{January 18, 2013}   House and Baby Update

We finally got a place Wednesday. We moved two of the beds in and I have went out and got some stuff but we don’t have much there right now other than us and one of the dogs. It is just so late by the time he gets off work we get dinner and things. we are making due with what we have and with what I have been buying. I got rid of most everything when we left the house and when I went and stayed with RC. I had a lot of it from when me and ex got married or shortly after so I decided to start over and get new stuff. I have to get stuff for the living room a bunch of stuff for the kitchen. I think I am going to use the table I got when I was with RC because I don’t have a big spot for it. The kids have beds but I want to get new ones. They are going to have to wait a little bit. I have a bed I’m not worried about getting anything I’m fine with it. I am going to put the baby in the room with me he is in with the boys and my big girl got her own room. I have to put the crib up and put the chest in there for her clothes and things. I have a nice size walk in closet with built in shelves and things I am going to put my stuff in there and be done. I got the master bed with the bathroom and things. I may have to change with him and the boys but I really don’t want to. I don’t want them to have it because I don’t want to have to keep my 2 year old from playing in the bathroom all the time. I want to be able to put him in his room to play with out worrying about it. or down for a nap. All the rooms are really about the same size with in a few inches of each other really I think. He is just going to have to down size to a smaller bed. He wants to keep his king and it is to big for the rooms. They need a twin and full but he don’t want to go smaller than a queen. I can’t wait to decorate and get everything for the house. I got a tv last night. I went to the rental place and got one. I figure I will pay it off in a month or so when tax money comes in. Then I will have a nice tv for a while. I was looking for living room stuff but they didn’t really have anything. I am going to go look some places tomorrow when I don’t have to take the kids. Baby boy has been in rare form the last week or so. Throwing fits every where over everything. I will post some pictures that they have on the listing. But I will post more better ones once I get everything together and done.


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abc1It is a little dated but it will work. It was in the area we want to be in and it has enough room for us all. Figure it will be ok for a year. maybe not even have to be that.




Why we were renting a trailer at the storage place to get the beds the doctors office called. I figured they were calling because I missed the 3 hour sugar test I was supposed to do that day. She then tells me that the baby is measuring small and that I have to come in and have NST done twice a week until I have it. I got it put off until Tuesday. I told her I had a doctors appointment then could I just do it right before or right after she said before was fine. I then have to make appointments for the rest of them when I leave. they had told me that it was right on track all this time and the two test I had. But they said the u/s I had the other days shows it is small. I wouldn’t be to worried if it was weight they were talking but they say bones and all are small. That don’t seem right if it was right on track before. They said when they did the test it would be hard to to see any of the markers for downs because I was so far along but they weren’t seeing anything. But that didn’t mean that they weren’t there or there was nothing wrong. She did say that most the time with that there is like one bone that is small and the rest are good. so i don’t know I go back Tuesday and talk to the doctor. I just wish it was all over and she was here now with all this going on. I hate it because I have felt from the start that something was wrong before I ever got to go to the doctor. that is one reason I went to the ER when I couldn’t get into the doctor. but I wonder now if what they told me there was right or not. I am so sleepy I am here doing my 3hr test for sugar because I failed the 1hr. Had to take a nap and come back. I didn’t get to bed until 2 and was already out the door and on the road by 5:30 am. Then not eating and drinking that sugar nasty stuff they give you I was feeling so sleepy and sick. I have 45 more minutes to go and one more stick. Then I can eat, it will have been 18 hours by the time I get to eat since I ate last night. I think I will pass this one my sugar was only 87 when I came in after not eating since last night. They said that was really good. I am still pretty sleepy and feeling kind of sick still. Can’t wait to go eat and feel better. wish I had brought something with me to eat but I didn’t. I have to stop and get something.

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<——- It’s a baby foot


















<————-And a baby face with and arm up in front of it.

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