I don’t know if I told you all my meds had stopped working about 2 months after I started taking with. They gave me a 3 month supply that was would run out the Middle of December. When she gave them to me she had my come back in 30 days to see how they were working and things. I felt it was to soon but what do I know.

At the time they were working great so we left them alone. But then 2 or 3 weeks later I could tell they were not working. It took about that long before I finally got a hold of them and told them.

I could tell they stopped working because I was a mess again. I just wanted to sleep all day, on edge all the time and I started not sleeping again. That just made me stressed out about everything. I was crying over everything because I was so stressed about everything.

When I talked to her she said they could uo it since it had been working so good. So she doubled it and called in a new script. I started taking two of the ones I had left to finish them off and until I took the time to get the script.

Some how I missed it during the day a few times and would think of it at night. I went ahead and took it because I did not want to miss it. I had read on the papers before I could take them 8 hours apart. I guess some people take two a day instead of one. It said they had to be that far apart. It would be about 12 hours or more by the time I should take it at my normal time so I took it.

I should say I had not noticed much of a difference taking the double other than I was sleeping again. I have calmed down some but I still do not feel the way I did when I took them before or when I got back on them this time. I am not sure if it is just me and the stress I am dealing with or the meds. I think a little of both because I dealt with this stress better before. But I don’t want them to think I am just wanting them to up them or just trying to get pills. I know that isn’t true and these probably wouldn’t do anything for you. But it is just how I feel. Oh and I am in that area where I just don’t want to deal with things. I just don’t care whatever is how I feel about most things.

I took my pill that first night and in a little bit I was tired. Couldn’t hold my eyes open tired. Drop my phone behind the bed 3 times tired. I slept pretty good but then I woke up at like 3 or 4 a.m. I could not get back to sleep. I didn’t think about it being the pill causing it.

But I missed it in the morning a few times and took it at night. When I did I would sleep in no time. So I just started taking it at night so I would fall a sleep earlier at night. I also realized that it is why I am feeling so extremely tired at work for hours and sometimes messing stuff up. I feel like I can’t hold my eyes open and at times have all but fell a sleep sitting at my desk. Even though the bottle says take in the morning I changed it to nights because of that. But now if I get woke up I can not go back to sleep right away it could be hours. If it is past 5 I don’t fall back to sleep at all. I don’t get up till 7. I go to his house. I am there before 730. Once in awhile I will fall back to sleep there for a little bit before I have to get up. Then I don’t want to get up. I just want to sleep. But once I do I am fine the rest of the day.

The dreams are back too I sleep but dream most the night a lot of nights. I can’t tell you anything about them. I don’t dream unless I am stressed. But most nights I still feel pretty rested when I wake up. Where as before I didn’t. But it bothers me that I do it and know it and it bothers me I can’t remember them.

I have awake since before 5 and it is 730 almost and I still have a hour before I leave for work. I am at his house now. Laid back down wanting to sleep a little longer but no such luck.

This is all very odd to me because I’m not a morning person at all. I don’t do stuff in the morning I don’t get up early and take a hour or two to get ready. I wake up get dressed and leave. Of course go to the bathroom all that stuff. But then I go. I get up so I have just enough time to do what I need to do and go. This being awake for hours sucks.

{December 7, 2020}   Still Here Just Dealing With Life

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and are getting into Christmas.
Sorry I haven’t been around for over a month now. Man did not know it was that long. I started working 50 hours a week for a bit again. Doing 6 days. I would drop him off at work go to work, get off work pick him up and go home. As soon as we ran around doing what we had to do we get home and I would make dinner and clean up. By then it would be after 9. I just wanted to shower and fall into bed and that is what I did most nights.
I have had to rent a car for 8 days why my truck was in the shop and all of a sudden while trying to get it back and return the car I get a call police are at my house.
My mother had called them and she was such a mess they wanted to Baker act her but didn’t have enough to do it. She said she would go then refused. I had to deal with that then go drop the car get the truck. From there go get my things at his house where I been staying the last few months go home. I have been home since the week before Thanksgiving dealing with her and all the bs that is her and goes with her.
To top it off my meds I got on in September stopped working in anyway shape or form. I was a mess, crying over everything, mad or angry over the least little thing. Very moody. Very depressed. I couldn’t see the docker until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving in bed and crying feeling so low and depressed. I wasn’t sleeping and tired all the time. They up me to 300 instead of 150. Today I thought about it and think it is working. I noticed i have slept the last few nights and feel better in the day. Not 100% but huge difference.
My page on here all of a sudden changed the way I have to write my post and things I really don’t care for it. It seems harder on my phone now.

Hopefully I will be around more often again. I did really good keeping up on here then slipped a little. Got back at it and just fell down the rabbit hole of life. I really need to be on here more. It helps me feel better to write and get things out.
So that is the bigger pain in the ass taking up my time things I have been dealing with. There is other news to come in the next few post. I will let you all in on one of those light bulb moments I had the other day, my trip away for the day, and big plans for the new year.

{May 3, 2019}   Talked to Mr. Responsible

The other night at work, I think Tuesday I went outside and was sitting and I messaged him. We started talking, I asked him what meds he was on when he came out of the hospital? He said he didn’t know a list. I told him what I was thinking that he was holding fluid, he said he gets rid of plenty of fluid. I said yeah but still might be. We talked back and forth he said I was on a blood pressure. I said that will make you get rid of fluids. I said I don’t know but it makes since because you started gaining about then and can’t lose and you don’t eat a lot and working all the time. I said I think you really need to get that checked out and look into it. He said yeah he probably should and thanks for looking out or bringing it up. I said you have them babies that need you, you need to take care of yourself. He said yeah I just need to find time to go to the doctor. I told him I knew how that was.

So I don’t know I hope he thinks about it and goes in to see what is up or what is going on. Because if that is what it is, it is pretty bad. I did what I could and brought it up to him. I tried last time to get him to go but he just said he was alright and it was this or that. But this time when I said that and we were talking he seem like he was thinking about it and go.

{May 16, 2018}   Insurence Mess

I received a text today saying my medication was ready. My new one I started last month for depression. I was already on my way there to get Little Bitty’s filled. I got there and ask them for it and how much it was going to be. I figured $30 maybe. It was $68. I had to tell them I couldn’t get it right now.

Not that I had the $30 to spend either but I was willing to figure it out because I need it and can see such a big difference when I take it. Plus I don’t want stop it cold turkey because my therapist said that the side effects I felt when I first started taking it I will most likely feel when coming off of it and maybe worse than when I started it. I also know that starting and stopping then can cause them not to work as good as they should either I don’t want that to happen either.

Then they took hers and told me that they dont take her insurance. As far as I knew they had canceled our insurance that is why my medication wasn’t covered. I took it to the other store and her insurance is good just mine and some of the other kids aren’t.

So I have spent 5 hours trying to get her 4 test and two medications since hers is good. We got the two medications and one test so far 😢.

I waited between the two stores almost an hour just to see if the insurance was good. While I waited on the 2nd one to do what they had to do, I went home and took a fast shower. I woke up to being puked on. By the time I cleaned the bed got Little Bitty showered and cleaned up all I could do was wipe up and change clothes so I could get kids to school. I went through the drive through at the stores so I didn’t have to go in. By time I was out of the shower they said her insurance was good.

We went over to get the x ray and bloodwork done they said it could be done as a walk in. We get there I ask if they could do the two heart test as well and they said yes. I gave them the paperwork they jad us sit down. In a little bit they call us up and tell me they don’t take her insurance.

We leave I call the hospital the paper the hear test were written for and ask them. They say they can do them all but the blood work and one of the heart test. The other heart test we have to go about 50 miles away to get done. I hung up and called the other hospital and tell them what 4 test we need and they say we can walk in for 3 of them but the other we have to set up. I ask if they can do the bloodwork for sure? They said yes we take her insurance we can do it. We grab a fast bite for lunch and fly over there to get them done.

We get there we only have time for the bloodwork and x ray before I have to leave to get the kids. I give them the paperwork tell them the two I want today and the other two I want to get Friday if I can set that up why I am there. They give me the bloodwork papers back and tell me I have to go to X to get it done not there. I ask why because I was told there since they take her insurance. I am just told they can’t do the bloodwork the insurence will only pay for us to go to X to get it. I say fine give her the x ray and set up the other two. We can’t set up the other two we will have to fax it over you will have to call in!! What? Why? I am standing in the building where it is going to be done. I will have to talk to you before we go to get it done like now, but I have to call to get it set up? Why? We did the x ray and left.

I went by the place to do the bloodwork but they were packed. I knew we would not be out in time. I called to set up her other two test. The lady says okay I have the paperwork but I can’t set it up for Friday. Because of the insurence we have to set it up 14 days out. Of course that fell on a Tuesday work day. So we set it up for That Thursday. I am going to call Friday and see of they have the okay back yet and move it up if they do. Tomorrow we go for bloodwork and the ekg of my mom don’t have anywhere to go. I give her Thursdays to get what she needs done taken care of since I am the one who has to take her to do it. If she has stuff to do then we will go Friday.

I figure if the EKG shows anything the doctor is worried about she can give a new order for stat test and they will have to do it same day or with in 24 hours I think it is. If Ibhad known she still had her insurance I wouldnof done this already, I have been waiting on it to be fixed.

I have to call them tomorrow find out why it isn’t because I need my medication. I don’t know what I will do. I had 5 left when I took mine today. I know I missed one maybe two but that is all. I guess they just get it to you a few days ahead of time, gives you time to get there and get it. I may have to see how much it will be for just a weeks worth until it gets fixed and try to but that.

{April 29, 2018}   The Best Medication

I have been on this new medication for about a week now, maybe a few days more. I have to say I feel so much better, maybe better than I have ever really felt. I wasn’t sure about taking it at first, then asked my really good friend I was really not sure.

But I took it anyway, the first night was hell. I think it was a combination of the pill, pms and just being depressed already. I was worried things would get worse the more I took. But I have kept taking it anyway. I kind of forgot about it, taking it has just become a . I just take it and forget it. The last few days I noticed, I am sleeping better at night, I wake up feeling like I slept, I feel good when I wake up. I don’t feel like I am forcing myself to get up and do things. I just do them. I don’t feel like I just want to go back to bed all the time or like i want to be in bed. I hope it last and I don’t have to chang again. I don’t feel depressed or down and things. It’s like this huge thing has been lifted off me. I almost feel like I have been sleeling all this time and now I have woke up.

It’s nice to feel goid even with things like not getting that job happening, I was upset but it was a different kind of upset. It felt normal not extreme, like I feel kg is a lot of times.

{April 21, 2018}   Back on Medication

I went to the doctor for something back in January, can not remember for the life of me why because I never go. But I did and they gave me paperwork for blood work. I went and finally got it about a week ago, I forgot about it and lost the papers for a while. It was to check my thyroid because I have not been to the specialist like I was supposed to of went to a year or more ago. I couldn’t find one close I didn’t have time to mess with it.

They called the other day said the doctor wanted me to come back in to talk about my blood work. I asked if it showed anything more than what the last ones did and they wouldn’t tell me. I went in yesterday and it was just the same as before everything looks good but my thyroid. She says but we treat at a 4 or something and yours is a 6. It’s been right at a 6 for years. She said she did not think it was high enough to treat. I know when you research it they say it shouldn’t be over 2 and that isn’t great but the high end of okay. I didn’t get into it with her. I just told her I had nod-gels on it and that my grandma had half hers taken out and my aunt had cancer that had to be treated. I told her they wanted me to see a specialist but I didn’t because I couldn’t find one. She said she was going to rewrite the paperwork for one. A girl came in the room to tell me when I needed to come in again and set it up and make sure I got the paperwork I needed. They are also sending me to the OB/GYN for the thing in my uterus and birth control. I do not understand why they can not give me the birth control right there but they only write for pills and the shot, if I want anything different then I have to go see the other. I don’t even know that I want to get it now but guess I will get this other thing checked out.

The lady was really nice who came in to get everything to me and all that. She said she was giving me the papers for the thyroid I needed to see someone. I told her that I didn’t go because I couldn’t find anyone to see me she said oh I will do that. I said you can I asked before they told me no it was up to me to figure out. She said no I will find you one and send the paperwork to them they should contact you for an appointment. She called me back later said she had one but I needed the ultrasound done again before they would see me. She is faxing it over to get it then going to set it up with the other place.

While the doctor was in there I told her I was on the lexapro and what happen when it stopped working and I tried to get something else. She talked to me for a little bit and said she wanted to give me something for depression and that it would help with my concentration. She said the only bad thing was that it could cause my anxiety to be worse. We talked about that I feel that my anxiety is okay but that I am having more of a problem with depression. I felt it was more depression before they kept telling me anxiety. My anxiety is different when it is bothering me. I don’t know how to explain it. But even then I can get it under control it don’t really cause problems in my day to day life. Where as with the depression like I told her I know I have stuff to do but I just want to stay in bed. I have to force myself to get up and leave my house so I don’t stay in bed but even then I don’t do the things I need to do. I avoid it and do other things unless it is life work I will force myself to go there. Even then like with the shop where I don’t really answer to anyone come and go when I want if I want I have been really slacking there not going not wanting to go.

She gave me wellbutrin xl, I took it yesterday afternoon, I do not like the way I felt last night at all by about 9 or so. I don’t know if it was from the pill or what. I was just so pissed off and upset. It was all I could do to keep from crying I just wanted to get away from everything and everyone. I wanted to just leave work in the middle of my shift. Nothing really happen to make me that way. I got lost on one of my runs, not really lost I just had a hard time seeing the addresses because it was so dark and where I was at. I was talking to Starfish from the shop as well nothing really going on we were talking on the phone while I was driving. I made off hand comment about my lights needing fixed and things. But nothing really to put me in the mood I all of a sudden in. We talk about the truck and all that is wrong and things all the time I don’t get that way. I have one if not two runs that are a pain in the ass to find I get aggravated for a minute find it and everything is fine. Last night I was ready to lose it. I felt like I wanted to go into a rage and cry all at the same time. I keep thinking taking one pill wouldn’t do all that, but then I keep thinking that I never take anything and when I do take things it effects me a lot faster and a lot more than most because I don’t take things. I had forgotten about taking the pill until later even. I asked my friend that works with me if he ever taken it he said he stays away from if because of all the bad side effects. He said his wife took it and was allergic to it and was horrible. I know it takes a while for it to get in your system and start working like it should and even out. She said I am on a lower dose it’s 150. I just don’t know if I can handle this for 4 to 8 weeks for it to even out. I hope that it was just one bad night just because an nothing to do with the pill.

I will swing in moods at times or get to thinking about things or something will happen and I will be pissed off and upset and say things and want to go do things or go do things. But last night was just different feeling all together, than how I am when I get that way. I didn’t like it. Why must I deal with all this on top of all that I have to deal with already? I guess one or the other was’t enough.

{September 5, 2017}   Things To Work Out

I haven’t seen my therapist in a month or more. She was out on vacation and then came back for a day and was out do to surgery. I am truly not sure when she is going to be back in the office again and seeing people. I think tomorrow but I am not sure, I have to call tomorrow and see. I have been in and went in to try and get in to talk to someone else why she was gone and they couldn’t find anyone for me to talk to. I ask to talk to the lady I was seeing before her they said she didn’t have anything and no one else really did either. I really need to get in to talk to someone but haven’t.

I went to my training at the abuse shelter where I have to do my 50 hours for school a few weeks ago and really needed to talk to someone. I still need to talk to someone before I go back and will need to know I have someone I am able to talk to when I start going again. I can’t go a month or more without it right now while going there.

I went that first day for training and we only ended up being there half a day and when I left I was almost in tears. I spend the rest of the day fighting tears and to not just bust out and start crying. I went from there to the shop and almost got into it with one the the guys there for stupid she he was saying about his ex and child support and things. I just let him run his mouth didn’t say anything because I knew I just start if I tried to. Even when I was sitting there alone I still fought it.

To say I was shocked, surprised and caught off guard from it is an understatement. I did not expect just training to effect me the way it did and we really didn’t go over a lot. Well I guess we did go over a lot and some heavy stuff I guess you would say. But to me it wasn’t because I been there I been through it. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just different. I guess because some of the women were surprised and shocked at the things these women go through and the things these guys will do to them. Because they have never been through it, they have never known anyone that have been through it and some are not in school to do the stuff some of us are. So it was a real shock or eye opener to them that this is really the things some go through and how they live, that some don’t make it out and how hard it is to get out.

I guess just hearing it talked about and hearing someone validate that yes this is the kind of things that really happen and yes the guys try to make you feel crazy and make you look crazy and will play the one being abused even. Just really talking about it even though we weren’t talking about personal stories or anything like that to talk about it and not have it feel taboo or like it was your fault and just hear people talk about it like it is normal every day topic of conversation (guess for them it is) and not shy away from it was very different for me. Even with my friends, family, ex’s and things like that it wasn’t something I could really talk about and what happen and how he did me. It’s just not something you talk about, it makes others unconformable, they don’t get it because they have never been there, you sound petty because they don’t understand some of it and how they do.

That few hours made me see that I have a lot to still deal with and I guess I kind of knew that already but didn’t know how much I really need to work through. Because like as much as I would love to meet someone I’m truly scared to death to, someone will bring up this person or that or a friend and it’s like oh that sounds so nice. But then when it gets into oh I should introduce you or they are going to be here or there come by I can’t. I know what I want and things but I feel like if I stick to that it will be okay. but then at the same time it’s like no way look at all that you been through it don’t matter how you go about it, slow you go or what your going to get hurt. I feel ill just thinking about going on a date.

I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get in to see her either Wednesday or Thursday and talk to her. I am also going to tell her that I am not happy about not being able to talk to someone why she was gone I was told she would have someone to cover and that I could not get in. That I need to find somewhere else if I can’t be seen when I need too. I feel like I have slipped so far back between that, my meds being messed up, my mom being here and being into it with her, and not taking my meds now. I haven’t in weeks or more for different reasons. They seem like they had stopped working again. I was aggravated with everything else going on as well and sick of the way i was feeling from them and everything else going on I stopped taking them.

{June 5, 2017}   Still Not Working

I called Wednesday to get an appointment to get my medication adjusted or changed. They told me that they didn’t have anything for weeks with the one nurse that I see. I told them what it was for even and they still acted as if it was no big deal. I told her I also seen the other doctor and could I get in with him. She looked and said the only thing she had with him was the next morning at 8:30 am. I told her I would take it, I had to get something done right away it had already been a week or more. I had to get the kids up early get them to daycare early and get about 20 miles away to the doctor. I got there about 10 minutes early so I was glad because I woke up a little late.

I sat there an my time came and went, this lady came in about ten minutes past when I was told to be there and said she was supposed to be there at 9 to see the same doctor. Well in about ten more minutes they came and took her back. It wasn’t even 9 yet and I was still in the waiting room. I waited a while longer and finally after 9 they took me to a room. The tech was rude and really getting on my last nerve I woke up really sick and in a bad mood because all I wanted to do was sleep buy drug myself up there and now it is past my time by over 45 minutes. I ended up sitting there until 930 before the doctor came in. He talk to me said to double the medication I am taking and he was adding another to it because I have two different things going on and I needed a different medication because the one only helped with the other not both. I told him I woke up feeling pretty sick the kids all had strep could he check me he said sure and did. He gave me medications for that as well. He spend about 10 or 15 minutes with me wanted to know if I had my thyroid checked and why, then wanted to know if I had blood work lately. I told him no he said to go get it done they needed to check it again since I had not been anywhere to get it taken care of yet. I told him I can’t hardly find a doctor. He said he knows he don’t think the healthcare is right the way they do things and people not being able to see doctors and get help. We talked about kids and different things. He asked if I was seeing the therapist there I told him no I was seeing someone closer to home, he said keep going and to come see him again in a month.

I forgot to pick my medications up before I came home that evening so I waited  to get them. I had the one I been taking so I just started taking two of them until I could get the other. Well I looked up the new one and every where I see says not to take the new one and the one I am on already together there could be major drug interactions. I called the drug store and talked to them there about it and he said no not to do it and that he would not do it. He said to go back and get something else. This was Friday morning, I called the doctors office and talked to the nurse I told her what was wrong that my medication was not working he told me to double it but that I also needed something else I feel I need something else as well but that they said do not take the two together so I need him to change one or both of them and let me know when they called something in for me. Well they never did. Here I sit all weekend still only taking the one and it still isn’t working after doubling it. I would think the way I react to medication and this one on the lower dose that I would feel something doubling it like that all at once and I don’t. I am still sleeping as much as I can and not doing anything. I want to get things done around here I just can’t hold my eyes open to do it. I took the pill early and went to bed early got plenty of sleep but still after no time an hour or two if that I just want to lay down and not get up for hours.

I am going to call them back tomorrow and ask for the office manager because I am not going to be told I have to come back in when I was just there to get this taken care of. I have to start my new job tomorrow and go to the shop and do some stuff this week. I do not have time to come in there. The doctor should know what interacts with each other to a point or check if he don’t so this don’t happen. He had a guy right there following him with a computer doing other stuff he could of had him look it up if he didn’t know. It took me two seconds to find it. I am not going to wait days or weeks to get in or sit there for hours waiting to be seen. I don’t have time for that. That is why I don’t go 99% of the time because you come out with no help and nothing you need.

{May 31, 2017}   Stopped Working

I have not been around much because I have been so tired and hardly functioning for a week or more. I have been passing out at 10 or 11 pm, sleeping until 10 the next morning and then still laying around doing nothing until all hours of the after noon the last three days. I have been extra tired other days and laying around too but have had to get up go to work, shopping and other things. If I have to get up I will but if I don’t, I won’t. I feel like I sit there fighting to hold my eyes open it is so bad. I am starting to feel tired tonight but hadn’t up until a little bit ago and it is now 2 am. I have been back in my medication for a little bit now too and it is not knocking me out like it use to. It isn’t even making me sleepy when I take it. Most nights I forget to take it get up about 12 or so and take it then go back to bed. I have taken it in the morning a few times when I forgot to take it at night and it isn’t effecting me at all.

I do not think it is helping in any way at all anymore honestly, I feel like I did before I got on it, can’t sleep for days or weeks at a time then all I want to do is sleep for days at a time. I am so aggravated and annoyed by every little thing. The kids are driving me up the wall to the point I just want to walk out and leave or start drinking. I still don’t know what is up with the wanting to drink so bad when I get like this. That is new and I never had that before. I am calling tomorrow to get back in with the doctor to see if they can up my medication or if they have to change it to something else. I hope they get me in this week because I I don’t know if I can keep doing this like this. I know being sleepy just makes it worse because I just want to be left alone and not hear anything or deal with anything. I have to go to work tomorrow and I hope that everything goes smooth and nothing bothers me there and I don’t snap. I go see the therapist this week too. Maybe if they can’t get me in to the doctor to change it she can call them and tell them they need to phone something in or call me and do something not leave me hanging for to long to wait on getting this straight.

I was reading about my medication and it says it is good for short term use but not very long term use and that it is dosed at 5 and they told me the lowest was 10 and have me on 10. I think the pill comes in 10 but it is mint to be broken in half if need be and my doctor or therapist didn’t know that. It says that the max you can take is 20 but there was no real difference seen at 20 than 10 so basically if 10 isn’t working or you have been on it for very long they probably should change you to something else. I am kind of scared to take something else. But I have to take something because I can’t keep going like this.

I know the other therapist I was seeing said they start you out on a dose and then sometimes once it gets in your system they have to go back and up it a little or something like that but that you need to be on a lower dose for a week or two before they can do that. She said sometimes the lower isn’t enough. But I think that medications have such a affect on me they didn’t have to up it but now that I have been on it for so long it isn’t working anymore I have built up a tolerance to it. I know I do that pretty quick as well with most things. I wish I could see my other therapist again instead of the one I have. She is nice and everything but I still like the other one better. We just worked good together. I felt I got more out of my time when I seen the other than I do now.

I guess I need to go to bed and try to sleep tonight. Hope I am not flipping now and going to be up for days on end like the other week. Not sure witch would make for a longer day tomorrow. But I like having this job it gives me something to get up get out of the house and do.

I went to the other job interview I had Monday, it was a waste of time. I will tell you more about that later. I have to try and get some sleep now.

{May 15, 2017}   Time For Bed

I should be filling out papers to take to the courthouse tomorrow but I am not going until the after noon so I will do them in the morning. I am going to start my medication back tonight. I don’t know why I picked tonight it just seems like the time to do it. I was sitting here thinking about doing these papers and eating something but then I started to feel tired. I had the thought I should do them in the morning so I don’t mess anything up and not notice. I also then had the thought that it is probably still early enough I should go ahead and start my meds back. I have been able to tell for a while that I need too I just haven’t done it but I have to sometime it should probably be now. Then maybe I will get better about it again. With it getting dark later will help with it some too maybe. I don’t know guess we will see. I just hope that I can file everything tomorrow. I have to make a list before I go to bed of everything I have to make sure I have with me in order to do it like his address to his job.

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