{April 10, 2019}   3 A.M. Phone Calls

I met another one of our drivers last night at the trucking company. They were waiting on their trailer to get therr so they could leave out. He came in and was hanging out talking to us.

We were talking about me taking over and the other guy leaving and things. The driver says so I can call you and talk to you at 2 or 3 am then. He said I don’t call in to often with problems or anything like that. He said but you know you have that last 200 miles to go in the middle of the night you just need something to keep you going and awake. He said we can talk about anything I don’t even care at that point. I said oh well if I was here but I won’t be in here and I don’t have a phone for on call. He said you can still take my call keep me awake.

In a little bit the phone rang I answered it and it was one of the drivers he needed information I didn’t have. I put him on speaker so the guy training me could hear they were talking. He told him to hold on he had to call someone else ask them.

Why he was doing that the guy on the phone called me ask if I was still there. I said yes he asked if I was going to be working nights. I told him yes. I said evenings. He said oh good then can I call you at 3am? I said nope I won’t be here at 3am. He said but I can still call you. I said no because I go home at 10:30. He said something about once I get into full time. I said if he wants to put me on full time you can call at 3am if I am here I will answer. Handle all your problems for you. The other driver is sitting across from me laughing. The guy on the phone says you don’t have to be there for me to call you. You just have to answer no one else ever answered their phones. The one training me said dude she don’t have a phone for on call she was hired as in office. I said I have a full time job I work in the day time I can’t be on call. The guy on the phone said give it a few you will be full time and have a phone. I said I don’t know about that I guess we will see. I said if you all need me full time tell him he is only offering me part time it was made clear. He said yeah that won’t last.

He got his information and everything. I said okay you all good now have what you called in for? He said yes and something. I said okay then have a good night and remember no problems after 10:30 or your on your own to figure them out because I’m out at 10:30 get them all in before that.

The driver sitting there with me busted up laughing. The guy training me did. He said no I will still be here and he has my number too. I said see you blew it for yourself I had him down to no problems. I said okay you can call him with all your problems at 3am if you would like. I will be sleeping.

I got news for them they are not calling me all hours of the night if I am not in that office or getting paid to be on call. They aren’t my Circus or my monkeys after 10:30/12. By 3 I am finally getting to sleep myself to start my day over in 3 or 4 hours. Not like them where they get to get off for 12 or 13 hours before they are up again. I get that little window and then I am up again until that time the next night.

If they wanted to pay me decent I would do full time evenings over there. I could work at 3 but it would be from home the last few hours. I don’t want to work the days over there. The other guys I work with are alright but not ones I want to deal with work with all day and I would rather work the evenings than days anyway that seems to be when the drivers are wanting and needing someone. If I could do it on call from home they were paying me then I could keep my day job too. I be off at like 7am. I just tell them after 7 I am not answering my phone I’m off.

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