As you all know if you read my other post, Little Bitty went to work with me Thursday to my day job. She had her teeth looked at and I dropped her at home. I went back to work. Well then few hours later they called and said she couldn’t go to the bathroom. She said it burnt and hurt.

It was 4:30 then, I called my other job and told the boss I was going to be late. I told him I should be in at 7.

I then seen it was 4:30 and asked the owner at my other job if I could go ahead and go. He said yes, that if I couldn’t make it Friday to let him know as soon as I knew or could. I told him I would be there. He sounded surprised and said something. I said I will be here don’t worry. He just said okay.

I ran picked her up and took her to the doctor’s. I did not get out of there until 7 or close to it. I was in such a mood and so upset with the death, fighting with the winch, Bitty being sick. I was just done, I wanted to go to the lot and quit. I but knew I couldn’t. I figured I was going to get fired or jumped all over anyways it get nasty I end up not there.

I went right there from the doctor’s office to talk to them. I was all but in tears by the time I got there. Mr. Auto was there and the other guy. The other guy stayed to cover for me.

We went in I walked over and talk to him. Thanked him for covering for me and ask if he could cover the rest of my hours for the night? He said yes it was okay. I still had to get her meds and get her home. He talk to her ask how she felt and gave her candy.

We walked over and talk to Mr. Auto he had finished with his customers. He talked to her and gave her a handful of candy. We left so we could get her meds before they closed.

Friday I went to work ready for my lecture and lashing for missing half the day and bringing her to work. The one owner and the fill in guy had already left they had to get an early start we had a lot of appointments for the day. He called for something and before he told me what he needed or anything he asked how my little one was. If she was feeling better? Then told me what he needed to about work.

Later Pop’s son came in I was surprised with his mom just passing the day before. I thought this is it, he must be really mad he came in with all that is going on to see me. He come in and said I have to pay you they aren’t going to be back in time and he ask what I had worked the day before. Then he came in said hows your little girl? Is everything okay now? I told him. I also told him sorry to hear about his mom. He left. He wasn’t mad or anything.

I went back to working on my project I had been working on when he left. In a little bit I get a text, it was from the guy who covered my shift the night before.

He asked how Little Bitty was doing and how I was doing. He said I looked really upset and things the night before when we were in.

When I got off and headed for my other job I was preparing myself for dealing with the boss when I got there. He had already went home when I stopped the night before. He is nice but can have a temper or adduttude if he don’t like something.

I went in and just went straight back to his office to talk to him. I walked up and he said hi, how are you? How is your daughter, did you get everything taken care of? Ii said yes and sorry for missing the whole night. He said good and went on talking about other things.

It is nice to be looked at as a person who has a life outside of work. Not that your life is work. You aren’t just a body to fill a position like most places. Had that been my last job or most others I been yelled at told I was going to lose my job and that I needed to take care of that on my day off even though I only had weekends off when doctores are closed. I always do everything I can on my days off or give notice way ahead of time untless an emergancy like that comes up.

{October 19, 2017}   I Fucked Up

I can not believe what I have done. I had two exams to take for one of my classes that were due today. Well I was going to do them last night but didn’t get a chance to and figured no big deal I would get them after work this evening. I just finished eating and sat down to do them, I logged in and they are locked I can’t get into them. I don’t know how but it completely slipped my mind that I had to have them done by the AM today. They were due at 7:30 this morning. Every class I have but this one is due that night by 11:5 pm. His class is the only one that I have ever had that is that way. Between dealing with work and trying to get everything worked out I never even thought of it. Now even if I made a perfect score on everything and I know there is no way I will make a perfect score on everything I still will not pass the class. I feel so sick right now I think I am going to puke. I emailed the teacher and just told him I really messed up I just started this job, I knew they were due today but just was not thinking about what time until I just sat down to do them and couldn’t get in. I ask if there was anyway at all I could do them and get them into him tomorrow that I would get them as soon as I got off work tomorrow evening. I just pray really hard that he lets me do it and gives me until tomorrow evening to get them done.

I need to get so things done tomorrow for work so I am going to be getting off early if I even go in. I will try to get them done sooner but I do not know how long everything is going to take me. I can not believe this I am so mad, I am ready to just give up because I can’t get everything I need to get done, done. I am so stressed with everything going on I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I need to finish because I cam this far and am so close but it is causing so much stress. I keep thinking that if I just get through it I could get a better job but I just don’t know if I can. Work says school comes first but then when I say I need to do this or that for school they get made. Even though I am still sitting there doing nothing but looking at the wall and can’t do anything they get mad. You would think they would be happy that I wanted to take off and do things they wouldn’t have to pay me to sit there and do nothing but they don’t care. Before they were making people go home.

{January 18, 2016}   Made It To Work

I made it to work today and no one said anything. My boss didn’t get there until two hours after me and she never said anything when she came in. Sitting there with the headphones on started making my head and face hurt. I hold them and move them around as much as I could but I didn’t want them to say anything for not being on the phone so I mostly had to keep them on. I keep myself in call back and training most the day because I just didn’t feel good and couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. I was in ready for part of the day I got a call. I swear I felt so lost and know the lady was getting aggravated with me I had to ask her the same thing a few times. I couldn’t help her with what she wanted anyway because they had her enrolled in two plans and she wanted to know what the difference in them were and why she couldn’t have the cheaper of the two. The one she was telling me it was listed as I do not have a plan under that to sell her so I told her she would need to talk to billing tomorrow. They were closed today for Martin Luther King Day. She insisted on being transferred because she just talked to someone from there. So I gave her the number and transferred her. At that point I knew I did not want to deal with anyone else and when I was looking around half the center was up wondering around chit chatting or sitting on red doing something else so I decided that until I was told what I was supposed to be doing I was going to stay off the phone. Because when it came down to it no one had told me what I should be doing at all. Some of our team was doing call backs, some roll playing and others just taking calls. They all had been given stuff to do the last few days that I hadn’t been there.

I took my fifteen on time in the morning then took my lunch an hour early since we can take them whenever right now. I went out to the truck and laid down for about twenty five minutes then went back in and clocked in. I felt better for a little while but it didn’t last long having to put the headphones back on my head.

In a little bit my boss came around and I asked her about when they would let the rest of us know what we would be on and if they were going to get rid of me because I missed all this time the last couple weeks. She said no not to worry about it. I told her I had two notes where I been to the doctor and what they gave me and how much and she was floored. She said it had to be really bad. I said it was and I feel a lot better but I am hurting. She said why don’t you stay until you have your daycare paid for the day and then go home. I said I don’t have to worry about that they are with their dad because they are all sick too so he had to stay home with them. She said oh then if you want you can go and just stay late and make it up. I asked her if I wanted to take off tomorrow and have her put me in for Saturday instead if it was going to look bad or make a difference and she said no. She said just go today and if you don’t come in tomorrow and call the leave line I will put you in for Saturday. She asked what time Saturday I wanted to work. I told her to just put me in at my normal eight to four thirty if she had to do that. When I left I told her I was going to try to make it in tomorrow but if I didn’t to go ahead and put me in for Saturday because I have no other chose but to work at that point pain or not pain. I knew I had the kids this evening and I couldn’t take anything for the pain when I got off at normal time and got home it would just get worse. I told her I wanted to come home take something for the pain give it time to work and sleep a little since it knocks me out before I had to get them at my normal time I get off.

I was surprised father of the year didn’t split and go to work this morning and not stay with the kids but he didn’t. He said he called the guy and told him that all the kids were sick and that I had been really sick and missed all this time already at work I couldn’t miss more. That he had to stay home with them because the sitter couldn’t watch them sick. Said the guy said he understood that was out of his control that he would see him Wednesday. At least he didn’t lose it but if he had there isn’t anything I could do about it. I can’t lose my job when I am the only one who pays stuff and he has no interest in taking care of the kids.

I was dissapointed but not all that surprised when I got to work, training for what I wanted to work on started today. So I didn’t get that. But I really can’t say I’m surprised most everyone who got on it were people who had been on the phones a lot longer than we have been. One guy from our team got on it but that was it. There was another guy from our team who I guess wanted on it and he wasn’t happy he wan’t. The guy who did get on said everyone but one person showed up for training and he didn’t think they were going to keep them on it. The guy who wanted on was asking the trainer if there was a chance he could get that spot. She told him she would check and see. I am kind of glad I didn’t get it because I am so sick and things but I just hope I get qa if on one of the other jobs and not back on the phone. I guess I will find out tomorrow or Wednesday when I go back.

My team lead also told me when I was talking to her about the time I missed and things that they are letting them say who goes and who stays. She said there are 3 on our team. Then said well 4 I’m sure you know who the three are and probably the 4th. I said oh yeah S, B, P and J. She said yeah. They are ones who come in late if they come in at all and who only work a couple hours and then leave and are hardly ever on the phone if they are there. J is on the phone and dose what she is supposed to do but she just hardly ever shows up, she shows up a couple days out of the week every week if she shows up at all. I figure she is the maybe. I figure she is getting rid of the other three off the top as soon as she can then if they tell her she has to get rid of one more she will be the one to go. But she is thinking she may keep her if she don’t have to get rid of that extra person. We lost another one Friday who left to do another job and then one who is just waiting for them to tell her it is her last day. She is just waiting to get her bounce for being hired and her bounce for staying the project out or until they tell her she is done with the project.

She also said they are looking more at who was there for the major time of this job and was on time didn’t miss to many days and things like that. So mostly the month of December that I was on the floor and I think I only missed one day that wasn’t planed and I had a note for it.

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