{November 18, 2018}   Lazy Saturday

So this was Saturday not sure why it did not publish.

Sitting here at the my friends barber shop waiting to get the kids hair cut. Then off to find Little Bitty a jacket of some kind. Hers from last year is to small and got a big tear in it. The stuff it is made of you can’t really fix it. She has been wearing a little fleace pull over shirt thing.

Its nice having a Saturday off. Not having to get up early to be at work or rush to get things together before for I have to go foe the night. Even though I was awake at 7 something this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid their doing things on my phone for a while finally the little kids got up. We made the big kids get up they all got ready. Now we are just out wasting time not a lot to do other than haircuts and get a jacket.

A new store open over by my work at the mall. I think we are going to go over and check it out. Its an outlet store they buy or get things from the stores that close in the area. Just going to check it out see what they have.


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