{February 24, 2018}   My Internship

Monday night I see any email from the lady about my internship saying they were going to have a thing on Tuesday at 9. That was great because I have class that day 8 to 9:15 but I didn’t want to be put off for another week or two so I told her I would leave early and come but I might be 10 minutes late or so. I went to class Tuesday to tell them I needed to leave early, I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal this professor is really easy going and understanding. One of the other girls had to miss the day for her job that day he didn’t have a problem with it. I wasn’t worried about missing anything because it is a pretty easy class. I got there and there was someone different there. He said he was our guest speaker for the day. I told him I needed to leave, what time and how come. He didn’t have a problem with it at all.

The class is group counseling skills, we go over the chapter and then have a “group” most days. But on normal days we sit at our tables and just go around the room and we talk about our papers that are coming up or just whatever is going on in other classes. The last class before this one we spend the class talking about the school shootings that happen not that far away from us.

Tuesday our guest speaker or whatever decided to have a real group and had us all come sit in a circle in the front of the class. He had us all go around the room and introduce ourselves, tell how many kids we had and how old they are. From there we just kind of picked up on different things others said about ages or things like that. One girl said is it okay to not like your kid sometimes? She said because I love my kid but sometimes I do not like him? We all laughed and told her of course. I said I tell mine I have had enough right now you need to get up and go to your room out of my face. I said I try to be nice but it hits a point that enough is enough and you just need to go to your room for the night give everyone a break from each other.

One of the other ladies said she had a problem with her kids dad over the weekend and the day before. She said I received child support for 3 years consistent and then he stopped paying. It just came out without thinking and before I even knew. I said 3 years your doing good!! The girl beside me said right, she doing real good. She was talking about having to go to child support court and her ex calling begging her to not go so he didn’t get in trouble and so he stay out of jail and not lose his license and things. She told him no he screwed up and things. Before it was over with me and her were both crying. I don’t know why I was just in a mood already. I am sitting here stressing because in two weeks I need all this money for bills. I need money to take my oldest on her birthday weekend and everything. She is talking and I am thinking how I can’t get any help to take this one to court, how he owes over $6000 right now what I could be doing with that and that all my bills would be paid and I could take her on her weekend trip with no worries. Have money in the bank and could get my truck fixed so it be safer for us to ride in. The teacher asked if I had something to share I then said you don’t have to if you don’t want to or aren’t ready. I didn’t I couldn’t even talk at the time. I settled down and was going to say something but then I thought about what time it was and when I looked it was time I should of been at the place for my internship so I had to get up and leave. I really wish i could of stayed it sounds like they really covered a lot from the conversation they had on Thursday.

I get there finally to fill out my papers for the internship and the lady takes me back. She says all we really have to do is fill out these papers. I could of just told her i couldn’t be there until 930 and it would not have been a problem. She handed me this one marked two training things to od on line and said this one had to be done that day the other I may as well do at the same time it only took 15 more minutes. Then she looks at me hands me this paper says this is for the drug test it has to be done today did you set it up to do it? No I didn’t I knew nothing about it until just now. I left there went to the office and did the training and drank some stuff so I would have to go when I got there. After I finished the training I went did the drug test and all that. She said I could start Friday she would have the lady in the area I was going to be working with call me.

I never hard from her so I called her on Wednesday, she called me late that afternoon left a message said she was going to be out of town next week Monday-Wednesday. That really sucked because I wanted to do my hours yesterday and all next wee and be done with my 50 hours so I could try to go get that job that I applied for that decided they wanted someone in the day time. I seen they still had it listed.

I called her back yesterday and she said that I could get my 50 hours in all at in a week or so and told me all about what I would be doing. But she can’t meet with me until Next Thursday and then will set me up to shadow with others there. So now it will be another two weeks before I can get them done. I told her I am trying to go to work that I need to be open days why I wanted to get my hours in as fast as I could but that if I had open days I wanted to still come in and work some other hours as well. She said that would be great.

I am working with an agency that works with parents to keep their kids out of foster care and out of court. She said that CPS only takes about 10% of kids out of the home and that they get the other 90%. They help them get with other services in the area to help with different things they may need help with or classes that CPS our what might feel they need. I think it will be interesting and a lot to learn so I would like to do more than my 50 hours. I feel 50 hours isn’t a lot when trying to get hands on experience like this.

I guess we will find out next week what it is going to be like.

{October 14, 2017}   Fired Already

I started my new job the 2nd, a big reason I have not been around. They told me I would work 3 to 11 and then when I get there they tell me no 3:30 to 12am. I had to pick my oldest up a few times from school so that she could be home with my youngest because I had to pick her up from daycare before I went. I had a friend get her a few times and we worked different hours a couple times. I was given all my log in information for everything the first week and had no trouble with any of it. Monday I went in and was able to log onto the desk top and was having some problems with the computer. I shut it down and restarted, since then I have not been able to even log on to the computer much less anything else. I went up talk to the team lead and she says they termed me she don’t know why they had me on the wrong list and had done it before she could tell them not to. Now it will take them who knows how long to get me back into the system. I can’t do any of my training that I need to do or anything. I sit there logged onto the computer under someone else name so that I can log into the meeting that anyone with the information can log into and then just watch what she does the few times a night she does it. It is driving me crazy just sitting and waiting.

They keep telling me I am going to be put back into the computer but I don’t know I have seen things happen before and then them tell the people they don’t need them anymore. I am not holding my breath just waiting to see what happens not counting on anything. I really need the job but I know how they do. I work Monday-Friday 9 to 5:30 that leaves no time for my internship that I have not been able to do and I may or may not get off in time to pick my little one up. I have had to make a deal with my friend that if she don’t hear from me by 535 to head over and pick her up because I am not off yet. If I get a call and it last a few hours and it is time for me to leave I just have to sit there and finish it. I can’t call anyone or text anyone because we can not have our phones at our desk. It is a mess. But I need the job and the money but I also need to finish school. If I stop going for a term for any reason then I have to take a bunch of extra classes. I will get to certifications in December and hope my degree in May. It is killing me not being able to work nights because of the kids. If I could work nights I would be okay. The kids hate me working nights we see each other in the mornings that is it they are in bed by the time I get home from work and I am at work by the time they are home from school. I am going to have to try and figure out it. I was trying to work 4 half days and three full days in order to do what I needed to do and be here with the kids in the evening. But that isn’t working they will not let me do that. They say I can’t work 7 days a week. Even if it is just 4 hours a day most days. I don’t know how things are going to work out.

I am not sure what all I have and haven’t told you all because it has been so long since I was able to pot until the last few days. I know you all know I had a huge problems with my medication a while back when I was starting my other job and had went to the doctor. He upped the one and gave me a new one that I could not take while taking the one I was already one (remember that?) then told me to just stop taking everything until I could come in and get them fixed. I got nasty and told them that I didn’t know when I could come back and things and that is why I had come then, he just needed to fix it and they needed to call it in and let me know what I was supposed to be doing. Well I never heard back from them and I never got to go back. I had kept taking the higher amount of the other because I knew I should not just stop cold and not be on anything and that I needed to be on something. It wasn’t helping 100% but something was better than nothing.

Well I stopped taking it shortly after Mother Dearest moved in, I could not get things done and go to bed when I needed to in order to take it and not be passing out the next morning or feeling drugged all day. I stopped it shortly before I quite my job and I know that is part of the reason I did that. It was getting to be to much for me to deal with the people there all snide comments and remarks and the way they did people and myself. I was also very grouchy and agitated very easily. Hell I walked around that way most the time, I do when I stop taking stuff like that until it gets out of my system. Then dealing with everything at home on top of it. I went through the being sleepy, depressed not being able to get up and do anything hardly and all that. Mood swings the whole nine yards of it, I knew if they kept on at work and that all it was going to take was for them to say one just one thing to me I was going to snap and go off it wasn’t going to be good and I didn’t need that when looking for another job. Plus a few of them I may have ended up in jail no joke because I may have done something I shouldn’t have. It is to small of an area I wasn’t going to risk that and it getting out around town. I left the one day in a bad mood mad they bend over backwards for the high school kids but the ones of us in college they could careless about. I done talk to a few and they told me how they did everything they could to keep them from going and working too. I should of known when I said I have to figure out what I was going to do to Robbie and Ricky as I was leaving that day I wasn’t coming back because that’s what I have said most places before I quit.

I have tried to get in to see my therapist for a while now since before I quit and haven’t been able to yet, much less get back to the doctor. But the therapist is mostly because she was out on vacation was able to come back for one day and then had to go out for medical leave. She came back last week, I set a time to go see her then we had this storm hit and everything going on. I was not happy and have had the truck down the last two days, had to pick up Big Guy from school yesterday sick and him home today, I have to go take him to the dentist tomorrow and the two little ones to the ENT on Friday. Then after all the shit she does, says and pulls my mother wants me to take her to take her test at the college on Thursday. But I need to talk to her about all that is going on and I need to talk to her about this internship I have to do at the Women’s Center.

I don’t know if I told you all but this internship for school is at the Women’s Center like I said and it is for abused women. Our main thing is we go to the court house and help them file for injunctions or go to the court house meet the women before their hearing and let them know what we do and the things that we offer and that we will go in and sit in court with them if they would like us too. I went to training a month or two ago right before I left my other job and it ended up only being a half a day. I hadn’t been back because of things going on here. But just that half a day of training left me feeling horrible. Just listening to what these guys do what these women go through and all that. So very much of it hitting so very close to home with all I have been through with father of the year. I left there and was all but in tears the rest of the day. I had to go to the shop, I sat there it was all I could do not to burst out crying. At that point It wasn’t even over any one thing or something I was thinking about. It just seemed so thick and weighing me down. I felt like I was being smothered or attacked by something. It was horrible feeling I don’t know if I have ever had that feeling before in my life. I felt like there was something physically on me. It was the weirdest feeling I have ever had. I think I touched on this in another post not long ago or when it happen so you may have read about already.

I was called to come back this past Friday to do all the training over again. The main lady said she was going to do it and wanted to meet us answer any questions we had and didn’t feel that it went over well for the first half even last time. So I went in and did it, and I didn’t have the same feeling or as affected by it. But we didn’t get into the detail and all that. Last time they told us stories of different clients (no names of course) and what they been through. They did this time but it wasn’t the same kind of things that I had been through so it didn’t really bother me. I was able to detach myself from it so that I could do what I needed to do. I wanted to talk to her about all that and how I felt and things because I am going to be dealing with this kind of thing all the time and more of the things that I have went through than the extreme cases that we learned about Friday.

I want to do the training for the SAV’s program but it is a 40 hour training class and then you have to be able to be on call from 7 am to 7 am a few times a month or more. I have to wait until I get this job or some job and see what days I could do it. The only problem I may have is with my little one in daycare if I was to get a call and not be able to pick her up. But I am going to talk to the one teacher I know and my friend and see if they can help me out if I end up being on call during the week. If it is the weekend or at night my oldest would be here to be with them. I will only be gone a few hours and it is maybe two miles from my house so I wouldn’t be worried about leaving them here. The SAV’s program works with sexual assault victims and I think strangulation victims. Not 100% sure about the strangulation but I know for sure the rest.

It’s sad that our hospitals and things here do not want to deal with rape victims or sexual assault, they now have an exam room set up at the battered women’s shelter for exams for them. When they show up at the hospital they put them in a tax or the back of a police car and send them over there. They call us and tell us they are sending them over so that the nurse and one of us and I am not sure who else can be ready to meet them there when they get there. We have an hour from the time we are called to be there. They have very few people to do it and are splitting it up between 3 or 4 people that is it.

The strangulation program is something that the county has started, because it has become so common and something these guys use instead of just punching them in the eye or the face because they figure they do it just right it won’t leave marks and no one will ever know. So the nurse at the works the exam room is also trained in what to look for if someone says they have been strangled, from the affects it has on their eyes, skin and blood vessels on the face and neck to looking in someone’s throat and what to look for. It is horrible we have to have this but I find it worse that out of all the police departments and things in this county the only people who get taken there and get a chance at having this done and getting help to prove what their offenders done are the ones who live in the county. If they live in a city limit this service or exam is not offered to them. It is a polite program that is set up and being tested. I want to know what we have to do to get it open so that all the women in the county are taken there to be checked just like all the sexual assault ones are. If I have to I will make phone calls and everything else to see that it happens. Because sometimes that is all a guy will do and if you can’t prove it because he didn’t cause enough damage or kill them then they are free to do it again until what next time they do? It isn’t right.

It is so very sad and scary that we need someone to do either one of these exams or that we need people like us to be there and be a advocate for these women and someone to stand beside them and support them as they have to go through all this. But we do, like the one girl said she had not been on any calls the three times that she was on call. But then she thought about it that someone had to be hurt and go through something like that in order for her to get a call and that she didn’t want that to happen to anyone so she just prayed every night that she wouldn’t get any calls. Not because she didn’t want to be bothered or put out but because she just didn’t want anyone to go through that.

I guess I need to go to bed I am calmed down and all the kids are sleeping. I can’t take a nap after I drop the kids at school tomorrow because I have to take the one to his appointment and then go to work at the shop. Besides if I do even though no one is home I am told how I am lazy I don’t do anything all I do is sleep all day every day. Even though I may lay down once a week or every few if I am up late the night before or don’t get to sleep. She knows if I am or not because we are right here by each other and she stays up every fing night on the computer, sleeps all day until we come home or right before and then raises hell when we get home. But let me lay down once in a while for a few hours or even the freaken day if I want to until I get the kids like I said she is all kinds of shit starting. So what if I do what needs to be done is getting done.

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