{August 26, 2019}   The Daily Four

Over on a Guy Called Bloke’s blog he has started a post he calls the Question Fun Directory or the Daily Four. I have decided to answer today’s questions. So here goes.

What was the worst thing you did as a child?

Growing up, what was your ideal dream job and did you bring that to a reality at all?

What were the things you both liked and hated about your schooling?

Where there is a will, there is a way! Do you agree?


What was the worst thing you did as a child?

It was my birthday I think maybe 6 or 7th. I don’t know I was young so I am surprised I remember it. But my mom and dad was there and they threw a party for me. We were at our house and there was a bunch of kids there. There were two boys around my age and a little older. They were my moms good friends kids and she use to babysit them for her. They had spent the night or weekend with us why their mom was working or away. So they had some things there other than just being there for the party.

Well one had his skateboard with him and we were out in the street in front of the house playing with it. I was laying on it pushing around with my hands and things. He decided he wanted it back. I wasn’t done playing and he kind of dumped me off in the street.

We end up standing in the middle of the street with the skateboard upside down. He had one set of wheels and I was holding it by the other set. We were pulling it back and forth fighting over who got it and trying to get it away from each other. I got it away from him and held it up and hit him on the head with it.

I think I still remember this to this day at 38 years old because it was a birthday party for me, I don’t remember having to many parties with friends. My birthday is the day after Christmas. I also do not remember my mom and dad being together and doing anything or my dad living with us ever even though they didn’t get divorced until a few years later. And my dad spanked me for hitting hi in the head and sent me to my room. It was my birthday party so everyone was having fun I was in my room with a spanking. It is the only time I ever remember my dad spanking me and that was probably worse to me than the spanking it’s self, or missing part of the party or anything else. Because My dad just never spanked me or got onto me for things. I was close to my dad and I wasn’t a kid who got in trouble often and he just talk to me or say something about what I did and we would go on.

Growing up, what was your ideal dream job and did you bring that to a reality at all?

I have wanted to be a counselor and work with teens or teen parents, addiction things like that. While I haven’t yet I have started schooling for it and hope to get started back next year and finish.

What were the things you both liked and hated about your schooling?

I didn’t like school very much at all. I felt that we shouldn’t have to take math, science, history and all that in high school. I felt we should be taking classes geared toward the careers that we wanted to go into. I still feel that by jr high/ high school we should be teaching our kids or have them in classes working on the path they are wanting to go into. I think at this point the other classes are a waste. I feel the same with with college we shouldn’t have to take math, science and all that then either to get a degree. But anyway that is why I hated school.

The only thing I really liked about school was it got me away from my house and a chance to see my friends. I wasn’t aloud to do a lot when I was younger and didn’t like having people over to my house because I didn’t want them around my mom and things the way she was.

Where there is a will, there is a way! Do you agree?

I 100% agree with this so many people make excuses because they don’t want to put in the work to get to where they want to be or have what they want. If it isn’t quick and easy they give up.

{December 18, 2018}   End of My First Week

My 3rd night at my new job. It was slow too, not as slow as the other two but slow. We did get a few payments so I was able to do them and watch them. I closed with Mr. Auto tonight. That was interesting.

10 or 20 minutes before time to leave a girl came in. She wanted to buy a suv. He told her to come back tomorrow. He said he wants me to take care of her and he will walk me through it and help me. She is supposed to be in when we open. Not sure how we make money on sales like hers. Because we get so much of the down payment. But they are doing a $0 down, just pay tax, tag and title deal. So wonder how or what kind of money we make from that? I am going to ask when I get there.

So the girl from Friday night never came in Saturday. I forgot to ask about pay but I will at some. Me and Mr. Auto closed again. Everyone else left around 2 or 3. I think most came in to move all the cars to the back of the lot as they were redoing the parking lot Sunday.

The owner called me in and ask if I had any cash payments about 4 when he was getting ready to leave. He told me to sit down and help him he needed to batch out and fix the reports. He ask how I was doing? How I liked it and things. He said everyone loves you and thinks you fit in well or will fit in well. He said they were like she taking payments on her own she knows what she is doing already. She just does it. He said I told them well yeah she isn’t dumb she is pretty intelligent. His son had been talking to me earlier and ask about taking payments and how I felt about doing them on my own? I said fine I had already taken a few on my own I didn’t have a problem doing it. He like man you not even had 8 hours training on it and you have it. That’s great.

But I guess another guy was there for 6 months or more and still messed it up all the time. But it really isn’t hard. But if he wasn’t use to or didn’t know how to use the computer it’s self then maybe. But still I would think after 6 months. Its just fill in the blank kind of thing.

I do have issues when breaking the over all payment down over all the little things. You put them all in subtract them in your head from the main payment. Then the main payment is put in as what is left. I tend to goof it up. I always catch it fix it because i know i put the wrong number as soon as i do it. I put 195 instead of 95. Because of the way I do the math in my head. I just have to remember to put it down the other way.

It really does seem like a good place to work nice people, a little family or close group of friends. Its mostly guys, there is me and the other lady there. There is another older lady but she only works a few mornings a week I don’t see or work with her. Then there is the lady in the service department that runs that. She is out in the back and we aren’t there together much. Maybe Saturdays but we stay in our areas for the most part don’t see eachother. Its like watching a bunch of little boys talking and playing for the most part we are so slow they are just wondering around lookingbfor stuff to do or get into. Always on each other about something.

Over all a decent fun place to work. And Hopfully they are right and between like Feb and May I will make the money they say I will make. If I make the money they say I can or will I am paying my car insurance up for the year in one shot. Then I am paying myrent up as far as I can. If I can’t pay more then I will sit it aside at the house and pay it again each month that I can. From there I am going to work on getting another truck and things for the house. Then I want to get the kids some stuff they need and want.

{November 13, 2018}   I Like Hanging out with You

Sunday while I was at work my Old Friend messaged me see how I was what I was doing later. He wanted to go out. I told him I would try to no promises. He said to call him after work. I worked a little late and got distracted on the way home. About the time I pulled in at home he was calling.

I called him back he said come on are we going? I have to get out of this house full of kids. I said what kids? He said well not kid kids, but when we are old enough to be their mom and dad….I said oh yeah I understand that. I told him I could maybe get out in a couple hours he said okay hurry.

I made dinner told kids I had something to take care of I be back in a little while. They were watching movies and playing we were going out Monday since I didn’t have to work their was no school. So I decided it would be okay, I haven’t really been out in a while.

I pulled up was talking to bff on the phone. He was walking outside. He come over gave me a hug told me stay in the truck we was leaving. I laughed and said okay. He went got in. I was still talking to bff. I told her I had to go I call her in a while when I left. He said whats that a boyfriend? Then he said wait you don’t have a boyfriend do you? I laughed said no. He said oh okay making sure.

We went up to one of the bars sat talked and had a drink. In a little while we left and went to another. We had a drink talked and laughed for a while. He told me get another I said no I was good I had to drive home. He ask if I had time for him to have another. I said yeah I just wasn’t having more because I was driving. I felt okay but two Long Island ice tea in a couple hours I wasn’t having anything else. I just finished the one. I felt fine wasn’t buzzed but I don’t do that when I am driving. If we were going to watch the game be there a while or I was staying the night there like I do most times. I would of had another.

We left and headed back to his house. We were talking. Some how the subject of relationships and dating came up. He said something about the future and things. We were talking about how women just want the pay check and don’t care most time how the guy kills himself working all time make sure she has what she wants. Then he finds out she is cheating and things. I said but then that seems to be all guys know and go after.

I said I’m out here trying to date and things and i scare them away. He said you don’t need that you need to stay away from them if you scare them. They aren’t looking for a relationship or wortht. You can find and do better. I said yeah I know I said they aren’t use to haven someone that wants them they are use to haveing someone who needs them. They know I’m not going to put up with no crap or games and I don’t have to. I drop them in a minute. He said yes that is right if they were Truely interested in something and you and not games you wouldn’t intimidate them.

We were driving along talking he reach over picked up my hand was holding it. He said I’m glad you came, I really like hanging out with you, your just really cool laid back. We got home he ask if I was going to come in? I told him no I needed to get home it was getting late. He leaned over huged me he got out came around huged and kiss me. He ask when I was coming back? I told him soon. He said no it had been months since last time. I told him no I would come back soon. I will I enjoyed the night. I always do when I go down there. He is fun to just hang out with and talk or whatever. I like just going down to the lake and talking or up to the bar once in awhile just talk. We have conversations it isn’t one sided. Just like when we sat there on the carport with the fire dancing and throwing darts. I don’t know it isn’t akward with him like it is with others I talk to or hangout with. Even when I hang out with my “friend” anymore it not the same.

  • I will probably go down Wednesday for a bit. I hang out with bff and a group of girls most Wednesday nights but I might take a ride down there or maybe tell him come up this way for a change.


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