{September 3, 2019}   Hurricane Dorian Watch Update

I am laying in a shelter as the storm is starting to roll in on us. They say it will really start about 12am so an hour and a half away. But we have been getting small spells of rain off and on all day. One just started again but it maybe here to stay this time.

They say we will start to get bad or the worst will be between 4 am and 6 am. It will be over us until about 12.

It has downgraded from a 5 to I think a 2. It is now about 100 miles or less from our beach and the island where I work. They say it is 80 miles off shore right now but could come as close as 50 miles into the shore. They are fairly sure it will not make land fall in FL.

So far right now everyone says it isn’t anything more than a rain storm. But who knows as it gets closer and if it moves in to us or if it moves further out. I hope it stays this way and we can get back to work Thursday.

I hope to go home tomorrow if it’s done by 12 pm.  But at least we are safe and hopefully this thing misses us. Hope all my readers are safe if you were or are in the path of this thing.

{September 1, 2019}   Hurricane Dorian Watch Starts

Not been on much been stressing about missing so much work over this storm out there. Not really stressing the storm itself just how much time I will be missing from work. My day job is on the island so who knows what kind of damage it will get how long before they restore power and open bridges if it is bad.

We are expected to start feeling wind and rain as of right now around 8 am Monday. The storm will be 100 miles away from land about 200 away from me. They are showing it coming out off the coast right up by us 40 to 50 miles out. But it could still turn and come in below or above us. If we are really unlucky on us.

I have no idea what I and the kids are doing as of yet. Still trying to decide. I am leaning heavy on staying and checking into a shelter right before it starts and checking out as soon as we can leave. Only thinking about that because of the big trees in the yard so close to the house.

Still tossing around the idea of just staying and riding it out in the house.

My mom is freaking we need to rent a car big enough for us all to go in and go north but it could and most likely will go there. I already told her I am not leaving my car if I leave risk something happening to it. Plus I do not have money to waste on renting one when me and the kids can go in my car. She can go with my sister, brother call a friend or jump on a bus. I refuse to drive 100’s of miles with her. She wants to dictate what way you go, how fast you go, when you stop,where if and when you pull over for the night or what. If you do not there is a fight. She starts freaking out until she is sick and you have to stop. At that point I would drive off and leave her somewhere. Not think twice or feel bad about it. She wants to dictait where to go how far and all that. I’m not. If I leave I will go to family in GA, SC or NC. Depending what the storm is doing and all that. Probably do not need to go as far as NC but my friend in SC is only about 30 minutes from there so. I probably do not need to go that far into SC but if I’m go may as well make a trip of it go see everyone check the areas out see what they are like. Beats spending days in a motel or shelter. Kill two birds with one stone it won’t cost me much in gas save me in paying for motel. I don’t want to take her to my friends or families houses or around them either she so ungrateful complains talks about so much.

She has went so far as to tell me I will lose my kids to CPS if I put them our stuff and dogs in my car because it is to small. It is small but you make do. One dog back floor at little kids feet on infront floor at kids feet. One big case for clothes everyone 3 to4 outfits that all. One blanket each in very back. I have a Sion XB that will be all we will be taking.

Then she tried to tell me it is to old it will break down or may. I have had it 2.5 months and have 4800 miles and still going strong. The newer idea shot out of the water because look at my 2009 I only got 88 miles in.

This is were we sit right now I will try to update over the next few days as I can. I need to clean the carport and make dinner and pack bags just incase we decide to leave go to a shelter or what.

All of you if you are in this things path or could I

End up there or feel it’s wrath in some way stay safe check in and let us know your okay.

{September 19, 2017}   Irma…….$1500+ Storm

For over a week my mother ran around here freaking about Irma and it was going to hit us coming right at us. There was nothing I could do I didn’t have my money. They said we would have it that Friday about the time it was supposed to hit. If you have not dealt with storms like this if you want to get out and leave you need to do so at least a day or two before they say you have to or need to leave. If you wait the roads are packed, there is not gas to get and a 5 hour drives turns into a 16 hour drive and for some that is no joke. They started telling people South of us to get out really early this time compared to when other storms have come. Then they told everyone around me in trailers, on the beaches, island, or flood pron areas to get out. We were going to go up north but the roads were so full by the time I got my money at 2am Friday morning. My sister kept saying she was going to stay here and my grandparents. My mom was all freaking out and trying to control everything. I refused to leave until I had my money even though she had hers before mine and we could have gotten some before that if we went and got it. I was not being told it is my money we are doing this that and the other and being dictated through the trip. We ended up staying just maybe about 15 or 20 miles away at a shelter. I was just worried if the trees came down with us here in the house. I was talking to the guy across the street about staying because he was. He said but you have all these tree and it is supposed to be bad he didn’t think it was a good idea. He don’t say things like that I was surprised. I was still going to stick it out at home but my mom had the kids so scared and upset and my sister decided she shouldn’t stay in her place either so we went to a shelter not far from her. I didn’t think she should stay in her place either really. They are nice places but old and not built to standards like buildings today. Mine isn’t new either probably a little older than hers but it is block and it isn’t two stories and already having problems. She had big trees all around her too.

We ended up being there two nights because the storm hit a day later than what they thought because it slowed down. I went late in the evening the night it was supposed to hit figured I could get up when it was over and go home. Me and my little one stayed up for a while but fell a sleep about the time it was supposed to hit and get up by us. At that point they were saying it was going to go over off the West Coast and go up, when I got up the next day I seen where it had come across the state and hit us as well. I never stay up during one if I am here and it hits at night. I may get up off and on or once in the night and check things out or if I hear something but most the time i go to bed and sleep through it.

I was shocked when I woke up they said there was no WATER, power and they couldn’t flush the toilets and things. I was like wow this is weird like twilight zone or something. I have never in almost 37 years been through a storm like that and lose water and have all the lift stations and things be down and not works. We went and drove over to my sisters house and then mine to see how things were before we checked out of the shelter to make sure we could get home and had a home to get to. The amount of power lines that were down, main big lines laying across roads, other smaller ones snapped and laying all over, the poles that were blown over, broken off, and snapped in two was unreal. Again never seen such a thing after a storm. Yes a few lines may break but mostly transformers blow and that is it not lines breaking, poles snapping and all that. There were tons of traffic lights blown down busted everywhere, nothing was open nothing had power it seemed like. There was a lot of wet area and areas you could see where it flooded a little but had already went down. The parking lot going over to my sisters was flooded and lines down up and down the street around her, some trees broken or fallen but little ones not big ones.

I came to my house I had no power and no water, but everything was okay nothing broken or damaged. Lots of pine cones all over the yard and littler branches. I went took my sister home and me and the kids came home. By the time we go home we had water back but still no power. We ended up going staying with my friend and her family. She didn’t have power either but she had a generator. The only real reason I went over there was to use her internet to try and catch up on school work so I wasn’t late or what but was locked out of it. We came home the next morning and by that afternoon we had power again. Just this past Friday have stores like Wal Mart and Publix and things opened fully. The shelves are pretty empty, I heard them say they had a 5000 piece dairy truck coming in Thursday night late and when I was there Friday you couldn’t even tell they had a truck come in. The shelves were still empty. We can get some meats and things but nothing else cold really. The stores lost just about everything unless it was a can or bottle. I heard them say that it would probably be 4 to 6 weeks before the shelves are stocked and going as normal again. There are still a lot of places without power and to bad of damage to even open still as far as places to eat or stores. I took some pictures around town but have not gone over the bridges to the island or beaches yet.

I was supposed to start my job the day the storm hit Monday last week. They were calling us that night saying they had water and power to come to work the next day. I said how are we supposed to do that when we have no power or water? We can’t cook, shower or anything like that. Daycares and schools are closed they can’t open with no water or power so we have no where to take our kids. If we leave them home alone with no power or water we are going to get in trouble and go to jail or something, we are in the middle of a natural disaster and all you all can say is we are good to go make sure you get here. We were just hit by this storm less than 12 hours ago. I told them when kids could go back to daycare we had water power or what then I could come in. They said that was fine they had others that couldn’t come in either they would do another class next week probably. Now they are not starting another one until October the 2nd and it is 3 pm to 11 pm. I am so aggravated with them. I have talk to a few people to try to get into something different or start earlier but there isn’t anything else in that office and no more classes until then. So now because I couldn’t go and they have no care about their employees and what they just went through or going through I lost $1500 in pay for the three weeks I don’t get to work. But my kids come first and I have to make sure they are okay and taken care of. Schools and daycare just reopened today too. I heard that on the West Coast and down south they still have no power or water and it could be at least another week or more before schools and things open back up.

{January 23, 2017}   Keep Us Safe

We had a pretty windy day today from these storms that have been hitting everyone. They said we would be getting the worse around 4 so me and the kids ran to the chicken coop to drop the bag of feed and take care of them before it got to bad to go out in. We got home and I parked the truck so it would not get hit by branches or falling trees if that was to happen. I have to park off to the side and kind of behind my house up in the yard to get where there are not trees. I have 4 or 5 big Pine trees that have never been cut or taken care of in the last 4 years or more. The branches are way over grown. Then we have a few Palm trees of different sizes around as well. I am not worried about them as much as the Pines. I have seen many of the Pine tree’s with in about 3 miles of us just fall over and pull the roots out of the grown not even break off or lose limbs but the whole tree just fall over. The little kids school had a bunch on it’s property and a lot of them fell and the ones that didn’t broke they had to get them all removed. If they fall anyone of them could hit our house. I pray that they don’t because most the tree would go on my house if it fell toward the house. My truck sits right under a cluster with branches covering it all around. When we have bad storms with winds and possible tornadoes I park it in the back.

4 pm came and went with nothing more than the wind whipping up and blowing around, but it has been doing that all day. The kids weren’t really to worried about it. Then about 630 or 7 they started the alarms on the tv and the warrnings at the top of the screen and they were reading them and starting to get worried. I told them to go get their baths and things before the storm hit so that they would be done while I cooked dinner. They kept say what if the storm comes why we are in the bath? How will we know if it is coming? What if the house gets blown away and we are naked? I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I told them that I had never really been in or seen a torando but that everyone says they sound like a train, so if they hear something that sounds like a train then to get in the hallway with all the doors closed because it is the safest place in the house. On one said is the bathroom and two closets and the other are two bedrooms at the end is a bedroom and you have to go through the living room and dining room to get to it. They wanted to know what about the fish and the frogs. I told them they had to stay in their tanks they would be fine. Even if they broke the odds are there would be water around and they would get washed away in the water. What else do you tell them? They wanted to know about the dogs. I told them the dogs could come in the hall they probably would if they seen them in there.

When I said if you hear a train, my oldest said oh great now in the night Little Guy and me are going to be running to the hall in the middle of the night when we hear the train coming. We live about 3 to 5 miles from the train during the day you don’t hear it most the time but in the still of the night you can faintly hear it in the distance. I said look if you hear it like it is outside the front door or your window not off in the distance then go to the hall but you will know if it is a real train or not.

My son went and found this picture

20170122_205709 and hung it on the door. He told me he was taking it outside to put up I told him it may blow away or get messed up out there in the storm. He said your right then I will hang it on the door inside then. He was going to hang it on the poll outside. He said I think it will protect us from the storm since we found it in our yard when we came home from the hurricanes and our house was safe. It protected it then it can protect it and us now.

The storm hit pretty hard around 830 and lasted on and off until about 10. Our power went off a few times but came right back on that was it. I don’t think we lost limbs out of the trees and things as I didn’t hear or feel any but I won’t know until morning when we go out it is to dark out there right now.

{October 10, 2016}   Matthew

We ended up evacuating Wednesday because of Matthew. We wanted to get an early start so we didn’t get stuck on the roads and were able to get gas. Some places had already been told to leave or had a time they had to be out by. I really didn’t want to leave but was worried that one or more of the trees in my yard would fall on the house. I was not going to set in a shelter with the people around here. I figured it wouldn’t cost me that much to go somewhere else. I figured we would go up to one of the areas we want to move to and check it out why we were there. It would give us something to do for a few days why we waited to be able to come home. I was taking my truck but didn’t have room for my sister and her family and my mom. My moms truck isn’t running and my sister has no car. They could have went with father of the year but there was some kind of problem with that as well so they decided to rent a van to go in. I went and rented that and got it to them so they could load and get ready.

Father of the Year came over and called himself helping me get the kids ready and loaded and their outside stuff put up. Then he started loading my truck. I told him I would do it I wanted it packed how I planed so it would be easier for us to get to the things we needed and get the dogs in and out. But he don’t listen. I ended up unpacking it and repacking it once he left. My friends stopped by I had them take the back seat out to give more room. It gave me room to have the dog cage open and to get then in and out so I could put them in it.

They rented a 12 passenger van we could have went with them but there was no way I was riding with them and three dogs up there and I wanted my truck to get out and go places. Plus I was not paying to rent a van when I had my truck I could put that money in gas.

We didn’t end up leaving until late and didn’t get far before we had to pull over and get a room. Then the next day was a lot of wasted time. We ended up going farther north but never made it out of the state. We got stuck because roads were at a stand still and everywhere was out of gas. I had enough to get where we wanted to go but couldn’t get through because of the roads being at a stand still and construction rerouting roads on to the ones that were already full. We didn’t know they were working on the roads when we looked it up it didn’t tell us. I wasn’t happy at all and my sister was freaking out that we needed to get more inland than we were. At that point I had, had enough and told them I didn’t care what they did or where they went but I was staying right were I was at. Then they found out that they were as far in as they could get for the area and that the other places had water all around them. Where we were they had taken all the patients from the mayo clinic and mayo hotel and brought them there so there were nurses and things there as well if something happen.

We ended up staying there for two days. They were wanting to stay another day and I told them I was leaving that day, Friday and getting as far north as I could. They were saying lights were out all over, no gas anywhere and power out all over. Again I wasn’t worried about gas I knew I had enough to get home. We hadn’t used that much and had stopped and filled up when we found a place that had some left.

I was a measurable few days. They had fights, people sick, the places was freezing. I lay down to sleep and was so cold I couldn’t. My body hurt my bones felt like they were freezing from the inside out, we were on a cot and I was sharing with my little bitty. She couldn’t sleep she kept hollering out and tossing and turning. She is use to it being quite and dark, the lights were on and everyone was up and moving around doing whatever. There was no were to take a shower or clean up so we were all grubby feeling, cold and sleepy.

It was a while before I heard anything about my house but it wasn’t bad, the biggest damage we had was the kids swing fell and got messed up. Oh and my mail box blew away but we got it back. The lid don’t close right it was pulled off. I think I am going to throw it away and tell them it blew away in the storm I need a new one. We didn’t have power when we got back last Saturday night but it came back on Sunday morning and the internet came back that after noon. Some are still without or didn’t get it back until late that night.

That has been the last week in a nut shell. Over all I am just happy we were not hit as hard as they thought we would be and that our house is good.

{October 3, 2016}   Can We Please Move

The kids have been asking all weekend if we can move away. This hurricane that is out there they are saying may come our way and they are thinking it is going to be pretty strong. Bad enough we are going to have to leave. I am thinking that if it hits and it is more than a 1 and even then maybe hour house isn’t going to be good. I think the house would be fine we have a new roof and things. But I an worried that one of these trees may fall on it. I have about 5 large pine trees all around my house. No one has cut them or anything in I don’t know when. The places sat here empty for almost a year and I have been here going on 3 years. I have told them and told them they need cut and things. Not only that we have had two trees just fall over in the last 6 months to year from all the rain right across from my house. Even if the storm isn’t strong enough to knock them down all the rain they might just fall over. They fall toward the house they will mostly likely come through it. So even if it was only a 1 or 2 I still need to find somewhere to go in case that happens because they say we are going to get a lot of rain and my yard already is mushy in places and standing water.

The kids keep saying if we have to leave we can just rent something somewhere else and stay because most likely we will go out of state at least a state or maybe two away. The said we will be there we won’t have to worry about the cost to get there and that if a tree falls on our house most of our stuff will be ruined and if the storm is bad enough we will probably have nothing left. If we have to start over then we may as well do it where we are.

I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it. They have a point. really what is the biggest excuse when you are trying to make a move out of state? The cost to go so far, the cost to get all your stuff there, the cost of starting over. I still have some money, I will still get SSI every month and I will still get the child support every month. I will have the same money there as I have here. The odds are I could find something at least a few $100 cheaper than what I am paying here, so I would be saving money every month. We just started getting stuff for our house and have nice furniture and things but if I stay or go if something happens to the house what is left is what is left because I can’t pack everything and take it with me to save it all from the storm. It’s not like I will have anymore or any less where ever I am.

I have decided if we have to leave I am taking my truck and we are going to go in it. When we get where ever we decide to go I am going to go look around and explore see what the area is like. We are going to check out places to rent, schools, jobs, daycare and all that. If we don’t like were we are we are going to branch out a little bit and explore other areas around us as well.

The only big thing that may hold me back or I have to worry about is going to court to go. I told Father of The Year what they were saying and wanting to do. He said he don’t blame them he wouldn’t be coming back if it was bad here either. I would just file emergency papers to get in court and ask to do it by phone and that the kids are able to speak as well and let their wishes be heard. If it is cheaper to live there and things and something was to happen to my house I think that I can get them to let us stay even if he wanted to fight it.

Like I told my friend if my house is destroyed we can’t live in it I can not get anything cheaper here or comparable in size for the price. I have no where to go or stay here, what am I supposed to go live with my mom who I do not get along with and everyone is miserable? No where will rent to me here because the rent is so high and they want you to make 3x the amount of rent or they won’t let you rent it. Here I would need to bring in about $3000 a month to show 3x the rent. I wouldn’t show that even if I was working. If I show that I found a place to rent to me I have my rent paid up for a few months and that the kids want to be there and it is better for us over all than here then I think they will let us stay.

Not that any of this is going to be something I am going to have to worry about anyway, everything is probably going to be fine and done. The only thing I won’t have if I go somewhere else is daycare and the scholarships for the kids. They will have to go to public school and my little one may not get to go. She will be upset about that but I am sure I can probably work on getting help and get her in school there too even if just for half a day.

I am sure everyone will be mad if we were to do that but if it is what is best for us and what works best for us then that is what we will do.

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