{September 11, 2018}   Re:IEP meeting and 45 Minute Nap

I just came back from Little Guy’s IEP Meeting at the school. I was so worried about making it on time and we ended up starting 20 minutes late. My 45 Minute Nap turned into an hour and 20 minute nap. I fell a sleep hard but dreamed odd stuff the whole time. I woke up 15 minutes later than I had planed. At that point I decided to just wait until 9:50 to get up and leave. That gave me 10 minutes to walk there get in and get started. It only takes 2 minutes to walk there. I started to get up get ready and go get coffee at 9:30. But I was worried I wouldn’t get back in time. Had I known we were going to start late I would of, i probably would of went when I got up at 9:50 had I known. But if I had done it they wouldn’t have been running late and I would of. Of well such is life. It is after 12 and I still have not gotten my coffee. I will in about 30 minutes I hope.

The meeting went okay, they said he is behind and he is having a hard time staying on task and keeping up. I figured that because he is not use to all that. One area he scored low in he was tested on the computer. He dont normally use the computer for school related things so I can see why he scored low. The other things he scored low in they feel is because of his speech. The sounds and the way he says them. They are working with him on all of it so that is good. His teacher and the speech lady talked very highly of him how eger he is to learn and that he don’t get upset if he has to be corrected. They said he is very confident in himself and his answers. That he will try to figure things out on his own. His teacher said she was worried about his reading comprehension because he has a hard time with sounds and spells things wrong and reads them wrong. But she said she had him read the story and then did the comprehension questions with him anyway to have a score and see where it was.  She said I don’t know how he does it but he knew and understood the whole story and could amswer all my questions very well. She said if you read it to him he gets it just as good either way. She said most the time if they have a hard time reading amd writing like he does then they do not get the comprehension part because they don’t understand and get the just of the store and what is going on. She said he has some type of coping skill that he has figured out that really works for him.

I ask them if they felt he needed outside testing or evaluations because we have disabilities and things in the family. They said no that they think we should wait and see how their interventions help and if he improves. They think it is mostly do to speech and that he is going to improve a lot with them. Because he is so willing to do them wants to do them and eger to learn. They said if they do their interventions and we don’t see a big change then maybe think about looking into doing more.

I agreed I just told them I know it takes time and things to get the appointments and to find place to do them and things. So if they thought it was going to be something we needed to look into then i could get the ball started because it would take a few months to have it started. This way in 2 or 3 months they say well we need this then have to wait 3 or 4 months to get him in to get it. His teacher said yes that was true maybe give him another week or two before we decided. I said no if you think he is going to be okay and this is more of the issue that is fine. We will just wait and see how things go. They can do all the testing at school just if I have my own done then I can get more help for him if I need to at home. But can’t just with theirs.

{September 11, 2018}   45 Minute Nap

It is 8:30 kids are at school and I am home. I am going to take a 45 minute nap, then jump up get ready and go to my meeting. That will give me 45 minutes until we will be sitting down starting not just to get there. I hope to have time to stop for coffee but I don’t know. Time will tell.

{September 11, 2018}   IEP Meeting

Little ones have to be up for school in 2.5 hours and I am still wide awake. I have a meeting at the school for Little Guys iep to be put back in place so he can get service’s. I need a shower and to do my hair. All I am going to want to do is sleep once I drop them off. Once I get out of the meeting I am going to have to work for the night. I have an hour and 45 minutes I could sleep had I did my shower and hair before bed. I guess I will drop them go get coffee and the come shower and do my hair. They have one says bold on it, I may need to try that in the morning.

I do not know what services they are going to offer other than speech. They have to take the developmental delaied label off now because of his age. Not sure what labels they will use now. With my oldest son they told me we have to tell you we have him listed as asd. But we do not know where he falls we can’t do that and tell you we are not allowed. Telling me it is okay not to worry what asd means. Like they are waiting for me to have some horrible reaction to finding this out or something.

They said do you have anything to say? I said I sure do, I said 1. He is Aspergers on the spectrum, 2. Why are you all trying to figureout between you all what services would be best for him? 3. Where is all the paperwork I turned in at the start of the year? 4. How come you are not offering the services the person who is qualified to do all this and put it together says he needs? They all just looked shocked. They said they had no idea he had been anywhere and had an evacuation done. I said well I turned it all into you as soon as I had a copy so he could get services. All this time he not been getting them? They changed the subjected then made me mad there too and i ended the meeting moved school.

I have not had this one tested for anything yet so it should be interesting to see where they want to go from here.

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