{November 12, 2016}   About to Lose It

My Little Bitty is sick, she has been sick since last weekend and been to the doctor three times since last Saturday. Last weekend she had  high fever in the night so I took her to the weekend clinic for kids and they said she was fine. Her ears weren’t infected like I was worried about. Virus or flue thing that is going around.

That was Saturday Monday she still wasn’t better and I had to take my Little Guy for a physical so I took her in to be checked by her doctor and she said the same as the other. We get to Thursday and she is rolling on the floor crying that her ear was hurting. After a miserable night with a cranky 3 year old we went back to the doctor yesterday and now she has an ear infection. The last three days have been hell with her. I love her to death but she is making everyone miserable. She is whining about everything and whining is a huge pet peeve of mine.

We had meltdown about sharing popsicles with her brothers because they are Elsa and Elsa is for girls not boys. It don’t matter that they shared the ice cream they got with her. As I write this she is having a fit for me to open bubbles for her to blow in the house. Whatever she thinks of or bothers her next she finds a reason to melt down over it.

I have somethings to do outside I am going to take her out and hope she finds something to do without melting down for a little bit. I am about ready to run away.

{January 26, 2015}   Free Whiny Children

Every since we found out my dad was sick and my little guy broke his arm all he wants to do is whiny. 24/7 none stop whiny cry and throw a fit over anything and nothing. If he opens his mouth he is whining, hell if he is awake he is whining. Now my little bitty is picking up on it. She isn’t so much whining as she is aggravating him to make him whiny. I guess she thinks it is funny or neat to get a rise out of him.

My patents for it is 0 none existent right now. It just sends me through the roof as soon as he opens his mouth. I try to be understanding but when it is just for no reason at all or he just flat out don’t listen. Yesterday when we were there to see my dad he ran all over his room and whined about everything. I tell him to stop he keep it up. Today we were really early for our appinment he needed to go to the bathroom. We stopped at a little shop to look around and let him go. He had a huge fit because I wouldn’t buy this action figure for $3. I didn’t have that much on me I picked up a few books we could use for school and let them each get a figure. They had some for fifty cent. They really didn’t need that we just had Christmas but I was being nice.

At the therapist he had a fit because he dumped this bag of little stuff out and it was all over the floor and he didn’t want to pick it up. We couldn’t even make it through dinner with out him and his sister fighting. She isn’t even 2 you are 4 simply ignore her. But he had to scream cry and have a melt down. Of-course she thought this was great and kept it up.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me I should ignore it and handle it different but right now it just greats on that last sliver of nerve that is hanging on by a already cut thread. I end up yelling at them. Her for bothering him and him for having such a fit about it. It really makes nothing better. I just had to put him at one table and her another so they could eat their dinner. All I could do is move them a way from each other.

I know I am just way to stressed over everything that is going on. I’m not sleeping good. Saturday night up in the night I finally took something for the first time in a can’t tell you when I had to take something for pain and to help me sleep. I just hurt all over even my mouth was hurting. I was so tired and wore out but restless and hurting I couldn’t sleep. Even getting a break from them right now isn’t really a break because I am spending it with my dad or dealing with stuff. I’m not complaining about that I want to spend time with him. I wish I could spend more with him that the kids weren’t there jumping around acting like animals and bothering him. I’m just saying that right now there really is no break or time for a break. I can’t fully de-stress.

I know my little guy is angry over grandpa being sick. He told the lady the other day he was when she asked if he was sad about grandpa being sick. He said no I’m angry. I know he is having a hard time because of his arm being broke and not being able to do things with it. I just don’t know what to do for him. He still has another 3 weeks pretty much before he can get it off if you count this week. And grandpa that isn’t ever easy to deal with.

I love them to death and am trying to be as understanding as I can. But when they both get started and she is starting with him or pestering him just to make things worse. I just want to call someone up and be like come and get them or just leave myself.

Ah as I am finishing this up melt down number 1000,000,00,….. Because we had pizza for dinner, there was once slice left. My son came in and wanted it I gave it to him. Knowing that my little guy isn’t going to eat any more and that my little bitty isn’t. Little guy melts down full fit I wanted that I was going to eat the last piece of pizza. Now he has it he ate off of it he is eating it. As loud as he can be of-course. I said ok fine if you want more I will get more not a big deal. Yeah get more I want more. Two minutes later he finishes his pizza and takes his plate to the sink. I said do you want more? No I’m full I don’t need more. I said so you don’t want any more. Nope all done. But two minutes ago it was the end of the world because his brother ate the last slice of pizza. REALLY? This is what I am dealing with.

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