{August 5, 2019}   One Month Tomorrow

Still no truck or work started on fixing it. At this point I do not even want them to fix it but it will cost me $1000’s to get it done.

He messaged me back and told me it was the water pump finally. I told him I knew it was not. He kept on, I said it was not leaking it still is not, if it was the pump there would be water under the truck. He stop responding.

My good friend called him up told him all that was wrong with it and that he done test on it and everything. So he said he would have to have his guy look at it again. Then he says yeah its the head gasket. Then he tells me a motor would be the better way to go. I told him I like the price of the head job and the new motor itimized parts price everything.

He tells me $1500 or $1599 I think for the motor. I’m supposed to pay half. I tell him I need the information for the other job on the heads and a list of parts. He says he didn’t get that since the motor was the best way to go.

I told him I wanted a itemized list of parts and price. So Friday he says that the machine shop is telling him $1200 to $1500 just to do what needs done to the heads. Way off. Over by $1300 he is tryung to over charge me. I said I need that in writing showing what parts and prices. He says they won’t know until they get in there what else may need done. Wrong they have a list of parts, seals, gaskets, all that you will need to do a head job just like any other job.

Today I stopped and talk to good friend he called about parts and all that. Parts and machine shop should be about $900.

The lot guy messaged me and asked what I wanted to do? I said well I am being told the head job should be no more than $900 in parts. He says that isn’t what I am being quoted. Its up to you how you want to proceed from here.

I said I still need a list of all the parts and cost before I agree to anything. Again I have not heard from him. I am going to go to two shops I know the people and have them give me quotes in writing and going to text him and say ok this is what they are quoting for parts so where are you coming up with these prices? That I need a list of parts just like these two places gave me and prices now that he has a list of all the parts that will be needed. Go from there.

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