{September 17, 2018}   Always Something!!!

I applied to a job the other day that said they were looking for workers in areas around me. They were looking where I am, north of me where me and RC lived over on the island and the beaches. All with in about 35/40 minutes or less of me not a lot of traffic easy to get to and not out of the way.

I go today for the interview and they tell me no most of those area’s are covered by a different distric. The area that they called me for is at the least an hour away and up to 3 or 4 hours or more away! I even said that isn’t what the add said and if I take less hours can I say I will just cover x area’s that you handle around where I am? No you have to go wherever they send you. And I have to drive my vehicle for all of this. I got the job but could not take it. As she said most or a lot of jobs are traveling. And your shift is between 4am and 6pm. But if you are traveling you could have to meet at 12 or 1 am to be on site by that 4am time. Then may not get off until after 6 since you are out of area then have to travel all the way back home. No way I can do that, I would never see my kids or beable to find another job.

On my way home I got a call from the Car Lot job Said when could I start training? I was driving so I had to get somewhere I could pull over. I did in a little bit I replied with……

I am very interested in the job. But after leaving there and running numbers and things. You are looking for someone to be there 54 hours a week 6 days a week. There is no way I could do it for less than $500 and talk after 90 days. $350 is not even minimum wage.

Only reply was okay thanks for your time.

Guess maybe they thought if they said that I would say oh no I will do it or what. I didn’t, i said no problem and left it at that.

Soon as I seent my first reply I get this from my old boss at the shop, bff’s husband.

Hey J is trying to get a hold of you I know the pay is only 350 a week but if you show him that you can do the job he will give you a raise I’ve discussed this with him so if you decide you want the job and take it just prove to him you can do it and you’ll make more money he’s just tired of hiring people that say they can do it and then paying them good money and finding out they can’t do it I have a shirred him that you definitely can do the job and you’re reliable.

I just told him I had already messaged him back and left it at that.

Well on my way to my interview today I posted a pick said off to another interview. A few hours later a friend ask how it went. I said I got it it a good job if someone lived down that way but I couldn’t do it. It was not the area they had listed in the add.

Old boss chimes in and says…

It’s always something I find you a job with someone I know and yea the pay isn’t great but if you prove yourself give you a raise after 90 days and you still turn that job down I don’t understand people when there desperate.

I was pissed making it look like I just don’t want to work. I said…….

I don’t know anyone that expects anyone to work 6 days a week 54 hours a week for $350. That’s less than minimum wage. Then basically already told in 90 days you get bumped to $400 maybe $450. Thats why he is getting what he gets and don’t have anyone doing it. The problem is he thinks THEIR desperate they will do it for whatever. He is just looking for someone stupid he can take advantage of and it’s not going to be me. I know how to do the job, I’m not a druggie or thef, I show up, I do my job and don’t have to be babysat to get it done.

I know maybe childish but I put THEIR in all caps because of him spelling it wrong. I knew he would get it.

His wife said…

Honestly it’s not a good deal. You need to make more to make it with your bills. You need to go to job source place and find one like x did.

I was still made thought about it I work 6/7 days a week don’t see my kids and things. I said….

Yeah if it was always something i would not have been working 7 days a week between two jobs one delivering pizza’s in my big ass truck. And still made more in a few hours than what they want to pay a day. And I would see my kids more often than dropping them off at school in the morning and then most nights not again until I am dropping them off again the next day. So no it isn’t always something.

I was going to go to the job source place but had that interview so I went to it and some other places and applied. I work tomorrow I am going to go down there Wednesday. Hope to find something that isn’t Sessional like what I keep finding.

He never responded back. I am sure he is probably pissed but also knows I am right. I also know that these guys are on his page and can see all that was said as well. I don’t care if they say something I have no problem telling them just like it is. And it is not my problem people say they can do the job and get in there and can’t and he is paying them for it. If they are there a few days a week and not getting it then you don’t keep paying them you tell them it isn’t working pay them for what they worked and send them on their way. You can’t rip me off punish me for what they did. Boss told bff the other girl worked in a car lot before i haven’t. Still you have to pay at least minimum wage regardless and she was also getting a car to dive on top of her pay. And even at that if she worked at a lot before knew it all and he was only paying her $400 and a car for 6 days 54 hours he was ripping her off too. If she was so great had so much experience why didn’t he keep her? Oh that right she was a druggie and brought drama to work and disappeared for hours or half a day or what. So maybe I have not worked in a car lot but I have about 5 years office experince, and like I said I come to work i do my job and I don’t need someone to babysit me. Like old boss said I can be trusted reliable and have no drama. So you have to train me for the few things for your office it takes a day or two big deal. Over all I know the basics and then some and I am not what you had.

I told bff if he calls me back in a few weeks or month after trying more people because he can’t get someone decent I should say my price went up now I want $600 a week for the drama and games you all want to play. No I would do it for $500 then a raise in 90 days or even 6 months if he called me back. But no im not stupid or being taken advatage of.

{September 6, 2018}   An Hour of Sleep

I finally did fall a sleep for an hour this morning. I woke up just in time to dress the kids and get them out the door. They just did get breakfasts at school.

Once I dropped them off I came over to Bff’s house and been sitting here with her and the baby. I am starting to feel a little sleepy. I am trying to stay up so I can sleep tonight once the kids go to bed about 7:30. I should sleep through the night.

I didn’t go get coffee but thinking I may need to have a small cup maybe. I would love a nap. But don’t want to so i will sleep tonight.

{February 24, 2018}   My Internship

Monday night I see any email from the lady about my internship saying they were going to have a thing on Tuesday at 9. That was great because I have class that day 8 to 9:15 but I didn’t want to be put off for another week or two so I told her I would leave early and come but I might be 10 minutes late or so. I went to class Tuesday to tell them I needed to leave early, I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal this professor is really easy going and understanding. One of the other girls had to miss the day for her job that day he didn’t have a problem with it. I wasn’t worried about missing anything because it is a pretty easy class. I got there and there was someone different there. He said he was our guest speaker for the day. I told him I needed to leave, what time and how come. He didn’t have a problem with it at all.

The class is group counseling skills, we go over the chapter and then have a “group” most days. But on normal days we sit at our tables and just go around the room and we talk about our papers that are coming up or just whatever is going on in other classes. The last class before this one we spend the class talking about the school shootings that happen not that far away from us.

Tuesday our guest speaker or whatever decided to have a real group and had us all come sit in a circle in the front of the class. He had us all go around the room and introduce ourselves, tell how many kids we had and how old they are. From there we just kind of picked up on different things others said about ages or things like that. One girl said is it okay to not like your kid sometimes? She said because I love my kid but sometimes I do not like him? We all laughed and told her of course. I said I tell mine I have had enough right now you need to get up and go to your room out of my face. I said I try to be nice but it hits a point that enough is enough and you just need to go to your room for the night give everyone a break from each other.

One of the other ladies said she had a problem with her kids dad over the weekend and the day before. She said I received child support for 3 years consistent and then he stopped paying. It just came out without thinking and before I even knew. I said 3 years your doing good!! The girl beside me said right, she doing real good. She was talking about having to go to child support court and her ex calling begging her to not go so he didn’t get in trouble and so he stay out of jail and not lose his license and things. She told him no he screwed up and things. Before it was over with me and her were both crying. I don’t know why I was just in a mood already. I am sitting here stressing because in two weeks I need all this money for bills. I need money to take my oldest on her birthday weekend and everything. She is talking and I am thinking how I can’t get any help to take this one to court, how he owes over $6000 right now what I could be doing with that and that all my bills would be paid and I could take her on her weekend trip with no worries. Have money in the bank and could get my truck fixed so it be safer for us to ride in. The teacher asked if I had something to share I then said you don’t have to if you don’t want to or aren’t ready. I didn’t I couldn’t even talk at the time. I settled down and was going to say something but then I thought about what time it was and when I looked it was time I should of been at the place for my internship so I had to get up and leave. I really wish i could of stayed it sounds like they really covered a lot from the conversation they had on Thursday.

I get there finally to fill out my papers for the internship and the lady takes me back. She says all we really have to do is fill out these papers. I could of just told her i couldn’t be there until 930 and it would not have been a problem. She handed me this one marked two training things to od on line and said this one had to be done that day the other I may as well do at the same time it only took 15 more minutes. Then she looks at me hands me this paper says this is for the drug test it has to be done today did you set it up to do it? No I didn’t I knew nothing about it until just now. I left there went to the office and did the training and drank some stuff so I would have to go when I got there. After I finished the training I went did the drug test and all that. She said I could start Friday she would have the lady in the area I was going to be working with call me.

I never hard from her so I called her on Wednesday, she called me late that afternoon left a message said she was going to be out of town next week Monday-Wednesday. That really sucked because I wanted to do my hours yesterday and all next wee and be done with my 50 hours so I could try to go get that job that I applied for that decided they wanted someone in the day time. I seen they still had it listed.

I called her back yesterday and she said that I could get my 50 hours in all at in a week or so and told me all about what I would be doing. But she can’t meet with me until Next Thursday and then will set me up to shadow with others there. So now it will be another two weeks before I can get them done. I told her I am trying to go to work that I need to be open days why I wanted to get my hours in as fast as I could but that if I had open days I wanted to still come in and work some other hours as well. She said that would be great.

I am working with an agency that works with parents to keep their kids out of foster care and out of court. She said that CPS only takes about 10% of kids out of the home and that they get the other 90%. They help them get with other services in the area to help with different things they may need help with or classes that CPS our what might feel they need. I think it will be interesting and a lot to learn so I would like to do more than my 50 hours. I feel 50 hours isn’t a lot when trying to get hands on experience like this.

I guess we will find out next week what it is going to be like.

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