{January 25, 2019}   Now a Heart Attack

Wednesday Little Bitty had to go get a tooth pulled. She was supposed to go at 2 so they could give her the gas to calm her down. I arranged with the guys to leave at 1 and with Pops to come in late and cover me.

Tuesday when I was winding down for the day I called Pops to remind him and confirm everything. Not 10 minutes after I got off the phone they call to say they messed up they need her there at 10 am. I am supposed to be at work at 10 am. I told her I did not know I had to see if I could work it out.

I called Pops back and told him and ask if he could cover morning instead have the after noon free. He said it worked better for him because he had to go to the doctor at 3.

Wednesday I take Little Guy to school and came home and laid back down with Little Bitty. It was only 8 so we had an hour or more before we needed to go.

About 830 I got a text from the owner saying his dad could not open for me today so they were just going to put a note on the door saying opening at noon.

I said oh no, okay I hope to be there before but should not be any later. He never responded back.

We went they couldn’t pull it because there is a spot on the gums. They gave her meds and sent her home. I got her lunch and dropped her off at school.

I got to work at like 11:40. I clocked in opened everything up and got everything going. I decided to call Pops and check on him, see if everything was alright.

He said he was getting lunch and then coming in. I told him there was no rush I was just calling to check on him make sure he was alright since he couldn’t open. He said something I couldn’t understand and then said he told you what happen didn’t he?

I said no that is why I am calling to see if you are alright. See if you need something.

He said I have been at the hospital all morning I just left came to get something to eat before I came in. He said my brother that lives with me had a heart attack this morning I had to call 911 to come get him.

I said no I had no idea he never said. I couldn’t figure out why you wouldn’t have come in something must be wrong.

Later after he came in he said his brother came in his room or to the door called him ask if he was getting up. He told him no he wasn’t right now or yet. Hadn’t planed on it. He said well he thought he was having a heart attack and needed to go to the er.

He said he jumped up put his clothes on and called 911. He said he looked bad. He was scared to try and take him hisself.

He said when they got him to the hospital they took him straight to the OR and worked on him. They had to put 2 stints in and bring him back why they had him on the table. He was in ICU.

He said he lost a nephew in September he had not gotten over, then his wife two days after Christmas and he said now this. I feel so bad its hitting him hard he is struggling.

{June 17, 2018}   Praying For Grandpa

Tonight while I was at work I get a phone call from my oldest saying my grandpa is being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I text my boss and the girl who went home sick told them i had to leave now go to the hospital my boss text said he be there in ten minutes.

I had all the rooms a mess I just gotten everyone out and was in a room working when I got the call. I had made my way into the 2nd room when my boss came in told me get out of there go. I got home to get my mom and the kids and we finally were able to talk to him. They had him stable and doing test on him. I guess this is the 2nd time of him being at the er since 5 Friday. But no one bothered to say anything until this happen tonight. He said come tomorrow for now he is stable and going to get test.

They said he went for something in his eye about 5 Friday and just came home at 4 this afternoon (Saturday) it was 9 something Saturday night I was getting the call they had to call 911. They said Friday they were letting him come home but why the doctor was talking to him his blood pressure started going up and went to over 200. He don’t have problems with it never has. They gave him something and kept him. Let him go home Saturday at 4. He went to sleep on the couch at some point said all of a sudden he put his hands up was shaking and not responding. They called 911. When they got there his blood pressure was 40 and 60 or flipped. But bottomed out very low. They rushed him to the er and took him to the heart floor.

Sounds like a seizure to me with the shaking and things. But I guess they are thinking heart attack or stroke. Waiting to see what test say. Just praying everythings okay. But he is in his 80’s with a heart problem. I just pray he is okay they can help him.

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