{November 1, 2016}   A Night Out

Father of the Year finally made it over Friday night to do his birthday with the kids. I left and went out with my friend. The kids made cake and brownies. They got the new Ghost busters and star wars movies to watch said that was his gift watching movies with them. I am find with that. I don’t think he liked it to much but I don’t really care. They put it all together and decided on everything. If they had ask to get a gift I would have taken them to get something little. I am not spending a ton on him but $5 or $10 I would have gave them. I know what it means to them to do stuff for the holidays. But they didn’t, I hadn’t even said anything about gifts and my 6 year old said and now we got the movies to watch as for his gift. I wasn’t going to tell him that wasn’t a good enough gift they needed to go find something else. He was very excited about it and proud of himself. He could’t wait to spend time with him that is all he wanted so if it was good enough for a 6 year old it should be for a grown man. Right?

Me and my friend started out at the pizza place by my house, we got a sub and sat to eat it there. The place we wanted to go and was supposed to meet her friend out had a cover until 9. I’m sorry I am going in these places and paying to drink and that isn’t cheap I am not paying to walk in the door as well. $10 buys two drinks or more depending on what you are drinking. I prefer shots but will drink some mixed drinks like Jack and coke or long island ice-tea. Sometimes I will get the Smirnoff in the bottle and sip when I don’t want to drink to much because I have to drive. Anyway we got in and it was dead, really dead and it didn’t look like they expected anything to really go on. Half the place was closed off and everyone was just kind of standing or sitting around. There were a few people line dancing that was it. We had an Apple Pucker found out her friend wasn’t coming and left.

From there we went back toward home since we were a little ways from there. We stopped at this little bar that has been there forever but neither of us had ever been to and went in there. They had a few more people an people coming in but the music was horrible and we knew no one. No one had anything to say we sat at the bar and the it took the bar tender forever to get to us. I was about to leave when she finally decided to stop hanging out and talking and come down to us. My friend requested something different then everyone was up and acting stupid and shit. I guess they didn’t like we asked to play something else. We finally got our fireball we ordered and left.

She wanted to go somewhere they played country I had no idea where because most places around here don’t anymore. I told her I knew about this place way out north of us that was supposed to but I had never been in there and hadn’t heard anyone talk about it since me and RC were together, but I knew he use to go there and it was a country place. We went up there it was busy and they had good music. We sat there and talked for an hour or so until about 1 something and left. I did not want to be pulling out of there at 2 am when they closed.

We left there and went over to my friend J’s house. I had ask her to go with us but she said she could’t. She had called me when we were on our way to the first place and text me a few times. My friend with me said she was probably sleeping I said oh well we will knock on her door until she answers. She is up late most nights anyway and her husband comes and goes all hours of the night and day for work. So we went barging in and she was up. We ended up sitting on her porch until 4 in the morning. We sat there laughing and carrying on, all the while the odd guy down stairs sitting down there listening. When we first went out he asked for a smoke, my friend J told him that she didn’t smoke. I told him we had one but it cost 75 cent. He said ok why don’t you give it to me and I will go in and get your money. I said oh no not happening I’m not stupid and last I checked I don’t have fool written across my forehead. He said okay, okay, I will go get it. A guy stopped us outside of one of the little stores and asked us to buy one said he had 50 cent then gave her 56 cent for one. I said hey look you made $1.31 on two smokes and a pack only cost $3.25. I told her maybe we should buy two packs next time keep on for her sell the second and have money to but a couple more packs.

I was shocked not one place we went did anyone come up and talk to us. Well other than some guy that came over kissed her on the top of the head and gave her a high five. Most the time I go places a few people come over talk but some drinks and stuff. Not Saturday no one said anything to us. I don’t know if it was because every where was doing their Halloween stuff and we weren’t dressed up or what. But we decided that we liked the last place we went and if or when we get to go out again we are just going to go there first instead of other places then there.

I got home at 5:45 as Father of the Years alarm was going off for work. Then he started about how late it was and me being up all night, was I going to be able to take care of the kids and be up with them. He needed to stay home and everything else. I told him I was fine and to stop looking for an excuse not to go to work. I told him I didn’t care if he went or not but if he didn’t he wasn’t staying here and blaming it on me he was leaving. He finally went to work, he was so worried we never heard anything from him until almost 5 that night. Not that I wanted to hear from him at all but you would think if he was really that worried he would have called during the day to see if I was “awake” and the kids were okay.

It was nice getting out for a while and hanging out with friends. I am glad we ended up at the last place and that we stopped by my friend J’s place. She was depressed because everyone was out and having fun while she was sitting home alone all night. She was so glad to see us. I may have flashed the tow truck driver that lives in the building next to her while we were there. He is fine I been looking at him since he moved in a few months ago or more. But I think he lives there with someone I’m not sure. The next day I told her hey you know what as late as it is he probably isn’t thinking that you would have company over and me and her are about the same size. He probably thought it was her that flashed him. She was like oh my god gee thanks, that’s all I need. I said your welcome just let me know if you need anything else. I told her just don’t answer the door if there is a tow truck out front and if her hubby says anything blame it on me that what everyone else does. Hey at least this time it would be my fault.

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