and said that. I looked at her and looked at Sleeping Beauty and he just got a drink of his drink and looked at her and looked at me out of the corner of his eye. I was looking at him like wtf. Then she went outside and talked to her hubby again and came back in and said he was still starting about him and him staying at her house he don’t want all that in his house and things. Sleeping Beauty said what is he talking about my drug problem. She said yeah. Then she text Sleeping Beauty and they walked outside. Her daughter asked me if he had a drug problem? I just shrugged my shoulders and she said something else and was asking questions. I said well everyone knows why he left my house. She said why? I said because he didn’t pay someone and they were coming to kick my door in and your dad and the other guy found out and called me up there and told me about it. I said then they all told me not to go home and confront him and I did anyway because if they think I am scared of him or scared of him because of his background they are very wrong this is my house I am taking care of it and I wasn’t sitting there waiting to see what was going to happen or someone else to take care of it. She said oh yeah I remeber my mom saying something about that. I said then the guy came there looking for him saying he was looking for someone else. I said but when I called and said this guy was here this is what he looked like. She asked your dad what does so and so look like and he said this that and the other told her the same thing I just told her. They were walking back up at that point but she wasn’t happy.

They all started talking and things something was said and Sleeping Beauty said she brings it on herself. I said yeah I know. She said how, he said I don’t want to tell you because you will cry. He turned looked at me and said oh my god they all cry about everything at her house. I said I know. Then her daughter walked back up she had went to the bathroom. We talked some I asked again about how she brought it on herself he said nothing I don’t want to make her cry. He said she is making a mess and a problem or something like that. I said oh I know I been telling her this for a while now. I said and telling the kids don’t tell and things I said one of them is going to tell. Sleeping Beauty said I am just waiting on him to come walking in that door one night and I am sleeping on the couch. He said all hell is going to break lose. I said been thinking the same thing he is just going to show up one night. He said I already told her she better just stay out of it and out of the way and let whatever happens happen let me take care of it.

Me and her daughter were talking when they went outside too she asked me so what do you think of the two of them. I was just like I don’t know. I don’t want to know anything. She said my dad is going to freak the fuck out when he gets back or finds out. She said I miss my dad but I am not looking forward to seeing him because it is going to be so bad at my house when he gets back and this all goes down. I said I have been telling your mom the same thing and she knows it. I said she is making things way worse for herself than she has to and than it has to be. I said she is going about all this all wrong. I said it isn’t right and telling the kids to lie and things. She said I know.

I just want to shake her and be like wake up what are you doing? But she isn’t going to listen she is going to do what she is doing and things are going to get really bad. I am worried someone is going to get hurt when he gets home and everything comes out. I asked her yesterday so if he isn’t supposed to be there and he isn’t staying there, where is he supposed to go stay when he comes home for Easter. She got quiet for a minute and then said stunned I don’t know? I said there? It’s where he lives now. She said no he can’t do that. I said I wondered if you thought of that or not. I said he got thrown out of his moms and he isn’t staying down the street now. She just no idea what to say and said I don’t know. I said I bet he stays right there. She said don’t say that. I said well. I figure he will most likely go spend the weekend at his moms and go see his family for Easter. He did before and does most holidays. I didn’t say that to her I figure I just let her think about that for now and think about what she is doing and how this is going to turn out or could in the long run.

I am still shocked that old boss has not contacted me or Sleeping Beauty since this all involves him and I have been brought into it as if he is around because of me. Sleeping Beauty said last night oh but I was okay to be around when I was supposed to come and protect everyone and make sure everyone was safe if something happen. I said I know right, he was the one that told us to get a hold of you. But he knows like everyone else that this isn’t about him being there out with us. It is about everything boss is starting to hear and be told and the fact that he seems to be around all the time. That she is the one that picks him up he has stayed at her house and things. This is the fact she is lying and it is catching up with her. when all this was being said is when he said she is bringing this all on herself and things.

I messaged her last night and said why did you tell him you picked him up for me? She said I didn’t I just told him you worked late and was coming from the other direction it didn’t make since for you to pass here to pick him up then have to come all the way back. I said yeah but it sounds like you are picking him up for me and that is the way you put it to him too. I said he knows we aren’t together. She said he knows you all were thinking about getting together and hanging out and things. I said no he don’t because  you already told him we are just staying friends and not together. She said no I said yes you did she don’t remember. She was drinking last night too. But she did for some reason it came up I guess back after the night we were all drinking and I stayed there and he was questioning all that and things that we just decided to be friends stay friends. So I am sure that is why he is questioning it more as well. Why he is going with us all over now and hanging around more if we are all just friends. We never did before. I don’t mind him being there hanging out with us for me it is just like anyone else there and hanging out it don’t bother me the more people the more fun. But what she is doing and has done is not right. I have no one to answer to or worry about and I have nothing to answer for because I am not doing anything wrong and I have nothing to hide. If I have to hide it I’m not doing it.

Bff already said that Sleeping Beauty said that if he comes to him and ask him or says anything he is telling him the truth. I said well you can’t blame him and it involves him and it is going to come out anyway so why lie about it. Been my point all along. I didn’t say I would or wouldn’t but she already knows how I feel about it and that I am not lying about shit to anyone. I just said he hasn’t come to me and I am surprised but not at the same time. I said I figure he hasn’t because he figures he isn’t going to get any information about of me or what he wants. I figure he isn’t back until next weekend that I maybe hearing from him before then if things keep going the way they are. I don’t know what I am going to say or tell him. I guess it will all depend on what he ask and how. If he ask if me and Sleeping Beauty are together, been together or thinking about getting together I am telling him straight up no. I tell him what happen or what. If he says anything about him going to applebee’s with us is he coming because of me or what I am telling him, he comes because everyone knows we go and that who ever wants to go can come. Since he came that one night with us he comes when he isn’t working. That I bring other people as well and they show up now and then or when they feel like it just the same. If he ask anything else about Sleeping Beauty I am just going to say I don’t know you would have to ask him I don’t talk to him other than when we all meet on Wednesday nights if he shows up or we all go somewhere and take the kids and he shows up. If he ask how he gets there I will tell him she picks him up. If he ask why I’m tell him I don’t talk to him that much I guess he ask her to. I am like him I am not lying to him about it she brought me into it by making it seem as if he is coming there because of me or with me or for me. He isn’t. If he wasn’t living at her house and she wasn’t lying about that it might not be as big of a deal because who cares if he goes out with us Wednesday we are all just going as friends. The fact of what she is doing and how she is doing it and hiding all of it and lying about it I have a problem with that. I’m not being a part of all that.

I don’t think they are together, I think he is just looking for a free place to stay, she pays when they go out or we all go out. He hasn’t worked all week. She like I said before is To Scared To Be Alone. He is willing to stay there so she is letting him. That is fine but don’t lie about it and have your kids lying about it and get upset when others start talking and it gets back to people you don’t want it to and you have to deal with them. They are both friends but I am not getting caught up in the lies just like her already don’t remember what she has or hasn’t told him now and just getting in deeper.


{March 28, 2019}   Mr. Responsible

I got off at 10 last night and was supposed to meet everyone out like we always do. Then after I am clocked out and on the highway home they tell me they left already. They decided not to stay. They had went out to dinner before hand because it was bff’s oldest birthday, they were all tired. I said alright thanks a lot I had told them I was trying to get off early and was on my way. I was hungry and wanted to eat but didn’t want fast food or something like that. It kind of pissed me off. I started to call my old friend see what he was doing I was coming up on his excite I could of gotten off there. I didn’t I just kept heading home. I drove around for a while and finally went home.

The two little ones were still up at almost 11 when I got there. I wasn’t happy but I went and laid down with them and we talked and joked around for a while. Little Bitty lost another tooth she was telling me all about it and their field trip coming up.

They finally went to sleep and I laid there a while before I did. I finally started falling a sleep and my phone rang. I found it and looked to see who it was because it didn’t have a ring I knew. It was my old friend, I started not to answer it but finally did. He said hey baby oh man it’s to late isn’t it? I’m sorry I woke you up didn’t I? I said I was just falling a sleep and that I got off earlier I had already left down there. He said oh it’s to late, I’m sorry I shouldn’t of called you this late. I told him he was okay we talked a little bit. He said he just got off work a little bit ago. He was out he wanted me to come hang out with him. I said I tried to come see you twice last week. He said I know I know I’m sorry I have been trying to be responsible and the adult go to bed early and things take care of things. I laughed so hard. Not that he isn’t responsible or don’t take care of things. I know what he meant but just the way he said it and to hear him say it it was funny. He said what baby I am I don’t have to work tomorrow so I can hang out tonight. I said but I do, I have to work. He said dam baby that sucks come see me in the morning. I said I can’t I have to be at work at 10 but I will be off at 9 tomorrow and in your area. He said I have to work Friday. I said that is okay you don’t tomorrow you can sleep in and stay up late. He laughed.

Something was said about coming over and things, he said don’t make me take an uber to your house because I will show up there in a bit. I said I have a bed full of kids. He said I’m sure you have an empty one somewhere. I said no I wish, because if I did I would of been in it they were all in my way last night. He said I’m going to go I’m so sorry I woke you up, I shouldn’t of called you. I said no your okay.

I figure I will call him this evening when I get off see what he is up to maybe. I need to just go out and relax. I was looking forward to last night and they all bailed.

{November 13, 2018}   I Like Hanging out with You

Sunday while I was at work my Old Friend messaged me see how I was what I was doing later. He wanted to go out. I told him I would try to no promises. He said to call him after work. I worked a little late and got distracted on the way home. About the time I pulled in at home he was calling.

I called him back he said come on are we going? I have to get out of this house full of kids. I said what kids? He said well not kid kids, but when we are old enough to be their mom and dad….I said oh yeah I understand that. I told him I could maybe get out in a couple hours he said okay hurry.

I made dinner told kids I had something to take care of I be back in a little while. They were watching movies and playing we were going out Monday since I didn’t have to work their was no school. So I decided it would be okay, I haven’t really been out in a while.

I pulled up was talking to bff on the phone. He was walking outside. He come over gave me a hug told me stay in the truck we was leaving. I laughed and said okay. He went got in. I was still talking to bff. I told her I had to go I call her in a while when I left. He said whats that a boyfriend? Then he said wait you don’t have a boyfriend do you? I laughed said no. He said oh okay making sure.

We went up to one of the bars sat talked and had a drink. In a little while we left and went to another. We had a drink talked and laughed for a while. He told me get another I said no I was good I had to drive home. He ask if I had time for him to have another. I said yeah I just wasn’t having more because I was driving. I felt okay but two Long Island ice tea in a couple hours I wasn’t having anything else. I just finished the one. I felt fine wasn’t buzzed but I don’t do that when I am driving. If we were going to watch the game be there a while or I was staying the night there like I do most times. I would of had another.

We left and headed back to his house. We were talking. Some how the subject of relationships and dating came up. He said something about the future and things. We were talking about how women just want the pay check and don’t care most time how the guy kills himself working all time make sure she has what she wants. Then he finds out she is cheating and things. I said but then that seems to be all guys know and go after.

I said I’m out here trying to date and things and i scare them away. He said you don’t need that you need to stay away from them if you scare them. They aren’t looking for a relationship or wortht. You can find and do better. I said yeah I know I said they aren’t use to haven someone that wants them they are use to haveing someone who needs them. They know I’m not going to put up with no crap or games and I don’t have to. I drop them in a minute. He said yes that is right if they were Truely interested in something and you and not games you wouldn’t intimidate them.

We were driving along talking he reach over picked up my hand was holding it. He said I’m glad you came, I really like hanging out with you, your just really cool laid back. We got home he ask if I was going to come in? I told him no I needed to get home it was getting late. He leaned over huged me he got out came around huged and kiss me. He ask when I was coming back? I told him soon. He said no it had been months since last time. I told him no I would come back soon. I will I enjoyed the night. I always do when I go down there. He is fun to just hang out with and talk or whatever. I like just going down to the lake and talking or up to the bar once in awhile just talk. We have conversations it isn’t one sided. Just like when we sat there on the carport with the fire dancing and throwing darts. I don’t know it isn’t akward with him like it is with others I talk to or hangout with. Even when I hang out with my “friend” anymore it not the same.

  • I will probably go down Wednesday for a bit. I hang out with bff and a group of girls most Wednesday nights but I might take a ride down there or maybe tell him come up this way for a change.


{August 17, 2018}   Looking For Something To Do

Laying here trying to decide what to do. I just got home from Bff’s house. I picked the girls up after work and went over for a bit. As I was leaving there my mother called said she was ready to be picked up in a little bit. She stayed at my sisters last night. I was really hoping she was going to stay there tonight too since I had not heard from her already. I already told the kids I may get called back into work tonight.

I am trying to decide what I am going to do or want to do. I just want a break get out of the house a bit. I don’t really have money to do anything so nothing big. Just go sit at the river or walk the beach.

I messaged Sleeping Beauty and told him he should go to the beach tonight. He didn’t respond back but he is at work who knows what he is doing. That was about 12 something. I messaged him when I was getting ready to leave bff’s house he hasn’t read it. I have to go to the store and go get my mother. Then decide what I am going to do or where to go. I want to drink, I don’t know why. I just do. I could go up the street to this place I go once in awhile. I probably spend $3/$4 drink for free after that. Thats not a good idea because I may not stop and that wouldn’t be good. I may just go walk the beach by myself. I don’t like to but it would probably be good for me.

I am just tired of the only people I really see and talk to being whoever is at work, most the time I am alone, or here at home. And even when me and bff talk and things its different anymore. I need other single people to hang out with and talk to. But aren’t all about partying and going out all the time.


{March 20, 2018}   Lets Hangout

I went out last Monday and have been out two other times this week with my Old Friend. Thursday night he messaged and ask if I was ready? I said for what where we going? He said I don’t know lets go fishing? I said okay lets go. I got ready and left, it was about 10:30 pm then. But it wasn’t bad because I had the kids in bed and didn’t have to worry about them.

I go down there and he had a fire going sitting there. We sat there and talked for a while then went out to the lake. We didn’t end up going fishing, just sat down there listen to the radio and talked while the puppy ran around. I got home about three in the morning.

I don’t know what to think I like him I know he likes me, he keeps saying he don’t want to get together just hang out see how things go or if they go somewhere, said he is working on his self right now. I understand that, he said he didn’t want to hurt me or me to get hurt, then in a minute he said I don’t want to get hurt. I think he said it before he thought about what he said or he was thinking it but it came out kind of thing. Because he said right away I’m not worry about getting hurt that isn’t any big deal I just don’t want to hurt you, I’m afraid I would.

But then he says whenever you want to hang out, go do something, just come over or what hit me up we will go. We can go out on the air boat, camping fishing the woods or just make a fire and sit. Like last night we went to drop something off to his roommates grandma, he went in to drop it off then he came out told me come inside with him, he wanted me to meet someone. He said this was his roommates grandma’s house her and her son was there he was working on the pool. Her son was like his brother they were really close and how close to the family he is. Late he said yeah I don’t bring just anyone around or let everyone meet them. I never really bring anyone over to meet them. Something about bringing me there to meet them. He said they liked you. I took the grandma back to his house to pick something up that didn’t get sent when we brought the other stuff he stayed there talking to his buddy. I guess they were talking about me. I don’t know. Me and the grandma talked she was really nice she is in the mental health field like I want to go into. We were talking about that on the way over and back.

When he first started talking to me Monday I thought oh he just hitting me up talking like he has off and on for a while now and he is 200 miles or so away. Then when he asked if I wanted to go out later I was kind of nervous and not sure. Not about him just about meeting and getting together because we already know each other and things so it isn’t like there isn’t an attraction there and the underlying want for more. I want more but then the though of it and the thought that maybe this could be more in the near future hit I was like um yeah wait I don’t know about this. Not because it was him but just anyone at all. Just talking that first night and things he didn’t do anything or say anything wrong, but my mind kept wondering to well I wonder if he really means this or that, or why did he say this or that, did he just say that because of this, is he just saying that because that is what I want to hear? It’s like I can’t just take anything at face value and go with it. I second guess and look into anything and everything anyone one says now and guys even more. It isn’t just him I did the same thing with Starfish too. I just been through so much and no matter how much I work on myself and think that I am okay, I don’t know if I will ever not question or look more into and make more out of what someone says ever again. I hate being that way because it really kills things when you are talking to someone.

Oh, talking about him telling me he just wants to “hangout” see where things go and then letting em meet his friends and things like that. Like the first night we were out we were sitting there talking and he said yeah I know you like to be out on the water or by the water, I figured we could come here and sit on the deck have some drinks by the water. Talking about other things that I have said on line and things I have done and things that are on line. He is watching my page like a hawk and has been for a long time. We be talking about something and he say oh this or that happen around this or that time I seen this or that on line about it or you did this or that.

He like you are just such a cool, kick ass girl, you don’t need or wait on no man you get out there and do it. He said I see you fixing your truck or the fence is down your out there getting it back up. He said I don’t know any girls that will sit there and talk trucks and motors and know what they are talking about. He said your like yeah this is wrong and I fixed this. When he got there he was looking at my truck he was asking if it was the diesel or the 10? He said something about the 6 diesel. I said no it’s not the diesel if it was it wouldn’t be the 6 they are known for to many problems. I said I want the 7.3 when I can get it. He like its just crazy how you know all that. I said I been around cars and car repair all my life and I wanted a truck like this for a long time so I did a lot of research on them and the motors and things. I said I had the 5.4 like I have now and you can’t kill them you can run them until the truck falls down around it and you will still have a good strong running motor. Mine had over 300,000 miles on it 3 years ago when I sold it and I still see it just about every day running round town.

But I find it funny how much he has watched my page and paid attention to what I post and what I have to say. Yesterday I was mad about Father of The Year and I just post 24/7/365 nothing else. My friend the bosses wife commented on it about him and his “wife”. Well this other guy we are friends with commented on it and said I have something for you. Being crude, normally it wouldn’t have gotten to me but he says things like this on different post and tries to bring them around to something they aren’t. I was not in the mood because he isn’t to much better than father of the year when it comes to his kids.

I commented and called him out, tagged him in it, I said really so and so? I said what you have to offer you already know I am not interested and never will be, I said why you keep trying. I said but if you would like I can bring this back to what it is talking about but I can promise you it it’s going to get really ugly really fast and your not going to like it. I left it at that. Well in a few minutes I was getting messages in my in box, he was sorry he didn’t mean to make me mad, he was just trying to be funny or whatever. I ignored him then he was calling me, I ignored that for a while. He went and deleted his comment I left mine. I didn’t care, you said something you shouldn’t have. Well last night when I was out from my friend and we were at his friends grandma’s house sitting around draining the pool and talking he said oh yeah I have to ask what was that going down on line today on your post? He said he said something and you called him out and laid it out and gave it to him in just a second. I said yeah I wasn’t having no part of it. I said he keeps on and on with this crap I am not interested in him, he knows it but keeps going on my stuff making comments. I said I am tired of it and I was talking about the kids and their dads not stepping up and helping out. I said and he is the last to even want to go there with me. I said he is a “weekend worrier” I said he only has his kids on the weekend….He said I only have mine on the weekend most the time and….I stopped him and said I know and that is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. I said but there is a big difference. I said you want to have your kid, I said you take your kid and do thing with him and spend time with him show him things. I said he don’t they don’t leave the house, he ponds them off on his mother as much as he can and then complains when she gets mad and bitches about it and makes him come and do something for them. I said he feels oh he is sick it’s okay mommy should just watch them, one was up through the night it’s okay mommy will watch them he can hide in his room or whatever. I said that isn’t how it works and I said then he wants to complain to me and I am the wrong person to complain to about having them every weekend and having to take care of them and how hard it is. I said because I don’t feel sorry for him at all. I have no respect for him when he dose. I said I do it everyday 24/7/365 days a year 100% on my own no matter if I am sick, working, going to school or whatever else I maybe doing. I said then I have to also do everything they need take them every where they need to go and help them when they are sick or hurt or need help with school or anything else and it don’t matter if I am sick i still have to get up and do it. But he can’t do it from Friday after noon until he drops them off at school on Monday morning. Nope that is not a father. I said now if he did like you and I and a lot of other dads and takes care of them and does things with them and things then I wouldn’t have been so hard and said what I said but it just hits a nerve with me when it comes to people like that. He was like oh yeah I agree that is messed up. He don’t I told him about a thing down in down town that was free because he says he isn’t working or just part time and things he don’t have money why he goes and drops $100’s in a night or day on a date. But don’t take his kids anywhere get the anything or do anything for them. Then you tell him something free he has an excuse. The other day me and bosses wife took the kids to the park we told him he could bring his let them play. He said oh I’m letting mine run around the backyard right now. That is all he ever does with them. So yeah when he said that i called him out.

But my friend when he ask me about it and what was going on, I didn’t say anything just told him what was going on why it was all said. No one at all said anything he said I don’t stalk pages or anything. Your stuff is just up there for everyone to see. I thought yeah with all the friends you have you just happen to see everything that I post right ha ha. He said it like two or three times, no one said anything just went on talking. But all this but he don’t want anything more. I think like he let slip the other day he is scared of getting hurt. Like I said I was starting to freak out a little bit when I thought oh boy what if he wants more what if he wants this or that is that really what I want? Do I want to go there? What do I say if it comes up and things. When he was like lets just hang out see if or what happens something inside was like ah okay I can do this. Do you really want a relationship or is this just better all the way around. Kind of what you been doing with your “friend” but this one wants to do things go out and all that as well not just sit in the house and you go over whenever you can. Why not do it and see what happens.

He keeps telling me too, I don’t care what you do, I don’t care if you want to go out with other guys, if you end up sleeping with other guys or whatever. I can’t give you anything more or promise you anything more than just hanging out. You deserve to go out have a good time. If a guy wants to take you out to dinner buy you drinks or what you better go you deserve it and need to get out. Your hard working girl, your a good mom you should go out. If you meet one and fall in love with him, I am going to be happy for you and cheer you on. He said it will suck because I like hanging out with you and things but I’m going to back you and be there because I want you to be happy. If I can’t offer you that right now and you find it then good for you.

I was talking to my friend, I said what is all that? Date, go out, meet my friends I don’t let others meet, lets go out lets hang out, I take you anywhere you want to go, we can do anything you want to do, I will help you anyway I can. Your so pretty, beautiful, your smart, amazing independent women don’t ever let a guy tell you different or take that from you, I don’t care what they say do not ever believe them or let them tell you different.

None of it sounds like someone not looking for more. None of it sounds like someone who isn’t interested in someone. We are talking years he has been watching me and hitting me up here and there. He even was talking about way back when we were in church and noticing me. I have always liked him, he seem like a decent person fun person. We never talked a lot just how you doing about the kids or whatever at church or church functions. But nothing more we were both married. I just don’t know what to think about him at this point. It is nice because he wants to do things we have a lot of the same interest and he understand and knows I have the kids and that I have to take care of them. He even said to me one night we were talking about something. He said oh you have your babies all the time don’t you? I said yes, he was talking about going to do something. He said yeah I don’t have this or that for all them either. He said another time something about taking them doing something. He said but I don’t ever get babies involved in anything like this or bring them around. I said I don’t either I said my kids think I am somewhere else right now they have no clue where I am or how far away I even am. They think I am up the street at the store or a friends house. He said yeah it just isn’t something they should be a part of. I said I agree. He said if we wanted to do this or that I would take ya’ll show you where you could go that is safe and things be there with ya’ll if you wanted but there wouldn’t be anything between us at all no hugging kissing nothing like that, I just be there as a friend helping out or what. I said no I understand and agree with you all the way. I said I don’t even involve them like that right now. I said they got close to a couple friends in the last year and even though it was just friends when shit hit the fan unexpectedly they got hurt. I like that he is that way as well, although if it went somewhere I would want to get the kids involved at some point. But it would have to be a good 4 to 8 months in to yeah we are together and now we been together this long things are going good lets take it a little farther. With him I would probably wait at least 6 months before bringing kids into it if not closer to 8. He keeps saying he is a gyps and he don’t know how long he is going to be here but then turn around and says he is drawn home and wants to be around here and settle down for a while tired of wondering and getting property and horses. Again something else me and the kids want to do land and horses. But I know he has always been into the horses big time. He just cowboy when it comes down to it. I know that that isn’t stuff he is just saying because he knows mine and kids plan or what we want because we haven’t really ever talked about that and things. It just so much in common and same interest stuff he likes to do that I would like to do or start doing again. I just don’t know how to take him what to think he is really looking for or why he is saying what he is doing what he is. I wish I did really.

I don’t know he is hard to read and there is just something about him that I just don’t know what to think in general or over all about him. I don’t know if it is because he older than most guys I date or he has done, been through so much or what. There is just something about him that throws me off my game a little bit.

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