{December 7, 2020}   Still Here Just Dealing With Life

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and are getting into Christmas.
Sorry I haven’t been around for over a month now. Man did not know it was that long. I started working 50 hours a week for a bit again. Doing 6 days. I would drop him off at work go to work, get off work pick him up and go home. As soon as we ran around doing what we had to do we get home and I would make dinner and clean up. By then it would be after 9. I just wanted to shower and fall into bed and that is what I did most nights.
I have had to rent a car for 8 days why my truck was in the shop and all of a sudden while trying to get it back and return the car I get a call police are at my house.
My mother had called them and she was such a mess they wanted to Baker act her but didn’t have enough to do it. She said she would go then refused. I had to deal with that then go drop the car get the truck. From there go get my things at his house where I been staying the last few months go home. I have been home since the week before Thanksgiving dealing with her and all the bs that is her and goes with her.
To top it off my meds I got on in September stopped working in anyway shape or form. I was a mess, crying over everything, mad or angry over the least little thing. Very moody. Very depressed. I couldn’t see the docker until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving in bed and crying feeling so low and depressed. I wasn’t sleeping and tired all the time. They up me to 300 instead of 150. Today I thought about it and think it is working. I noticed i have slept the last few nights and feel better in the day. Not 100% but huge difference.
My page on here all of a sudden changed the way I have to write my post and things I really don’t care for it. It seems harder on my phone now.

Hopefully I will be around more often again. I did really good keeping up on here then slipped a little. Got back at it and just fell down the rabbit hole of life. I really need to be on here more. It helps me feel better to write and get things out.
So that is the bigger pain in the ass taking up my time things I have been dealing with. There is other news to come in the next few post. I will let you all in on one of those light bulb moments I had the other day, my trip away for the day, and big plans for the new year.

{January 25, 2017}   If I Go Missing

No need to send the search party to look for me, it will be, because WordPress won’t let me on. The last couple times I tried to pull the site up it wouldn’t come up. Just a big circle with a w in the middle. I think this is what Tabi said hers did and she had trouble posting and things. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this and I can get it taken care of rather quickly here. I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix it before it blocks me all the way. I do not have time to look for it this morning but I will look more tomorrow. I will try to get on from my phone but then it is a mess and pain to do. I have hard time seeing I really need to get my glasses. But anyway I will try to be back after I get kids feed bathed and in bed tomorrow. They should be tired from getting up early and spending all that time walking around on our trip. Just thought I would let you all know I may get sucked into the wordpress pit and not be around for a bit. Crossing everything and hoping not.

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