{January 31, 2020}   Can’t Stay On A Budget

I sat down last year and put a budget together for about 8 months or more. I stuck with it pretty well for a few months and was doing really well. Until November rolled around and everything went to shit and I got behind again instead of getting ahead and everything happen.

I was going to start again this month and well that didn’t happen. I just sat down and put one together again and everything is going to be so tight I have nothing left at the end of the week and don’t even cover everything. It will be the third or forth week of next month before I start to have money. It was oldest 16th birthday yesterday and I thought I would have money to do something with her next weekend and I don’t even know if I am going to have it for another few weeks or more now. It sucks she always seems to have to wait.

I am just under $1000 behind plus my normal monthly bills I have only been working about 17 to 20 hours a week the last month at my night job and missed hours at both jobs with my mouth. Between my mouth and just feeling very burnt out and over whelmed I have been leaving my night job at 9/930 if there is no work. I am so very tired of working two jobs and now know I have a year or two more of doing two jobs before I am going to see an end in sight. It is just depressing. Add in the time of year it is and my mood and mood swings and things I am just done. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to go to work but I do because I don’t want to be at home and I need the money of course. I just need to get out of this funk.

He keeps saying we need to get me moved and work out him moving in so I can quite one of my jobs. Bff keeps saying just tell the kids and let him move in. But that isn’t what I’m looking for or wanting to do. I don’t want to rush into living together. I want to know we are good and well into this and sure this is what we both really want and that the kids are good with him and want him to stay with us before we do that. I do not see even thinking about him living with is before August at the earliest. Really I would rather wait until October or later. I know he is on month to month and they are trying to sell the place. If that happens then I may consider it sooner depending how soon. I would have to be moved, the kids would have to know and had time to get use to him and be okay with it. If it is right away he is going to have to find somewhere to go for a bit. I don’t want him moving in anytime soon. I may not even by October but I would be willing to consider it then.

I just need to get over this all and get it taken care of. I can I have just been avoiding it. Because I just don’t feel like it, I am tired of dealing with it all doing it all. Not having time to myself without having to worry about kids has been really getting to me as well i just don’t want to do anything when i get that way. I cant ever do for myself why do any of it? I know i have to that is where the avoid it comes in. I do no more that what i have to in order to get by keep going. Whatever i don’t have to mess with think about or do I don’t. Then once it hits a point i have to deal with it i do.


{October 3, 2019}   Time to Make Plans & Take A Leap

I haven’t written a lot lately I have just been in a weird state of mind I guess you could call it. You ever been in one of those states where something just seems off or not right? Restless I have been feeling really restless lately that is the word I’m looking for.

I was worried about finding a 2nd job and then learning the job and keeping it. Getting everyone use to the changes and being there with them when I am off. I feel like I settled in and moved right to I’m missing my babies, I love my jobs but this isn’t working we need a change all in a meter of minutes. Because I look ahead and see no change in the future because everything is just going to go up and up and pay is staying the same. I was thinking even if I ended up at my night job full time for the money I am making now it isn’t going to last because it won’t be long before it isn’t enough and I still won’t be home with the kids at night it would be 2 or 3 pm until 12 like it is now and every other Saturday 4 hours.

I have had the conversation me and J had last in my head. When she called and told me she moved and has a place with property and at a decent price. Her saying how happy she is and how glad she is they made the move how much better life is and that they are living and having a life  not just existing like they did here.

I have been wanting to go see her and check it out. Been thinking about wanting to move and having the money and things. I have decided to start checking into the USDA loans and looking at property and houses. I have decided to start making plans and working on moving. I am going to apply for the loan, look up properties I would like to check out and I am going to check into building a house. I would rather build than buy but kind of decided that wasn’t going to happen. But since I have been thinking about doing all this I figured what the hell why half do it, if I can do it I may as well build what I want vs. buying one.

So I have been looking at tracks of land. It’s up in the air if I can get as much as I want but I think I can get maybe half of that. If I buy in the right area I could probably buy more over the years. but even with half I should still have enough for what I want to do. I still have to get an agent and talk to them see how much a can get a loan for, if I want to do owner finance or get the loan or another mortgage. Mostly see what options are out there the best route to go and then decide from there. I am trying to see where I want to be so I can go check the area out.

I have shot myself in the foot I dropped my credit score over 170 points in the last month. I messed up with my school loans and they hit my credit the other day. I could of cried. I went from a few points away from a 600 to under 500. I figured it out last night called and fixed it so they don’t hit again. So that will start showing good again. But I am sure it will take a while to get it back up there where it should be or needs to be. But I have a little bit so I hope they will work with me or someone will.

Worse case I will just rent or buy something with a trailer on it and live in it for a little bit then have a house built or sell and move somewhere else and have one built or have one built and rent that out. That is a bridge to cross if we come to that not worried about it right now.

I have also been looking at jobs in the areas too. I want to start applying for jobs in the area we are looking at about a month before we are ready to move. That way I can hopefully go with a job. But if I can get something as cheap as my friend I can just about pay my bills with what I will have coming in. I can stay with my friend for a month or two if I need to. If I end up being able to build I will probably have that started and done before we go or maybe see if I can get a camper or something and put in her yard for a few months and just pay her. It will help her and save me money. She has room we could stay inside but I want us to have somewhere we can go give them a break and us not be right on top of each other all the time if it is going to be a few months or put it on our property if we are having something built. Would just rather the kids be by them if I am working until we in a house or something more than a camper.

But like I said things are still in the be gaining stages and pretty much just thoughts right now. I am just starting to put thoughts into motion to see what becomes of them. Other than that I have just been busier than normal at both jobs lately. I am going to try and be around more this coming week.

{September 24, 2019}   Feel Like Stirring The Pot

Not just for my ex and his employer but for a lot of people’s ex’s and their employers too. I may have said this before but not sure as it has been a little bit since I was told. But I have been told that I can sue my ex’s employer since he is paying him under the table and keeping me from getting child support. I didn’t think it would be to easy to do and it would be something else to take time. But it has been in the back of my mind, I have been mauling it over when I think of it. The other night I was laying in bed thinking about it and it seems so easy but hard at the same time. I kept thinking there is something I am missing about this. I decided to go on line and look up about employers and their obligation to withhold and all that.

I found that little golden nugget of information that sparked that ah ha moment. I was trying to decide how to word it to get it to pull up the information I was looking for. After a couple of tries somethings popped up. One caught my eye it said something .gov. I always look at .gov sites over anything else if I can because they are more trusted sites.

It said something about the employer lying on court documents and what could happen if they did. It said if they say a person does not work for them, that does that is lying on court papers and the punishment that could be given for doing this.

It is just one of those little pieces of the puzzle that you don’t think about or that don’t seem like anything until you figure out that it really is and does.

I said to myself this could be in my favor all around here. If I collect pictures, video,text and anything else that I can and file papers to sue him in the court and he gets it. Then I hit him with the fact he has lied on court papers and can also end up being punished for that. Maybe he will think better of it, help father of the year pay what he is behind and start taking it out of his check and sending it in every week. (Wishful thinking I know) If he don’t want to do that then maybe it will scare him enough that he tells him he can’t keep working because he really don’t want to be involved. I don’t care what they do if he starts taking it out or truly fires him. Either way is fine with me. Because he will have to go somewhere and get a job and then he will be on the books and they can start getting something from him. If not he gets another under the table job, I will be quick to inform them why he lost his last job and that they can either comply with child support or I will go after them just like I did his other employer. I will have proof of him working there before I let them know this and send it or show it to them at the time.

If trying to find another under the table job is the route he goes and that don’t work for him then he will either just not work or again go get a job that is on the books. If he stops working fine I am not getting anything from him anyway so no different for me. But he then won’t have money to be going out to dinner, party, rent or things that he needs. Let him see what it is like to not have, let her see what it is like to lose things again and homeless or whatever happens. If he don’t do right let him do without like my kids have.

Once I figure it all out and see that I can do this and that he can get in trouble and things for doing this, I am going to make it known that it can be done. I am going to make it known everywhere I can to everyone who will listen. Because there are so many out there not getting the help with their kids that they should be and like me working two or three jobs and just getting by while so many more of these deadbeats walk around without a care.

If this works and you can do it, I am going to post it everywhere, facebook, craigslist, next door, let go and any and everywhere I can think of and let everyone know there are other ways to get things done even when child support enforcement won’t or can’t help. Check this out, lets all work together, help each other get pictures and proof of these guys working. Lets do one better than that, lets make a list of all the places these deadbeats work and make it known that they help these guys get out of paying child support and boycott them. Put it out there for everyone to know. \

Maybe this will make these places either 1 stop lying to the court and start taking the money out of their checks. 2. they will stop giving these guys jobs because they don’t want to be involved in it. So then these guys are going to either have to start paying regardless of how they work. Again have to get jobs that are not under the table or like I said not work and lose everything or figure out how to get by.

If everyone pushes this and stands up and says no more lets hold the employers accountable too maybe a lot more people will start getting at least something.

I can go even one further and point out that even if your children are grown you are still owed any and all child support you should of gotten. It is not to late to collect. Shake them up too. I am so done with these guys walking away and paying I am going to shake every tree I find to shake and stir every pot that comes along. Because if we don’t this is why this kind of things goes on and keeps going on. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough and change things.

I figure I may as well do anything and everything I can do since child support isn’t doing anything or taking their time and doing no more than they have to. They sent him a letter on the 17th of this month saying he has 20 days to make a payment or they are going to suspend his license. What a joke, it already is from last time. Even though they gave it back he never went and got it.

Oh and the passport they were going to put a stop on, it never got done. I seen in the file this afternoon that there was some kind of mistake and it didn’t get done. Not that it matters or he was going to ever get one, but they can’t even get that right.

I am going to go for now but stay tuned once I am done researching and get the ball rolling I will keep you all updated on how things are going. Until then I will leave you with this one question to ponder…………………

And from my understanding they can not count both of my jobs when figuring out how much child support I should be getting. Because when I was looking up the laws and information about the employer I found some other information. It says when they are deciding how much child support one should pay they should not have to work two jobs to pay it. I don’t remember how it was worded but basically it said if one was working two jobs at the time, support should not be so much that they have to keep working two jobs to have to pay it. It should be figured on one. From what I see it is the one that is 40 hours or close to 40 and they can up it to 40 even if you are not making 40 in a week. But my understanding whatever one you are making the most money at is the one they use. So there for when they skipped putting my day job on my case with father of the year it was because they only use one and my night job I make the most at. There for when they told me to put both on my paperwork for the case between me and RC they were wrong there. I am going to make a day to go to the court house and talk to the lady there about it all as well because child support isn’t handling my case correctly as far as I am concerned.

{September 11, 2019}   Job On My Mind Still

I have been thinking about that job a lot the last few days. I had decided it had been filled and probably wasn’t a good idea right now. But then I seen it listed again yesterday or over the weekend and they still have all shifts open. So I could probably walk into the 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift with no problem.

I was thinking today how much I am missing out with the kids even if it is just a few hours after school doing baths and bed. I was thinking how nice it would be to have that break in the middle of the day with them.

But then I think about most likely giving up my weekends, holidays and things. I just don’t know.

But it was nice seeing the kids last week when I was off and just playing and relaxing with them. Today when I droppped them off at school and said I will see you tomorrow. I just had this sick feeling.

Its so hard to know what to do. What is right or wrong.

I keep thinking like I was before apply see what they offer. But then if they make an offer and I don’t think it is going to work how do I decline and not burn a bridge in case I want to go there later? If I take it how do I tell the guys what is going on and that I am leaving?

Then I keep thinking maybe it’s a sign and I need to go for it. Stop being scared and just make the leap.

{September 10, 2019}   It Has Been A Long Day

And night so far. At least it is only 10 minutes til 10 pm and I only have two hours left. I could of left at 9 or 10 but with only getting 7.5 hours here last week I need all the hours I can get. My work was done before 9 so I have been bouncing back and forth between my desk and outside. Watching netfix and listening to YouTube on my phone. I am sitting here outside listening to music and writing this on my phone.

Like earlier it is such a nice night I want to be just about anywhere but here. I haven’t been able to just sit there at my desk tonight. It was hard sitting at my desk all day today even with work to do. I am sitting out back watching the trucks come and go and get loaded. Its been a pretty quiet night other than the ones calling in to cry about having to work, their co drivers or what they are having to do.

This day has just been one of them dragging take forever to pass kind of days. I don’t know what it is but it feels like 4 hours have passed and it’s only been 10 minutes if your lucky. It is hard not to leave now and go home. But I wouldn’t be doing anything but that going home to lay in bed and not be able to sleep. May as well sit here and work.

My mind is all over the place today. I am hungry and have less than $10. I get paid tomorrow for my whopping 7.5 hours. My check Friday was a whole 14 hours. I had rent to pay last week. This week I am hit with what, lights and car insurance. I am supposed to be able to delay it and for some reason I can’t.

I want to go get food but I don’t want to use the extra gas or spend the money. I could eat whatever they had for dinner when I get home. But I dont feel like messing with it at 12:30/1a.m when I finally get there. I just fall in bed and try to sleep.

I messaged Mr. Responsible was going to see if he lend me a few dollars until Thursday or Friday and being me some food. But then didn’t ask him, I know he hasn’t had a lot and probably missed work too. Even if it was his last few he would give it to me because that is just how he is. I don’t want to short him for the week. I will just shuffle things around and try to take a little out tomorrow.

Oh great I have Mr. 8’s birthday this week too I knew I was forgetting something. I know it is just not thinking about the money coming out this week. Maybe I wont pull any out. Good thing I didn’t borrow any. I will make it work I always figure it out and make do.

{August 23, 2019}   A Job Opening

I have been sitting on an application that is all filled out and ready to be turned in. I picked this application up Monday filled it all out and typed up a letter to go with it. I was already to turn it in Tuesday but never did. I keep second guessing myself and wondering if it is the right thing to do. I keep weighing the pros and cons of it all. One minute I think turn it in check it out if you get called, it don’t mean you have to take it. See what they are offering and decide from there. Another part says don’t turn it in if your not going to take it so you can apply there later. But I really want to see if I have the chance at it and what they have to offer if they offer it so I can decide. But I also know if they call and offer I am going to want to just jump and take it.

The new job is at a youth shelter for run a ways and other teens. They have a school and I am not sure what all there anymore as they have made changes over the last few years. I would be a direct care giver for the teens in the shelter. They say they have all shifts open, 6am-2pm, 2pm- 10pm and 10pm to 7am. They have full and part time open right now as well. I would apply for the 6 am to 2 pm shift so that I can keep my evening job because I would still need two jobs to make it. That would give me full time as well.

This mew job would be great because it would give me between 2-4:30/5 to pick up my little ones from school get their homework done, make them dinner and have that time with them each day. It would give me that break in between my night job and day job. I wouldn’t be doing 12 to 14 hours straight. It is $1 more an hour than my day job now. I am hoping with my schooling that I would get a little more than a $1 more. It would give me hands on experience and I would get training as well. It goes along with Social work that I have been studying in school. I want to work with teens, teen parents, and addiction when I finish with school. I am sure there is room with advancement there as well as I move through school and get more certificates and my degree.

But with this new position comes weekends and holidays, not being able to come and go as I need to. I would miss the kids awards at school and other school functions, field trips, and that kind of thing. I am not sure of all this but knowing it is a 24/7 shelter, you are working with kids who need taken care of, and that there are other people who you are working with. Unlike my day job now, it is just me and the owners, I just let them know I am going to be late, taking off or not coming in at all. That I have this or that at the school. We either open late, close or close early if someone can’t be here. Most the time Pops or one of the guys can be here or most the time. I can’t take the kids with me to work like I can here if I need to. I can’t say hey we are closing for this or that holiday. We again have kids there that need taken care of we have to be there. There is a lot of other employee’s to worry about and work around as well as myself.

I think about all that and I can’t see leaving here. But here I am making $1 less an hour. I am 1099 over there they would take out taxes I wouldn’t have to worry about all that. This is in the field I want to get into, I am trying to go back to school once I get my tax money next year since I have to pay out of pocket. But then i am going to be busy there all the time during the day where as where I am now I have time I could work on my school work and they wouldn’t care. Other than that and some at my night job I really wouldn’t’ have time to work on it. So if I can’t work on it during the day some I don’t know when I would. I know that the other job has a high turn over rate, because it isn’t great pay, you do have the chance of working weekends holidays and you are dealing with delinquent teens. I don’t know how they are as far as to work for or anything like that. I may look on line see what kind of things are being said. Hadn’t thought of that.

I keep thinking am I just making excuses? Why not jump and take it? This is a good chance. I tell myself maybe just wait and apply in a few months. I wonder why they have so many openings right now? Most the time they have one or two here and there. Not every shift full and part time.

I think my biggest thing is if something happens where will I end up? I won’t have this job to come back to because it will be filled. No one is going to give this job up and who is to say they would take me back if it was open or they didn’t like the person who was here? I have worked at a lot of places twice and been called back to some even after that. But it is bigger places they have more employees and things. I think they would probably take me back if I gave them notice which I would and they didn’t have someone. But that isn’t’ likely to happen. I have thought about asking for a raise and and some other things and if I get it then just staying here. The raise would give me the more an hour plus take into consideration that I am 1099 and wouldn’t be over there. I was thinking about asking to go to salary not hourly so that I would be paid no mater what. I took that into consideration when considering the 1099 factor too. Trying to find a fair balance for me and them. Also something do able for them and things because we are a small place. That is one reason I feel I should see what they are offering over at the other job as well before I figure out what to do if they will give me more since I have my schooling and things. I even thought they may have another opening other than direct care giver that I could do since I do have training, schooling and going to be in school.

So many things to consider and figure out and decide. I keep thinking if I don’t turn it in they are going to have them filled by the time I do. But then again I figure if they are then it wasn’t meant to be and that if it is meant to be I will get called whenever I turn it in.

If I didn’t like my job here and didn’t have the leeway that I do I would have my application in already. If it was enough pay that I only had to work one job I would be as well too.

So many things to to consider figure out so I can make a decision. I guess I have to get off here close up and get to my night job. If I leave much later I won’t be able to get out of the parking lot or over the bridge for 10 or 15 minutes. It’s funny how a few minutes make such a difference in traffic.

{April 28, 2019}   So This Happened


So me and oldest backed out of the driveway to go shopping for the week for them and I almost do not stop going backwards. I try pulling forward and again not stopping. I wait for cars to go around me get from behind me everything and pull back into the yard. Get out to find it gushing break fluid.

I get under it and look to find

the caliper leaking all over. I just walked away. I walked up to the store got the things we needed for the night and tomorrow. Then we came home I found

This the break laying in the street. I have no idea what I am going to do. I should be ahead and I’m not. I am going to be even further behind and sunk because I have no way to fix it and no one to fix it if I had money for parts and labor. I had to buy a washer a drier, have had both dogs to the vet bought a tire, paid and paid to get bills caught up. I can walk the 5.5 miles to my day job but I have no idea how to get 20 miles to my night job and 20 miles home. I can’t fix my truck for a few weeks because I have rent and things to pay. I won’t have it then if I can’t get to my 2nd job and lose it. I will be sunk because it is where I am making more money.

I have been doing so good with my depression even with all the extra things that have been happening because I knew I was going to still be okay and get ahead. Now this is bad really bad I have no idea what to do. Other than cry. I can’t ask bff because she is working and she dealing with her own crap right now she is hardly talking to anyone. She working when I have to be at either job. I really don’t talk to anyone else.

{March 28, 2019}   Tomorrow is Already Friday

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday. I have no idea where this week has went. It feels like today is just Tuesday. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. I feel like I haven’t slept in a while really.

As Little Bitty puts it I just closed my eyes and open them, it’s not time to get up yet!!

I am not sleeping good or much with this new job and I am not eating. I am having a hard time finding a balance with everything. I work between the two jobs 10 am to 10pm or 12 am. Depending on the days. That puts me getting home between 11:30 and 12:30. Then if they need anything from the store or anything like that I have to stop and get it. I am not even laying down most any night before 1am. Then I have to unwind a little because I can’t sleep once I do lay down. Im not going to sleep before 2:30 or 3 most nights and awake by 7. It seems to never fail I wake up at least once so I don’t feel I am ever in a deep restful sleep.

I know I stay up late a lot of nights and d9n’t go to sleep until late but it is different. I go to bed really early, lay there relax unwind and does off and on until I am sleeping good. Where now I am at work those hours going going going and taken care of things. I’m not clearing my head unwinding relaxing like I would be if home. It makes a big difference.

I hope by next week I am evened out and use to it more. Can start falling a sleep faster. The stress of the bitch there to isn’t helping. I hope she is on her way out soon. She has gotten some money coming in now. Not a lot but she needs to figure it out.

Right now I feel like I shut my eyes open them a few minutes later and go again. I feel like I have been awake the last two weeks straight for the most part.

{March 11, 2019}   A New Job Maybe

I can’t remember what all I have told you all about my job at the car lot. But it sucks and they are ripping people off so bad it isn’t even funny. Now the owners son has taken 3 of my customers. I am done and over it. These people are out here busting their ass to just get by then making these payments just to have something to get to and from work. Most are not really any better off than I am pay check to pay check no extra for anything, single moms and or families trying to get by.

They are charging 2 or 3 times what the car is worth to start with. They have a ton of miles a lot of them so worth even less. Then they finance them for these people for like 3 to 5 years. Most I think are 5 years and they are at 27.5% interest. So then their over priced car that started out at an $8,000 car turns into over a $20,000 car. It is already a 10 or more year old car so when they get it paid off they have a 15/20 year old $20,000 car. Then most end up having something wrong with them so they have to bring it back and put it in our shop and pay half of the cost to fix it. If it. Breaks in the first 6000 miles or 6 months what ever comes first. If not then they have to figure out how to pay all of it and have that added on to the payment until it is paid off.

I can not morally go out here do this to people. I know if it was me I would be screwed. I would not have money to pay extra on payments, I wouldn’t have money to pay for repairs and parts. Mine is paid for and I can hardly get it repaired and buy parts right now. I know these people can’t either. I am not doing someone that way.

The 10 hour saturdays are really starting to suck as well because I hate the job.

I put my listing back on line looking for something part time in the evenings and I think I put in it I wanted to work Mon-Friday.

Saturday I had a call I didn’t know who it was and didn’t answer it. Later I seen they left a voicemail. I checked it and it was a guy said he seen my add on line had a night job dispatching for a trucking company. I didn’t call back I was busy it was later in the early evening I figured they had closed. I called Sunday and left a message, this morning he called me back.

He said it is a refrigerated trucking company that go to 30 states. He said it would be Monday-Friday 5pm to 10 pm. He said your just support for the guys if they call in and need something. I told him where I worked that I didn’t get off there until 5 it would be 6 before I could get to him. He said okay that is fine we are flex able. He asked when I could come in to talk in person. I told him I could be there around 8:30 am since he said it wouldn’t take over 15 or 20 minutes probably. I figure can get there early still get to work by 10.

It is about 20 miles from my job now but to be evenings and Mon-Friday no weekends and office work it will be worth it. I don’t know what it pays. I am hoping $10 but even if it is $8 or $9 it would be okay. I won’t have to sell, rip people off or put up with the owners son.

Bff and the guy at work said I should tell them about him taking my sells and why I am leaving. I said oh yeah I am going to tell them for sure.

I am going to tell them he has taken 3 of my sells, these cars are twice the price they should be then 3 times that once they are done making payments. They all have problems and your taking advantage of people and ripping them off. I am these people you are doing this to, I am in the same boat as them and I can’t do that to people.

If they don’t like it to bad it is the truth.

{December 29, 2018}   Everythings Gone

Thursday after the one owner came back and then left Bff called me crying. I couldn’t even tell at first what she was saying. Finally I could understand her, she was saying it’s all gone, it’s all gone. I had no idea what she was talking about she said everything. The car I was driving, my truck, his car he was driving, his truck, his shop, tools, everything is gone.

Background first…..She has a suv she is buying from where I am now working. Her husband my old boss from the transmission shop moved from where we were to a new one over the Summer. You probably remeber that is when He no longer needed me. Well since he got hooked up with the guy that owns the car lot that wanted me to work for nothing. The last month he has decided to move his shop to the bays at the car lot. And he has gotten cars off the lot and is driving them. One for him one for bff. The guy had a tow truck he let him use. He says gave him don’t believe. They are supposed to be partner’s now she gets her car free and clear she was told.

Well I guess her hubby pissed the car lot guy off. He says old boss ripped people he knew off said he did work and didn’t. Well one of old bosses guys quite right before Christmas and another since. Yesterday one was missing. A scanner was missing as well, has been for a few days I guess.

Well bff’s truck was up for repo because he hasn’t paid on it since last month. It was behind then and not caught up.

Well Wednesday night in the night the car lot guy had the cars they had from the lot picked up, the tow truck picked up and they took her fence apart and took her truck she is buying from where I work. I guess there are tools missing from the shop as well. The guy who left before Christmas took over the shop at the car lot went in told him to get off the property not to come back. Make an appointment to come get anything he had left there.

They are all saying he has and is ripping people off and that he has a pill problem. There are like 5 or more people off the top of my head that are telling her he has a problem. She says she hasn’t seen proof and things. I keep telling her people everywhere he goes dont just say this about him. You don’t just make all this money not pay your bills and have nothing at all now to show for it not even a car to drive. She is in denial she says she isn’t but she is and she is depressed. Anyone would be but she has to stop and get up do something because things are going to get worse. I was told that afternoon there was more to come. She was too from people very close to the source. She needs to do something and get her and her kids out of it now. I told her I am worried that her and the kids are going to get hurt. Like I told her look at all they did out there the other night and she had no clue they were there sat and watched tv why they did it or slept. They could be in her house or do anything before she knew they were there. Then what?

All she says is I know or I don’t know. I been over there a few times the propane tanks have been messed with and turned on outside. I keep telling her he needs to lock those up and put them away and that isn’t just happening by accident when they haven’t been using them not been home and things. I forgot about it until last night I am going to bring it up to her today when I talk to her.

Like I told her it was bad enough that he was doing them but at least he was functioning and paying bills and doing things right. He has hit an all new level at this point. He isn’t functioning, he isn’t paying bills, he is ripping people off or basically stealing from them when it comes down to it.

Like I told her he is no different than these that go into peoples houses and steal their stuff. Only difference is he has found a “better” way to do it. He gets them to come to him then collects money and leaves their car sit forever dont work on it or says he is buying new parts and puts old ones from whereever he can in it so he has more money in his pocket.

He is still telling her that everything is fine he didn’t do anything it’s everyone else. He isn’t worried. But then the night all this happen he was up half the night stressing about it.

I said what is he stressing about if he hasn’t done anything? She said I don’t know.

She went and talk to the kid she took in a year or two ago who calls them mom and dad and that was supposed to be getting part of the shop. He was the one that no one knew where he was. He turned his phone off and disappeared the day all this went down. Come to findout he had the scanner everyone was worried about. He had signed on it with her hubby and he was I guess worried about having to pay for it if something happen to it. So he went and took it home it had been left in the old shop.

But he told her he is doing all this too he is going to the other shop or somewhere else to work.

I told her she can not be mad at him. He is one that has been telling her things here and there over the last year since he went to the shop and started working. Him and the guy that left and decided to open his shop back up. I said he has his past he is overcoming still. He has his gf now and a brand new baby to look out for and take care of. He can’t keep being around this day in and day out and not slip up and fall back into it. I said he has to much to lose. He is trying to get his little boy back he can’t be around all this. If something goes down he is going too just because of his past and being there. He had a drug problem and just got off probation in October. He has been clean for around a year give or take. Because I know he had a slip up back right before he moved it with them so maybe its more like two years now. Im not sure but I know he has been doing good and passing his test so he needs to get himself away from it all. I do not think he had any idea how bad things were or how bad he was when he went to work for him. Now he seen and he says he is over it. Its wrong and he isn’t being a part of it.

She says she isn’t mad at him, that I am right she knows. But then turns around later and says you know everyone wants to nit pick and look at everything. If one person gets mad puts you on blast everyone jumps on board. All the shops have problems with people not paying and complaining and not happy.

I said that is what he says, I said yes the others will have a problem customer and they screw things up once in a while. But not 3 out of every 5 and not all the time and not like he has. I said there are to many and to much happens up there him fighting with people. I said I know a lot of guys that work in a lot of these shops or have and they do not have near as many issues as he has had. She don’t say anything. I said and okay it is just problem customer’s he did nothing wrong they all just want something for free or whatever. That takes care of that there is no problem he isn’t ripping people off they are all lying. We have explained that.

Explain this to me, why does he have no money ever? Why is all the bills behind and going off all the time? Why is rent a month or two behind all the time? Your truck?

He makes anywhere from $5000 a month or more. You could pay your rent up for a year and have some left in one month. You make more than enough to pay all your bills and your car payments and still have some left. But nothing is paid. Nothing is paid at the shop not even the parts stores where he has to get the parts most the time. And according to you all he makes over $5000 in a month most months. So where is the money? Why is nothing paid? I don’t know it makes no since to me either all she says. He don’t tell me anything. I said of course not.

I seen him taking shit when I first started working for him and told her. Just like he would hide from all these people who came to the shop all the time. Always some reason. One day he couldn’t get out of the office to hide because the guy was right there outside the door. He got on his hands and knees and hid under his desk until he left. What the hell was that about? You don’t do that just because someone “talks to much” and you can’t get away from them like he said. Now I wonder what would of happen that day had he seen him. What I could of been sitting in the middle of and had no clue about anything. I thought the pills he was taking at first were his. I had not been around in so long I had no reason to think any different. Then I started noticing things seeing things and people started talking. Everything started adding up.

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