{September 14, 2018}   Dads Bring Your Kids To School Day

I get the news letter from the little kids school and it says this month is Dads bring your kids to school day and have breakfast. I am a little confused as to why this is even a thing?

Why are we going to tell dads to bring their kids to school and then bribe them with breakfast to get them there? Why is a dad doing something a parent is supposed to do and that millions of parents everwhere do everyday such a big deal. I get up every morning and walk my two little ones to school along with a bunch of other moms and dads too. I have to say there are just about as many dads who walk or drive their kids to school as there is moms. So why are we having a bring your dad to school day and making such a big deal of it? I never seen them have a moms bring your kids to school day. I know a lot of schools that do the bring dad to school. Bff’s kids school did it last year.

Then the paper goes on to say you can bring gandpa, uncle, big brother, step dad or another important male in your life. So then why call it dads bring your dad to school day? Is this a way for all the single women at the school to try and meet men? Come on is there anything one wouldn’t do to meet a man? Okay okay just kidding. But really I just do not understand what this random day is all about or for.

I wasn’t going to say anything about it then Mr. 8 came home with a paper all about it and came to me all upset that Mr. 13 told him be would not go to school with him that day. Because he don’t get up that early. So we had a talk and be agreed to go with them that day. I will be there too so I am sure I will get looks but I don’t care. I am not going for anything but to watch from the sides. Make sure kids get to school and class.

Even if it is to get dads more involved with school how well does it really work? I know most dads who do not already come may come for this and won’t be back again once it is over. Besides parents can bring their kids to school and sit with them why they have breakfast any day of the week they would like. So again really why do we need a special day to tell dads or a male figure in your childs life to bring them to school and offer brealfast? For that matter you can do this anytime why have a bring anyone to breakfast day?

Even if RC and Father of the Year were in the picture I would find this to be a crazy idea still. Because when Father of The Year took the kids to school or picked them up when he lived close and didn’t have to work. When I lived with RC he always took kids to school be it mine or his. Most of the time he took mine and I took his because mine were so far away and he went right by there on his way go work. And they had to be there earlier than his. He would be late if he had to take his.

Guys bringing their kids to school is not such a uncommon thing that we need to bribe them to get them to do it.

Anyone a teacher or staff at a school who can maybe explain this to me? Because it seems so bazaar that the schools have this. Am I missing something or is it just as bazaar as I do?


{February 6, 2017}   Time To Suck It Up Buttercup

Unfortunately I am the Buttercup that has to suck it up this time. I have really been going back and forth with the guinea pig thing with the little kids the last week or so. As I told you all in my post A Trip to Disney, my little ones saved enough money to get guinea pigs way sooner than I expected them to. I had been trying to think of other things to get them to spend their money on and one of them was going to Disney. I really haven’t felt right about trying to get them to spend their money one something else and not holding up my end of the deal with them. We agreed that they could save their money again after that and get them once they had enough then. But who knows if they would be able to or how long it would take them. They saved so much as so fast this time because Father of the Years parents send them amazon gift cards for their birthdays and Christmas for $25. They may have the last two years but who knows if they will keep doing it. My dad use to give them money and I know they are trying to save so I gave them a couple dollars on their birthdays to put in their bank and save. But other than that no one else ever gives them money and they never get money from anywhere else. So they may not be able to save enough again for an extremely long time. I would feel bad for not holding my end of the deal up so I decided to just go ahead and let them get them if they have enough. If they don’t they probably will after Little Bitty’s birthday.

Friday I took them to the pet store and they spent a while taking to the man about all that they need and how to take care of them and how much it would be to start off. He gave them all the information and gave them a price of $115 without a cage. But that included two pigs and everything else they would need. He said most of that would last a few months other than the food bowls, house, water bottles and things like that to put in the cage. He showed us some cages but told them to check on line and other places for a used cage and save some of their money because they could find some nice ones used pretty cheap most the time. He told them that it would be best to get two females if they wanted two because they wouldn’t fight to be the domineer one as much as two males. He had two males and one female. He said he put in a order for more females but not males but he never knew what they would really send but he would have more come in if they had them Thursday. So he told them to look for a cage and get it ready then come back Thursday to pick two out.

I have been looking for a good size cage but haven’t found anything that would work very well. My oldest decided she wants one too now, so we need something that will hold three. They need about 10 sq ft of room for three. I don’t know what we are going to get to put them in at this point. I wanted to get one of the big Ferret Nation Cages but they said it isn’t good for them to go up and down the ramps and that if they fall or anything they can hurt their-self. I thought it would give them room all through the cage since it had different levels and it would keep them safe from the dogs. They ferrets were pretty safe in theirs when we had them and the dogs. I found one that is a little smaller I have thought about going to look at it see if I can lay it on it’s back with the door on the top and put a bottom inside so it is a smooth sefice for them to walk on not the bars. A lot of the cages for them have the door on top not the side. I am not sure if it would give them the room they need or if it would take up to much space then. I am also looking at a rabbit hutch for them that I can put a bottom into. The boys have room in their bedroom for one that they could fit in. They have one full wall empty if I take the desk out of there and put it back in the back room. I just have to find one cheap enough.

I know a lot of people will say I am cray for doing it but I can’t go back on my side of the deal and tell them no. It isn’t right and one of my biggest pet peeves. I get so mad when people do it to me or tell me something and don’t do it or they do something different. I think it might be good for them too having something that is just there to take care of. They were so careful with them at the store and their little faces just lit up looking at them and talking to the guy about them, when he let them hold them they were just thrilled and talking being able to have them and take care of them and making sure they have what they need and playing with them. They are their babies. We have therapy Thursday I may take them after to get them or maybe pick them up early and take them to get them. Maybe I will check them out early and take them to get them before I pick up the older kids. I don’t know that wouldn’t work because my oldest wants to get one too. I will have to see if she still wants to get one or not by then or if she changes her mind. She wanted me to let her get a rat and I just can’t let them have a rat in my house it just creeps me out to much. That is when she decided she wanted one but that she didn’t have enough money to buy it and help pay for the cage and things. She told the little kids she would help them take care of theirs if she could put hers in with them since they are going to have a cage already. They said okay. I ask her if she knew what she was getting herself into she said if they would feed and water them she would change and clean their cage. I am sure they will help change the stuff and clean it as well. I know they will love feeding and watering them. That shouldn’t be to hard for them because they just fill the bottle with water put it back on and put the food in the bowls. They feed and water the dogs sometimes. It will differently be a new adventure for them.

{February 1, 2016}   Sexting Your Turtle

My 10 year old has been asking for one of them little water turtles for a couple years now. My rule is you can’t have animals in cages unless you can take care of them. To show me he is ready to be responsible for a turtle he has to show me he can keep his room clean and his chores done. Without being hounded or his room looking like three hurricanes and a train went through it before I make him clean it. I feel that if he can’t keep his environment clean he is not going to be responsible enough to keep an animals cage clean. I am not going to end up having to clean it and taking care of it. I have more than enough to take care of without added pets. They are lucky because when I was growing up the answer was just no and don’t ask again even when I was more than old enough to take care of it on my own. I don’t want to be that way with them but feel that I shouldn’t have to be the one taking care of cleaning it, feeding it and everything. I wanted kids I have to feed them, clothe them, and take care of them no one is going to do it for me. To me a pet is the same kind of thing. I am not asking them to pay for it or buy the food for it or nothing like that, just take care of it. Not just toss it some food and clean the cage when it becomes so dirty it has to be done but take care of it properly.

The other week at the pet store he found a book about taking care of your turtle and ask if he could buy it since he had money. I told him yes, I figure why he works on doing what he needs to do to be able to get one he can learn what all they need and how to take care of them. I didn’t notice until today he got one about land turtles. He was talking to me about them today and showing me his book. I said oh it is about land turtles not water ones. He said oh man now I have to decide what kind I want. He said I want a boy. I said just one, why? He said well if I get two I want two boys. Then I asked why two boys? Why not two girls? Or a boy and a girl? I figured he say so they didn’t have babies or something like that. He said because I have names picked out already.

I had no clue how to tell male from female, I just wanted to see what he would say so I asked him how do you tell a male from a female?

He said oh that’s easy my book tells you hold on. Runs to get his book comes back and starts reading to me…..

After a long courtship the female lays down on the ground and the male mounts her from behind. See so the one on top is the boy he says. told you it is easy to tell. Walks away like no big deal not a second thought about it.

Not what I was expecting at all. I am glad he walked away because I ran to the bedroom and laughed until I cried. There was so much more I wanted to ask but I wasn’t opening that can of worms right now with him.

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