{July 29, 2019}   Back To Mommy’s House

So Bff called me last night and said that Sleeping Beauty had been there with his mommy and they had gotten into it. She said she heard his mom say what did you not pay rent again? He told her he had paid rent and she was crazy and this that and the other like he does.

She said she was saying things and he was trying to close the door and telling her to hush and not tell his mother that. Shhe said she told him no she needed to know. He hurried up and got the he’ll out of there. He took the title to the muddy truck she bought. Told her he would go back today to get his stuff why she was at work. That if she changed the locks he could kick the door in and come in. If she messed with his stuff then he would have her arrested. I said nope can’t have you arrested and he don’t want that close of interaction with the police he isn’t calling them on anyone.

She posted something on line about friends and family who you can trust seeing people’s true colors and things. Everyone commented on it. I did was nice told her she knew who cared about her that we were all watching out for her and the kids and things. Everyone was.

Well Sleeping Beauty commented and said wow all you people are all fucked up and she needs help. Oh wrong thing to say. I commented and a friend commented. I said to her well this is the problem he uses this that and the other and put it all out there how he has nothing but talks about everyone uses everyone and wants to give advice on kids and dont support see or have anything to do with his own. Me and her are single moms have house vehicles jobs and all that he has nothing and a grown man with no one to pay for or worry about but does this to people.

He uncle liked my comments and said Sleeping Beauty is pretty funny messing with family and right here in our town and going to run his mouth. He better watch out.

I was surprised Sleeping Beauty never said anything else.

Bff messaged me today said he told her he just wanted her to know he didn’t go to work today he was home. He been up sick all night over all this and in out of the bathroom all night over it all.

I said yep withdrawal does that to you and stress from knowing everyone is against you and mad watching for you because of the way you have done people.

I told her she better not let him come back or feel sorry for him either. She said oh no he was out not coming back. I told her I think he is in worse than ever. I don’t think it is going to get better. This just put the bandaid back on it for a bit. He is to close to it all and its to in his face he dont want to get another job he won’t ever be out of it. He needs somewhere to go away from it all. She said she told his mom he needed help. That something bad was going to happen to him if he didn’t get it. He was telling her shut up dont say that dont tell her that.

I told her he has his issues he is dealing with until be seeks help and deals with them right he wont do anything but get worse. He needs to deal with his mental health problems.

{November 12, 2016}   The Things Kids Say

My oldest is 12.5 we have a Save A Lot just blocks away from us. If I just want a quick trip to the store without dragging everyone through the store I will have her run in why I sit in the car with the little ones. They have huge windows I can see all through most of the store and the only door to go in and out. This is the conversation we had while cooking dinner tonight. She had run in to grab fries and oil for tonight.

Oldest daughter/My Big Girl: I don’t like doing in the store?
Me: Why not?
My Big Girl: Because when I am trying to checkout people stick their stuff up on top of your stuff and try to push you out of the way.
Me: don’t let them says, I was here could you move your stuff.
My Big Girl: I just don’t like it.
Me: Use your voice don’t let people push you around or out of the way. Do I need to send your brother with you to handle the problem?
Oldest Son/My Big Boy(11 yo): What?
Me: Explains whats going on.
My Big Boy: I say excuse me I was here first could you please move your stuff?
Me gets up close to his face and says: NO I won’t what are you going to do about it?
My Big Boy: Tell my mommy
Me: Laughing so hard I almost cried.
My Big Boy: What is so funny your terrifying when you get mad and yell. you terrify me and I listen.

{January 5, 2014}   Proud Mommy

I am so proud of my big boy (8yrs) he told me a while back he wanted a collection of Wimpy kid books because his sister had them and she didn’t want to share. I said we would see. I ended up getting him the 3 book box set of the Big Nate books instead. His sister can get over herself and share. She touches and plays with anything of the boys that she wants don’t ask or anything else. Then if they want to look at or touch something of hers she has a fit. We don’t do that in this house.

But anyway he hadn’t had them out since he open them. Then Friday we went out and they all got in trouble so I didn’t let them watch t.v all day yesterday until last night for a little bit before bedtime. At 7 pm he was just about done with the first book and by about 11 he was done with the second book. He had read both of them books. He didn’t even watch t.v when I said they could. I was shocked about that because that is his one and only thing just about his t.v.

I couldn’t believe he would sit that long and read like that. I know a year or so a go he couldn’t have sat and read them like that. He has grown up so much and come such a long way since he started school.

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