{April 19, 2019}   My Interview

Hey everyone I did an interview over at

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Go check out his blog out and my interview and show some love while you are there. I just found his blog the last week or so but am finding it very interesting and enjoying all the things he is doing to interact with all us other bloggers. Here is the link to my interview.

Single Parent Life – Truly Inspired #66

Hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

{March 11, 2019}   A New Job Maybe

I can’t remember what all I have told you all about my job at the car lot. But it sucks and they are ripping people off so bad it isn’t even funny. Now the owners son has taken 3 of my customers. I am done and over it. These people are out here busting their ass to just get by then making these payments just to have something to get to and from work. Most are not really any better off than I am pay check to pay check no extra for anything, single moms and or families trying to get by.

They are charging 2 or 3 times what the car is worth to start with. They have a ton of miles a lot of them so worth even less. Then they finance them for these people for like 3 to 5 years. Most I think are 5 years and they are at 27.5% interest. So then their over priced car that started out at an $8,000 car turns into over a $20,000 car. It is already a 10 or more year old car so when they get it paid off they have a 15/20 year old $20,000 car. Then most end up having something wrong with them so they have to bring it back and put it in our shop and pay half of the cost to fix it. If it. Breaks in the first 6000 miles or 6 months what ever comes first. If not then they have to figure out how to pay all of it and have that added on to the payment until it is paid off.

I can not morally go out here do this to people. I know if it was me I would be screwed. I would not have money to pay extra on payments, I wouldn’t have money to pay for repairs and parts. Mine is paid for and I can hardly get it repaired and buy parts right now. I know these people can’t either. I am not doing someone that way.

The 10 hour saturdays are really starting to suck as well because I hate the job.

I put my listing back on line looking for something part time in the evenings and I think I put in it I wanted to work Mon-Friday.

Saturday I had a call I didn’t know who it was and didn’t answer it. Later I seen they left a voicemail. I checked it and it was a guy said he seen my add on line had a night job dispatching for a trucking company. I didn’t call back I was busy it was later in the early evening I figured they had closed. I called Sunday and left a message, this morning he called me back.

He said it is a refrigerated trucking company that go to 30 states. He said it would be Monday-Friday 5pm to 10 pm. He said your just support for the guys if they call in and need something. I told him where I worked that I didn’t get off there until 5 it would be 6 before I could get to him. He said okay that is fine we are flex able. He asked when I could come in to talk in person. I told him I could be there around 8:30 am since he said it wouldn’t take over 15 or 20 minutes probably. I figure can get there early still get to work by 10.

It is about 20 miles from my job now but to be evenings and Mon-Friday no weekends and office work it will be worth it. I don’t know what it pays. I am hoping $10 but even if it is $8 or $9 it would be okay. I won’t have to sell, rip people off or put up with the owners son.

Bff and the guy at work said I should tell them about him taking my sells and why I am leaving. I said oh yeah I am going to tell them for sure.

I am going to tell them he has taken 3 of my sells, these cars are twice the price they should be then 3 times that once they are done making payments. They all have problems and your taking advantage of people and ripping them off. I am these people you are doing this to, I am in the same boat as them and I can’t do that to people.

If they don’t like it to bad it is the truth.

Today Pop’s came in an worked, he was there most of the day with me. I was surprised, but I think he just needed time away from home really. We needed him too because there was a lot of work to get back to people from last week.

About 3  the owner his son and a guy he took to help him today came in. Pop’s was still there. He came sat in his chair in my office and the other guy came in and was hanging out talking to him.

I had a call from my sons teacher come in and right after that I had a call from a number I did not know. I almost did not answer it but I did. It was a guy and he said he seen my add on craigslist and was looking for some help.

I told him I had found something during the day but was still looking for evenings. It was loud the guys talking, the one grinding and the radio going everything. He said are you at work right now? Are you able to talk or would later be better. I said yes I am at work and later would be much better. He said I am going to text you my name and number call when you get off work it isn’t a problem.

I ask the old man and the guy what this company done? The old man said he didn’t know, ask what they wanted sharpened. I said no it was a guy about a job for me. He said oh okay. Then he said wait what, you can’t leave us, we need you. You aren’t allowed to leave, we are going to need you even more probably here soon. The look he had when he was saying it, this oh no kind of look. I said I told him I have a job it would have to be nights. He said oh okay then good. You tell him we need you, you can’t leave us.

I called they guy back when I got off work and we talked for a bit. He has been here and in business he told me for over 30 or 40 years. He needs someone to come in put his office together, put together hardfiles and wants someone to do some computer stuff. I don’t know If I can do the computer stuff but the rest I can. He said it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to work an evening or weekend and he needs stuff done. It could be done evenings and weekends. What he is asking to be done I would rather do when no one is there in the way. I can go in do my job and get out. He say’s it is a small office too so I don’t want to be working over and around people. He said if I wanted to brush up on the computer stuff in my off time then do it and teach him he would pay me for that as well. I am supposed to go meet him tomorrow after work he said I could probably start tomorrow if we agree on things. It isn’t a all the time thing just part time a week or so. He said a few weeks so I don’t know. He did say he needs work done at his home office as well so maybe a few weeks.

I told him I thought I had taken the add down from Craigslist. He said no he was glade I hadn’t and he found it. Something about it saying I could run errand he said I guess that’s out since you have your other job. I said yes because of my hours. But like I told oldest later, I could in the morning as long as I can do it and be done by 10:30. I will talk to him about that too. I could go to the bank, shopping, courthouse or any number of thinngs in the 2 or 3 hours before I go to work. Then do the office stuff in the evening. Its is just over 3 miles from my house and 4 from my day job. Its on this side of the bridge past my house in the other direction. If i go to the main road I use to go to work now i just take a right instead of a left. And my store I get my coffee at is right on the corner of the main road and the road i use to get to it. So i can stop and get my coffe still either job I have to go to.

The guy’s voice sounds very femillear to me but I do not know the name. I can’t figure out if it is someone I know of or not. Guess I will see tomorrow.

{October 27, 2018}   Someone We are Looking For

I posted an add on craigslist again just to fill in or do odd jobs like I posted before. I posted it with in the last week but had not really heard anything from it. I had two messages from it earlier in the week but they seemed like scams and were not local numbers. I did not even reply to them.

Today I was sitting at work and received a message. It said hi so and so I am Dave and I just rseen your add on craigslist and you seem like someone we are looking for. We need someone to do x, y and z. I assume you have reliable transportation?

I looked and it was a local number. I responded back that yes I had transpertation. He asked when I was available?

In my add I put i could work full time, part time or just fill in. So I ask him what he was looking for out of the three.

He said Monday through Friday 9-5. Its not 40 hours but most places are not giving 40 it is only 5 hours shy of it with no nights or weekends. I ask him where he was located and what kind of business it was. He said they have a store and are moble that they do sharpening. I wasted no time I ask him when we could meet in person and talk? This would be perfect job as for days and hours. He said I can come in Monday at 1. I will be there with bells on.

It is between my job now and my house. I live in land, the job is on the “island” and I work on the beach. You go across the island to get to my job. This is a lot closer so less drive time and less wear and tear on my car. Closer if I have to get a ride or take the bus as well. It is 5.5 miles from home vs. 13 or 15 miles one way.

I forgot to ask for an address and he didn’t give one either. This evening when I got home I looked up the business on line and found it. I wasn’t sure. But then it seems to be the only one over there. It is open the days and hours he said and they offer moble service. It says it is veteran owned that they are closed weekends and holidays. Just makes it even better. It said they started out out of their house kind of thing I guess but had such an overwhelming response that they ended up opening this location.

I have no idea how to dress seeing the kind of business that it is. I have next to nothing that fits. Everything is really big on me now. We are having some cooler days, nothing crazy don’t need a jacket yet. But your not melting walking from your house to the truck. I hope it is that way Monday, I have a nice top that didn’t fit I found the other day. I think I will wear that and my dark jeans. I just need to find a pair of shoes. I feel a nice pair of jeans will not be over dressed seeing the kind of business it is. But a nice top will be better than a t shirt. I figure they probably wear jeans and a company t shirt or polo and sneakers. So a top and jeans will be okay.

I think I sent my resume to this guy before but never heard anything back. But now he seen my add on craigslist and messaged me. Maybe just the way it was presented. I didn’t put my resume on line just wrote up an add. Who knows, I am just glad to have the interview and hope to get it. The only thing I know nothing about is the pay, I am hoping for $10 but figure it is going to be less. I do not want to get less than I am now that is $9 but I would take it even if it was only minimum at $8.25 if it seems like something that would work out and be lasting long term. Because it is set hours and days with no nights, weekends or holidays and it is 5 miles closer to home. Less travel time way less gas and a lot closer if I have to get a ride or take the bus. Very close to the bus if I had to go that route.

I hate the idea of having to tell them at my job now that I am leaving. I just this week was given halfway decent hours, but still working all weekend every weekend in order to have decent hours. I work 9 to 5 Friday-Sunday and 2 to close on Thursday. It should stay close to that after these new people train but I may end up with another closing day. I like it here but the always wanting you to be able to come in at the drop of a hat and the condescending way your talked to and the manager in general and the way him and the owner are never on the same page you never know where you stand because they both expect different things when doing the same job. You have to see who is here who is coming in and make sure you are doing things they want hope they both aren’t here at the sametime. Its stressfull. One tells you to do something and you do then the other don’t like it or what then your blamed because you didn’t do it “right” it was right it just isn’t now because the other complained and instead of owning up its pushed off you didn’t listen, you don’t know what your doing, you messed up it will be taken care of you will be talked to or were talked to. It comes down to the boss don’t want to do wjat the owner says and how he dont but then the owner gets mad it is dropped on us. The owner dont want to be here he dont want to hire deal with training a new manager so it just goes on.

{September 5, 2018}   Another Interview

I took the kids to school and laid back down this morning. I had hardly slept the night before and had nothing to do. I woke up at about 12 and seen my phone had been blowing up. I looked one was where Bff’s husband my old boss had tagged me in something. I looked it was where his friend posted looking for office help. I messaged him friend said he talked him he was there go up there.

I got a shower and went up there. Place has a tiny lot there was no where to park. I went up turned around came back down and someone had left. I went inside there was a guy sitting there I asked if he was so and so. He said no he wasn’t there. Just way he said it seem funny, I’m just looking at him like wth? I don’t know why it just how I felt. He then ask what I wanted or needed something. I said x sent me over to talk to him about a job he has an opening for. Said he talk to him he was here come down. He said oh a job yeah then for that he is here. I really just looked at him then like he was a dumbass. He said I hadn’t seen you before didn’t know who you were or what, the police a baby momma who knows. There was a girl sitting there she busted up laughing she said a baby momma I think she came in a little different than she did. I said right.

He come in I talk to him some. He ask if I had .Car, kids, where I lived all that. I told him. Ask what kind of work I done he seem like that. He said he was looking to start someone in the next week or two. He took my name and number. Its a bunch of kids it seems to be something else but it is a job at least until I find something else at least. If he calls me back it was so unorganized he has probably already lozt my number. But I figure old boss will talk to him again remind him. Its cash weekly. That be nice for now help me get some things straight. But I don’t see me being there long term.

{September 3, 2018}   Job Fair

The place my friends daughter works for that I applied at, is having a job fair today. I was told to show up there ask for her boss and tell him I am the one that she talked to him about.

It is 10 to 4, I wanted to be there at 10 when it started but I’m not even up yet. I did not sleep well last night and what little I did sleep I dreamed crazy things, and slept wrong. My shoulder is killing me I can hardly move my arm. I don’t want go in there looking like I have problems with it. You have to lift and things. Trying to move it around get it to moving better. Take something for the pain get through the interview at least.

I don’t know what to wear, blouse, jeans my boots. Blouse, jeans sneakers. Blouse, slacks, and my boots or flats.

I don’t want to over dress but don’t want to under dress either. Its a truck stop no idea how they would expect you to be. I would expect simi casual/business. Jeans, blouse,boots or sneakers. But then I feel i should dress more. Even though most the people around me are dressed like they are going to the club not a job interview. The others look like they are dressed to hang out at home and clean. So I don’t know what I am so worried about because I am at least dressed nice and tastefully I gueess you would say.

I did my hair last night all I have to do is get dressed and brush it good and go. They know I work another job too and I may have to work before I come so I may be in later in the day. So it don’t look bad I wasn’t there first thing.

{August 28, 2018}   Waiting To Hear Back

I can not believe I am home in my bed and have been for almost an hour now. Work has went from none stop to nothing, like someone flipped a switch. I lose ours one day this week and then lose the whole day starting next. I clocked out 15 minutes early today and really could have an hour but didn’t. I ran 2 rooms 8 people in 7 hours. Both rooms were in and out in 30 minutes and less.

I was talking to the boss this afternoon I told him I was job hunting. He said good because hours were going to be cut even more. He said if I could find something waiting tables a few nights a week or something. But I do not want to do that. I told him I want to get away from nights that I was applied at the truck stop store place for a 5 to 2 shift or something. He said oh that would be great there would be no conflict with when we would need you here. I just said yeah.

I do not know if i am going to stay on there or for how long it will all depend on what I get and how many hours.

Bff’s older 2 girls work at the truck stop the one is close with the hirering person she has been there while. She was working full time just went to just weekends. She was doing a 5am to 2 pm shift. She said she thought it was still open. She said put her on my application and let her know she would talk to the manager have him pull my application.

I applied for her position that was open and a team lead in the same area. I put on my application i could work between 5am and 5pm Monday through Friday and 5am to 2pm some weekends but not all. I know a lot of the kids were busted back to just weekends now school started and the college kids a lot ask to go to just weekends. I figure if I am willing to do some now and then would be good.

I did all that today and let her know I did. I hope to hear back from them by the end of the week. I seen they are having a job fair next week if I do not get called before I may go to that. But I probably will.

{March 20, 2018}   Escape The Beach

I start a new job today, it is at a place called Escape The Beach. I applied for it one day last week, was called Friday and asked to interview Friday or Saturday, I interviewed Saturday and told yesterday I had the job start today. I have to be there in an hour and forty five minutes so this will be quick. It is where they lock you in a room where a crime has taken place and you have an hour to figure out the crime. We explain it all to them, get them all set up in their rooms and then we watch the rooms on the screen and we give clues as they ask for them if they need them.

It is 24 to 28 hours a week and it is set days and hours not changing all the time and not having to be open 7 days a week day and night. He said this is what I am trying to fill if you can do it if not that is all I have. He said he does it that way so that people can have lives and work other jobs, go to school or whatever they need to do. I like that. I told him that was why I really wasn’t working now because I couldn’t find anyone that would give hours and days like that. He said he thought it was crazy that they don’t and wrong they expect work to be your life.

It isn’t even different hours for training or anything like that they train you the days and hours you will be working. I work Tuesday and Wednesday, Sunday and kind of on call for 3 hours on Thursday between 9 and 11. They only have one person working in the morning so if it gets busy then they will call someone in to help out because they only like you watching two rooms at a time unless they are only a few people in them. Most of them are booked in advance so they know but then they do get walk ins and things too if rooms are open and not going to be used soon we can take them.

The kids think it is cool and want to do it but now working there I am going to know all the ins and outs so I won’t be able to do it with them. I think a friend is going to bring them and her kids and do it with them. It will be fun if I get to watch their room and things.

The only down fall is I have to work every Tuesday and Tuesdays are the nights I was supposed to do the teen group with my internship. I am going to have to work that in and do something different. I am going to set up another meeting with her this week see what I can work out.

I guess I better get off here get ready I have to leave soon and I am not dressed or anything. I took a shower sat here blow dried my hair and then started this. I have to leave early to get gas too. I will not make it there much less there and back if I don’t. Will be back later let you all know how it goes. I think it will be fine the boss is really cool and nice we talked a lot Saturday and the other girls seemed nice that were there.

{February 3, 2018}   Job Interview

I went and applied for a job Wednesday I think it was, I am waiting to hear back about it. The interview is for some towing companies, they run 4 I think from the one company. This guy bought two or three of the local ones to get more spots on the police rotation because there is money to be made and you can only have so many spots under one name. But he has to keep them all running under their names or lose their spots. I heard they needed help a while back but didn’t have anyone here to be with the kids because it is over night and you have to be in the office, can’t answer from home.

I found out from my best friend my bosses wife, because it is the bosses twin sister who does it in the day and pretty much runs the company and does the hiring firing and all that. I messaged her and ask her about coming in and applying and she told me when to come in. I got there filled out the application and ended up waiting for an hour to get to talk to her she was busy and the owner had been called out to a call.

She brought me back told me about the job and things. I think it would work out really good for me. It is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights from 7 pm to 7 am. I will get home in time to take my little one to school by 8:30 the older kids will have to get her up and start getting her ready Monday and Tuesday. They get up at 7 and I should be home by 5 or 10 after. The only problem there maybe is with Tuesday because I have to be in class by 8. But I think if I explain to my teach he will work with me because if I am late it shouldn’t be more than a couple minutes to five minutes. I am getting a really good grade in the class so it should workout. I have had him before and he is super easy if you just talk to him. Like he said he is here to teach us not push us to breaking just because he is the teacher and he can make us do this that and the other and the first 5 minutes of class we are just getting set up and figuring out where he left off and chit chatting so I won’t be missing anything.

She told me she had a couple people come in before me and a few guys coming in after me that she would get back to me with in a few days. I figure sometime early next week. She said something about maybe bringing me in to help her in the day even because they are so busy but I can’t really do days very well. But if she gives it to me I will take it and figure out how to make it work because I have to have something and it is the only thing I have that is decent right now. I like I can work 4 nights have 3 off. I like it was over night so I can do school, internship and be there for the kids. I figure if she brings me on in the day I prove myself and work my ass off the person on nights probably won’t last long not many of them do then maybe I can get her to move me. Just explain to her and the owner that I came because it was night hours all that I have to do and that I like the job but I really need the hours they had said it was for when I applied that if they can do that I will be there for a while not looking to go anywhere else anytime soon.

I went back to the office after I got done there and in a little bit the boss asked if I had talked to her. I told him yes I applied over there and that it seemed like it would be good because it was nights I could do what I needed to do and still work there and everything. He said yeah she was messaging him asking him about me. I hope that is a good thing.

I don’t know if I don’t get this what I am going to do because I can’t find anything else working nights. There isn’t a lot out there that have a night shift or over night shift around here. She said the owner might want me to come in and interview with him but I haven’t hard anything at all back so who knows. I need this and really want this I think I would enjoy doing it. I will be there by myself but it that don’t bother me. The gate is locked and the office is locked. There are so many cars and trucks and everything around there you don’t know if someone is in there or not really. The guys on the trucks come in and out dropping off cars and things, they all have keys to the gate so they let themselves in and out I don’t have to worry about that and Most probably don’t even come in the office at night for anything so I won’t have to deal with that either probably. But even if they do that isn’t a big deal to let them in and out.

{June 1, 2017}   Maybe A Job

I applied at McDonald’s a couple weeks ago, when I was filling out the application there was a drop down thing to pick days and shift. One of the shifts said 6 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday and had no weekends listed. That was great worked perfect with daycare other than the 6 am part. I could be there by 630 because daycare does not open until 6. I figured I would apply and talk to them about it if I was called to come in and see if that was something they would or could work with. At this point I will do just about anything. Well I get an email back two Sundays ago saying they do interviews on Mondays between these hours. I emailed back told them what time I could come in the next day if they had an opening and that I was open the following Monday at anytime between those hours just tell me I would be there. Few days later I never heard back I sent another Friday comes around I didn’t hear anything back so I called the lady and left a message. Then I had an email telling me to come in this past Monday the holiday so I said okay and arranged a sitter because daycare was closed.

I was there about 10 minutes early and sat and waited, She called the people that were in front of me then called people that came in after me. Then she is calling someone that never showed up and then ask who I was. I was like nice I’m not even on her list after telling me to come in. First thing she ask was what kinds of jobs had I done in the past and then why I wanted to work there. I told her I was a full time student and that I just wanted a job I could come in do the job and go home not have to worry about things and all that. She then ask what hours I could work the earliest and the latest each day. Never said anything about the shift I applied for. I told her 6 am to 530 pm Monday through Friday. Then she asked about the weekends? I told her I couldn’t do weekends right now and she stopped and said that my application would be skipped over because I can’t work weekends. She said to email her if that changed and she would put it back in for review and maybe I could get something at that time. She then went on to explain the different jobs they offer and things like that and if there was any one I would rather not do or stay away from. I told her no I had no problem doing any of them. She said working in a place like that you get angry customers for whatever reason something wasn’t right they just looking for something to complain about or what. Ask how I would handle that if I would let it mess my day up or if I would take it as them attacking me personally. I said no I try to help them make whatever is wrong right and if I can’t then I will get the boss so they can handle it. She said that was great and what they do. I told her I worked as a cashier before and doing the bail bonds I was very use to dealing with people that were less than happy or friendly. I had no problems with that. She told me some other things but said a few times my application would be sent in but probably not considered.

I was getting ready to leave I asked her what about the shift I applied for and it didn’t ask for weekends and things. She said well it was a 6 to 4 and you can’t come until 630 so that wouldn’t matter. Well it would some because most places do not want you there all those hours in a day and things. But I just said I understood that and was just wondering why they put they have that shift with no weekends for people to put in that they can work if they require you to be able to work weekends. Of course she said she was going to have to look into that and ask if I applied on their site or a different one. I said no I went right to your site and applied and it was listed. She didn’t have an answer. She also said that their top performers get what they want over everyone else. She said that can take weeks or months to get or it could never happen you just never know. So basically if you come in kiss ass and do everyone’s work for them who don’t want to do their work you might get it.  Again if you are giving it to people who are already there that want it then why put it as an option? It makes perfect since to waste their time and the person looking for a jobs time. I was ticked because I had to drive the kids 20 miles to the baby sitter then drive back get them and drive back home for something that I didn’t have a shot at.

I didn’t check my email yesterday I guess, I went to the shop today to work and when I was done I was using the computer to print some things. I had to get something out of my email and I seen one from them. I open it and it says we want to welcome you as a crew member can you come to ordination on Monday at the store where you had your interview and then you will join the team at store number blah blah. I had applied to start with at the store where I interviewed at but when she ask what store I told her that one or the other one. She wanted to know what one was close to my house I told her I was in the middle of both of them I thought so I would take something at either one. She put me at the other one. That is fine, but I am hoping that after I go buy clothes and things that they want me to have and get in there they don’t say well you have to work this or that for a while before you get the shift you want like she said before. I may lose it on them if they do. I made it very clear to her that those were the only open hours I had those were the only days. I am just hoping they ended up with an open spot they couldn’t fill and it worked out for me. I just wish Monday would get here so I can go in and see what is going on.

I am going to work it if it works with my hours. I told them at the shop that as of right now I have it but I don’t know how things are going to work out on Monday but that I still wanted to keep working there as well. I am sure I can fit it in before or after work or if I have a day off during the week. It isn’t a lot but it will be gas for the truck or something extra for the kids. I like to save it take them to Disney once school starts back and it cools down a little bit. I just pray it all works out so that I can do them both. I need to get some papers taken care of I have to go by my old job to do it. I thought about doing that Friday when I have to go back up to the shop since it is right there next door. I am thinking about asking them if they need someone maybe 15 hours a week and asking them at the shop if he could use me 10 to 15. If they both could and would pay me what I am making now I wouldn’t have to take this job I could work between the two of them and make as much or more. I was already planing to ask because I did not think they were going to call me back at all. I think the other office may do it but I just don’t think the shop has enough stuff to even work me 10 hours a week. I am not even sure if this job is full time or part time. I applied for full. I didn’t ask at the interview because she had said I wasn’t going to be called back. I guess we shall see Monday. I here I am again playing the waiting game. I hate playing this game. I think I have go to the shop tomorrow to get some papers I may talk to them and walk next door talk to my old bosses and my friend next to them see if he could use any help 1o to 15 hours a week. I could split 30 or 40 between two or three of them. I know the one don’t like to do paper work he had someone doing it but I don’t know if they are still there or if he has someone else. I could do that for him. Even if I just did a couple 5 to 8 hour days at each one. That would still leave me time to do school on the weekends.

I have to think about things and make a plan talk to them and see what everyone has going on or if any of them would be interested. They may too just to not have to do the paperwork their self. They all three are ran by guys and all have nothing but guys working for them. If not I may go talk to some other shops and things in the area and see if I can get something like that. The shop is pretty flexible I can work everything and then work them in between the others.

et cetera
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