{May 18, 2014}   Lice Again

I found that my oldest had lice yet again so I have been treating her hair the last few days. Today my big boy comes to me and says I’m itching will you check my head. I say sure thinking I am going to find nothing. His and his brothers hair is bussed pretty short. Low and behold I find three in his hair. I hold my baby boy down and look at his and find 2 questionable things. They were really tiny so I wasn’t sure if they were or not. I just treated all. We are drying the two tons of stuffed animals they have and washing all the beds. cleaning everything else in the house. Because they sit and lay all over each others beds and play with all the toys and have the run of the house of course.

I am so ready to hold my daughter down and shave her head to get rid of these things. She has them worse than ever and I just can’t seem to get rid of them. She keeps saying now. I told her we could get her a wig but she still says no. She did say we can cut it short into a bob. I really hate to do that and hate bobs but I might have to do it to get rid of the lice once and for all.

We are supposed to go house sit for a friend a few days after school gets out and everything. I have to have them all gone by then so she don’t get them in her house. No one else has caught them from her so far other than the boys. I want to keep it that way.

The schools don’t check for it anymore they say it isn’t a health risk and that the kids can be in school with it. She said the other week the kids were even talking about how bad it was at the school and people getting it. I just pray that I get this scholor ship and can get her in a private school next year. Because this is crazy with her not being able to get rid of it and keep it gone. Just about every month since she started school she has had it.

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