{November 11, 2018}   Investor Needed

I need someone with more money than they know what to do with and who wants to invest in some worth wild causes. If not then I need someone with the know how to get grants and things to get some good ideas off the ground. I know there are all kinds of government grants, scholarships, loans and things that you can get to do all kinds of things but I have no idea where to start or how to get them. If I did there are so many things I could do that would help better things for me and in the long run a lot of others in my situation and more. It is just so hard when you do not have the upfront money and things. I can come up with the idea, get it in action and make it happen I just don’t know the other end of coming up with the money. I don’t even know where to start or who to even talk to about such a thing. It is frustrating because I know a lot and willing to put in the grunt work and handle it all but this one thing that I don’t know how to do or where to start is stopping me and there are so many scams and things out there I don’t want to try and go it on my own and figure it all out because I don’t want to get caught in scams and waste time and money I don’t have. Most people don’t want to talk to you if you don’t have a perfect credit score or a ton of money to invest as well. It is just so hard because I also have to work and things.

If I had someone willing to invest then I could just get to work on making things happen, getting the ball rolling on what we want to do. I could do that around my other work and things. Wonder if I place adds places if I would get any hits or takers. Where to even place the adds I don’t know. To bad I couldn’t find something that didn’t take a ton of money to start that would make quick money fast that I could do from home and around my other jobs.

All this free time at work has my mind all over the place and thinking about everything and and ideas. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I wonder if I should talk to my boss here at the escape room see how he got started and things, what advice he could or would give me or if he just think I was insane and crazy. I know he had a partner or has I think that he got rid of him not long ago I don’t know. But he got started somewhere to have this place and be opening another one states away. I don’t know how he got the money the idea the partner if he had money before or what kind of background he had before he done this. I may ask him and his wife if we could sit down and talk. It is hard to judge how he will respond how much or if any help he will be. It just all depends the mood you catch him in. I will have to think about that. It sucks because it seems around here no one is willing to really help anyone else even with just information because it might take a dollar away from them. Maybe one day I will find the right person and figure it all out. I just keep coming back to I need to I need to figure this out and make at least one of these ideas I have happen when I am thinking about all this and what to do and how to do things. That if I get one in motion then I can get others after I get me and the kids settled. I just don’t know.

{December 17, 2014}   Lets Talk Business


I have thought about what kind of business to start again. I had it on my list of things I wanted to do by now (My Goals and Dreams). That and getting a new to us truck. I’m to get a truck in a few months and now I am trying to work things out and open a business of some kind as well.

I just can’t decide what I want to do. I have thought about a baby resale/consignment shop or thrift store. They wouldn’t be hard to start and pretty easy to run. But I just don’t know if that is something I’m really going to like doing once I get into it. I have tried to think of something else I could open but having a hard time coming up with anything.

I am not crafty and don’t want to deal with food and all the extra that goes into that. I have thought about errands runner but I think that it would be too much with 4 kids and until I can get it off the ground and making money I can’t afford a babysitter. They would have to go everywhere with me and sit and wait. I don’t know if it is something people would be interested in either.

I could take their pet to the vet, go shopping for them, get their tags for their car, or pretty much anything else you could think of. I would have set days I did something so that I didn’t have to go to places like the tag office two or three times a week and sit all that time. But if they really needed me to go a different day I could but it would cost extra.

I have thought about doing gift baskets as well but not sure about supply and demand other than holidays and what it would in tell to get all the stuff for the baskets. I’m sure I could find places to get the stuff but I worry there isn’t to much of a market for that. A lot of flower shops do gift baskets already.

I just wish I could think of some other things that would be easy and not to costly to get into. If I could find something from home would be nice too but I am not into mlm and that is about all I can come up with. I know there is more but I draw a blank or don’t have the training for a lot of what I see.

I guess I will have to keep looking and come up with something or just go with one of my first ideas and make it work until I come up with something else.

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