{October 8, 2018}   Lazy Sunday

I worked about 2.5 hours so I was home by 2 or before. I came home sat on the bed with little bitty and played D.C. Super Hero with her for awhile. Took a short nap while she watched video’s on my phone.

Then little bit I read to little guy. By then it was time to go to the store and get dinner. I just grabbed a couple of pizza’s from the little store. They have whole pizza’s they cook when you order so they are hot and ready. Surprisingly they are pretty good. I like them better than the local pizza places cheap pizza’s that are the same price.

Then we just had a lazy night, me and the little ones finally came to bed and watched 20/20 and went to sleep. I was tired even with my nap. I slept good and over slept this morning. Now I need to get up make phone calls, message this guy about my truck and maybe a job and take care of some stuff around here. I just want to sleep still.

{August 4, 2016}   Much Needed Lazy Day

Monday was my Little Guy’s last day of vpk, he will start school the 16th. We only had one place we had to be today and that wasn’t until 4:30 so I turned the alarm off before I even went to sleep and turned the phone down so I wouldn’t hear it and I slept for a while today. I was up and down a few times this morning. Then went to sleep for a while longer. Even after I woke up I laid here for an hour or two before I finally got up about 11:30.

I made all the kids take showers and do a load of laundry and we still ended up leaving early for therapy. We stopped at the thrift store up the street from our house the kids ended up getting a stack of board games and Little Bitty got a big nice Elmo board book. We stopped got drinks and went on to therapy.

After we left there I dropped the three little ones with Father of The Year and my and my oldest went to the store. I got flowers and a vase for my friend and we went up to see her. I hadn’t been up since I left Monday when they kept her, but she knew I probably wouldn’t make it back until at least today. She was surprised to see the flowers I think. She was saying how nice they were. I found a vase it said live, laugh, love on it. I thought it a little nicer than just a plain vase. I told my oldest I wanted to go see her and get her some I didn’t know if anyone had been to see her or brought her anything. She is feeling pretty bad right now and scared with everything going on and last Friday being her birthday and all and spending it in the hospital, then finally being admitted Monday. She thought it was her stomach and things and they are now telling her it is her heart. I spent an hour or so with her and came home. Ended up spending forever in the store when I went in for fries and drinks. Walked out spending over $60. I found my Big Boy shorts they had on sale and a few shirts. I got Little Bitty a night gown we are working on wearing clothes and gowns when we go to bed, she just had a long sleeved one from winter I tried to get her to wear. I got a few shirts and disappointed because the one doesn’t fit. I hate returning stuff but I guess I have too. Of course if I get into the gym like I want I should be able to fit in it in a few months but I need clothes now.

Now I am about to take one of the two midterms I need to take by this evening so that I have it done and out of the way. Then I will have one study guide one midterm and one lesson to have done this evening.

Tomorrow I have three places I need to go only two I have to go to and we don’t have to be to the one until 3 and the other I go straight to when I leave there. I need to take Little Bitty to the doctor to get her stuff done since they didn’t do it last week but I can take her there Friday or Monday or even wait until the kids start School next Wednesday and take her.

Friday I am back to running my mom and grandma around again. I have to take grandma to the doctor at 11 ¬†or 12 something. Then I have to take my mom to the college to do her test. I may just take Little Bitty to the doctor why she is doing her test who knows. I love that their doctor takes walk ins for anything and everything whenever. Ah I just thought with school starting next week they will be slammed packed with kids. I think I will wait until the first day of school. The big kids have to be there by 9 and I can go straight from there to the doctor with her and they shouldn’t be so busy. That will be a Wednesday in the middle of the week as well. I think I will do that instead.

I better get off here it isn’t getting any earlier and I need to get at least this one test done. It is mostly all writing as well. Maybe I will just do my study guide get up early do the one test and then do the other one when I get home. I just feel so much more relaxed doing them in the evening but not when I have to rush because they are due in a little bit. I am going to go check everything out see what I decide to get done.





I am trying to decide is it just my kids or all kids really lazy or dose it just seem they are. I have talked about this before a little but it is really starting to truly just piss me off that they flat out refuse to do anything at all and nothing I say or do to try to get them to do it seems to matter.

I think it is more the out and out disrespect they show. The disrespect to me by just ignoring me, the disrespect of the way they treat their things, the disrespect for the house over all if that makes since. They don’t care if something gets broken or damaged, they don’t care that I go out of my way to make sure they have nice things or get to do things even though money is so tight. That I do with out a lot of things or for go a lot of things so that they can have things. When they get it it’s tossed her there and everywhere to get broken or messed up. My oldest wanted an air hog helicopter for Christmas. I don’t think she has ever used it and I don’t think at this point she could use it if she wanted to because it has been thrown everywhere and broken. No I didn’t buy a top of the line one but I didn’t buy the cheapest thing they had. I understand things get broke I understand things break. But when you do not take care of them and I find them in the floor under a stack of books or the bottom of the closet¬†there is something wrong. Oh and by the way there is a bookcase in the other room empty just about that is just hers for her books only. But where are they thrown in the floor to be stepped on or stuff spilled on them breaking other stuff. No excuse for it but just didn’t do it.

The boys I went in their room we got rid of a lot of stuff and organised the rest. They dump toy box out to find all the people or parts to go with the sets they have so then big mess of stuff just to find what they really want to play with. I got the recycled/reusable shopping bags gave them one for all the ninja turtles, one for all the Scooby Doo people and things, one for all the play tools for the tool bench and so on. Hung them on a hanger in the closet. Took the Scooby house and the castle to the other set and big things like that and put in the top on the shelf. In the toy box I put the big stuff like the big cars, things like that. Now they want to play with the cars and little guys they pick the cars they want grab the bag wit the men and play. When they are done toss the little men in the bad hang up and drop cars in the toy box. Same with the Scooby Doo or even the tools grab the bag and house play or grab the bag of tools and go play at the work bench. Hang it up when your done very simple. But they don’t do it

Simple everyday chores are a battle and still don’t get done. I have given them list made charts just tell them what ones need done nothing seems to work. I made a list of chores that need to be done let them pick the ones they wanted to do still nothing. They are very simple easy chores shouldn’t take over 10 to 20 minutes other than washing their clothes even that the real work part isn’t that long. Few minutes to put in washer few to put in drier and 10 to fold and put away. They have maybe 5 chore all together a few need done daily and the rest once a week. I don’t care if they do them all on the same day or split them up through the week just do them.

I’ve tried being stricter telling them what to do when to do it and how, given them days to have what done for weekly stuff. I just give them the list and let them know what needs done daily and what needs done weekly and let them decide when to do them during the day and week. They just don’t care. I have tried taking stuff away, rewarding for getting them done, ignoring them not being done thinking once they have no clothes to wear they would get it and start washing their clothes, or once they ran out of plates bowls for the day they would want clean stuff to eat off of. Nope they complain and ask what to do then get mad when you tell them. Other adults have told them they are lucky because there kids do a lot more chores than they do other kids have told them how lucky they are how they wish they only had to do the few things they have to do. They just don’t care, they act like they should do nothing.

Both boys birthdays are in the next 21 days of course like any kid they want parties or an outing and cake the whole to do. I really don’t want to do anything. I want to just let them go by like it’s just another day. I don’t want to get gifts because they don’t take care of their stuff.

I one wants to go to a farm and the other wants to go to a science museum that has dinosaur bones. I was already planing a farm trip for our home school stuff. The museum we have been trying to get to but haven’t so I thought about doing that. I found a place not to far from us called Dinosaur World that I think they both would love to go to. Not sure what it is really going to be like they say it is a theme park but they don’t show any rides, they don’t have food there, it says you can order pizza have it brought to the park. They have have the mining for gyms thing and but it don’t show much of anything they really have. It says it sits on 20 acres so it seems like they should have something. Been here all my life I have never heard of it and have asked around most people have never heard of it so it really makes you wonder what it’s like. I figure it will be fun for the kids whatever they have or don’t have and it will probably be a trip we don’t make buy once. But it will be fun for their birthday. That is if they clean their room and keep it that way and they start doing their chores. If not I think I will take the money and do something for myself and do nothing for their birthday this year.

They have always had to help clean up there stuff and do little things around the house here and there. It isn’t like I just woke up one day and said I think they need to do chores and they should clean the house from top to bottom scrubbing with their toothbrushes. I don’t expect much more than I ever have just pick up clean up after your self and help to a couple things around the house since your part of the family and live here too. At least act like you care you have a place to live, food to eat and nice things. Just like the brand new bed I got the boys they have had for 6 months or so that is broken now. All because they were playing and being ruff on it. I should take their birthday money and fix the bed.

I’m just at a loss with them and what to do. It seems that nothing I try bothers them in the least. I don’t understand how nothing at all seems to matter to them.

I can say ok I’m going to do everything myself but their rooms and they still won’t even pick up the room enough that things aren’t getting broken and you can at least walk through it. The rest of the house they spill things drop things leave things laying all over. I clean one room go clean another and by the time I am done and go back to the first one it is worse than when I started and they walk off. I told the therepest today I am ready to take my little one pack our stuff and leave. Tell father of the year come back over here he wants them he can come over here and they can have the house they all can live here in the mess together. He is no help they cry to him they have to do chores I hear how it isn’t right they are kids, I shuuld easy up on them but then when he is here he has a shit fit that they are lazy and I don’t make them do anything and all about what they need to be doing. But he don’t make them or if he dose try to make them he talks to them like they are dogs and treats them like trash. But at this point I am don’t care because they act like nothing I say or want matters and like they can do whatever they want. Let them all be here together and figure it all out on their own. If I had somewhere to go I would probably do just that for about a month. Let father of the year figure out a babysitter, school, cooking, cleaning and getting the kids to their appointments and where they need to go. All while trying to work 6 days around the clock. And not give him any help paying for any of the bills child care clothes or anything else. See how he likes it. But if I did that I would lose my house because he wouldn’t pay the bills then I would have to move and I can’t do that right now.

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