{December 2, 2016}   My Meeting with My Lawyer

Well guys I sat down to start an update and could have sworn I posted something since what was showing up. I started writing feeling a bit confused and decided to stop and poke around. Sure enough I did write something and I guess I was falling a sleep and saved instead of posted it. So here is Tuesdays Post a little late.

I really did not feel like being at therapy or talking about anything at all really. Most the time was spend trying to figure out how or where to make some money and where to maybe get a job. I was fine with that I just felt in a funk and not like talking at all.


Today after therapy was my meeting with my lawyer about the accident I had last year. It was a phone conference I thought I could do from home but I couldn’t I had to go a few cities over to meet my lawyer who was coming from counties away to be with him while we had it. I got out of therapy a little early so I got down that way early. I found where I needed to be and was going to go grab a burger and tea through the drive through for $3, because I was thirsty and hungry. Something said to just go to the meeting so I could talk to the lawyer and explain some things to him. It’s a good thing I did because they gave me floor and room and when I got there they told me someone else was in that room they didn’t know who I was talking about. I called the lawyers office and they said they had that floor and different floor. She said to go down to the next floor and check there. I got down there and all was there was Federal Fraud this and that. She told me she was going to call the lawyer and call me back so she could see where he was. She said to go back to the 4th floor and ask for a different room. I got up there and the lawyer was out in the front waiting for me then. I guess the office had changed some things and his office had written some thing wrong when they were telling them.

When we got in there I asked him how it went from around $40,000 to $80,000 some thing? He said that At&T finally turned their numbers in for their damage and it was $42,000. I said how there wasn’t that much damage to their box at all. He said really? I said really the car came to rest against it but It didn’t really damage to it. He said man I hit said he didn’t think it was that much damage either. Surprising enough the At&T guy was the first on the phone. The lawyer started asking him about it and told him that we both were saying we didn’t see how there was that much damage to that box so we were questioning what had been done. He told us that they opened up an “engineering” ticket for the work order and that every time we seen an hour this day or hour that day they were out looking to see what they should be doing and what parts to order and things like that. Of course we don’t know how many times they were out there because we aren’t watching the pole all the time and things. The AT&T guy said to give you and idea it is $13,000 just for the box and then all the little circuit boards that go into it cost so much and the labor for the workers. The lawyer just said okay and if that is what they said kind of and we waited for everyone else to get on the line.

Once everyone was on the line they went over my financial paperwork. My lawyer told them I am a student I get so much SSI for my son and I have student loans for the rest. They asked about Father of the Year and him supporting the kids or what. I said we have not been together for about 6 years and he has paid maybe a year of child support in that time. I got about two months of support this year and that is it.

The lawyer started going over who was asking for how much and he got to AT&T and said they were asking for $42,000. The man I hit spoke up and said how are they asking for that much there is no way that there was that much damage ? He said Bright House was here before the car was even off their box and three guys spent a few hours or so out here to fix it, there was no internet service or cable why they were fixing it there was an outage. He then said I am a customer of AT&T and we never lost phone service, the box is right outside my door and no one has ever been here not once to look at that box. He said it is still leaning and has a dent in it.

The AT&T guy started about how the box had to be replaced, the box was tore off the slab and laying in the road, it messed up all the wiring and all this inside and all the boards. The guy I hit said what are you talking about the box was not in the road or tore off the slab. There was nothing in the road the cars and things were on the side of the road and in my parking lot, it happen right outside my company. He told them again he was looking at it and it was still there never replaced. He told them he had a time and date stamped picture of it then and he could take one of it now and show it. He asked them and my lawyer asked them what the address of this box they fixed was because they had not even put it on their paperwork when they turned it in. He started saying all these street names and the cross road of this and that. He stopped them and said wait there is not cross road we were right on the side of the high way. The roads they were talking about are across 6 lanes of traffic and a medium and blocks away. The AT$T guy was saying the wall is there and this and that and the stuff in the street. I was looking at my lawyer and shaking me head no this wasn’t right there was no wall and things. Then they gave us the address and things. So then the AT&T guy tried to say it looks like there were two accidents around the same time on the same day then and said something about November 2nd. Me and the man I hit both were like no this accident happen in September there is nothing close to being related here.

Then the AT&T guy just stammered and didn’t really know what to say. He was just like I don’t know how this paperwork got her name tied to it, I just got this case not long ago whatever whatever. But you know what whenever you got it you should have researched it and knew what was going on and that your going after the right person for the accident. Because this wasn’t a lawyer for AT&T or anything like that this was just one of their employee’s that is put in charge of investigating damage and handling this kind of things.

My lawyer I think it was said he guess they needed to wait on AT&T to get their information together and meet again with all this. That we really couldn’t do anything until we knew how much each part wanted. The guy from AT&T said we are out, I’m done. All the others went on talking and things like that and it came up again and it was said they had to wait for all the numbers to be turned in and the AT&T guy again said not being rude but I’m out I am done with this. My lawyer said so your pulling out of the suit then? He said yes I have no information on this the man is saying the box has never had anything done to it someone here has messed up. He said if something needs to be done I will sign the work order and we will eat the cost because I don’t know anything about this case we have no information.

I was like oh thank God this man I hit has his company right there by this box and he was able to say no this is not right and the same box is still there and it was pushed farther and we found out they were wrong. Because I had no pictures and I could not say if the box was or was not replaced or if work had or had not been done to it. I probably would have just been on the hook for it when it was all said and done. I was questioning why they started work in November myself but was waiting for them to all get done talking and when the man I hit started my lawyer was just like SHH just let him talk and let them figure this out between them. Then we will jump in but right now he is getting a lot of information and putting a lot out there. Let him get it all he has to say out there.

They are still saying I am on the hook for like $50,00o something I am not sure about all that, I am going to call and have the office send me a copy of everyone who wants money and how much. He could only do so much and get so much info today because he was working remote didn’t have printer and fax. The lawyer that is. He was super nice not what I expected at all. Some are just kind of stuck up look down on you or what. But he wasn’t that way he was joking around and things and wishing me luck on school and said he really wanted to make this go away. He even told the other insurance company’s lawyer with the insurance company and everyone else on the phone I know your client is not the easiest to work with and don’t do a lot that makes since but.

But he told me when we were talking before it all started that he seen the other company sue a kid for $500. He said the filing fee’s are about that and then they used a lawyer and the fee they had to pay the lawyer was $1500 so they spent more than they eve got but that is how they do. Even my company said they sue everyone. So hearing that I figure they are going to want to go to court and have a judgment put against me for the money they want. Like he said and the other guys said you can’t get blood from a turnip you know. But the other company kept talking about what would be available to me in the future. So they are going to be asses to deal with I am sure.

They dropped Father of the Year before we ever got together because of an accident. But the accident wasn’t even his fault the other people caused it and they hit him. They both had same company and dropped both of them. They are known for some shady things.

{October 1, 2016}   Going to talk to Someone

I have been thinking and I think I should find a counselor or someone to talk to myself. I know some of you are probably thinking finally. I finally for once in a really long time feel that things in life are falling into place and for once I don’t feel like I am just waiting for the rug to be pulled from under me and everything to fall apart again. I feel like I am living life and not just getting through life. But I feel like there is just something there that isn’t right, I don’t know what it is just this nagging weird feeling that I just can’t figure out.

I have noticed too that no matter how much I sleep, how good I feel, what is going on good or bad I just want to stay in bed and sleep. I can sleep 10 hours or 2 and feel the same way. The other night I turned everything off sat down to watch a movie with the kids about 8 pm. By 8:30 I was a sleep and slept for an hour. Once I woke up I finished the move with the kids got everyone to bed and went to my bed and went right to sleep. I sleep until 7 and got up took the kids to school came home and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. I laid back down for 4 more hours or more. I feel like I am in a mental fog or just unmotivated. I just don’t feel right mentally still even though I feel calm, relaxed and things are going good and I am happy.

I am thinking maybe if I talk to someone figure this out then I will do better. Right now even though things are going good I am not keeping track of things like I need to. I forgot the kids got out early the last three days this week, that the other kids were out of school Friday. I set my test of to take Friday morning right after I dropped them at school then had no one to watch them and couldn’t take it another day that was the last day to take it. I ended up taking them with me and letting them sit and read in the hall why I took my test. It only took 30 minutes.

I still feel like everything I do I have to put 100% of my thought and attention into what it is I am doing to get it done and I don’t think of other things that might need to be considered. Then later I think of it and am like oh great I forgot I have this that day or that to do and now I set this up too.

I don’t know how many times I have went to go somewhere and just forget where I was going and be headed somewhere else like auto pilot just going. I don’t feel busy or over whelmed I am happy and feel good. If I could just figure out what is going on and figure out why there is unfinished business that needs to be taken care of.

I also just have this feeling like I need to or I am supposed to go and talk to someone for some reason. I figure between it all maybe I should. I have only went three times to talk to anyone. The first two were when I was young and to the same person both times. I went the one time then for a follow up. I didn’t like him and didn’t talk to him. Then right after I had my oldest I went and talk to a lady once but we talked for hours and I felt so much better and feel I really worked through a lot at the time.

I don’t know if I want to go to a guy or a women or if I can really pick or if I should just go to whoever can see me first vs waiting longer. I don’t know who I would feel more comfortable with talking to. I feel like it don’t matter because either way I am not going to be comfortable talking to anyone, I’m going to feel like I am being judged either way. I still feel like even though this is what I want to do and really feel like I need to do, I don’t know if it is really what I should do.

I guess I just have to figure out where to go to talk to someone or if there is somewhere that I can go, then go and try it at least once and decide from there. I am not sure where the lady I talked to before went I think she moved or I would maybe go talk to her. I met her at church and went in to her office to see her. I really felt comfortable talking to her and was able to.

{August 25, 2016}   Two Unexpected Calls Yesterday

I got a call from the insurance office and the lawyer yesterday. I called the lawyer back and they wanted to send a financial paper over so I can tell them about all the money I have coming in and all over the money I spend every month. She said they will email it to me and the lawyer is supposed to call me next Thursday or Friday to go over it with me. I wanted to tell her there would be no need for that because I have nothing. I didn’t.

I called the insurance office back and finally got a hold of the guy. He was a lot nicer and better than the first two people that have had my case. He just said he wanted to let me know he was on my case now and what was going on. If I had any questions or worries to give him a call he would help me out or get the answers for me. I told him I had talk to the lady at the lawyers office and she was sending paperwork.

I told him I just got divorced it finally went through that we hadn’t been fighting in court but we had been fighting outside court for a while now and he finally agreed to everything and we got it done. He said he thought they just needed my information because the car was only in my name. I said yes it was and I asked him what they were looking for because I truly have nothing. He said anything other than your home you live in, anything over 1 car that you own, bonds, stocks, employment, any businesses that you own and other things.

I said I am a single mom of 4 kids, I am a student. I told him I rent, we hadn’t owned our home in years now, that I had one truck and that was the truck that I was in the accident in and other than that I have the contents and furnishings for my house that was really it. That I just have what we needed and had to have to get by right now because I wasn’t working and because we did not plan to stay here once I got out of school. We plan to move a way and start over new when we get where ever we decide to go. He said he understood he said State Farm sues everyone not to worry about it. He said we try to take your information on that paper and show it would be a hardship for you to pay and that you really do not have it to pay and probably can’t even if ordered to and try to get them to just settle for what we have to offer. I said the worse case is they are going to get a judgment saying that once I start working they can ask to be paid and to look at my income and see if or what I can pay then or if I ever get anything they get their money right? He said yes worse case that is all that they can do is get a judgement. He said I have seen people say I can’t pay over $6 a month and that is what they pay. He said just don’t stress or worry about we are going to do our best to get you out of it and not have to pay anything. He said he pays good money to have the coverage he has and these companies make a lot of money every day. That is what they are here for is to pay claims when something like this happens. They aren’t losing money, but they are going to try to hold onto as much as they can and if something happens they jump straight to suing instead of seeing if it is worth suing even.

I said well I’m not stressing about it I’m just waiting to see what happens. I said it was nothing more than an accident I wasn’t speeding or doing anything wrong, I looked because a car was to close to one side and when I looked up there was car stopped in front of me. I said I was trying to avoid hitting anyone why I swerved off the road but then he turned and I couldn’t avoid it. I said so if they get a judgment then if/or when I can pay them something I will. It is what it is and I can’t give them something I don’t have. He said that’s right. He said just let the lawyer know everything you told me and give him the papers and we will do everything we can to help that’s what you pay us all these years for.

That is the first I have heard from them in months. I heard from the lawyer in a letter right after I got the papers saying I was being sued. Then sometime over the summer I got a letter from them saying they were still taking care of my case that I didn’t need to do anything they would get a hold of me if they needed anything. Yesterday was the first time I have heard from the insurance company in almost a year. I didn’t know they were still really involved or anything like that.

I guess it is a good thing that the places I wanted to rent to start a business rented before I could rent them. If I had started that then they would have had something to go after. I couldn’t have paid them and the business and keep it going. I would have had to close down. I wouldn’t have had a chance to even start really making money with it. I have kind of decided to just work on school forget everything else until I am done. Then find a job for a little while until it is time for us to move. After that then work on the things I want to do and have. I will have my degree to get a job until I decide what I really want to do.

et cetera
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