{February 11, 2020}   No Luck Finding A Place

I have about 5 weeks to move and need to give my 30 day note next week so they know I am leaving. The only problem is I can not find a place to move to that isn’t hundreds out of my budget.

I need a 3+ bedroom place that takes pets that is no more than $1000 a month. Our 1 bedrooms are starting at $800+ a month. The only thing I have found is down by my night job and I really do not want to live in that area at all. I hate the traffic and the drive in the morning is going to be horrible to get to my day job. I do not know what to do. Plus JW job is over by where we live now he would have to get there and back.

He keeps showing me others at higher prices I keep telling him I can’t. He says but I’m going to be there to help. I finally told him the other day, nothing against him but when I do this I have to know that I can cover rent and all my bills 100% on my own. Yes he will at some point be there to help. But what about until then? What about if something happens and he can’t or don’t come? What if one of us loses a job or something? What if something happen to one of us the other is stuck paying it on their own. If it was me he would be okay he could move. It was him I’m stuck, I can’t move and down size.

Like I told him too, i would like to get to working one job. I would like for him to get to doing a normal 40 hour week. Not working 6 days a week. I would like for us to still be able to save and do things aas well not just get by or maintain. He said yes he understood, I was right, he just wanted to see me and the kids get moved and be somewhere decent and not stuck where we are. That he would help as much as he could even before he moved in and things. But we shouldn’t put us out for more than we really need too.

I have 3 places to call about tomorrow I hope one of them comes through.

{March 30, 2019}   Getting On A Budget

I really want to get on a budget I said that in a post the other day when I was talking about starting this job.

I have been looking for an app I could set up a budget in, that tracks everything that I want in a way that I want. But I haven’t found that. I want one that tracks planed expenses and planned pay but doesn’t add your pay into the figures until you approve it the day it comes.

The one app I like I can put planed expenses in and it will take them out the day I set. But when I put planned pay in it adds it right away. I like it shows how much going out is coming up takes it away from your available money but tells you over all with it how much you have. If it did the same with pay that would work too but it don’t. But it is good to track daily expenses like those stops at the store, gas or just that few dollars you spend here or there. I like that.

The new one I found last night does what I want and a little more. But it is more for monthly expenses than daily and monthly. But it really help me set things up way better than the other. It is laid out as a calendar you see every day and it has a red dot for expenses and green for money expected in that day. Then at the bottom of the box it shows you how much money you will have on that day after either or both have been added in and taken off. If you go in and put in all your pay days and all your bills it really puts into perspective how much you should have at any given point and makes you think about how much you really spend.

It help me to put my bills in order too. It helps I get paid in Friday and Wednesday. I set my bills up so I pay one every Thursday. They will be on time and get caught up.

I really like it shows your pay and bills like that just wish it was easier to track everyday stuff. Like the money I spent at the store this morning or on the way to work.

By the middle of next month I should have about $1500 to put on a truck. I should have it paid off in no time a few weeks or month. By mid June with tax money I should have enough to buy a really nice truck like the one I have. It will be paid in full when I get it. Seeing all my household everything laid out and seeing what I can have motivates me. Seeing it is possible that I can do it is nice that we aren’t just going to be getting by.

If anyone is interested the apps are called Vault and income vs. Expenses.  Vault is the one that will really put things into perspective and show you what you can have on any given day.


{August 24, 2018}   So Sick

I am sitting at work and I feel so sick right now, I feel like I could be sick any second. I thought this morning it was because of my back. But my back has let lose and I am still feeling sick. I dont know if it is something I ate or because (tmi) it is that time of the month. I was 2.5 days late started today/last night. But I started feeling sick after I had dinner last night. Me and starfish were talking off and on I messaged him about 8:30/9 and told him I was didn’t feel good I was going to sleep. I had already been in bed about an hour then. I slept pretty much through the night. I didn’t want to get up this morning.

I never feel like this even if it is that time. I am thinking maybe something was wrong with my salad I had for dinner. I had a big chef salad with meet cheese and dressing.

It is all I can do to keep my eyes open right now. I just feel like I am about to passout. I am stuck at work another hour and 15 minutes. My boss is having some kind of issue and wanted me to stay until 5. I told him I could only stay until 3. I have things to do.

{July 29, 2018}   The First of When

So I talked to Deadbeats boss yesterday and he said he start giving me $600 the first of every month. He said he could start it as soon as I got him the letter and something about the first of the month.

But sitting here thinking about it now I am not sure if I will get it the first of August or the first of September. With the first being in just a few days. He kind of have to give him the money and take it from his check every month. So he would be paying it then collecting it from him weekly to get paid back. Or if he is going to collect it this month and pay me the first of next. Then it be coming out of deadbeats pocket. I want to ask but feel funny asking. But it would be nice to know when to expect it.

I think I will wait until Tuesday or Wednesday if I have not heard from boss or deadbeat then I will message boss. Just hey wanted to touch base and see if you were able to talk to him how did things go? Wanted to see what to expect or where things are going to go from here. See what he says.

I am going to also ask him about setting up a direct deposit so we do not have to go around in circles trying to meet up and things. This wayway the first it will be there I can pay rent or other bills and things.

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