{February 4, 2017}   Found It

I finally found the living room set that I want it is the same one that I have wanted for a while but didn’t want to pay the price that it was. I was looking for something less at the time. I ended up with the set with all the recliners and things in it that I had to give back when Father of the year stopped paying. I stopped at the store here by me that I got it from a few years ago and he said they didn’t have any that he thought he was getting one from another store for their tent sale. He called and said no they didn’t have one. I don’t know if he called the store I went to or a different one. But he said if I found one it would be pretty old because they had stopped selling them but was just starting to get them again. He told me he could get it for me new I asked him to look it up tell me a price, when he looked it up they have changed it. It is black and gray now not just black. I did not like it at all.

Today when I picked the kids up I decided to go pick my guns up and to look at a few stores up in that area. I started at the store like the one here by me that I get stuff at a lot of times but they didn’t really have anything at all I liked. They are remodeling and didn’t have a lot either. I then went to another store I found out about up that way that I have bought from in the past and like. The lady said they have been there for 60 some years in that location but I had never seen them there before at all. I use to be up by there all the time but they are kind of hidden and They don’t even really have the name of the store out there. They are on a little side street. I found a love seat marked down that I liked there but they still wanted a lot more than what I was paying for the set I just got rid of for it and the couch. I was going to look at the store over by Father of the Year and see if they had the couch on sale if I could get one from one place and the other from the other and get it for about half of what she was asking for the two so I told her I may come back and tomorrow. I didn’t tell her what I waned to check.

Then I went across town to the other store that I do not like dealing with but are the only ones that carry the set that I like. I did not expect to find it at all but thought I may find something else that I liked. I really don’t want to settle again. I told the three to stay in the truck I was just walking in the door looking around and running back out. My oldest ran in with me. As soon as we walked in the door there set my set I wanted and it looked like brand new. Looked like it just came off the truck and had been unwrapped new. I kind of gasped said that is the set I have been looking for!! My oldest said really it is? Because she don’t remember us having it before and what it looked like. I looked at the price and it was more than I wanted to pay by a lot. The lady came over and started talking to us I asked her about it. She said it came in a set the two sides, the foot rest, tables, lamps, rug and other stuff. I said I don’t want all that. She said but it’s all a set together. I said I don’t need or want all that I just want the couch and rest that is it. She said I can see what I can do and if I can get a price for just the three pieces like she had to sell it all together. I just said okay, because I now that if you just want the couch set they sell them like that all the time. They are just trying to push you to buy more to make a bigger sell.

In a few minutes she told me a price me and my oldest were talking it over, I wanted it really bad but I just didn’t know if I should put myself out for so much. But like I told her I have twice the money to fix my truck set a side so that would be a chunk of money I could put toward it, I am going to try again to sell my set and think that with it being tax time that between now and march I should be able to sell it. People were stopping and looking at it left and right and thought it was a great price. But it was so close to Christmas that they had to do that instead. Right now is when a lot of people get new stuff. I think only hold up might be them holding tax checks until the end of the month almost. But I have time to pay on this and money to pay on it right now so it should be good.

Anyway, me and her were talking about different stuff and if I should do it or should I just wait and things. They said they have the 6 months same as cash but that would run out August. We went back and forth I wanted it so bad and know that it is worth it compared to what I have seen and the prices I am getting for used stuff and it was new. It’s like here buy this set that is pretty faded or warren for $200 or buy this brand new set for $$350. It was really a easy decision to make hands down, but my thought was maybe I would get lucky and find something cheaper like maybe $100 or $150 (of course not really figures just for instance). But I knew I really wouldn’t and if I didn’t take this one I was going to pay the same or close to the same for something I didn’t like as much and it would be used. She said this one was but for a really really short time. If it ever left the store I would be surprised because it looks like it has never been sat on. Knowing they changed it and were not even going to make it and that if I decided to get it in a few days and it was gone that was just it I couldn’t even order it at that point as well.

I asked her what if I go over the 6 months and don’t have it paid off? Do I pay the remainder of the lease agreement whatever it would work out to for 24 months or do they prorate it some how? The guy said no you pay off the full amount of whatever it would be for the 24 months. I said on I better wait then I don’t want to end up doing that. He asked why and I told him that if I knew I could pay it off by the end of September but wasn’t sure if I could pay it off before that. He said oh you just need and extra month? I told him I have money coming in from about three or 4 places but  I can only count on what I bring in myself and know I have arranged to bring in and that I can only use that as a factor into when I could pay it off. I said I can probably pay it off in the 6 months but I can’t say for sure that I can. He said no probably we will give you until The end of September and told the lady to note it in my account.

I said if they would give me until then to pay it off then I would take it because I knew I had money coming in then that I could pay it with. I filled out the paperwork the lady put it all in the computer printed up the contract and everything and said her GM had to go over it with me and have me sign everything. I am standing there waiting and out walks the guy that we had trouble with when I was with RC and then later when I first rented this set had trouble with at the store that is by me. I went to the store that is by me then to not have to deal with him and he had moved to that store. Then the last few times I was in there he wasn’t there I though the was gone. Nope he is now the GM and was up there. I don’t know if he knew who I was because the name was different and I cut my hair but I think by the way he talked he was trying to figure out. If he looked at my little one he probably was really wondering because he knew RC well so I am sure he could tell she looked like him. Maybe trying to figure out who for sure to. But he was going over the contract and then told me to sign here. I said is it in there that I have until the end of September to pay it off? He said no August 8th I think he said. I said no he told me I could have until the end of September. He said who I was holding my little one I said him because the guy was standing right there. He said who him? I said the guy right here I pointed to him. I said we were just talking about it. He asked him if he told me that he said yes. Then he wanted to know why he told me that? He said I just told her we would extend it a month like we do with everyone if they need and extra month or couple weeks to pay it off. He said yeah but she already has 6 we only do that because they only get 4 months. They talked a minute and he didn’t like it but he wrote it down then as 9/2 I said no he said the end of the month. He said what the end of the month? I said yes because I will get money in September I know I can get it paid off but I won’t have it until the end of the month or close to it. He said so she getting 8 months to pay it off! The guy said no still 7 from February to September is only 7 months. But I guess if you consider we are only at the start of this month and it is a short month, but he didn’t have to agree to do it. I just ask if I pay off early but after my same as cash deadline if I had to pay it all off for the 24 months or if there was a early buy out. The other places if you miss it they prorate it. He knew I was thinking about leaving it there for a few weeks and taking a chance of it being there to be able to pay it off when I needed to. That still wouldn’t have worked because if they only give you 4 months most the time then I couldn’t have gotten it at all because even if I waited a few weeks it would put it due the end of August or the start of September. I wasn’t thinking about that at the time. He just said yes it would be no problem. The GM was not happy but if he had said they couldn’t do I would have just told them to not worry about it. He wasn’t happy about it but he wrote down I had until the 38 th of September to pay it off same as cash and told them to note the account. I should have it the first two weeks of the month but just in case I like to cover my butt an didn’t want to have to worry about trying to pay rent, water, lights, and it all at one time around the first. Then he asked when I wanted it delivered and said we have something Monday and was starting to say more. I said he told me they could bring it tomorrow. He said oh boy they are not going to be happy tomorrow with him they have so much to do and wrote it down. He said between 10 and 4. I said 10 and 4 do you have any idea one way or the other that they will be there? I am a few cities over from them so I don’t figure they have other drops or pick up by me. Are they going to drop around town first and come to me or are they going to drop mine then go back that way. Was what I was getting at but he said they would call when they were about 30 minutes away. I just said ok because I plan to be here all day tomorrow other than if I have to run up to the store to grab something or to feed the chickens. If they really call when on their way I can be here by the time they get here. I pretty much plan to be at home after running the last two nights then having that coming tomorrow. My house needs to be cleaned good floors have to be mopped before they come and I have all my homework to get done because this week flew by. I was just going out to look for a couch and now I don’t have to. My friend is coming over in the morning to hang out she was going to run around with us but now we aren’t she still wants to come over get out of her house and hang out so that is what we are going to do.

I don’t know why I like this set so much but I do it is really kind of plain it’s just a black corduroy type fabric an the bottom and arms are that stuff that looks like leather but I’m sure it is’t real leather. But it is nice even though it is kind of simple when it come down to it. Like I said last night I like color but at the same time when it comes to sectionals I like them in black not a lot of colors look good on on them I don’t think anyway. couch I do not like the billows that are on it but they come with it, when I had it before I tossed them in the closet. I want to find some that have the colors of my rug in them and put on it to just break it up a little bit since it is black. This is the best picture I could find on line of it but I like it and I like I can move the ottoman around and turn it this or that way and it will take up less room and it will work for extra seating for like the kids if I have people over. I can also put the little kids reclining chairs in the living room now for them to sit in since this will not take up near as much room as the other sets I have seen. This isn’t big and bulky to take up room in a truck when I decide to move. I think I will be a lot happier with it because it is the one I was debating about buying all along and I have had it and liked it in the past. I also think it is small enough I can put it on either side of my living room where as before I could only put couch and love seat on the same two walls all the time never able to move it around.

When the GM got done going over the papers and said they would be out tomorrow I asked him how much I needed to pay on it tonight he said first month or when I wanted my payment to be? I asked him if I could pay him now but make it so my normal payment was due in the middle of the month he said something. I said here how much is my monthly payment $90 something? Let me do it like this. He stopped me and said well no if you want to pay it off by September it would be and started figuring it all out. I said no I don’t want to double up or add on to my payments to get it paid off by then. I said I am going to pay it off by then but I am doing to do it different so I will just pay my monthly price he gave told me. I said I will give you $180.60 for two months then I will come back in and pay you and get my payment date taken care of then so it won’t be at the first of the month. He was just like oh well um ok. I could tell he got mad because I wasn’t going to let him double up on my payments or what to make sure it would be paid off by then. But that isn’t how it works you pay weekly, monthly, by weekly or whatever like that and if you pay it off by the same as cash great if not oh well better for them more money for them. He should be happy I don’t want to double up on my stuff. But he is just an asshole. He is the one that gave me nothing but run around the last time and who gave me and RC run around over turning in a tv he had half paid off because by the time he would have had it paid off it wasn’t worth it. He could have a better tv for less than what he had left to pay on that one and bigger at the other place. We ask them to come and get it, we told them we weren’t going to pay on it anymore and even took it there took it inside to drop it off and they would not take it and give us papers showing we turned it in. They ended up knocking hundreds of dollars off of it to try and get us to keep it. Pointless because they could have just re-rented it and got their money but they don’t want to show it come back in. I just want to get this paid off so I can get tables to go with it. I could have gotten some but I didn’t like any they had and I didn’t want to put my self out for more than I have. I need to buy a few rugs for the house too so I rather have them than tables and I can maybe find tables cheaper if I watch sales and things.

I am just happy I found my set I wanted and in new shape. I better go to bed so I can get up and get ready for them tomorrow. Maybe once it gets here I will take a picture and post if it looks better than that one.

{September 23, 2016}   A Day Out With The Big’s

Last night I received a call from the bigger kids school saying they would not have school today. They said that the teacher and principle of the school were both in a car accident and in the hospital. They didn’t know how they were just that they were waiting on CT sans and MRI’s. The principle just came back this week after being out for two because of neck and back surgery. They are the main two at the school so one of them have to be there for the school to be open. I am really hoping that they are both ok. I know how bad the simplest of accidents can be and then for her to have just had surgery on top of it is really bad. I don’t even know how bad the accident really was eve.

We took the little kids to school and I took my big ones out to breakfast just me and them. We never really do anything just me and them. They wanted to go to some thrift stores and things so we did that. One was next to the place where I buy my furniture and things a lot of times. I went in there to just look around.

They had the couch and love seat that is like the sectional I want but in gray not black. It didn’t have the ottoman I ask him if he could get it in black and get the ottoman to go with it he said no and he couldn’t get it in a sectional. It only comes in gray and brown. I was debating on getting the gray set but then we sat on it and I didn’t really care for it all that much. When I sat down my legs bent and I felt like I was sitting all bent in half and on the floor almost.

They have another gray set I have been looking at for about a year or so they had just started carrying it when I seen it. But it was over a $2000 set and I am not going to pay that for a set. I seen they had one it was less. We walked over and was looking at it and I started looking at the price on it. It is more than the black set I wanted by a few $100 and it was used. One person had rented it before and sent it back. It’s in nice shape still. They really hadn’t knocked that much off the price it was still at almost new price so figured they couldn’t have had it very long.

My friend came over he said don’t look at the price on the tag I can get you a deal on that one. I asked him how much of a deal since it had been rented before and it was still close to $2000. He looked at said he could give it to me for under $1000. I told him I was going to have to think about it and let him know.

I like the black set but I like this one too. I like the look of the black set I don’t know what it is about it I just like it. But I really like the one he has here because instead of the ottoman it has recliners two in the couch and two in the love seat. It isn’t a sectional, I don’t normally like Sectionals but I liked the black one. But I love the idea of the recliners vs the ottoman. It has a con soul thing in the middle of the love seat. I can sit there do my work and things without hurting like I do when I sit at the table for hours. I have wanted the set for a while. Even though it is used it is a nicer better made set than the black one even. I can get it for less than the black one and with the money I save from not buying the black one I could get the set of coffee and end tables to go with it and not spend any more than what I would have spent on just the black couch. I am not worried about it being used it is very clean they clean it good and it is in good shape. I could probably turn around sell it and get most of my money back out of it in a year. That point it only be two years old. It is is a good name brand set. The black one is not a name brand set it is just something the other company has made for their store only.

I would have until the end of January to pay it off same as cash so I am not out anymore just like the black one. I was worried about making payments on it and getting my money in time to pay it off but then I thought I am selling this couch and love seat and this bedroom set and can take all that money and put on it and that will pay it off or all but a few $100 of it off. I went back and told them to go ahead and bring it out tomorrow. I have a free month so I can work on getting this stuff sold and out of here. Then I can do it like I did my bed go pay it up until the last few months or so then just pay it off when the time comes or before even. I think I am going to call him back and ask him to add the coffee and end tables on as well. If I do that then I will have everything to set my living room up and both bedrooms up for all 4 kids. Then I can work on getting myself something for my room later and a dining room table. Really the only other things I need to have the house furniture in things that we like, wanted and picked out instead of with stuff that we just got because it was what we could afford at the time and it did the job.

I think I will like to use my living room more with this new stuff as well. Right now the couch I don’t like it isn’t comfortable, I can’t sit there long because my legs hang down or I have to put them up on the couch then it takes up room for the kids or someone to sit. I can recline. I have been wanting to watch stuff on tv lately as well so I can sit get comfortable and watch it. So it will be here tomorrow after 4.



{August 30, 2016}   Decisions Decisions

I still have a backroom full of furniture, you may remember I post awhile back talking about how my back room looked like a Furniture Store. Well it still does. I have not been able to get the stuff moved so that I can show it and every time I try to have a yard sale someone gets sick or something happens. This weekend it rained and I had tons of work to do for school since everyone was sick. I sat here for 14 hours straight Sunday doing school work trying to get it all done.

Now I am trying to decide what to do with the money. I was going to put it back in the pot to pay things, but have done without it this long and will be getting money again in about a week and I should be okay. I was thinking about selling my couch and love seat and putting like $100 from the money I have coming in a week or two with it to get a new one. I don’t need a brand new one but the new to me ones are just as much as a brand new one and they are nasty.

I was thinking about taking the money from the stuff I sell and getting me the bedroom set I have been wanting. I would probably get enough to pay for most of it. If I just get what I can now then the rest later would be ok. I just want the dresser, mirror, chest of draw and two night stands. I do not like the bed most places have with it so I would wait to get the bed that I want to go with it later or find a cheaper one later. Right now I have a basic black headboard so it would look find with it. Even if I just got the dresser, mirror and one night stand and got the other one and chest later would be ok. Then like me and my oldest were talking earlier when we finally move in a year or so we will all take our bedroom stuff with us because we will have nice new stuff, we won’t get there and have to sleep on the floor and worry about finding decent mattresses. We can still get rid of the couches, table, desk and the rest of the furniture in the house so we aren’t paying to haul extra stuff we don’t need. If we all have our beds to sit and sleep on we can take a little time to look for a couch. I could even take one of the beds and set up in the living room to sit on for a little bit until we found one if I needed to. We have two sets of bunks so we could put one of the single beds out there. They agreed it as long as we don’t have to sleep on the floor we aren’t worried about living room stuff. I would sell my couch and things before I left so I should have enough to get one when we get there no problem. It’s just finding some thing that we like.

Then I thought of doing something else with it the other day but I can’t even remember what it was now. Not surprising really.

Tonight I have been thinking about trying to sign my three older kids up for 4 H. I seen they had a meeting the other day when I had sick kids and could not have went anyway. I am going to call tomorrow and see what all they are offering and how much it is. From my understanding I think there are a few fee’s when you get in but after that it is mostly free. I could be 100% wrong because again it wasn’t something I was allowed to do when I was a kid. I would put all three in it but they only take kids ages 5 to 18. She has another year and a half or so to wait. But I want her to do something as well, so I thought maybe I could put her in a dance class if it was cheap enough. I looked at my friends studio tonight and emailed her to see what they had for her age and if it was to late for her to start since they started about three weeks ago when school started. I wasn’t planing to do anything then just thought of this today when I seen the 4 h thing. I had looked into 4 h before but then forgot about them. She said they have ballet and jazz and acro/jazz. I think she would like the acro/jazz because she likes to tumble and flip and things like that. She said we could stop by this week or next and she could try both classes out for free and see what one she liked. It is $50 a month for 2 hours. I guess that isn’t to horrible but it’s a lot when I am on such a tight budget. I know they have scholarships or use to so I am going to ask them about that and see if there is one she can get or if we can try when they come up. Because we have costume fee’s and things as well.

So now I am thinking maybe I should just put that money away and use it to do stuff like this for the kids. I could pay her dance stuff out of it and their fee’s for 4h or stuff at school if they needed something. Or if they wanted to take something else that didn’t cost to much then maybe I could pay for classes for them as well. Now I have to decide and see what is out there if 4 h don’t work and see what the studio has to offer. I may see if my Little Guy wants to do dance as well but I don’t think he will. I know my oldest don’t and my Big Boy will probably tell me it is for girls. Thing is if they all take something that cost all that much a month then the money won’t last long at all. I am trying to come up with a happy balance where they all can do something. Oh I could even pay and get our gym member ship back and we all could take karate plus use the gym when we wanted to for about $45 a month. But I really want to get them into a club of some kind that hey will do something they really like.

I know my oldest wants to ride and work with the horses again. I know 4 h does a lot with horses but I don’t know if she would need her own horse or if they have some, some way that they can use. She would love to do the horse shows but I know she would probably need her own for that for sure. I am just going to have to look into it more tomorrow then decide.

Oh I was thinking about using the money and doing a couple weekend trips away with just me and them the next few months. There is a little town about 75 miles north of us we would like to check out and they do a lot of stuff at Christmas time it’s supposed to be really pretty. There are a few other places we may decide to go or even decide to drive to Georgia for the weekend and check some places out see if they are anywhere we may want to move to. I have a friend in South Carolina we could drive up and see. Check some places out around her. I would probably go on a three day weekend or take them out of school for Friday. Do our driving on Thursday nights so we would be in town by Friday to look around. I could sleep why they were at school they could sleep in the truck on the way. Their schools are so easy and flexible. I will have to look into triple A if I do that too.

It’s so hard to decide. I really don’t have to get a bedroom set, I have a dresser with the mirror now and a night stand that matches. I have a headboard but it don’t match and I don’t have the other night stand or the chest that I want. It’s just the dresser and stand the people across the street gave me a while back. I could sell that and put toward the stuff for my room. But I could do without and just wait since I did buy a new to me mattress that was like new a while back. That is the main thing that I could not do without mine was beyond shot and had o be replaced.

My living room set the couch and love seat I HATE I am almost to the point of I would rather get rid of it and have none than keep this one. It was a temporary fix because we had none had people coming to the house and needed somewhere they could sit. I just never took the time to sell it or get anything different. The back are a bunch of pillows that come off and with 4 kids that just don’t work. They are always in the floor or tossed all over the couches and laying around on it. It isn’t comfortable to sit on because of the way it is made either really. I figure I can sell it get $250 to $300 out of it easy. The stuff I am looking at on there for that price and more looks like the people have had it for about 10 years and two or three other families have had it besides them for about 5 or so years before they have decided to sell it. It isn’t out dated that isn’t the problem at all. The problem with it is it is dirty and wore out. The leather and fake leather ones the stuff is peeling off or it’s rubbed off in places. The fabric ones are faded and look like they have dirt and who knows what grown into them. They look like they have never been cleaned and like they didn’t even try to clean it to sell it. Some of them have holes in them. Mine has a spot on the front arm that was tore when I got it but that is really it other than that it is nice, it is clean and it isn’t faded. I don’t let the dogs up there and for a while now I have had a blanket folded up on it and we have been sitting on it because I don’t want to get anything on it now that I know I want rid of it for sure. I took it apart and cleaned the couch tonight going to clean the love seat tomorrow. But we have a place here about 30 minutes away that I can get a brand new set for $400. If I get $300 for mine then I just need $128 to put with it to get a new one. I found a few at the rental stores for cash and carry between $300 and $400. But I figured if I was going to pay that I may as well buy it new rather than used. The rental places probably has better quality than the ones I am looking at new but they don’t have anything I really like that is in much better shape than what I see other places used. I stopped at one and they had a camo set for $400 said it would probably be cheaper if I come back over the weekend for their big holiday sale. Then they will probably drop it down another $100 or more. I told the kids and Father of the Year tonight when he was here if they dropped under $300 I would probably buy it just to get rid of mine and not spend a ton. They looked at me like I was crazy but that is how bad I want rid of mine. I just want something that is going to last me until we move then I am going to sell it and get something else. I keep telling myself just live with what I have not to spend the time or money on something else if I am going to get rid of it anyway. But I really hate this one and hate it more and more every day. If I can sell it for the $300 and that will pretty much pay for something else in there why not. I paid less than $280 for it when I bought it almost 3 years ago. So I am not out any money there.

The other thought I had was to sell everything I have in the back and my living room set, take all the money I get from it all and buy me a nice set that will last me a while. A set that will last me at least the next 5 years or more. Most of the time if I buy a living room set I expect to get 5 years out of it. I figure by then I will be ready for something new and even if I can’t resell it or I don’t get much for it I have gotten my money’s worth out of it. But then if I do that I have to keep it and move it with me when I go and have the cost of moving it and hoping it don’t get damaged in the move. But I would then go to where ever we decide to go with everything ready to set up house. because I have seen some really nice well made sets that I like. But they were more than I wanted to pay to just get rid of it in a year. I wouldn’t get close to my money back for it probably so I would lose money on it. The sets I am looking at for $400 I don’t feel I would be out any money really since I am selling my other set to get it and I already don’t expect to make much back on it since I am buying it so cheap and it probably isn’t as good of quality I buy most the time. That is one reason I go to the rental places is because I know where their stuff comes from and I know it is better quality, I also know that it has been cleaned really good and I can get good deals. Like the set I have now was brand new the people got it had paid it way all most paid off and then turned it in for some reason. They wanted more for it but I have bought a lot of stuff there and my friend runs the place so he gave me an even better deal on it than what they were asking. He knows most the time I buy new I don’t want used because I want it in good shape and clean. He knew the people who had it before and things like he said it wasn’t like a lot of places they have to pick stuff up from it was a clean decent nice house. I have seen them get so much back and have to just toss it in the dumpster it was so bad. He is like me if it is to bad he will find a way to get rid of it instead of selling it. He wants to keep a good rep and don’t want to be known as the store that has trash all the time. There is another store by a different name in the plaza they are in and they look like they are selling trash a lot of times.

I had one set I really liked when I had my Little Bitty that I wasn’t able to keep when Father of The Year pulled his stuff and we lost our house. The store I got it from said when I got it they had it and one more like it but they would not be getting anymore. I wanted them to order me a new set then. But tonight I looked the set up online and found the company that made it. They have it on their site for sell. I am going to call them in the morning and see how much it is from them. I am not even sure if they sell to the public but I think they do. I may just take my money and get it. It isn’t a huge set so it wouldn’t take up a lot of room on a truck. I guess I will wait and see how much it is and then decide what to do about everything. I may pay the extra if it isn’t way to much since I really like it. It most likely won’t be more than $500 or $600 so it would still leave me a good chunk of money to do something else with.

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